The heavier the baby is at birth, the better? Judging from three criteria, the growth rate is related to several factors

The heavier the baby is at birth, the better? Judging from three criteria, the growth rate is related to several factors

The weight of a newborn is an important indicator of the growth and development of children. 

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There is actually no special uniform rule for the full moon of the newborn. In some places, it is calculated according to the lunar calendar. For example, the baby is If you are born on the first day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar, then the full moon will pass on the first day of the tenth month of the lunar calendar; but in some places, the calculation is directly based on 30 days. 

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After the baby is born, the main concern as a parent is the health problem. Then at the full moon, the baby should grow up How many catties is within the normal range? 

There are generally three standards for the weight of a newborn.

Under normal circumstances, a newborn baby will grow 1-1.5kg a month, and the weight of a newborn usually has three standards. The weight of the baby will also follow The standard changes and changes. 

①. Newborn weight

Under normal circumstances, the average weight of a newborn baby is 3000 grams, and within 2500-4000 grams is considered the normal range. 

It is possible that some babies are lighter when they are born. Even in the first week after birth, their weight will drop by 3%-9% due to insufficient intake and water loss, reaching the lowest point. It is clinically called “physiological Weight loss”, but as long as the baby is healthy, the weight can gradually rise after this. 

②, weight gain changes

The weight of a newborn is directly proportional to its age. The younger the baby, the faster the baby’s weight will increase. 

After the baby is born, the weight will gradually increase with the increase in milk intake and adaptation to the external environment. At the same time, depending on the feeding method and the amount of milk, the baby’s weight gain rate will naturally be different. If the diet is normal, then in the first month, the weight can increase by 30-40 grams per day on average, until the full moon, usually more than the birth It should weigh more than 600 grams, with an average weight gain of about 1000 grams. 

③. Body shape changes

At birth, the average length of newborns is about 50cm, the head circumference is 34cm, and the bust circumference is 32cm. Generally speaking, boys are bigger than girls. some. 

As the age grows, the baby’s body shape will also change. The height will increase by about 1-2cm and the weight will increase by at least 1kg. Of course, the specific situation depends on the baby’s nutrient absorption, although the data changes Not big, but in the baby, it is a change that can be seen with the naked eye. 

What factors are related to the increase in baby’s weight? 

I. It is related to genetic factors.

After the birth of a newborn, the weight is often related to the pregnant mother. In other words, the mother’s health may directly affect the baby’s body weight. 

Under normal circumstances, mothers have better physiques, and the baby’s weight at birth is also relatively normal, and its growth rate will be faster. However, if the mother’s body is weak, the baby will be weaker at birth, and the weight will be weaker. The growth rate is also much slower than that of ordinary babies. 

Ⅱ. It is related to gestational age

When the fetus stays in the mother’s belly for too long or too short, it will easily affect the baby’s weight at birth. 

In theory, if a pregnant mother gives birth to a baby at 35-39 weeks, its weight may increase significantly with the increase in pregnancy; however, if the pregnant mother gives birth to a baby after 43 weeks of pregnancy, then The growth rate of the baby’s weight may be much slower; if the baby is born after 44 weeks, the baby’s weight will drop instead. 

Ⅲ. It is related to the feeding method.

In fact, the baby’s weight gain has a lot to do with the feeding method. 

Insist on breastfeeding newborn babies, when the baby is full moon, the weight gain is often faster than the artificially fed baby. Compared with formula milk powder, breast milk has higher nutritional content and is easier to absorb by the baby’s intestines and stomach, which is conducive to the growth and development of the baby. Therefore, when conditions permit, it is recommended that Baoma still breastfeed. 

IV. It is related to the disease.

The baby develops healthily, is not sick, eats well all day, sleeps soundly, and naturally only increases in weight. 

However, if the baby has jaundice during the confinement period, some drugs must be taken to treat the jaundice, but as a result, symptoms such as diarrhea will appear. Naturally, the appetite will be poor, the appetite will drop, and the weight will be stagnant. 

Newborn feeding guide

★Start breastfeeding immediately after delivery

After the newborn is born, the first mouthful of food should be breast milk. 

For newborn babies, insisting on breastfeeding can help alleviate the symptoms of infant jaundice, weight loss and hypoglycemia. 

★Insist on exclusive breastfeeding within 6 months of age

Within 6 months of age, exclusive breastfeeding can meet the energy and nutrients the baby needs. 

During this period, if your mother’s body permits, insisting on exclusive breastfeeding will help your baby’s growth and development. 

★Adhere to reasonable feeding

Baoma should know how to scientifically and reasonably arrange feeding time. 

