The most beautiful newborn baby was born. The doctors and nurses were shocked by what good things they did in the last life.

The most beautiful newborn baby was born, and the doctors and nurses were shocked by what good things they did in the last life.

The little guys brought great joy and joy to the whole family after they were born, but I have to say that they are like little ones. Like angels, they did look a little “unexplainable” when they were just born. Their flushed skin and small folds on their faces looked like “little aliens”. 

However, parents shouldn’t be too impatient, because the appearance of babies at birth will change drastically as they grow up later. 

Newborn just When they were born, they were surrounded by doctors and nurses. Everyone felt that they had never seen such a good-looking baby.

Lin Lin and her husband have good looks. The combination of the two can be described as a golden girl and a good match. Soon after the marriage, Linlin became pregnant, and relatives and friends were full of expectations for the little guy in Linlin’s belly, “Parents are so good-looking, and the child’s appearance must not be wrong!”

On the day of childbirth, Lin Linshun gave birth to a cute baby weighing six kilograms. Linlin cried with joy when she heard the child’s first cry. 

Before she had time to take a look at the baby, Linlin listened to the doctors and nurses who could not help but say, “This little guy is so cute! I have given birth to so many babies, I have never seen such a beautiful one. Yeah!”

Everyone’s praise made Linlin very curious about the baby’s appearance. When the nurse brought the baby over, Linlin was also very surprised. 

I saw that the little guy had fair skin, but the combination of those big eyes and double eyelids was even more likable. 

The nurse on the side smiled and said, “Newborns generally look like old men. I didn’t expect this little guy to be a cute baby when he was born! This baby is only a good thing in his previous life. Can you get such a handsome face?”

With Linlin’s permission, the nurses took out their phones and took photos with the little guy. “I really look forward to the baby’s appearance when he grows up. He must be a little handsome guy!” “

Later Linlin also posted photos of her baby on the Internet, but she didn’t expect it to quickly arouse the attention of netizens, and even the baby was rated as the “most beautiful newborn” by netizens. 

Looking at the cute look of the baby, Linlin feels very proud, “It seems that with this kind of beauty, my son will not worry about marrying a daughter-in-law when he grows up!”

Why are the newborns born a little bit longer? ugly? 

1. Skin folds

Little babies are immersed in amniotic fluid in the mother’s womb, which makes their skin looser and also has obvious wrinkles. 

When the baby is born, this wrinkle feeling cannot disappear quickly, but as the little guy grows up, this skin wrinkle will be filled with the full baby. 

2, skin redness

Normal newborn skin conditions are slightly reddish, and the redder the baby’s skin, the whiter their skin will be in the future. 

If the skin of the newborn baby is already white when it is born, it is likely that there are some hidden diseases in the fetus, which is an unhealthy manifestation. 

3. The eyes are small

The eyes that are squinted into a seam really affect the appearance, but in fact, this is mainly because the baby’s upper and lower eyelids are soaked and swollen by amniotic fluid. 

At the same time, babies’ eyes are not adapted to the external light, so newborns’ eyes are usually very small, but as the edema gradually disappears, their eyes will gradually adapt to the light. Will become much larger. 

Baby’s face What are the factors related to the value? 

1. Parents’ genetic genes

The child’s appearance is very obviously affected by genetic genes. This is also how parents can easily see the features similar to their own from the child’s facial features. . 

In addition to the common effect of dominant and recessive genes, the appearance of a child is strongly related to that of the parents. And as the baby’s facial features gradually develop, the similarities between them and their parents will become more obvious. 

2. Habits of pregnant mothers during pregnancy

During pregnancy, if pregnant mothers take in rich nutrition, regular living habits, and happy mood, then the baby’s appearance after birth will also be Improved. 

Because during pregnancy, the state of the pregnant mother will affect the fetus through the umbilical cord. If the pregnant mother maintains a healthy state during pregnancy, the development of the fetus will naturally also be favorably affected. 

For example, some pregnant mothers like to stay up late during pregnancy, so this will not only affect the state of the pregnant mother, but also cause the fetus to be indirectly affected. 

3. Acquired environmental impact

After babies are born, the acquired environment they live in will also have a certain impact on their appearance. If the child has some bad living habits, then the child’s appearance will be reduced by the negative interference of the bad living habits. 

For example, some children have the habit of breathing with their mouths. After a long time, their upper and lower jaw development will be affected, which will eventually reduce their appearance. 

