The kindergarten teachers are so hot because of their high looks, netizens said after watching them, let me go and pick up the baby from school.

Kindergarten teachers are so popular because of their high looks. After watching them, netizens said to let me go and pick up the baby from school.

Excellent teachers are worthy of respect from each of us. Work can be said to be very tiring. 

Even in kindergartens, teachers are required to be patient and careful, so that children can get through the stage of adapting to their learning career and at the same time develop some good living and learning habits. 

Therefore, when parents choose kindergartens, the strength of teachers is also an important consideration. 

The face value is too high, netizens said after watching it, let me go to pick up the baby from school! 

Previously, a netizen in Suzhou posted a group of photos of the teachers of his son’s kindergarten on his Weibo account. 

Because the teacher’s appearance is too high, he looks very similar to the popular star Yang Ying, and the photo has not been uploaded long before it has attracted the attention of countless netizens. 

And this netizen also said that the teacher is not only very handsome, but also very patient with the children, and his speech is very organized and gentle. 

The caption he gave to this group of photos is “My son is the most popular female teacher in kindergarten. Not only is she beautiful and comparable to a star, she is also a graduate student who has deep learning in early childhood education! See! She is so gentle and patient in teaching the children, we are all at ease to give the children to her.”

Netizens left messages below this Weibo, “Which kindergarten is this? I will immediately transfer the child to”, “If the teacher is It’s so beautiful and gentle, please let other parents get out, I’m going to pick up the baby from school,” “Other people’s teachers are always so talented and good-looking” and so on, full of envious ridicule. 

It is not difficult to see that even a kindergarten teacher with a good appearance can easily gain the favor of parents. 

A senior kindergarten principal also expressed his views on this, saying that when recruiting kindergarten teachers, the kindergarten teachers who look friendly and seemingly gentle and generous teachers do have an advantage. 

After all, most people are visual animals, and so are children. They are more likely to have a sense of closeness to teachers of this kind, and they are more able to hear what they say. 

Of course, parents should not only consider the appearance of the teacher and ignore some necessary conditions. 

Parents are visiting What should be paid attention to when the teachers are capable of kindergarten? 

1. Do you have the qualifications to be a kindergarten teacher?

The preschool teacher qualification certificate is a must-have certificate for kindergarten teachers. Parents must first confirm whether the teacher has a nationally certified preschool teacher qualification certificate. 

Secondly, it would be even better if the teacher graduated from a related major in Normal University. Such teachers can give children professional and comprehensive education. 

The difference between kindergarten teachers and teachers of elementary school and above is that if the teacher has the skills of drawing, singing, tapping the child’s potential, developing the child’s intelligence and other skills. 

That is a good teacher who can make children better and can develop comprehensively in moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic. Parents may wish to compare before making a decision. 

2. Be able to respect and be patient with children

Everyone needs to be respected, and the same is true for children, even if they are young, they already have their own thoughts and self-esteem. 

When children come to the kindergarten, which is an unfamiliar environment, they need to be respected by the teacher and be patient to guide them to adapt to the kindergarten life and discipline. 

Of course, not only do teachers need to respect their children and be patient with their children, but also parents. Only with the cooperation and careful guidance of parents and teachers can children become better. 

Kindergarten teachers, as the first teachers who are relatively standardized, have a huge impact on the children’s body and mind. 

It is not only about whether the child can adapt to the kindergarten life and future study career, but also affects the child’s knowledge and understanding of the “teacher”. 

The choice of kindergarten does not only consider the strength of teachers. There are also many factors that need to be considered by parents. Otherwise, it will not be possible to ensure that children have a better kindergarten life and better growth. 

In addition to teachers When choosing a kindergarten, you should also consider the following points.

1. The distance between the kindergarten and home

When children just arrived in an unfamiliar environment, they must not be able to adapt. They originally had a certain dependence on their parents. It is even more unacceptable that they are too far apart. In addition, if the home is too far away from the kindergarten, it is not convenient to pick up and drop off the children. 

When parents choose a kindergarten for their children, they should still choose a kindergarten closer to home, so that they will not feel insecure. 

2. The environment of the kindergarten

When the child’s immunity is still weak, it is easy to be attacked by viruses or bacteria, and the hygiene of the daily life environment is still relatively high. Claim. 

The environment of the kindergarten should be clean and hygienic, with regular disinfection and sterilization every day, and there should be a certain amount of greenery to regulate the mood of the child and relieve the child’s eyes. 

The quality of the kindergarten can affect the physical and mental health of children and whether they can achieve comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic as much as possible. 

So, for the selection of kindergarten, in addition to considering the strength of teachers and the teacher’s moral quality, the atmosphere and environment of the kindergarten are also considerations that cannot be ignored. 

