The higher the IQ, the earlier you walk? The expert replied very unexpectedly. Be wary that the baby will not walk for more than this month

The higher the IQ, the earlier you walk? The expert replied very unexpectedly. Be wary of the baby not walking for more than this month

There is a saying among the people: “The earlier the child goes, the higher the IQ.” Is this statement really reliable? 

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After the baby is born, the whole family will focus on On him, I paid attention to the baby’s every move, the first time he laughed, the first time he turned over, the first time he sat up, the first time he spoke… All of this attracted the attention of his parents. 

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Due to the epidemic, Minmin temporarily lives in her natal family. Her son is one year old and five months old. He is chubby and has a quiet temper. Her sister-in-law is less than ten months old. My daughter, she jumps when she sees people, she loves to crawl around, she is very naughty. 

On this day, the sister-in-law’s child suddenly walked towards everyone by supporting the wall by himself. Everyone was happy and looked at the child with admiration. The uncle said that this baby is bound to be promising in the future. 

On the other hand, Minmin’s son is one year and five months old, and he can’t walk yet. Minmin’s mother told her, “If it’s really not possible, go to the hospital for an examination, so as not to delay the child. Physical development.”

Although it sounds very unhappy, but it is more worrying. I watched my niece learn to walk in more than nine months, and my son is so old. The statement nodded. 

Pediatrician’s Answer: Do children who walk early have higher IQs? 

This is not the case. There is no connection between how long a child walks and IQ. After all, each baby’s growth environment, diet, and physique are different. This also leads to a certain difference in how long they learn to walk. 

Pediatricians believe that the age at which children learn to walk normally is 10-15 months, and some will be later than 18 months, but this is a normal phenomenon, so parents and mothers do not Need to worry too much. 

A study in the “Journal of Pediatrics” shows that the time it takes for each child to learn to walk is not the same. Some learn to walk at 8 or 9 months, while some learn to walk after one and a half years old. Children who walk early IQ and development may not be better and more advantageous than walking late. 

The child walks late Reasons for

1. Characters

Some children are not noisy since they were born. Even at home, they don’t like to climb at will, their personality is shy, and their courage is very small. It will cause him to dare not try new things, even when he is learning to walk, he dare not stand up. 

Suggestion: At this time, parents need to encourage and guide the child to try to stand and walk for a long time. When the baby realizes the fun of walking, he will slowly learn to walk. 

2. Reasons for weight

Some babies are more mature than others from birth, so these fat babies will have difficulty learning to walk, because their body shape is not well-proportioned, which will lead to a poor sense of balance Control, when walking, it is easy to fall, and for a long time, children will choose to escape. 

Suggestion: Parents can exercise their children’s balance in normal times, and then hold their hands to encourage them to learn to walk slowly, and experience the fun of learning to walk. 

3. Reasons for nutritional supplements

There are many types of complementary foods, and the absorption of children is not the same, and the food prepared by each family is not the same, so the nutrition that the baby absorbs There are also certain differences in matter. 

Then those children who have more comprehensive nutrient absorption, especially those with sufficient calcium absorption, will develop better leg muscles and bones, so they will naturally learn to walk faster. 

However, if the nutritional intake is not enough, or the baby’s partial eclipse is caused, the bone and leg muscle development will be weaker, and it will be a little later to learn to walk. 

Recommendation: If the baby learns to walk very late, parents can take the baby to check if necessary to see if the nutritional intake is not enough. In addition, pay attention to all aspects of nutrition in the baby’s diet. All aspects of intake. 

4. Reasons for habit

Some children run around every day after they learn to crawl. Later, they develop a kind of dependence and are unwilling to stand up and walk. 

Suggestion: Parents can buy a small stroller for the baby, which can be pushed for the child to play at first, and then can slowly guide the baby to stand up and push the stroller, so that he will gradually learn to walk. 

