The more chaotic there are two places in the home, the smarter the children tend to be? Expert: Pay attention to four prerequisites

The more chaotic there are two places in the home, the smarter the children tend to be? Expert: Pay attention to four prerequisites

Parents may scold something messed up by children at home, and then clean up, but this approach is probably wrong. 

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Many parents have this kind of trouble, that is, the children can mess up the house you just cleaned up in minutes. Some parents will be irritable when facing this situation repeatedly. , Chongwa loses her temper. 

But in fact, the more “chaos” in some parts of the house, it is better for children. 

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The more chaotic these places in the house, the better it is for children.

Harvard University once studied: If the things in these two places in our house become messier, it means that children will be smarter in the future. Parents should not tidy up or Blame the baby. 

1. Toy area

Children’s life cannot leave toys, and the meaning of toys is to play with them. If they are placed neatly there, they will be completely Lost its meaning, so why should parents buy toys for their children according to different ages? 

Therefore, chaos in the toy area is a normal phenomenon, which shows that children are very happy in the process of playing. In this area, they can give full play to their imagination and exploration space, which is not only conducive to imagination and creativity. The development of power, etc., also promotes the level of intelligence. 

Therefore, as a parent, don’t blame the child for messing up the toy area that he just cleaned up. Let them play wantonly, which will benefit the growth and development of the baby. 

At the same time, parents can also guide their children to organize their own little things and exercise their hands-on skills. 

2, the desk

The desk is a more solemn and sacred place in the eyes of adults, because parents feel that the place for learning should be neat and tidy. If it is messy, Parents will be very angry and think how can they learn well in this way. 

Facts have proved that the messier the desk is, the stronger the thinking ability and creativity, just like the desks of the famous physics house wife and Einstein and others are messy. 

And the United States has shown through research that children with messy desks are more willing to accept new things and are extremely creative. 

Therefore, as a parent, only need to clean out the snacks, toys, plastic bags and other things that are not related to learning on the children’s desk, and don’t let the baby’s attention be distracted. 

Expert: Four A prerequisite to pay attention to

It should be noted that the situation mentioned above only refers to the child’s playing or learning process. If it is messy, parents don’t need to interfere, but if you let it go, you may let Children develop sloppy bad habits, and secondly, it will increase the burden of parents’ housework, and it will also annoy their parents. 

For this, you need to pay attention to a few prerequisites:

1. Make an appointment with the child in advance

If the parent is worried about the child messing up the house , Then you can make an agreement with them in advance, as long as you have finished playing and reading the books, you need to sort things out and put them in categories, and don’t get them everywhere. 

This not only promotes children to develop good behaviors, but also helps parents reduce the burden. 

2. Implement a reward system.

Parents can set up some reward systems for cleaning up their belongings. For example, if the child cleans up the toys after playing with the toys, they can be rewarded for playing for half an hour or on the desk. After it is used up, it is well organized, and you can buy a book that the baby likes. 

By getting up in this way, they can develop a good habit of tidying up and keep their home tidy. 

3. Let the children participate in housework

If parents feel that their children have messed up the house, they may wish to involve their children in the cleaning process, which will not only allow the children to understand the parents cleaning up The hard work of sorting can also understand why parents are not willing to let them throw things everywhere. 

4. Parents lead by example

Parents are the best teachers for their children. If moms and dads have the good habit of organizing their belongings in their daily lives, they will keep everything neat and tidy. With ears and eyes, I will gradually learn such a good habit. 

The messy desks and toys at home are a sign of children’s intelligence. Parents can also use some of their own behaviors to promote their children’s intellectual development. 

Which parents Ways can puzzle? 

1. Communicate with children more

For young children, they will learn the language of their parents to promote the development of their own language skills. Parents can talk about some short and interesting topics to guide the children to say Speak more words. 

The development of language ability can promote the development of the brain, and for the development of children’s language ability, it is inseparable from the communication of parents. Therefore, the child can master more and more vocabulary in the process of chatting between parents and children. many. 

2, accompany children to read

Reading can increase knowledge and expand one’s knowledge system, thereby promoting the development of intelligence. Therefore, when parents are with their children, they can read some books, which not only allows the baby to master more knowledge, but also promotes the relationship between parents and children.  Mom is of the following types. Babies are mostly anxious and may be born early

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In October, the moment of childbirth is undoubtedly the most anticipated time for all families. But there is also a hidden worry, because many mothers have not reached the expected date of delivery and their children are in a hurry, so they ran out to meet their mothers in advance. At this time, not only the hospital beds are tight, but the delivery may have to be queued. 

