The harm of zinc deficiency in children may be more serious than calcium deficiency. If these signs appear, you should be alert

The harm of zinc deficiency in children may be more serious than calcium deficiency. If these signs appear, you should be alert

According to survey statistics, 60% of children in my country suffer from zinc deficiency. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

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The healthy growth and development of the child is a concern of every parent. Therefore, more effort will be made in the three meals a day to ensure that the baby’s nutritional elements are fully supplemented. 

In daily life, the food prepared by parents will focus more on supplementing calcium for their children, because they feel that only by allowing babies to have sufficient calcium in their bodies can they grow taller and better. Therefore, Will let the baby eat more meat. 

But this way is very likely to make the child grow into a little fat, and it has nothing to do with the big tall. In addition to supplementing calcium in the diet, you should also add some trace elements to his mother, such as Zinc, its lack will also affect the healthy growth and development of babies. 

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About zinc

Zinc has the reputation of “flower of life” and “source of intelligence” because it participates in the growth and development of the human body and is composed of more than 200 enzymes. 

Including hematopoietic process, protein and nucleic acid synthesis, etc., it can also promote the regeneration and development of the body, ensure the normal operation of the immune system, and also have a certain protective effect on the health of the skin. 

According to survey statistics, 60% of children in my country suffer from zinc deficiency, which has a huge impact on the healthy growth and development of children. 

Zinc deficiency may be more harmful than calcium deficiency Severe

1. Poor appetite

Because zinc is an important substance that composes saliva protein, if the baby’s body lacks zinc, normal saliva protein will not be synthesized, which will affect the sense of taste to a certain extent , Resulting in loss of appetite, which will affect the healthy growth and development of children. 

2. Intellectual dysplasia

Because zinc can effectively promote the synthesis of DNA and protein in brain cells, if the baby’s body is deficient in zinc, it will directly cause the brain cells to fail to synthesize DNA normally And protein, thereby affecting brain development and causing mental retardation. 

3. Backward growth and development

Because zinc is directly needed for the differentiation speed of cells, it also has a certain promotion effect on bone development and affects the activity of enzymes in the baby’s body. Therefore, if the baby’s body lacks zinc, it will directly It has an impact on the healthy growth and development of the baby, resulting in the occurrence of backward growth and development. 

4. Low immunity

Because zinc is involved in the synthesis of multiple enzymes, if the baby’s zinc is deficient in the body, various enzymes will not be synthesized normally, causing many organs to fail to work properly. Run, so that the child becomes weakened and easy to get sick. 

zinc deficiency Performance: When these signs appear, you should be alert.

1, picky eaters, anorexia

The zinc element mentioned above is an important substance that composes saliva protein. If the baby’s body is deficient, it is likely to be Affect the sense of taste, leading to anorexia, picky eaters and other situations. 

2, get sick easily

Because zinc is involved in the replication of immune cells, if the baby lacks It is likely to lead to a decline in the immune mechanism, making the body vulnerable to germs and other damage, and thus become very sick. 

3. Inattention

Because zinc is an important substance for the growth of brain cells, if zinc deficiency easily affects brain development, it will show attention Unable to concentrate, poor mental state, etc. 

4. Prone to oral ulcers

Because zinc has a protective effect on the skin, if the child lacks zinc in his body, it will become prone to oral ulcers, and there will be repeated situations. 

According to clinical statistics, it is found that most patients with oral ulcers have varying degrees of zinc deficiency, especially those who often suffer from oral ulcers, most of whom are deficient in zinc during microelement inspections. 

How to prevent deficiency Zinc? 

1. Through food supplement

After the baby is 6 months old, parents can supplement the child’s zinc element through daily diet and eat more zinc-rich foods, such as egg yolk, lean meat, chicken, oysters, black beans, yuba , Almonds, etc. 

2. Buy zinc supplements

If your child is diagnosed with zinc deficiency, you can buy zinc supplements, such as protein zinc, zinc sulfate, etc. Supplement, but remember not to overdose, so as not to cause harm. 

PS: 3 mg of zinc per day for babies within 6 months, 5 mg for babies from 7 to 12 months, and 10 mg for children from 1 to 10 years old.  The child has several signals, suggesting that he may Has a low self-esteem, the root cause or the behavior of parents

What kind of personality a child has, what he will become when he grows up, etc., are all closely related to their parents. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su After the son

Shakespeare said: “Confidence is the first step to success, lack of self-confidence is the main reason for failure.”