Children learn to walk

Actually, under normal circumstances, a baby can stand up by holding things up at 9 months; at 10-11 months, he can stand independently for a few seconds; at 11-12 months, he can hold Parents take a few steps with their hands; at 12 to 13 months, they can walk a few steps independently. After one and a half years old, they can walk like flying and walk completely independently. The parents only need to follow the baby. 

But if your child cannot walk until 18 months, he needs to be vigilant. It is best to take the child to the hospital for an examination to see if there is a problem. 

According to statistics, less than half of children learn to walk before they are 1 year old, and most of them learn to walk within 15 months.  The 14-year-old girl’s love concept composition is on fire. Netizen: Children nowadays know too much.

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Many parents stubbornly think , His children are ignorant and ignorant, and they will not really grow up until the day they get married. 

As everyone knows, today’s children, their minds mature very quickly, and they know more than their parents. 

Some time ago, a 14-year-old girl wrote about love composition:

She took the details of getting along with her grandparents as an example, she thought it was beautiful Love should be “see the truth in the details”, and need to take responsibility and pay loyalty to each other, rather than just “swear to each other.” 

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Many netizens read this article and said: Having lived in vain for decades, a teenage girl knows love better than me. 

Another kid, write The article complained about his sister on the Internet, and it became popular. 

At a young age, she has good memory and observation ability. She observes her sister’s life carefully, and in just a few hundred words, she writes a girl who is idiot and star-chaser. 

Two articles written later It is also very stalking, vivid and vivid, and keeps up with the trend. 

For example: “I’m going to eat, I’m going to eat!” “What kind of boy is this, this is just my lower body.” 

Netizens said : This child is observant and has good writing skills at a young age. He can also write continuous plots and has the potential to be a screenwriter. 

I still have feelings, today’s Children really understand more and more, and they may be more “learned” than some adults in terms of feelings and knowledge. 

Why do children now know so much? 

▶ More and more information is contacted

When many children can’t read, their parents play with their mobile phones and watch short videos. By the time they can read, basically everyone has a mobile phone. 

Parents may not restrict or know how to restrict the content that children browse, and there are more and more information and social software nowadays. 

When children are instilled with different ideas and information every day, they will know more. 

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▶ Living conditions are getting better and better

Nowadays, living conditions are getting better and better. Many families take their children out to play from time to time. They see more people and things and experience a different life , And also know more. 

▶ Knowledge is getting wider and wider

More and more parents are beginning to pay attention to their children’s education. They teach them how to read words, read extracurricular books, and report interest when they are older. class. 

Furthermore, no matter what grade children are, the difficulty of their test questions is on the rise, and they are becoming more and more open, which further improves the children’s cognitive level. 

Therefore, the way parents educate It also needs to change, instead of thinking that children are ignorant and ignorant, help them resist all the unfavorable factors outside. 

It’s better to treat them as adults and friends, tell them how to protect themselves and take responsibility, and truly become a “little adult”. 

What are the benefits of treating children as adults? 

▶ Allow children to be more independent

When parents usually let their children do more things, they can exercise their life skills to facilitate their children’s independent life in the future. 

When parents treat their children as adults, the topic of communication with them may be deeper, and they can usually be told more about the correct way to use the Internet and judge others. 

So when the child touches too early While learning more about the Internet, you will not be easily deceived. 

▶ Can make children more responsible

Many children adolescent children are eager to be treated as adults, but when they make mistakes, they hope to be treated as adults. Child treats. 

They have such ambivalence, in their daily life and study, they may often behave rebelliously and do not bear the consequences. 

Because of treating them as independent people from a young age, letting them do their own thing can make children more responsible. 

▶ It can make children more confident

When a person has been living with the help of his parents since childhood, and suddenly wants to live on his own as an adult, he may feel anxious and uneasy. 

Especially compared with peers When you feel that you are inferior to them, you may feel inferior. 

If parents have given their children important tasks since they were young, they may increase their self-confidence and become better when they complete one task after another. 

▶ Conducive to closer parent-child relationship

If parents treat their children democratically and equally, their misunderstandings, conflicts, and conflicts will be better, and the parent-child relationship can be better . 

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