In short, if parents want to improve their children’s appearance, they need to prepare during pregnancy to ensure that the pregnant mother is in good physical condition during pregnancy and lay the foundation for the development of the baby’s appearance. 

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the environment in which the baby grows up. It is necessary to cultivate healthy living habits for the child. 

Do you share any knowledge about the baby’s appearance? Children’s kindergarten has these performances and is a master of learning. Parents should not use these methods to “pinch” them.

Nowadays, most parents are anxious to teach their children early, and they always feel that they should start from the kindergarten. Can’t lose at the starting line. 

So when the child first enters kindergarten, he enrolls him in various interest classes and tutoring classes. Regardless of whether the child can understand it or not, it is good to be “educated.” 

Actually, it depends on whether the child will be a seedling in school in the future. It is not “urged” by parents, let alone “pulling seedlings to promote growth”. Some children are inherently talented, and some children are relatively ” Those who come from behind” can be observed through some performance observations. 

1. Strong thinking logic

Some parents feel that it is meaningless to emphasize the logic of thinking to their children. In fact, this is not the case. Some children have shown strong thinking logic since childhood, which also means that the brains of these children develop faster and are relatively advanced. 

Under normal circumstances, those children with more logical thinking will be stronger in expression. If parents find that every time their children chat with you or explain something, they will always It is really rare for such a child to be able to express it in an orderly manner and to distinguish the cause and effect clearly. 

You should know that even if many children go to elementary school, they are still “in the cloud” in terms of thinking and logic, and they are surrounded by the content expressed in the end. 

Parents will also find that children with strong thinking logic will also have better math operations and application skills, as well as better reading comprehension. 

However, parents should be reminded here that for such children, it is best not to interrupt them when they are expressing or thinking. Otherwise, under the influence of various external factors, the children’s A “talent” can be killed. 

2. Children have strong concentration.

Most children show weak attention when they are young, and are always “half-hearted”. This will do this thing, and may suddenly think of another One thing, and then rushed into another thing. 

Therefore, if the child has strong concentration, even if it is playing with toys, parents should not interrupt. Because this is also a way to cultivate children’s concentration, British children’s behavior experts have emphasized a similar method, specifically by playing games for adults to exercise their attention, because this is the most attractive, and also the easiest to get started. Things. 

It is also a good way to transition through toys, and finally to study and work. Of course, if parents are playing with their children in this process, when they find that the children are gradually entering the state, they should try to minimize their influence. After all, children who have just trained their concentration can easily be disturbed by external factors. 

3. The child is highly motivated to learn.

When my son was in kindergarten, the first thing he did when he came back was to do his homework. If he finished his homework, he would take out the books to read. 

I have also seen many such children, but the attitudes of the parents are different. Even if the enthusiasm of some children is high, the parents don’t think it is necessary. It’s just kindergarten, especially when the children are holding homework. He came to ask the parents eagerly what to do. After the parents explained, the children still couldn’t understand. 

One or two times may be fine, and a few more times, the parents will be annoyed, “If you can’t learn, don’t learn it, anyway, I will teach it later.”

When the child has been thinking like this for a long time” Under the influence, the enthusiasm for learning naturally decreases. You should know that children have strong self-learning ability, which is very rare. Although these children may not be so smart at the beginning, they will not always do the problems, but as long as they can persist, they will be in the future. A down-to-earth schoolmaster. 

But on the contrary, if parents are impatient to pinch their children’s learning autonomy and enthusiasm in the early stage, then they are destined to be a scumbag. 

4. Self-thinking

One of the necessary learning methods for a schoolmaster is to think independently, because the teacher only takes 45 minutes to teach a class, and the content is not too much, and most of the time it depends on the students’ lessons. Go down to ponder and think again and again, and then consolidate and improve through a lot of exercises. 

If the child has the ability to think independently, instead of crying to his mother when he encounters a problem, letting her help to do it, such a child is also very rare, and there is no need to worry about learning in the future, even if the answer is not torn off , They will do their homework honestly. 

For this group of children, parents should not interrupt their children’s independent thinking at will, let alone tell the answers to the side when the children have been unable to do the questions, and by the way do the children’s questions. You know, thinking is when a child is making progress. When you take away this opportunity, it will be difficult for a child to become a schoolmaster. 

Finally, parents should also be reminded not to force their children to study too much in kindergarten, otherwise they may have a sense of rejection. The best way is to encourage learning and play to learn.

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