The kindergarten teacher found that the child’s clothing label was cut, and felt uncomfortable after learning the reason: Is it necessary?

The kindergarten teacher found that the child’s clothing label was cut, and felt uncomfortable after learning the reason: Is it necessary? 

When a child goes to kindergarten, some worrying parents can’t help but worry about it. 

After all, children are in their own homes. Once they leave the familiar environment and are no longer favored by their families, can they adapt to the new environment? Can you get along well with teachers and classmates? These are the things that every parent is most worried about. 

Some parents are afraid that their children will be treated differently, and even think carefully about their clothes, such as cutting a clothing label, and stopping the car farther when sending the baby. In fact, these will only feel naive and ridiculous to experienced teachers. 

The kindergarten teacher found that the child’s clothing label was cut off, understand the parents After worrying, I feel wronged in my heart

Teacher Piao Piao has been teaching in kindergarten for many years, and he is not so qualified, but the degree of dedication is not only visible to the principal, but also widely praised by parents. 

On this day, Teacher Piaopiao helped the children in the small class to take off their coats and prepare for a nap. She found that Haohao’s clothes in the class had all been cut off. The label is cut off to prevent the child from being rubbed. But it was found that the label of Hao Hao’s clothes was clearly on the outside, how could it be cut off by the parents. 

She said this question to the same class Teacher Yangyang, Teacher Yangyang responded: “It is obvious that the parents are just cutting off the labels, and they are afraid that the teacher will treat their children differently.”

Although Teacher Piaopiao understands and understands the parents’ concerns, After learning the reason, I still feel uncomfortable and wronged. I can’t help but say to Teacher Yang Yang: “Parents as well? Is it really necessary to guard us like a thief?”

Actually, fluttering Since I became a teacher, I have sent away the children from year to year, and treated the students equally. I didn’t care what brand of clothes the child wears. It is no wonder that there is a sense of distrust in this situation. 

What are the parents thinking about the logo

Parents have their own way of thinking about problems. In this case of cutting the standard, it is nothing more than taking the following two points into consideration. 

▼Worry about children being treated differently

Each family has different financial status. Some families with ordinary conditions will try to choose some economical and practical clothes for their children. Brand. 

But parents worry that the teacher thinks that their children’s family conditions are not good enough to treat their children well, so they come to the next step. 

▼I am afraid that children will have a psychology of comparison due to clothing< /p>

There are also some parents who think that children will compare brands with brands, or the teacher will inadvertently mention the problem of clothing brands, which in turn creates a psychology of comparison and simply cuts them out. 

But in fact, many times teachers will not deliberately look at the clothing label. Even if the parents see the teacher looking through the child’s clothing label through the kindergarten monitoring, it is not necessarily the reason the parents think. 

The purpose of the teacher looking at the clothes label, or the thoughts of the parents Different clothes labels are used to distinguish children’s clothes.

Some teachers will habitually look at clothes labels. This is because there are more children in the class and they wear different clothes every day, especially when the children are taking a nap. Without distinguishing and remembering children’s clothes, it is easy to wear them wrong. 

If you are wearing the same school uniform, the children’s name will be written on the clothes label in order to distinguish, so the teacher is only looking for clothes for the students when looking through the clothes label. 

Afraid that the clothes label will make children feel uncomfortable

also Sometimes, parents are very careless. The newly bought clothes are not checked to see if the label will be pierced or worn to the child. The careful teacher will also check if the label makes the child feel uncomfortable, so as to remind the parent. 

So if parents cut off the children’s clothing label for some wrong purpose, it will hurt the teacher’s heart. 

The relationship between the teacher and the parent should be equal and trusting.

There is no conflict between the parent and the teacher, and the relationship is established because of the child. But getting along with people is based on mutual trust. Just like the situation encountered by Teacher Piaopiao, if you change to be a parent, wouldn’t you feel sad? 

For the same reason, parents and teachers should also establish The relationship of equality and trust, pay attention to communication skills on weekdays, ask teachers for more ways to educate children, and also convey parents’ understanding and attention to teachers. I believe teachers can also become parents’ “good partners” in parenting. Li Meijin’s “Parenting Experience” is sought after, but her daughter is an ordinary person, which is a way of education overturned

Before the baby is born, many mothers-to-be have already begun to read parenting books and learn how to take care of their children. Now, there are even some precious mothers who will specially report to the class to learn about the methods and little knowledge of bringing a baby. 

However, after the child is born, everyone will find that taking care of a child is really not something that can be easily mastered by reading a few books and a few days of class. So parents have to start the mode of learning and exploring while bringing the baby. . 

In the whole process of parenting learning, the name “Li Meijin” is no stranger to Bibao mothers, and her unique parenting theory has also been supported by many people. 

So everyone took it for granted that Professor Li Meijin Her child should also be a “successful person”, but what is unexpected is that her daughter is just an ordinary person. 

Li Meijin’s “Parenting Sutra” is sought after, but when her daughter grows up, she becomes an ordinary person? 

Professor Li Wenjin teaches at the People’s Public Security University of China and is a childcare expert in the minds of many people. 

Probably because of his own work experience, most of Professor Li’s parenting methods are more “grounded” and practical. Therefore, her unique “Parenting Sutra” also provided help to young parents. 

However, Professor Li’s daughter is a bit too “ordinary” compared to her mother’s achievements. 

