The most unsuccessful education is that children cannot afford to be hit, and parents should pay attention to “frustration education”

The most unsuccessful education is that children can’t stand the blow. Parents of “frustration education” should pay attention to it.

Many parents don’t know where to start when educating their children. Some parents attach importance to improving their children’s IQ, some Parents attach great importance to improving children’s emotional intelligence. In fact, they do not know that the most important thing for children to improve is the ability to resist frustration. 

Parenting experts said that frustration education can occupy a very important position in school education and family education, but in real life few parents will exercise their children’s ability to resist frustration. 

Moreover, as people’s economic level in modern society is getting higher and higher, parents are very fond of their children and seldom let their children meet challenges, which makes the current children have perverted personality, emotional instability and face a little failure Can’t get up. 

The girl was the first in grade in the exam, but she committed suicide when she was questioned for cheating. 

Miao Miao is a 13-year-old girl in the first grade of junior high school. She unexpectedly won the first grade in the school in this monthly exam. When I heard the news, Miao Miao and his family were very happy, and Miao Miao was also very surprised that he could make such great progress. 

Originally, Miao Miao would think that her classmates and teachers would cheer her up together, but she never expected to be questioned by the head teacher. Even the school teachers began to question Miao Miao, and the classmates around the school began to look at Miao Miao from a different perspective. , Which makes her very uncomfortable. 

Even in order to test the authenticity of Miao Miao’s first place, a separate examination was arranged for Miao Miao. 

This made Miaomiao feel that it was a blow to her self-esteem. In this test, Miaomiao was too nervous, and his Dao Fa score was 98 points from the original 100 points and lost two points. 

Miao Miao felt that such a mistake would make teachers and classmates mistakenly believe that she cheated, so she chose to end her life. 

Miao Miao ended his life easily, leaving only his heartbroken parents. Miao Miao may think that this can stop those people’s mouths, but is the price paid too much? The child’s psychological endurance is so low, whose fault is it? 

Frustration resistance What are the negative effects of poor children? 

1 Unable to face up to success or failure

Poor frustration will prevent children from facing up to failure. It is very likely that children will be depressed due to a game and give up their lives. Such cases are not uncommon. 

Only with a strong ability to resist shrinkage, can we calmly face the setbacks and tribulations in life. If the child is always allowed to not experience the wind and rain, it will be difficult for the child to grow up. When the child encounters a setback, he has a strong ability to resist setbacks and can bravely overcome the setbacks and hardships. 

2. Poor adaptability

Children with poor frustration resistance are also very poor. Child psychologists say that adaptive effect refers to the ability of people to self-adjust to the environment, which can have a positive impact on children . 

Under normal circumstances, children with strong resistance to frustration have greater adaptability. Can withstand wind and waves in a strange environment, but also can live freely, will not affect emotions because of a little thing, and have a strong emotional control ability. 

3. Retreat in case of trouble

If a child always does not accept setbacks and disciplines in the process of growing up, then his resistance to frustration will never increase. Such a child is not brave to shrink back in case of trouble, and is in the crowd. He dared not express his views, so he followed the crowd. 

It is difficult for us to believe that such children can take on great responsibilities in the future, so in order to develop children’s comprehensive strength, it is very necessary to cultivate children’s ability to resist frustration. We all hope that the child can grow into a towering tree, not a small grass that will be destroyed by wind and rain. 

How to do it right What about frustration education? 

1. Let children experience failure

Faced with failure, children will always have emotions. Sometimes children will cry and make a lot of noise in the face of winning or losing a game. Some parents want to calm down. The child’s emotions will accommodate the child and prevent the child from experiencing failure. This will only make the child unable to improve his resistance to frustration. 

British parenting psychologists said that the experience of failure is beneficial and harmless to children, and only when they experience failure often can children take a correct view of failure. 

2. Cultivate children’s open-minded mind

In the face of setbacks and unsatisfactory life, we must use an open-minded mind to tolerate, so that we can go farther and farther. If the child is always sluggish because of one failure and one setback Failed, then how can he develop better? 

Actually, children with poor anti-frustration ability are very small-minded and always care about success or failure. Children with strong anti-frustration ability have open-minded minds and can smile at everything. Therefore, parents should cultivate their children’s open-mindedness, and don’t let their children care about little things. 

3. Don’t always praise the children

Many parents always praise the children for a long time by saying “You are awesome, you are smart” in order to coax their children. The children will become full of self-confidence and become more self-confident. Can’t accept failure. 

When his life suffers a bit of shock, he will not be able to stand it. Such a child tries to create a perfect image to the outside world. When he hears other people’s depreciation and questioning, his inner line of defense can be easily defeated and become utterly helpless. Therefore, praise the child’s cause should be justified, and the child’s shortcomings must be timely. Pointed out. 

