The heavier the newborn baby’s weight, the higher the IQ in the future? Actually, don’t eat and drink for pregnant mothers

The heavier the newborn baby’s weight, the higher the IQ in the future? Actually, don’t eat and drink if you are pregnant.


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People in the past always hope that the newborn is white and fat , If you give birth to a “big fat boy”, you will feel very happy, especially when you see the child’s head is still big and round, you think that the child must be very smart. 

However, parents now have a new awareness that being too fat at birth does not mean that they are rich in nutrition and good health. Newborns who are too fat will do a lot of harm to themselves and their mothers. 

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There are new studies about the fact that babies are chubby and fat are particularly clever performances. Now there is new research, which may be contrary to what the family thinks.

When the child was born white and fat, but no other children are clever

An Ruo is a physique that is prone to obesity. Before pregnancy, he pays attention to diet and exercise to maintain a standard body, but after pregnancy, for the child Nutrition, she started to consume enough fat and protein, and she gained weight quickly without accident. 

In the first month, An Ruo weighed about 6 jin. After that, the doctor asked her to control her weight and eat less, but the mother-in-law worried that the fetus’s nutrition could not keep up, and said that the baby was just getting fatter. That’s good. 

Therefore, by the third trimester, she gained almost 40 jins, and she had difficulty walking and breathing. 

When the child was full-term, the doctor arranged a C-section for her. The child was really fat, which is more than 9 catties, which is more than one catty more than the standard weight. 

When the child is one year old, Relatives praised the baby for her good looks, white and fat, with a mushy face, well-developed and cute, and also a big head, so she was very smart at first glance. 

Slowly, An Ruo finds that although her child is older than other children, she is not as clever and agile as other children of the same age. With a simple instruction, other children can quickly complete it, but her own baby Silly and motionless. 

She was afraid of something wrong with the child’s body, so she took him to the hospital for an examination, but the results showed that the child had no physical problems except for being fat. 

Later, the doctor reminded her that she could control the weight of the child before checking the situation. There was no way, An Ruo had to try first. 

When the child is over one year old At that time, the weight finally reached a normal level, and the reaction slowly kept up with the other children, An Ruo finally breathed a sigh of relief. 

The higher the baby’s weight at birth, the higher the future IQ? 

Experts said that the standard weight of a full-term child is 6~8 kg. If the weight of a full-term child is lower than the standard weight, their brain development is likely to be imperfect, and IQ may appear. The situation is too low. 

But if a full-term child weighs more than 8 kg, it does not mean that the child has matured, but that they have more body fat. 

Because in the mother’s stomach for about 9 months, the level of development of each child is limited. 

Studies have shown that too much fat in the baby’s body may accumulate in the brain. It will squeeze the grooves in the brain together and make the folds disappear, leading to the development of the neural network. Worse, so the intelligence becomes lower. 

So, Parents should no longer be “superstitious” in saying that fat and big head are a symbol of smartness. It is not that the fatter the child grows, the higher the IQ, and it may decrease. 

Newborn babies are all about the same height, but the weight is quite different. This also shows that weight is an important criterion for measuring the health of the fetus. For example, children below 5 catties may have to be sent to nursery Box maintenance. 

Therefore, pregnant mothers should not forget to control their weight while providing nutrition to their babies. 

What is the relationship between fetal weight and pregnant mother? 

1. The length of pregnancy

Generally, the longer the pregnancy, the heavier the weight of the fetus. 

For example, babies born prematurely are generally thinner, babies born at 37 weeks of gestation are generally 6 kg, babies born at 38 weeks of gestation are generally 6.4 kg, and babies born at 39 weeks of gestation are generally 6.4~ 6.8 kg. 

But It does not mean that the longer the baby stays in the mother’s belly, the better the body will be. If they are not willing to come out after 42 weeks, they need to go to the hospital, otherwise the health of the fetus may be at risk. 

2. The diet of pregnant mothers

When pregnant, many pregnant mothers like to use big fish and meat to supplement their children’s nutrition, but the fat content and energy of meat are very high. It is easy to gain weight if you are not careful, and children may also gain weight. 

Furthermore, pregnant mothers have too much nutrition during pregnancy and cannot absorb much by themselves. The rest is the baby’s, which can easily cause fetal overnutrition and overweight. 