Professor Li Meijin said in a program that her daughter Since I was young, my math grades have been poor, and I even scored 15 points. Every time I hold a parent meeting, I have to be criticized. However, Li Meijin did not criticize her daughter too much. Instead, she understood her lack of mathematics and actively looked for other “shining points” in her child. 

Later, because my daughter had a talent for music since she was a child, and also liked doing this job, she became an ordinary university music teacher after graduation. 

Being a professor’s daughter is known to everyone After that, many people were surprised. After all, Li Meijin herself was quite accomplished in parenting. How could her daughter grow up with this kind of education to become an ordinary person? Some people even questioned this as saying: “Is this the way of education and the setting up of people overturned?”

Professor Li Meijin’s way of parenting overturned? In my opinion, there is no

Actually, everyone who knows Coco Lee’s Parenting Classics knows that her focus is on the healthy growth of children, so the education concept is also based on “happy education”. She only hopes that children can be in the parents’ Form correct values ​​under the guidance. 

So as long as the child can become a person of dignity, gratitude, and cheerful personality, it is enough. 

Although Li Wenjin’s daughter does not match people’s imagination, But it is consistent with Li Wenjin’s parenting experience of happy growth. At this point, I think she has done a good job, so in my opinion, Professor Li is not a man-made rollover. 

In addition, everyone thinks that Professor Li should cultivate a “successful person”, but there is no set standard for the word success. 

There is no clear definition of the word “success”.

For “success”, different people have different views. Some people think that success is every goal you make in life, no matter how big it is , No matter how small, as long as you achieve it, you are successful; and some people think that success means that you can be admitted to a prestigious school, you can have an enviable job, and how good your life is. 

But in my eyes, there is no success A clear definition cannot be used to measure a person’s success by the quality of life. For example, Coco Lee believes that a child is a polyhedron with unlimited growth possibilities, so success cannot be easily defined by parents. 

For most children, no matter how good they were when they were young, when they enter society, they will gradually become mediocre and ordinary. 

Being able to accept children’s “ordinary” is a parent’s ability.

In fact, we can all understand the parents’ desire for their children to excel in the future, but we can’t put too much pressure on the children. Our thoughts are imposed on children, after all, everyone’s path is different. 

Children’s grades are good or bad, and work is good or bad. It’s the path that the child chooses to take. We must face it calmly and avoid pulling the line in the hand too tight. Put pressure on the child. 

In addition, even ordinary people have They are good at things and have their own dreams. Parents should accept the “ordinary” of their children, and don’t let their thoughts restrict their children. 

Concluding remarks: There are many definitions of success, and there are many roads to success. Parents only need to do a good job of guiding work. Don’t impose ideas on their children, let them understand the truth, and grow up happily. The greatest respect for his life. There is a kind of “unforgettable” pain called mastitis, and the “culprit” is 4 of them.

Many people think that women can relax after giving birth. In fact, after giving birth is the beginning of the challenge. When my mother is upgraded to a treasure mother, she has to face more difficulties, and there are some difficulties that many mothers will not know at all, such as mastitis. 

Mastitis is one of the most common diseases during lactation, especially breastfeeding mothers are most susceptible. And it hurts very much. Many mothers say that it hurts more than having a baby! 

But as everyone knows, the “culprits” of mastitis are 4 of them. They are very common in life. Mom must be careful! 

Improper diet

Many people have a misunderstanding, that is Bao Ma is weak after childbirth, and she has to breastfeed her baby. If she needs a lot of supplements, she will cook various body soups and milk soups for her. In fact, these soups are of no use to milk, and the fat in the soup can also cause blockage of the breast and cause mastitis. 

Mothers should drink plenty of water after giving birth. The diet should be based on high-protein and easy-to-digest foods. Fruits and vegetables should also be eaten so as to keep the mammary glands unobstructed, and the baby’s “rations” are also sufficient. . 

Improper breastfeeding position

especially novice mothers, They didn’t do their homework seriously, they only used one position to feed the baby, and let the baby eat to the end. If the baby only eats one place for a long time, it can also cause mastitis. 

When breastfeeding the baby, Baoma should “wet rain and dew” so that the baby can eat the milk on both sides, so as to keep the milk ducts on both sides unobstructed and avoid the occurrence of mastitis. 

Did not drain milk in time

Some moms, At the beginning of feeding, the milk will be drained carefully, and the milk that the baby has not eaten will be sucked out with a breast pump. But in the later stage, if the baby feels that he is older and eats more milk, he no longer expresses milk for himself. This will easily cause residual milk to collect in the milk ducts and cause mastitis. 

Bao Ma must not be lazy, she must do a good job of draining milk carefully, so that she can pass the breastfeeding period safely and not suffer from mastitis. 

Not paying attention to nipple care

Sometimes, breast Inflammation is not necessarily caused by the accumulation of milk, but is caused by failure to clean the nipples or rupture of the nipples, causing bacteria to multiply into the milk ducts and cause mastitis. 

Baoma must pay attention to clean the nipples. After the baby has finished milk, wipe it with warm water in time. If the nipple is found to be ruptured, it should be treated and disinfected in time to prevent further infection, and pay attention to adjusting the baby’s breastfeeding posture to prevent another rupture. 

Mastitis occurs throughout the lactation period Yes, once the infection occurs, it will be very severe pain, Bao Ma must pay attention to avoid the above 4 wrong behaviors. 

Baoma can do a scientific diet, correct breastfeeding, express milk in time, and do a good job of personal cleansing to avoid the suffering of mastitis. You must pay attention to it.

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