The more you get to the third trimester, the less you can take it lightly. These points should be kept in mind for pregnant mothers.

The more you get to the third trimester, the more you can’t take it lightly. These points should be kept in mind for pregnant mothers.

Some pregnant mothers think that the most important thing to get pregnant is the first three months. It’s something. Because many pregnant mothers had morning sickness in the first three months, and some of them vomited up with bile. After three months, they had to wait for the baby to come out for the rest of the day. Many pregnant mothers are easy to ignore, thinking that they can be in peace after three months. In fact, the more pregnant mothers are in the third trimester, the more they should pay attention. 

When Xiaokang is pregnant, the reaction is particularly strong. From morning to night, he can toss up Xiaokang not lightly. After three months, the condition of morning sickness in Xiaokang has obviously improved, but Xiaokang is so happy that he can finally eat and drink. 

In a blink of an eye, 6 months have passed. It seems that there are still 2 months before the birth date of Xiaokang. Recently Xiaokang felt very tired, and his thighs hurt because of the pressure on his stomach. Xiaokang Ben I thought it would be okay to survive the first three months, but I didn’t expect it to be quite uncomfortable in the second trimester. 

When Xiaokang goes to bed at night, he used to like to sleep on his back, but since entering the second trimester of pregnancy, Xiaokang can’t stand it as long as he lies flat for more than 5 minutes, and he can’t breathe for a while. gas. There is no way I can sleep on my side every day. Sometimes I can’t lie down. I can only fall asleep by lying on the backrest or on the quilt. 

Actually, there are more things that Bao Ma needs to pay attention to in the third trimester. The Long March is just one step away, so you can’t take it lightly. 

third trimester treasure What are the things mom needs to pay attention to? 

1. Do not exercise vigorously

During the third trimester, Bao’s mother should be careful not to do strenuous exercise, because during the third trimester, Bao’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, and strenuous exercise is likely to cause uterine contractions. , And even cause premature delivery of the fetus. Therefore, during the third trimester of pregnancy, Mommy should try to stop, and exercise appropriately. 

2. Don’t ignore fetal movements

During the third trimester, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to fetal movements, because the fetus is prone to abnormalities in the third trimester. The most direct way for pregnant mothers to understand the fetus is Pay attention to the fetal movement. If you find that the fetal movement is different from the usual pregnant mother, you should go to the hospital for an examination immediately to avoid danger. 

3. Do not keep sitting for a long time

In the third trimester of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should also be careful not to sit for a long time, because the belly is getting bigger and bigger, and sitting for a long time will easily oppress the pregnant mother. Leg nerves, and sitting for a long time is not conducive to blood circulation. Pregnant mothers are prone to edema in the third trimester of pregnancy. If they sit for a long time in the third trimester, the edema will become more serious. 

4. Don’t avoid staple food

The third trimester is also the time when the fetus grows fastest in the pregnant mother’s belly. Some pregnant mothers are afraid that they will eat too much in the later period and the fetus will grow too large, so some pregnant mothers will Begin to control their own diet, and some pregnant mothers simply do not eat staple foods. In fact, this is not right. Although the baby mother is afraid that the fetus will grow too fast in the late pregnancy, she still has to eat staple food. This is likely to cause the pregnant mother to be physically weak during delivery. 

5. Don’t have sex anymore

Although some pregnant mothers are pregnant, their husband and wife life has not been interrupted, but in the third trimester, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do not stop. Have sex! Because sex may cause premature birth or infections. 

6. Don’t let yourself fall.

Some fetuses in the third trimester of pregnancy have already entered the basin and may be given birth someday, so pregnant mothers must be careful not to let themselves fall, because once Wrestling is likely to cause the amniotic fluid to rupture, causing premature birth or hemorrhage. 

7. Don’t sleep on your back

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby’s belly is getting bigger and bigger. At this time, pregnant mothers are best not to sleep on their backs. On the one hand, they will oppress themselves and cannot breathe. Causes the fetus to suffocate. 

8. Don’t stay up late

It’s best not to stay up late in the third trimester of pregnancy, because pregnant mothers are close to giving birth, if they always stay up late, it’s not good for Bao’s mother’s body. In addition, the fetus will rest in the pregnant mother’s belly according to the pregnant mother’s work and rest habits. If the pregnant mother always stays up late in pregnancy, then the baby will also like to stay up late at night after the baby is born, and the mother will suffer at that time. 

9. Don’t work too hard

During the third trimester, pregnant mothers are best not to bend over frequently. Some pregnant mothers take care of themselves as a whole, and some take care of both Dabao and themselves. , Everything is done by yourself. But when it comes to the third trimester of pregnancy, it’s best not to work too hard, and don’t do too heavy work. And in the third trimester, it is best to have family members by your side, in case there is any special situation, someone can take care of it. 

