The height of young people in our country surpasses that of Japan, and the weight of pregnant women is the key, so pay attention to mothers who do not meet the standard

The height of young people in China exceeds that of Japan. The weight of pregnant women is the key. Baby mothers who do not meet the standards should pay more attention.

The height of young people in China surpasses Japan. The weight of pregnant women is the key. Baby mothers who do not meet the standards should pay more attention.

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Not long ago, the latest height statistics brought us good news, that is, our country The average height of the child has become the highest in East Asia. 

This is inseparable from the parents’ efforts on the height of their children, and it is also related to the decline in the average height of children in some East Asian countries. 

For example, the height of a Japanese child. 

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The height of Japanese people has always been low, but around 2010, it surpassed our country, but that generation of people was born between 1978 and 1979 People have become the peak period of average height in Japan. 

After that, their average height showed a downward trend. The average height of men born around 1995 was 0.64 centimeters worse than the peak period, and women were worse than the peak period. Up to 0.21 cm. 

According to research conducted by Japanese experts, the weight of pregnant women is too low, which is an important factor in the decrease of the height of their children. 

Because in the 1970s, the weight of the fetus increased rapidly, which would cause many complications in the body of pregnant women and children, so Japanese obstetricians in 1981 and 1995 Guidelines. 

Especially In 1995, a more detailed policy was issued, such as requiring women with a body fat rate of less than 18.5 to control the weight gain during pregnancy to 9-12 kg. This standard is far lower than their reference target, American pregnant women. 

So, starting from that year, more and more children weighing less than the standard weight, that is, less than 2500 grams, were born. 

In addition, surveys have shown that people who are underweight at birth tend to be short in height as adults. 

Not to mention Said that when Japanese mothers were implementing the policy, they controlled their weight to a lower level, which caused more babies to become malnourished. 

Pregnant women are too low for their children Other effects of

Pregnant women’s weight is too low, which not only leads to children’s height problems in the future, but may also lead to premature delivery, low resistance, and intellectual problems. 

Pregnant mothers with low weight have insufficient nutrition in the uterus, which is not conducive to the growth and retention of the placenta, so they are prone to premature delivery; when pregnant mothers are undernourished, it is easy to cause the lack of nutrition in Feibao , Leading to the problem of dysplasia of the brain. 

Now, Studies have shown that the body fat rate that is beneficial to women’s pregnancy is 25% to 28%. Therefore, thin women try to gain weight before becoming pregnant. 

Except for the low weight of pregnant mothers, What kind of fetus is easy to grow up? 

Premature babies

Premature babies can easily weigh less than 2500 grams. If they are not properly taken care of after birth, they can easily lose their height. Age people. 

It may also be due to congenital deficiency, no matter how hard you work later, you will not be able to surpass too many children, but there is still hope for reaching an average weight. 


Twin babies are usually born prematurely due to physical development, resulting in lower than average weight at birth. 

There are also some twins, in the mother’s belly, it is a competitive relationship. One child will snatch the nutrition of the other child, causing the other child to grow stunted and not grow taller in the future. 

Affected by the bad temper of the pregnant mother

If the pregnant mother cannot control her temper when she is pregnant, she will be depressed and nervous, which will easily cause the body to secrete harmful Substances, these substances will also enter the body of the fetus and affect their development. 

Not getting enough from my mother Nutrition

Pregnant mothers are too picky and do not want to eat, which will cause malnutrition for themselves and their fetus, which will affect their development and height after birth. 

What do pregnant mothers eat more, The fetus grows tall

A balanced diet

Pregnant mothers eat more different kinds of foods, which can help their body supplement enough nutrition and promote the physical development of the fetus. 

Calcium supplementation

Experts suggest that pregnant women need to take in calcium elements in the first trimester and the second and third trimesters, respectively, 800 mg and 1000 mg. 

Therefore, the daily milk of pregnant mothers is essential. In addition, calcium can also be supplemented by green vegetables. Now in spring, many seasonal vegetables, such as red amaranth and broccoli The flowers are rich in calcium, don’t miss it. 

Nowadays, Japanese experts have also learned their lesson and formulated a new weight gain standard this month:

If the pre-pregnancy body fat rate is less than 18.5%, the weight gain during pregnancy 12~15kg;

Pre-pregnancy body fat rate is 18.5%~25%, weight gain during pregnancy is 10~13kg;

Pre-pregnancy body fat rate is 25%~30% , The weight gain during pregnancy is 7-10 kg;

If the body fat rate before pregnancy is more than 30%, the weight gain during pregnancy is less than 5 kg. 