Kindergarten and kindergarten teachers are very important to the growth of children, and they will have a great influence on the growth and future development of children. 

After parents choose a good kindergarten for their children, they must also actively cooperate with the kindergarten and the teacher’s education to ensure the physical and mental health of their children and become better people! 

What qualities or skills do you think kindergarten teachers need to possess? Welcome to leave a message to share! Parents don’t wake up their children in advance. Sleep time is not enough. The brain and nerves are damaged.

Parents don’t want their children to develop a lazy character or full of inertia, so they always do Let the child go to bed early and get up early. When a child goes to bed late or sleeps too much, he always wakes up the child and wakes up the child when there is nothing to do. In fact, it is better to let the child sleep for a while than to let the child get up and have nothing to do. 

Mengmeng is always groggy in class and has a very bad mental state. Mengmeng’s teacher noticed this situation and worried about Mengmeng’s health, so he reminded Mengmeng’s parents. Mengmeng’s parents were surprised, saying that they would wake up their children every day before dawn. How could they still feel groggy? Mengmeng’s teacher hurriedly told Mengmeng’s parents not to disturb the child’s sleep, and let the child wake up naturally. Unless it is about to be late, let the child sleep well. 

Because children don’t sleep enough to attend class, they are less likely to concentrate and get drowsy. That’s why the cute parents suddenly realized. Parents should stop quarreling their children for sleep, let the children sleep for a while. Unless time is super tight, let your child sleep for a few more minutes. The child does not sleep enough, but it will bring great harm to the child’s growth. 

The child does not sleep enough The harm of

1. Can not study efficiently

The better the learning efficiency, the better the performance of the child. The first child may not be the one who has the most time to study, but it must be learning The most efficient one. If the child does not sleep enough and the child’s brain is not rested enough, it cannot operate efficiently, which also results in the child not being able to learn efficiently. 

2. Isn’t that tall

The growth of the child is carried out while sleeping, because the child’s pituitary gland does work after the child’s eyes are closed and rested. At this time, hormones that stimulate the child to grow taller are secreted. So parents should be more tolerant when the child is dreaming, try not to wake the child, let the child wake up naturally. Otherwise, the child will not grow tall and become short, and parents will have to worry about it again. 

3. Endocrine disorders

Not only do adults have endocrine, children also have endocrine, and children’s endocrine is more prone to disorders due to changes in the growth cycle. Especially for adolescent children, adolescent children grow too fast and their endocrine changes very quickly. If the parents disturb the child’s sleep too much at this time, the child’s endocrine problems will easily occur. 

4. Critical personality

If the child doesn’t sleep enough, the child’s personality is also easier to be irritable. The so-called getting up gas means that a person is angry after being awakened when he is not sleeping enough. . If you want your child to have a good personality and a stable personality, then don’t quarrel with the child, and don’t let the child get angry because of getting up. 

different age Children, how long do they need to sleep?

1. Babies have to sleep all day

Baby babies who have not yet reached the age of half need the most sleep. For about 16 hours a day, the baby must be in a state of sleep. Babies who are almost one year old must have at least half a day to sleep a day. 

2. Children who do not go to kindergarten have to sleep for more than ten hours

Although children from 1 to 3 years old are very energetic, they must sleep for more than 10 hours time. The younger the child, the more time he needs to sleep. At this time, the child has not yet gone to kindergarten and has no burden of homework, so he must rest and sleep more. 

3. Elementary school students must sleep for 9 hours.

Many parents are now worried that their children in elementary school are not getting enough sleep, because 8 hours of sleep is more luxurious, let alone 9 hours of sleep. Parents must buy time for their children to sleep, let the children write homework quickly, and sleep for 9 hours. 

4. Teenagers should also sleep more, 8 hours is essential

Even teenagers who are sprinting for the third and third year of high school and junior high school should not have less than 8 hours of sleep time. The adolescent’s body is undergoing a stage of special changes, which will unfold more rapidly during sleep. If you want a good figure and a good figure, then you must sleep more. 

Whether it is a boy or a girl, you must pay attention to your own sleep problems during your teenage years. Unless it is caused by pathological insomnia, most insomnia problems are caused by emotions, and boys and girls are more likely to face emotional fluctuations at this time. So deal with your mood, adjust your state, and go to sleep with ease. 

Insomnia and staying up late have become a common problem among contemporary people. If you want to sleep, you can only sit up and play with your mobile phone. Therefore, parents should pay more attention to the problem of children’s sleep, and don’t let children become patients with insomnia. And to buy enough time for the child to sleep, do not disturb the child while the child is sleeping.

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