This sentence fully shows that self-confidence is successful for a person. How important it is, possessing it can stimulate the human body’s potential, and be able to bravely face the difficulties and obstacles in life. This is also the quality that many parents hope their children have. 

Some behaviors of parents sometimes cause children to feel low self-esteem, that is, standing on the opposite side of self-confidence, which is extremely detrimental to their future development. 

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How can parents tell if their children are inferior? 

Some experts say that if a child has the following behaviors from the age of 5, it means that he is inferior and timid. 

1. Don’t dare to meet new friends

When children are about 3 years old, they will start to have a sense of sociality, and they will no longer follow their parents and be “followers”, and will go Make some children. 

But at this stage, if you are afraid to make friends, even if you want to play with other children, you still don’t dare to come forward to say hello or play with others, every time you need The parents brought other friends to them. 

This is actually a kind of inferiority complex of children. They are afraid that they will not be liked by others and feel that they are not good enough. They are very timid, so they dare not take the initiative to meet and make new friends. 

2. Always look at the looks of others and act.

Some children always give people a sense of timidity. No matter what they do or talk, they will look at others, such as parents and companions. Wait, it seems that they only dare to do something with their consent. 

This is actually an expression of inferiority, because he dare not to resist others, he dare not express his own thoughts, for fear of doing something wrong, he will make others angry, so even if he is not happy If you feel wronged, you will also consider the feelings of others first. 

This is likely to eventually evolve into a pleasing personality, too focused on the ideas of others, constantly pleasing others, and not caring about their own inner thoughts, then it will be difficult to achieve great results when they grow up in the future. 

3. Always say “I can’t”

If a child always talks about these three words, no matter what his parents or friends ask him to do, he will always say this If it is, then it is a very low self-esteem performance. 

Because children with this behavior feel that they are afraid to do nothing, they are not sure about their abilities, and are afraid that they will be teased by others if they do not do well, so they just choose to say “I No way”. 

And children do not have low self-esteem from birth, so most of the reasons for this come from their parents, so parents need to pay more attention to them in peacetime. 

What should parents do Avoid your own behavior leading to low self-esteem 

1. Don’t belittle the child

According to psychologists, the root cause of children’s low self-esteem is mostly derogatory words from their parents or close people. 

This is because when a child was young, he did not have self-awareness. The initial self-awareness was established from external evaluations of him. In their eyes, parents, grandparents, and others are the ones they admire most. And trusting people, so I believe in the evaluations given by these people, and slowly penetrate into my bones. 

Therefore, if parents want their children to have a sound personality and self-confident qualities, they should not belittle their children. 

2. Encourage children often

Some parents are very stingy with their encouragement and praise, so it is easy for their children not to feel that they are doing well, which is not good for them Build self-confidence. 

Therefore, as a parent, you should give your children some encouragement. For example, when the baby cleans up the room, you can say “xx, now I have learned how to organize things by myself, it’s really great”, through this method To help them build self-confidence. 

3. Give your children full company

For children, parents are the closest people. Accompany them more so that they can feel their parents’ love for him, which can make the baby’s heart full of security. This will help build self-confidence. 

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1. Be in the world

Some mothers will be frugal even if the family conditions are not good, but they will pay more attention to their children. Some mothers don’t care about their children at all, and care about everything they do. For example, they can fight with others for two or three cents. 

In this way, it is easy for children to think that the slow mother is a caregiver, or feel that the mother’s behavior is wrong and ashamed, and even produce a deep sense of inferiority, which will leave a shadow in the baby’s heart. 

2. The cost of making friends with children

Some mothers feel that the financial situation at home is not good, and use this as a reason to prevent their children from interacting with others, thinking that behaviors like babies will increase the family Expenses. 

Mom’s behaviors like this will cause children to have no friends. What kind of fun is this kind of life for young children? Babies are likely to dislike their mothers because of this. After all, everyone needs friends. 

3. The future cost of the child

Some children have good academic performance and are very interested in going to school and entering the university, but some mothers think that their family financial conditions are not good, so their children try their best to choose a school Choose a school that does not charge tuition fees or costs less. 

Mom’s behaviors like this may cause the child to fail to choose a school that he likes or a better one, and his future after growing up may be affected by this, which may lead to hatred or resentment towards the mother. . 

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