The kindergarten held a red carpet event. This mother brought her baby to attend the dinner. Will netizens attend the dinner?

The kindergarten held a red carpet event. This mother brought her baby to attend the dinner. Will netizens attend the dinner? 

Raising a child now is a real test for parents in all aspects. Not only must they have money, but they must also be educated and even have requirements for image. 

For example, if your child’s school organizes an event and the teacher asks you to participate, you have to dress up. Don’t talk about giving your child a face, at least don’t embarrass him. If the image is not good, or you don’t know how to dress up, it’s true Very troublesome. 

However, there is a limit to dressing up. After all, it is a campus occasion. If it is over-dressed, it is not as good as ordinary attendance. 

I saw a case on the Internet before a kindergarten held an event. There was a long red carpet on the ground, which seemed quite formal. 

There was a link in the activity where the mother took the child’s hand and walked across the red carpet. One of the photos was particularly eye-catching. The mother obviously looked a lot younger than the other mothers. What was even more exaggerated was that she was wearing a low-cut tie. The clothes group also put on a very heavy makeup. 

This kind of dressing is suitable for going on a blind date, but it is very out of place to participate in kindergarten activities. 

The netizens were also attracted by the mother’s dressing up, and the comments below were mainly criticism. One netizen even left a message and asked if this is for the dinner party? 

Pretty dressing to attend the children’s school activities can certainly show that Bao’s mother attaches great importance to school activities, but if you dress improperly, it may cause your child to be pointed and pointed. 

However, some young parents nowadays just don’t pay attention, and even think that the more beautiful they are, the better. 

As everyone knows, the school is not a beauty pageant, and parents should look like parents, paying attention to beautiful dressing, which is often counterproductive. 

attending school For activities, parents should pay attention to their own image.

1. Dressing is more formal

To participate in activities held in their children’s school, parents should dress more formally to show respect for the activity itself. 

If you really don’t know how to dress up, you can pay attention to the dressing styles of other parents, and you can learn how to do it next time. 

Or even simpler, both men and women wear suits. This style that can hold even formal social occasions can definitely hold school occasions, and it can also be unobtrusive. 

2. The clothes are not expensive, just clean and tidy

A good image is not piled up by famous brands, and schools are not places to compare. Therefore, parents do not need to care whether the clothes they wear are expensive. In fact, as long as they can be clean and tidy, even cheap clothes, they can match with a good sense of beauty. 

3. Avoid fancy outfits

School is a solemn occasion, and parents are also a solemn identity, so wearing fancy outfits to attend children’s school activities is definitely not appropriate, unless the event itself requires it. 

3. Pay attention to public order and good customs

When attending school activities, parents should also pay special attention to “public order and good customs”, especially Bao Ma, where it should not be exposed, must not be exposed. 

Although it is now an open society, there are many children in the school. If you do not pay attention to this aspect, let alone the teacher criticizing you, other parents may also find you trouble. 

Image and appearance are not absolutely linked, through reasonable dressing, even if the background appearance is not high, you can create a dazzling image. And when parents play in a good image, not only can they earn enough face for their children, but they can also give him more positive encouragement. 

The image of parents How important is it to children? These three points cannot be ignored.

1. Cultivate a sense of ritual

Parents attend school activities in a good image. The greatest benefit to children is that they can experience the “sense of ritual.” 

The cultivation of a sense of ritual will help improve the child’s recuperation and temperament, so that he can achieve greater success in the social field. 

2. Cultivate self-confidence

If the image of parents is good, children will be more confident. Because the parents are the children’s biggest backers, the better the image of the parents, the bigger and more solid the backers will be. 

At the same time, other children will also look up to the child a bit because of this, so that the child has more advantages when making friends. If things go on like this, the child will become more confident. 

3. Cultivate good living habits

The image of a person is also very related to his living habits. People with good living habits can at least be guaranteed clean and tidy, and the skin condition is probably not too bad, and with these three points, no matter how ugly it is. 

The reverse is also true, that is, the living habits are poor and the image is mostly not good. Therefore, by showing a good image of parents, they are setting a good example for their children, which will help him develop good living habits, which will also benefit him throughout his life. 

Children are the faces of their parents, so why are their parents not the faces of their children? When parents attend school activities in a positive and healthy image, they are earning face for their children. 

On the contrary, if it is not handled properly, the child may lose his face, and it will have an irreparable negative impact on his psychological and character development. 

I hope every parent can keep this in mind, and don’t cause extra harm to children because of image problems. Not only milk can help children grow taller, but these 3 kinds of vegetables can also work even better.