Babies less than 3 months old should follow “feeding on demand”. Under normal circumstances, you can breastfeed 6-8 times or more per day, and it is best not to force the number and timing of breastfeeding. 

However, as the baby’s age increases, he should switch to the “regular feeding” mode, gradually reduce the number of feedings, and develop a good habit of eating regularly.  The kindergarten teacher takes away the children’s meal photos in seconds, and the parents After seeing the mess, he said angrily: What school, refund money

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Many parents are exhausted in choosing kindergarten for their children All strength. After all, kindergarten is related to the growth and health of children, and various negative news about kindergartens are constantly emerging, making parents more cautious. 

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Case< /p>

Xiaohua’s mother recently encountered such a bad thing. At that time, she also took some thoughts when choosing a kindergarten, but then she was really annoyed, so she chose a kindergarten close to home. 

Because she is usually busy at work and the school can provide lunch, Xiaohua’s mother chose to let Xiaohua eat at school. In order to reassure parents, the school took photos of each meal and sent it to the parent group before the meal. 

But there was such an accident a few days ago: the teacher posted pictures of the children’s lunch in the group as usual, but he immediately withdrew it within a second, but the sharp-eyed parents found out immediately Question and save the picture, resend it to the parent group. 

Look, parents It exploded right away, it turned out that there was a bug in the meal. The kindergarten teacher explained in the group that this was just a mistake made by the kitchen guy. I hope everyone can understand and said that there will be no similar situation in the future. 

Parents didn’t buy it, they yelled directly in the group: What school, refund! 

They all agreed that they paid a lot of food expenses, but the result was not satisfactory. Not to mention the weight, there were bugs. In the long run, it will definitely affect the children’s health. 

Because of this incident, some parents even chose to quit the kindergarten and choose a new kindergarten. However, it is difficult to ensure that there are no similar problems when choosing a new kindergarten. Parents may wish to pay attention to these points. 

When choosing a kindergarten, pay attention to the following points

1. Pay attention to the reputation of the school.

Generally, kindergartens with certain teaching qualifications can be regarded as formal kindergartens. Such kindergartens have at least teaching, teacher strength and comprehensive strength in various aspects. Guaranteed. 

Otherwise, the teacher’s professional ethics and skills cannot be guaranteed. Sending children to such schools will not only affect the children’s education, but even affect their safety and health. 

However, this may be difficult to judge for novice parents, so it can be determined by looking at the reputation of people around them. Generally, schools with long school hours and good reputation are often more secure. 

2, pay attention to check school meals Situation

Now that many parents are busy with work, kindergartens will basically set up canteens to provide lunch services for their children. In this way, the hygiene of the canteen becomes very important. Once there is a problem, it is easy to cause harm to the health of the child. 

Therefore, no matter how busy the work is, parents must make time to pay attention to whether the child’s meal is normal, whether the nutrition is balanced, and whether it is consistent with the dining standards promised by the kindergarten. 

3. Pay attention to survey the surrounding environment of the school.

Check whether there is a lot of traffic and traffic, and whether there is monitoring around. 

After all, children’s safety awareness is relatively poor, and coupled with their weak self-prevention ability, for their safety, parents should still consider the surrounding environment of the school when choosing kindergartens. 

There is another point worth noting Yes: Although today’s children are picked up by car, it seems very simple, but in fact, it is a burden for children and parents if they are too far away from home. 

Obviously, you will be there in half an hour. If you choose a farther kindergarten, you will have an extra hour. If there is a traffic jam on the road, the parents of the children will collapse. So in terms of distance, you still need to choose the right distance, not too far. 

Knowledge extension: solving similar problems Procedures

1. Generally, when children encounter food problems, safety problems or other unfair treatment in kindergartens, the first thing parents should do is to understand the real situation of the matter, and on the basis of understanding the real situation Find a solution. 

Rather than being angry and ignoring the reason, directly attack the teacher or other staff, because once you make a mistake, your child will be embarrassed on campus. 

2, if you figure it out The reason for the time is indeed the school’s mistake. You should first communicate with the person who is directly responsible for the incident and work together to find a solution. 

In dealing with these matters, if you can solve them quickly, try not to procrastinate. If you communicate with the person in charge, you will save a lot of unnecessary procedures and troubles. 

3. If the communication with the person in charge is invalid, you can file a complaint with the principal or the relevant department of the Ministry of Education. Note that relevant evidence or materials should be preserved when making a complaint, so that it can be quickly accepted and promptly given relevant solutions. 

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No matter if it is kindergarten or other courses, parents must be serious when they go to school. Only in this way can children grow up healthily and parents can work with confidence. 

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