The goods will be unloaded in the third trimester of pregnancy, and the baby is about to meet with the mother. Bao’s mother must not be careless. After working so hard in the past, you must be more careful in the last one or two months. Only the moment the baby is born can Bao Ma completely relax. 

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the mother can do some homework in advance, such as some things that need to be paid attention to after the baby is born, and some things that need to be used during the birth. He was in a hurry when he was born. The “Bangbang father” who has become popular for ten years, now the new photos make people feel that raising the poor is better than raising up.

They say that parents are the best teachers for their children, indeed, when the child falls to the toddler It’s inseparable from the teaching of parents to learn Chinese. Parents are the first teachers that children come into contact with and the most important influence on them. Children will learn a lot of knowledge from their parents. The character of the parents can be seen in the children, but there are many differences in the viewpoint of educating children. 

10 years ago

In 2010, a photo went viral on the Internet. The photo shows a father holding his son in one hand and carrying more than 100 kilograms of goods on one shoulder. Holding a cigarette in his mouth, he is climbing up the hill. This father is one of many Chongqing Bangbang, named Ran Guanghui. The reason why he chooses to be Bangbang is very simple, because Bangbang’s salary settlement is cash settlement. At that time, the salary for carrying the goods was only 10 yuan, but he said that it would be more practical to make money in this way. 

Some netizens sighed, “The family on their shoulders, the self on their lips, and the future in their hands.” 

10 years later

The little Mengwa in the photo is already a junior high school student, and Ran Guanghui is no longer as young as he was at that time. He is still delivering goods to others in the mall and is already relying on I moved things for others and bought a house, but what is gratifying is that Ran Guanghui’s son did not appear inferior in school because of his father’s occupation. For his father, Ran Junchao felt that he was very great. He also feels very sorry for his father. Now in the class, Ran Junchao is also studying very hard. He is still a monitor in the class. On weekends, he will also help his father and get something he can handle. Ran Guanghui feels very happy to have such an excellent and sensible child. 

In such an economically very ordinary family, although materially it will be very different from other children, this father uses words and deeds to educate the children, in order to motivate the children to study hard. , He also posted the photo that became popular on the Internet ten years ago on the wall at home to let the children know that the happy life now is the result of his own hard work. 

On the contrary, there are also many cheating children. Although their family financial conditions are very good, they are not polite and have no education in dealing with people outside. Many parents still believe in this kind of educational philosophy.” “The poor raise their children and the rich raise their daughters”. They only know that they provide poor and rich children economically, but they ignore the real purpose of “poor raising” and “rich raising”. 

The purpose of “poor nurturing” is to cultivate a child into a hard-working and persevering person, while “rich nurturing” is to nurture a child into a temperamental person. But no matter what kind of education method is, it is not as good as the upbringing of a child. 

So, what should parents do with regard to the upbringing of children? 

1. The role of setting a good example

Parents don’t have to be much richer to make children feel proud and proud. The key is their positive and optimistic attitude towards life and face to face. For the unyielding spirit in times of difficulty, the excellent character of the parents is actually more important than the financial conditions of the family, because the child will learn this spirit from the parents, which will have a great impact on his growth and future. of. Therefore, parents must be a good role model. 

2. Respect children

Although children are small, they also need to be respected. No matter what it is, parents must give their children a certain amount of respect. Parents at home respect their children , Outside, children will respect others. This is also an aspect that has a great impact on children. 

3. High-quality companionship

No matter how busy parents are, they must take time to accompany their children, because the most important thing a child needs in the growth process is the company of his parents. It will be more optimistic and happy, but the company should also be of high quality. You can participate in some parent-child interactive games or outdoor sports with your child, instead of sitting at home with your child and playing with your mobile phone. 

4. Communicate more with their children

Parents should know how to communicate with their children in their lives, to understand their children’s inner thoughts, if they have always been stern, strict education , It is likely to cause the alienation of the parent-child relationship, so parents should communicate with their children more, which is more conducive to the establishment of a good parent-child relationship. 

I think the first thing a person should perfect is his character and education. Only if they can guarantee it, learning and education will be better. Therefore, what parents should best give their children is not financial wealth , But a good family education, so that children’s education in school will be more meaningful. 

The most fundamental task of education is to educate people. If there is a lack of education, then no matter how high a level of cultural accomplishment is, it will be useless. Just like the Licensing incident on the Internet some time ago, although she was a university student studying in the United States, such a highly educated person actually publicly insulted the anti-epidemic medical staff, and there has been no clear apology. Such a person reflects a family’s response. Lack of upbringing of children! Very sad! 

Therefore, for parents, the greatest wealth is not the wealth of the family, but the upbringing of the children. 

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