When it comes to food that can help children grow taller, milk is probably the first thing you think of. , There is a saying that a glass of milk strengthens a nation. Milk is rich in protein and calcium, which are the two major types of nutrients that children need to grow. Therefore, drinking milk regularly is really helpful for growth. But if you want your child to grow taller, you don’t necessarily have to make him drink milk, because there are many foods with similar effects, even some vegetables. 

Regularly eating certain vegetables is really good for growing taller, which is reflected in my friend Xiao Zhang. Xiao Zhang is one-meter-eight tall, but his parents are less than one-meter seven. In terms of genetic inheritance, he should not grow so tall. However, he has broken through the genetic limitation and has grown enviable. Good shape. 

What’s even more surprising is that he didn’t drink milk during puberty like many people did. Even during puberty, the total amount of milk drunk was less than five boxes, so he grew to a height of 1.8 meters. , Has nothing to do with drinking milk, how did you do it? The specific reason is of course difficult to verify. After all, growing tall is also a metaphysics, and there are many influencing factors, and it is difficult to quantify. However, according to Xiao Zhang himself, the reason why he grows so tall is similar to the three that he usually likes to eat. Vegetables have a lot to do with it. 

These three vegetables are tomatoes, mushrooms and pumpkins, which are very common and very cheap vegetables. According to Xiao Zhang’s memory, he loved to eat these three kinds of vegetables since he was a child. Since he was in junior high school, he had to eat one or two of them almost every day. This habit persisted until he graduated from high school. Miba’s big and tall. Except for this special aspect of diet, Xiao Zhang is not much different from his peers, so he feels that his ability to grow bigger and taller has a lot to do with his liking to eat these three kinds of vegetables. 

Eating long vegetables is not a fantasy. In fact, many vegetables are also rich in nutrition and comprehensive. Even when there is insufficient meat, eggs and milk, they can still guarantee our human body. Nutritional needs. And the three kinds of vegetables that Xiao Zhang likes to eat are precisely nutritious and comprehensive. 

Not only milk can help children grow, but these three kinds of vegetables can also


Tomatoes are also called tomatoes in some places. They are the fruit of a nightshade plant and can be eaten raw. It can also be cooked and eaten as a vegetable. Tomatoes contain a variety of minerals that are beneficial to the human body, as well as a large number of vitamins, which are of great benefit to maintaining health. Ripe tomatoes are also rich in sugar, which can meet the body’s energy needs to a certain extent. 

More importantly, tomatoes are often cooked together with eggs as a vegetable, and eggs are high-protein foods, so children who often eat tomatoes will also unknowingly eat a lot of eggs, of course Very helpful for growing taller. 


Although mushroom is a kind of vegetable, it is not a plant from the perspective of taxonomy, but a fungus alongside plants and animals. From a nutritional point of view, it is between other vegetables and meat. It is rich in cellulose and vitamins, but also contains a lot of high-quality protein, and the taste is similar to meat. This results in mushrooms having the advantages of both plant-based vegetables and meat, which are naturally beneficial to the growth of children. 


Pumpkin is also a high-quality vegetable, and because of its high starch content, it can also be used as a staple food. The crude fiber in pumpkin can help improve the digestive system of the human body and promote nutrient absorption. Therefore, eating more pumpkins for adolescent children will have a very good “jumping” effect. 

The above three kinds of vegetables are all easily available on the market, and the prices are also very cheap. So even if you give it to your children every day, it won’t cost your parents much. Of course, if you want your child to grow taller, eating alone is definitely not enough. Exercise and sleep should also be taken into account. After all, these are the two main factors that affect the child’s height. 

I want children To grow taller, you must not only eat well, but also pay attention to these two points.

Remind your children to exercise more

Sports such as touching tall and playing basketball are very helpful for children to grow taller, because this kind of exercise can Stimulate the growth of bones, especially long bones. The height of a person is largely determined by the length of the thighs. The longer the long bones, the longer the thighs, and the height will naturally appear. Therefore, urging adolescent children to exercise more is essential for him to grow taller. On the contrary, if you do not exercise for a long time, not only will you not grow tall, but you will also get fat easily. 

Ensure your child’s sleep

In the long-term period, parents should also pay attention to the child’s sleep. Because when a child sleeps, the body secretes the most growth hormone, which leads to a child’s height increase, almost all of which is achieved during sleep. Therefore, the more adequate sleep and the higher the quality of sleep, the easier it is for children to grow up. 

Growth is a metaphysics, but it is not uncontrollable. Even if the parents are not tall, as long as they have mastered the scientific method and implemented them step by step, they can still grow their children to a satisfactory height. I hope every parent can understand this truth and never speak lightly. Give up, let alone ignore it.

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