The grades of children from the age of one to nine are opened up? In fact, it’s about the development of the brain, and every baby can’t escape

The grades of children from the age of one to nine are opened up? In fact, it’s about the brain development. Every baby can’t escape

As long as parents pay attention to their children’s education, they will find that the difference between children’s learning in kindergarten and the first and second grades is not obvious, but one The difference came out after the third grade. Some children are very self-conscious in their studies and have excellent grades, while some children have learning difficulties and are tired of studying. What is the reason for this? The concept of “nine-year-old wall” put forward by Tian Hideki, a Japanese brain expert, can explain this problem well. 

The child’s grades drop after the third grade, “Nine-year-old wall “It’s not groundless, how can children become smart?

The wall of nine years old means that when children are nine years old, their thoughts are gradually approaching adulthood. This is a critical period for children to mature. Educational scholar Rudolf Steiner also stated: The nine-year-old wall is a critical period for children to move from children to youth. Children’s physiology and psychology will change greatly. At the same time, this is also the development of children’s character, willpower, and learning ability. A critical period for habit development. 

Xiaowei is a third-grade boy. When he was in the first and second grades of elementary school, his grades were good in the class, and he was able to get more than ninety points in each test. 

But since the third grade, he has I feel that the intensity of study has increased, and many times I cannot understand the content of the study, and my grades have also plummeted. His changes make parents very anxious, because nine years old is a watershed for children’s learning. If you grasp this period, your children don’t have to worry too much about their future studies, but if the children’s learning habits are not developed during this period, they will think about it later. It is even more difficult to correct. 

So how can parents grasp the critical period when children are nine years old and make them smart? In addition to the formation of study habits, diet is also very important. Parents must take a good look and help their children pass the hurdle of nine years old and have a happier future. 

How should parents help their children at the age of 9

Parents should accompany and educate their children more.

After the children are in the third grade, the learning pressure will gradually increase. At this time, the support and company of the parents are also very important for the children. If the parents can help the child tutor homework and supervise his study, his grades will show a steady or upward trend. This stage is a critical period for children’s thinking development to approach adults, so parents must focus on training to help him develop good study habits. 

Some parents may ignore the critical period of educating their children. If they miss it, their future grades may plummet. Therefore, it is very important to help him develop a good study habit, and parents must not ignore it. 

Motivate children to learn

There are some children whose grades are not good because they are not good, but because they are “too lazy”. Playfulness is a child’s nature, but nine years old is a critical period for a child to mature. At this time, parents must pay attention to restraining the child’s playful nature and help the child mobilize the enthusiasm for learning. Although sometimes learning active may not necessarily result in good grades, as long as the attitude is correct, the grades will not be too bad. It is normal for third-grade children to become tired of learning because of the increasing difficulty in learning. Parents must guide them. 

Expand the knowledge of children

Everyone who has children in the family knows that when children are in the first and second grades, they basically learn some “dead knowledge”. Only by mastering this fixed knowledge will have a good grade. However, after the third grade, the requirements for children’s logical thinking and reading comprehension skills will generally be higher. 

If parents don’t help their children expand their knowledge, they are likely to fall behind other children, and they won’t be able to make up if they want to make up later. 

In fact, the way to expand children’s knowledge is very simple. As long as you show your children more books and show them more about the outside world, parents should try their best to let them know what they want to know. To understand, the children will have more knowledge than the average person. 

Give children a healthier diet


Don’t underestimate the impact of diet on children. Some people think that whether children eat well or not will not affect their performance. In fact, diet has a great impact on children’s performance. Studies have shown that eating too much junk food will cause a person’s memory to decline, while eating too much junk food will cause three highs to affect health, all of which have a great impact on children’s learning. 

If parents want their children to be smart, they can give him more deep-sea fish, which can help him enhance his memory, and sometimes his good memory performance will be even higher. At the same time, children can’t concentrate in class, and they’re not attentive enough to finish homework at home. This may be due to zinc deficiency, so parents must pay more attention to cooking for their children. 

If parents do this, the child’s future Development will not disappoint parents. Only when parents pay attention to and have corresponding measures, children can be trained well, and such children can become better. Reflecting from disapproving of children’s “freedom of dressing”: blocking children strongly will arouse more rebellion

Some time ago, a debate on the well-known longevity variety show “Wonderful Flowers” aroused the enthusiasm of many netizens Discussion. 