Body fat percentage (BMI) = weight (kg)%uF7 (height%uD7 height) (m)

For pregnant mothers in need, please refer to it. 


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Ninety percent of children have different degrees of calcium deficiency. Pay attention to several warning signs so as not to hurt their intelligence

Calcium deficiency is one for children This is a very common thing, but sometimes the negligence of parents may cause harm to the growth and development of the child. 

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Calcium is an essential nutrient element for the human body. For children in the growth and development stage, it is the most important thing. According to statistics, China About 90% of children have varying degrees of calcium deficiency. 

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How do parents judge? 

Because calcium is a necessary nutrient for the growth and development of children, if they lack calcium in their bodies, they will inevitably send out corresponding warning signals:

1. Late teething

Because 99% of the body’s calcium is in the teeth and bones, the baby’s calcium deficiency is bound to cause the growth and development of the teeth. influences. 

Normally, the baby’s teeth will sprout when they are 4 to 10 months old, but some babies do not grow out slowly when they are one year old. It is very likely to be caused by calcium deficiency, and it is best for parents to take their children to the hospital for examination at this time. 

Some children have problems with their teeth, or they are uneven, which may be caused by a lack of calcium in the body. 

2, love to sweat

Obviously the room temperature is just right and the environment is comfortable, but the baby loves to sweat It is also difficult to sleep soundly when falling asleep at night, which is probably caused by calcium deficiency. 

This is because human sweat glands are secreted by sympathetic nerves, and the sweating center is located in the cerebral cortex. The lack of calcium in the body can easily lead to nervous system excitement and promote sweat glands to secrete. I have to sweat a lot. 

3. Thinning hair

The healthy growth of hair requires calcium, iron, zinc, vitamins, etc., Therefore, calcium deficiency in the baby’s body is likely to lead to thinning and yellowing of his hair. 

The harm of calcium deficiency in children

1. Affect bone development

Because 99% of the calcium in the human body is in the bones and teeth, if the child’s body is deficient in calcium, It will cause the calcium in the blood to be unable to maintain the normal physiological requirements, thereby prompting the hypothalamus to secrete parathyroid hormone to dilute the calcium in the bones to maintain the calcium in the blood, and bone development will also be affected. 

2. Affect height development

According to the research findings of American neuroscience experts and New York Medical School, Children’s sleep failure is likely to be related to calcium deficiency. If the body’s calcium is lacking, it will cause difficulty falling asleep and shorten sleep time. 

And studies have shown that 80% of the human body’s growth hormone is secreted at night, especially when it reaches its peak within 1 to 2 hours after falling asleep and entering a deep sleep state. If calcium is lacking, it will It affects sleep and hinders height development. 

ps: Growth hormone is a hormone that promotes the growth of bones and cartilage in the human body, and promotes height development. 

3. Affect brain development

According to research findings, calcium is a part of brain neuron metabolism. This important substance participates in various nerve conduction of the human body, affects the number and size of brain cells, and promotes the normal operation of the brain. 

Therefore, if a child’s body is deficient in calcium, it is likely to have an impact on brain development. 

How do parents prevent Is the child calcium deficient? 

According to the dietary recommendations of Chinese residents:

  • Breastfeeding babies within 6 months need to supplement with 300 mg of calcium per day. Artificially fed babies need to supplement with 400 mg;
  • 7-12 months old babies need to supplement with 500-600 mg calcium every day;
  • 1~ A 3-year-old baby needs to add 600 to 800 mg of calcium every day. 

    1. Through food supplement

    This is because although calcium supplementation drugs or products contain high calcium, they are not easily absorbed by the body, and food The absorption rate of calcium contained in the body will be much better. 

    Therefore, if parents want to prevent their children’s calcium deficiency, they can let their children eat more calcium-rich foods, such as dairy products, soy products, dried shrimps, black Sesame seeds, eggs, green vegetables, etc. 

    2, vitamin d supplement

    This is because vitamin d can promote the body’s absorption rate of calcium, so parents can give children Supplement vitamin D in an appropriate amount, but remember not to overdo it. 

    The Nutrition Association recommends that babies within 2 years of age supplement 400 international units of vitamin d a day. Overdose is likely to cause adverse reactions, such as poor appetite, vomiting, etc. . 

    3. Bask in the sun

    This method can promote the body’s absorption and transformation of calcium, but Do not expose to the sun when the sun is strong, so as not to cause damage to the skin. You should choose the stage when the sun is just coming out in the morning and the stage when the mountain is about to go down, that is, 9-10 am and 16-17 pm. Return to Sohu to see more

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