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Do not accept early hospitalization, but the hospital corridor gives birth

Hu Yue has been pregnant for 39 weeks and is only 4 days away from the due date. The family saw that her belly was already so big, and the due date was only a few days away, so they suggested to go to the hospital in advance to stay at ease. 

Who knows that Hu Yue directly denied and said: “Anyway, there are still a few days left. I am uncomfortable going to the hospital in advance, and it was a waste of money. I will not go.” The family saw her like this. Give up, wait at home and wait until the due date is up before going to the hospital. 

Who knows at night, Hu Yue suddenly had a stomachache, and her mother-in-law walked over and found that the amniotic fluid was broken, so she rushed to the hospital. 

As a result, I arrived at the delivery room that was not vacant at all in the hospital, but production was imminent, so I had to set up a temporary production shed in the corridor of the hospital. 

Fortunately, everything went well, Hu Yue gave birth to a little princess, and the mother and daughter were safe. But after the production, it took a long time in the corridor to find a suitable empty bed to live in. 

When the baby is about to give birth, the doctor will conduct a comprehensive examination for the pregnant mother, and will also give an expected date of delivery. Although the expected date of delivery is not completely accurate, it also gives pregnant mothers a reference. Mom basically gave birth around this time. 

However, there are several types of pregnant women who need to pay more attention, because they are likely to give birth in advance——

1. Mothers who are pregnant with multiple births

Some When a mother is pregnant, it may be twins or multiple births. This is equivalent to having several babies at a time. It is a joy and happiness for both the mother and the family. Although there will be this advantage, it also bears greater risks in production. 

At the same time, multiple births are usually born earlier than the expected date of delivery. It may be because several babies are busy fighting for favor in them. They are all impatient and want to be the first to be the first to be the boss. 

Therefore, mothers who are pregnant with multiple births must pay more attention to them in the third trimester of pregnancy, especially when they are close to the expected date of delivery, and take certain insurance measures or go to the hospital for observation in advance. 

2, more sports Mothers

To maintain health and vitality, exercise during pregnancy is essential. Especially for pregnant women who have a normal delivery, regular exercise can provide good physical support during childbirth. 

But mothers who exercise more are more likely to give birth early, especially mothers who love to do housework in the third trimester. During the exercise, the body is constantly moving, and the abdomen will also be affected. Some pressure, so contractions are more likely to occur. 

Therefore, if pregnant women prefer to exercise, they also need to prevent the problem of early delivery. 

3. Have experience of normal labor ’S mother

If the pregnant mother has already had a childbirth experience and has a normal delivery, then you need to pay attention, because at this time the pelvis is easier to open and the birth canal is relatively loose. In this case, the fetus is naturally more Easy to be born early. 

After having a production experience, you will be more relaxed emotionally, and it will be more beneficial to production, so it will also lead to an earlier production time. 

4. Excessive labor Experienced mothers

If you have had this kind of experience, then pregnant mothers also need to be prepared. First of all, find out if there are other people in your family with this situation, and if so, you need to advance Take measures. 

If not, you should also pay attention to it in advance. After all, once there may be a second time, there is still a relatively high probability of rapid delivery, so you should also prepare in advance to make arrangements for the smooth birth of the fetus. 

What should I pay attention to in advance production? 

A: Don’t be afraid

Pregnant women usually have varying degrees of fear of childbirth, especially this kind of early delivery. 

This kind of psychology can easily affect the intake of pregnant women’s prenatal diet, leading to the inability to maintain sufficient physical strength during childbirth. At the same time, fear will lead to a decline in the body’s ability to respond to emergencies, and it will not make the body enter a state of labor soon. 

Therefore, in the case of early delivery, pregnant mothers and family members should stay awake. Nowadays, the medical level is advanced, and early delivery will not be dangerous. Pregnant women only need to adjust their mentality, and family members only need to send the pregnant women to the hospital safely and prepare the items they need after delivery. 

B: Don’t worry


Some pregnant women tend to be anxious when they give birth early, and then get confused. Problems are inevitably prone to emergencies, and many pregnant women may fall, bump, and bump. Therefore, when this happens, you should stay calm and do every process in an orderly manner. 

At the same time, it should be understood that the pregnancy and childbirth period is not an absolute time. Usually, it is normal for the delivery time to be 10 days earlier or 10 days later. 

What “emergency situations” did you encounter during childbirth? Welcome everyone to communicate in the comment area. Return to Sohu to see more

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