“The boy wants to wear a skirt to go to kindergarten, should parents stop him?”

For this debate, as a guest present Yang Mi did not hesitate to choose the square “should stop”. The reason given is that if a boy wears a skirt to go to kindergarten, he will be ridiculed and excluded by other children. As a parent, she cannot bear the fact that the child is hit by him at such a young age. 

In another variety show “Escape the Room” Yang Mi once said:

“Respect the children’s choice and the right to make choices.”

She knows that children should be given the freedom to choose independently, but she will endure it after all. I can’t help avoiding risks for my children and blocking some of their children’s choices. There are many parents like Yang Mi. 

Strong prevention by parents will never be the best way to solve the problem, and it will even have an unexpected counter-effect. 

Zheng Shuang’s childhood was under strict parental supervision In middle school, he studied hard when he was young, and made his debut at the age of 18, because “Meteor Garden” became famous in one fell swoop. Behind her glamorous and glamorous lies the sweat, tears and grievances that she swallowed in her stomach during her childhood…

When she became an adult, she completely let go of herself-treating all filming, recording variety shows, live broadcasts, etc., Willful and reckless. 

She also publicly explained this The reason for the character:

“But in fact, this is a wayward process for me. I feel that my childhood is too sensible, and I have lost a lot of interesting things.”

In the face of parental block, the child’s rebellion will only be late and will not be absent. Instead of arbitrarily blocking the child’s choice, it is better to accompany him to experience the consequences of the choice. 

The impression that actor Lin update brings to everyone, He is a handsome, warm and kind tough guy. What most people don’t know is that he has many childhood photos of him wearing skirts and pigtails. 

He revealed it himself:

“When I was young, I didn’t go to kindergarten without wearing a skirt.”

He wanted to wear it, so his enlightened parents satisfied his wish. 

Boys want to wear a skirt to go to kindergarten, how much loss can they cause? The growth of a child is based on all the trial and error in his life. Without these trial and error, the child’s judgment and discrimination cannot be improved. 

If the son really wants to wear a skirt to kindergarten Parents can do the same: tell their children in advance what will happen to them when they go to school in a skirt, and express their support for his actions. Secondly, communicate with the teacher, hoping that the teacher can accept and respect the child’s dressing behavior, and convey this idea to other children. 

In the show “Ideal Home”, Yi Nengjing responded to the controversy about the 18-year-old son wearing women’s clothing, but Yi Nengjing told Harry that he could be himself completely. 

Faced with the choices of children, what should parents do? 

1. Express respect

First, you should listen patiently to the choices your child makes, and clearly express respect for the choices he makes. Treat the child as an independent individual, give him appropriate freedom, cultivate his independence, and give him room for growth. 

Don’t hold up the “distressed” sign to make choices for them, help them find their way first and avoid potential harm. Parents with this attitude will make their children dependent and lazy, and their children will be lacking in the ability to make independent choices when they grow up, let alone make appropriate choices. 

2, learn to accompany

< p>After the child is determined to make a choice, give him company and support. Carry out detailed communication with children. Inform him of the criticism and harm he will suffer from this trip, and give him the opportunity to carefully consider his actions. 

After judging that the child’s will is not harmful to his morals, respect his choice and even participate in the execution of his choice. For example, Sun Li personally went into battle to accompany Huang Duo to choose more hair colors. 

When children behave differently, parents should What attitude do you hold? 

1. Give freedom

Parents should give their children full freedom, not to judge their children’s behavior based on their own value standards, and allow them to use their own way to understand and explore the world. Give him opportunities to grow, to form standards for self-judgment, and to deal with problems more maturely. Parents hope that their children will be healthy and safe in the process of growing up, but this should not be a reason to stop their naive wishes. 

2. Guide

In this era, the complexity of the social environment and the values ​​that should be supported will have a sharp collision. There was nothing wrong with the boy wearing a skirt, but the conventional stereotype made this incident be labeled the wrong one. 

As a parent, you only need to tell your child that most of the skirts are worn by girls, and inform him of the risks he should bear in advance. As for the right to choose, return it to the child himself, without imposing interference.

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