Faced with the growth of their children, parents are brokenhearted. In fact, instead of focusing all on their children’s academic development, it is better to seize the time to cultivate their children’s frustration ability. 

Finally, do you have any suggestions on how to conduct correct frustration education? Please leave a message in the comment area. Parents want their children to grow taller. Don’t give them these 3 foods. They will be shorter for a lifetime.

With the quality of life With the improvement of children’s nutrition, it is not difficult to find that there are more and more tall boys born in the 90s and 00s. 

When many women choose their spouses, they are just like their parents’ expectations of raising boys. Boys must be tall enough. Tall people have more advantages in society, they look vigorous and healthy, and they also look smart when they wear clothes. Therefore, every parent hopes to be able to raise a tall boy. 

Last week, Xiao Xu, an old friend whom I haven’t seen for a long time, took his family to visit our city. As the host, I warmly greeted my old friends to come over for dinner. Xiao Xu is in a similar situation to our family. He also raised a son. What’s more, the two boys are still the same age. 

When Xiao Xu was young, he was the tallest in the class. After graduation, he married a relatively petite girl, the wife who followed him to dinner. 

When the two families are eating, they will inevitably talk about the child. Regarding the child, we are nothing more than talking about the child’s development or learning problems; when discussing the child’s height, My husband said seriously while joking, “If you want to predict which child is taller, don’t you just look at the size of your child’s shoes and count the shoes first! Often it’s not always the first long foot, right?”

What the husband said is not unreasonable. The future height of the child is indeed traceable. Then, from which aspects can we look at it? 

When parents find that the child has the following three characteristics, it may indicate that the child is difficult to grow taller

1. Small feet;

We said, decided The height of the child is often the genes of both parents; the height of the child has actually been inherited from the womb. Generally speaking, the height of a person is proportional to the size of the feet. People with large feet are more likely to be taller; on the contrary, people with small feet are likely to be relatively short. 

But I would like to remind everyone here that this characteristic is not necessarily. 75% of a person’s height is determined by heritage genes, and the remaining 25% is affected by many factors such as environment, nutrition, exercise, and development. 

Acquired nurturing can make children 8cm higher or lower than the “genetic height”, and a certain height deviation exists. 

2. Body proportions are not good;

According to science, human bones are proportional; in life, it is not difficult to find those who are tall People usually have long hands and feet. 

So if we find that the child’s fingers, arms, etc. are relatively slender when the child is young, we can predict that the child is taller and taller; the opposite is also true, the child’s small body The ratio is relatively poor, so even after acquired exercise and transformation, the possibility that the child can grow taller will be relatively small. 

3. Precocious puberty;

What is the manifestation of precocious puberty in children? When we find that our child develops too fast or develops ahead of schedule, we should not rush to be happy. This is probably a manifestation of the child’s precocity. 

The child’s early maturity proves that the child’s growth cycle is greatly shortened compared to the normal growth cycle, and the bone scale line is closed early, and the child’s height will soon stop growing. 

As parents, we cannot control some of the diseases that may occur in the children’s body, but in order to cultivate tall and healthy children, we can pay attention to the children’s acquired daily habits and avoid the imbalance of some hormones in the children’s body. 

I would like to remind everyone that the following foods are best for parents to avoid or reduce for their children. 

1. Supplements;

Many parents are afraid of their children’s lack of nutrition, and instead plan to provide supplements for their children to supplement their nutrition. Of course, the tonic here does not refer to ordinary nutritious food, but ginseng that stimulates hormone secretion or bird’s nest that effectively promotes gonadal function. 

These foods do have a high impact value, but relatively, under this kind of “forced supplement”, I agree that it will cause precocious puberty in children and hinder the growth and development of children;

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2. Fried foods;

Fried foods are high in calories, but they are very popular with children. When it comes to fried foods, we will think of the fact that children will gain weight due to excessive intake. From the appearance point of view, we may affect our cognition due to some illusions. For people of the same height, we will find that a thin person is much taller than a fat person. 

In addition, excessive intake of fried foods can easily cause indigestion of the child’s intestines and stomach, and even make children resist the intake of healthy and essential nutritious foods. It is the so-called “picking up sesame seeds and losing watermelon.” 

3. Off-season vegetables or fruits;

There will be a market when there is demand. Our daily supply of off-season vegetables and fruits can satisfy our appetite, but we also have to Note that the reason for these off-season fruits and vegetables is because the farmers use ripening agents. 

Although there is no scientific research to prove that ripening agents are harmful to the human body, we all know that the most natural food is the best for the human body, so parents should pay attention and avoid Let your children consume these foods. 

Today’s topic is here, everyone thinks, what can we do to help children get better development in the day after tomorrow? Return to Sohu to see more

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