Therefore, pregnant mothers also pay attention to a reasonable and balanced diet during pregnancy, and record their weight to control their weight. The monthly increase of about 1 catty in the first trimester, 2 catties in the middle stage, and 2 catties in the late stage. 

Therefore, for the sake of fetal development, pregnant mothers should stop eating and drinking. 

3. Exercise for pregnant mothers Frequency

Pregnant mothers who take a walk every day are more likely to control their own and fetal weight, and there are other benefits to the body; on the contrary, pregnant mothers who don’t want to move every day and just want to lie in bed are more likely to lose their body fat Accumulation, causing yourself and the fetus to gain weight.  There are several misconceptions about parenting by parents, only Gradually raise the baby, and it will be easily eliminated by society in the future

The psychologist Jung once said that the influence of the original family on children will prompt them to form a subconscious mind, and face the world according to their childhood senses when they grow up. 

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Some people say that “children are the copy of parents”. In the process of children’s growth, every word and deed of parents will have a profound impact on them. If parents are at a lower level, they are educating children. When I make a lot of mistakes, the pattern of children is often not too high. 

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There are several kinds of wrong parenting concepts, I hope you didn’t get it.

1. Children’s love is the most important.

Now we all advocate happy education, let parents follow their children’s heart and release them It’s natural to carry out stocking education and feel that if parents intervene too much, it will easily affect the baby’s future development. 

But the original intention of this concept is to allow parents to dig out their children’s talents and cultivate independent thinking ability. This allows parents not to interfere too much. Unexpectedly, confused parents understand the true meaning of it. 

Children are still young, their minds, brains, etc. have not yet matured, and many things cannot be understood or understood. If the parents are still left to them, they are likely to be “abolished”. 

Because children don’t like learning, what they love most is having fun. If their parents follow their ideas, then the baby is likely to indulge in it and not love to learn. If it goes on for a long time, it will not be far from “waste”. 

2. Children nowadays can’t endure hardship.

There’s a Chinese saying that “to suffer from hardship is the best for others”. This kind of hardship does not refer to the pain of hard work. , But the experience of the spirit, knowing to explore the unknown world, not indulging in the comfort zone. 

With the continuous improvement of current living standards, parents now want to give their children the best of themselves. Therefore, when children grow up under the protection of their parents, the children will become clothed to reach out for food. I opened my mouth, reluctant to let my children suffer a little bit, and felt that they could not endure hardship. 

This leads to children not knowing what struggle is and how difficult it is for their parents to make money, but moms and dads always get old. The babies who have grown up under the protection of their parents for a long time have not been able to support themselves because they have been in the comfort zone. Their abilities, the departure of their parents, will reduce them to a “waste.” 

3. I love my children too much, so I can rest assured when I tie them around.

After a child is born, parents will regard him as a treasure in the palm of their hands. Some parents even wish they could stay Do not grow up, so that you can stay by your side forever. 

But migratory birds have to learn to fly. When they are young birds, their mothers will give infinite protection, even mouth-to-mouth feeding, but when they grow up, they will be cruelly thrown into the tree nest and experience a fall. Only after falling down can I learn to fly. 

This behavior of parents wanting to tie their children to their side is not to help them, but to hinder the children from moving forward. 

This type of children always stay with their parents, lack experience, lack the ability to solve problems alone, stay under the protection of their parents, often difficult to grow, and may be eliminated by this cruel society at any time. 

How parents give The right love for children? 

1. Respect children’s ideas

In the process of educating children, parents should know how to respect their own opinions. When encountering problems, they can give certain insights and tell their children about themselves. When choosing, you can let it analyze the pros and cons, and get the final result through the analysis together. 

You should not use the banner of “I’m good for you” and think that the child is still young, so he should make all the decisions for the child and ignore their thoughts. 

2. Let children do things within their power since childhood

Parents should let their children do things that can be done since they were young. If they do things too slowly, they just do it for them, such as throwing garbage, sweeping the floor, tidying up the room, etc. , This will not only exercise the baby’s hands-on ability, but also let them understand the hard work of their parents, and gradually cultivate their independence and sense of responsibility. 

After the child finishes some things, parents encourage them in a timely manner, which can stimulate their hands-on ability. 

3. Be patient with children

When parents love to educate their children, they must be patient. Even if the baby makes a mistake, he should not be too impatient. You should first understand the causes and consequences of things. Then guide them to make corrections step by step and assume corresponding responsibilities. 

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