The maternal hemorrhage during delivery, the reaction of the two elderly people outside the delivery room can tell who is the mother at a glance

The maternal hemorrhage during delivery, the reaction of the two elderly people outside the delivery room can tell who is the mother at a glance

Even at the moment, women are still going through a ghostly door in childbirth. Although the prenatal check-ups are done, during the delivery process, the mother may still encounter unexpected situations. 

Although the risk of normal delivery is lower than that of cesarean section, if severe bleeding occurs during normal delivery, it is also a very dangerous situation for women. 

When the mother gives birth Hemorrhage, the mother or mother-in-law outside the delivery room can tell at a glance that the nurse is not a mother after all. So, in desperation, the doctor had to give Qianqian a critical illness notice. 

Outside the delivery room, Qianqian’s mother and mother-in-law waited anxiously. When they heard that Qianqian’s life was in danger, the two showed completely different attitudes. 

Qianqian’s mother-in-law asked first, “Is the condition of the fetus okay? Will it affect the fetus? Can I have a second child in the future?”

Wiping her tears, she said, “I beg the doctor to save my daughter! Don’t give up!” Finally, Qianqian’s mother signed her daughter’s critical illness notice. 

After a while, the baby was pushed out. The little guy is a boy, weighing six kilograms. Qianqian’s mother-in-law is very happy when she sees her grandson come out. I was scared to death, I’m really afraid that my grandson will have something to do!” Qianqian’s mother didn’t care about her grandson, so she quickly grabbed the doctor and asked her daughter’s condition. Qianqian’s mother burst into tears when she learned that her daughter was still undergoing a blood transfusion and was not out of danger. 

Then Qianqian’s mother-in-law and her grandson left the door of the delivery room. Outside the delivery room, only Qianqian’s mother was left to guard her. 

The nurse who came in and out of the operating room couldn’t bear to comfort him, “Do you see your grandson? The little guy is quite healthy!”

Just listen to Qianqian’s mother saying, “I can’t watch My child, as long as the mother of the child comes out safely, I can feel at ease!”

Fortunately, although Qianqian finally got 1000ml of blood, she was saved by the doctor in the end. 

When she saw her daughter being pushed out of the delivery room, Qianqian’s mother broke down and cried, “I’m really afraid of something wrong with my good girl!”

The nurse on the side was moved by the scene. I had to cry. After Cici was pushed back to the ward, the nurse couldn’t help but spit secretly with the doctor

“After all, the mother-in-law is not the mother, the mother-in-law cares about the grandson, and only the mother cares about the daughter!”


In normal delivery, What dangers might women encounter? 

1. During delivery and postpartum hemorrhage

In the process of childbirth, if the amount of bleeding in the uterus of the parturient exceeds 400 ml, then it is a hemorrhage. 

This situation is also very dangerous. Whether it is during pregnancy or after delivery, it may affect the life and health of the mother. Usually in this case, the doctor will perform emergency operations such as hemostasis and wound sutures. 

2, dystocia occurs

When the fetus cannot be delivered from the maternal birth canal smoothly in the middle of delivery, it may cause dystocia, and this The situation is usually caused by the size of the fetus. 

It is more common that the head of the fetus is delivered from the birth canal, but the shoulder is stuck. This situation is also very critical. 

3. Amniotic fluid embolism

This is a very critical situation during normal delivery. When the amniotic fluid enters the pregnant woman’s blood, it will cause the mother to have symptoms such as hemorrhage and shock, and this situation is also Can easily lead to maternal death. 

Faced with the different reactions of the maternal grandmother and the mother in the delivery room, how should the mothers treat it? 

1. I don’t know the kindness of my parents if I don’t raise a child.

Outside the delivery room, my mother loves her daughter. Whether to marry another woman or not, in the eyes of her mother, she is the little girl who needs her own protection. 

After having a baby, I can truly understand the greatness of a mother. When treating relatives, mothers should naturally know how to be filial. 

2. The reaction to the mother-in-law is not compelling

The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has been a relatively delicate family relationship since ancient times. Although she is as close as her mother and daughter, she still loves the house and the Uzbek more often. 

So mothers who are daughters-in-law should not have too high demands on their mother-in-law, especially if they cannot use the standards of their mother-in-law to demand their mother-in-law, otherwise it is easy to create a gap between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. 

3. Treat the elderly with gratitude and tolerance

For the parturients in the delivery room, they are experiencing life and death, so as family members, besides caring for the children, it is also true You should take good care of the feelings and situation of the lying-in woman. 

For parturients, the elderly should be more grateful and tolerant. This will not only make yourself a little happier, but also make the family relationship a lot more harmonious. 

In fact, no matter how the mother-in-law and the mother-in-law react, it is the mother’s husband who should come forward the most. Childbirth is not a simple matter. Husbands of pregnant women should “fight side by side” with their wives. 

Do you have any knowledge to share about the situations that you may encounter during delivery? Psychology believes that different colors represent different personalities. Children who like these two colors have defects.

Character traits have a great impact on children. For example, positive personality traits will make children More passionate about life, easier to achieve success; and those with negative energy personality traits will make children’s life more depressed, setbacks and failures will follow. 

The personality traits of the children have not been completely finalized before the age of 12. Parents can cultivate their children’s personality at this age to help their children have more perfect personality traits. So how do parents discover the flaws in their children’s character? Psychologists believe that different colors can represent different personality traits in children. 


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Children all like bright colors, but the five-year-old cute baby prefers gray and black. The psychologist reminds the child or Suffering from personality defects

Liangliang, who is still in large class, always behaves very differently from other children in painting class. Most children like brighter colors, such as red and blue. What Liangliang likes is the dark gray and black. This made the teacher feel very puzzled, so he quickly communicated with Liangliang’s parents. 

After the teacher’s reminder, Liangliang’s mother found that children often like to use these two colors when they are at home. By a coincidence, Liangliang’s mother took the child to a lecture by a psychologist, and during the lecture, Liangliang’s mother mentioned the color preference of the child. 


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After listening to Liangliang’s mother very carefully, the psychologist thought, “These two colors The dark system also represents relatively negative emotional characteristics, which means that the child may be suffering from some negative emotions. For example, gray represents inferiority, and black represents self-repression.”

Hearing the psychologist said that the child had a personality defect, this scared Liangliang’s mother, and then Liangliang’s mother took the child to see a psychologist. After seeing the child’s painting, the psychiatrist communicated with the child for a long time, and finally thought that the child’s feeling of inferiority was obvious, and hoped that the parents would pay more attention. 


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What are the reference relationships between color and personality? 


Children who like red are more outgoing in character, enthusiastic and unrestrained, act brave and bold, and are also very expressive in communicating with others; but they like it The red child also has the personality traits of being short-tempered and easily impulsive in times of trouble. 

2. Blue

Children who like blue are mostly calm and introverted, and work more steadily, but children who like blue are relatively less social and more inclined A peaceful and stable life. In addition, some children will show a lack of self-judgment. 


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3. Gray

Gray is more biased towards dark colors, like gray Most of the children will have an inferiority complex, and there are personality traits with low self-evaluation in their personality traits. In the case that most children like bright colors, those who like gray will appear a little out of place in personality traits. 

4. Black

Compared with gray, black is more dull and more depressing. Therefore, children who like black and gray may be full of gloom and anxiety, which also reflects the lack of security in their hearts. At the same time, children who like black will also have emotional instability and easy to avoid personality traits. 


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How do parents train their children to have a good character? 

1. Teach children how to control their emotions

When parents cultivate their children’s character, they must first teach their children how to control their emotions. Only when the child is not trapped by negative emotions, Only children can control their emotions and lay the foundation for the cultivation of a good character. Children who are easily affected by their own negative emotions are difficult to develop positive personality traits. 

2. Provide children with a good environment for character formation

Parents’ personality traits have a great impact on children, because children imitate their parents by instinct of. Growing up in an environment where all family members have good personalities, children will naturally be positively affected in subtle ways. In dealing with others, children can feel the convenience brought by good personalities even more. 


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3. Understand the child’s current personality characteristics, and make targeted improvements

< p>Parents need to observe their children’s daily behaviors and understand the children’s current personality characteristics, so that parents can make corresponding adjustments and improvements to certain characteristics in a more targeted manner. In the process of cultivating children’s character, parents must observe and understand more, so that they can find the key to guide cultivation. Blindly asking children to change their personality is not a rational approach for smart parents. 

The effect of parental intervention in the formation of a child’s character will be very obvious. However, in this process, parents must also maintain sufficient patience. After all, the development of the child’s character should be An education of love may be overwhelming. Do you have any good experiences to share in the cultivation of children’s character?

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