The girl’s last height “sprinting period”, if you want to have long legs, there are a few taboos and try not to commit them

The girl’s last height “sprinting period”, want to have long legs, there are a few taboos and try not to commit them

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When we evaluate a person’s appearance, height must be an inevitable part. For girls, a pair of long and slender legs is undoubtedly a big plus point. If you want to have this extra point, you need to take advantage of height. 

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Girls’ height sprint period

There are two critical periods of rapid growth and development in a person’s life, one is infancy and the other is adolescence. 

Adolescence, as the second and last “sprint period” of rapid development, plays an important role in groups who want a greater increase in height. 

Of course, if you want a girl with long legs, you need to grasp this period. 

This stage generally refers to between 11 and 20 years old. Usually, women’s puberty begins and ends about two years earlier than men’s, and in terms of individuals, there are also larger ones. The difference is usually between 2 and 5 years old. 

The survey shows that boys can grow about 28cm tall during puberty, and girls can grow about 25cm tall. 

Unlike men, women have menstrual periods Period usually also begins to appear during puberty. 

According to the survey, the average age of menarche for girls in China is between 12 and 14 years old, but there are also some children who experience menstruation at the age of 10. Such children are prematurely developed and even have “precocious puberty”. “So what effect does premature menstrual cramps have on height? 

The first thing to understand is that growth hormone determines the development of height. After menarche comes, the thalamus and pituitary gland axis of the brain will interfere with the secretion of growth hormone, and height development will gradually slow down or even stop. . 

Research shows: The height difference between the height of menarche and the final height of the child is 5~10cm, which means that the early menstruation will shorten the height development time, which directly affects the height of the child. 

Slim, straight and long legs, these taboos should not be violated during adolescence

1) Irregular sitting and standing postures

Good manners are not only an impact on girls Temperament also has an adverse effect on height development during puberty. 

A sitting posture that is sloping around can easily lead to body shape problems, affecting the development of the spine, and height will naturally be affected. 

Crossing Erlang’s legs is also a common problem. Maintaining this posture for a long time will affect the lymphatic and blood circulation of the legs and accumulate fat more easily, which affects the beauty and health of the legs. 

2) Insufficient sleep time< /p>

We all know that growth hormone is an important factor in the development of height, and 10~2 o’clock at night is the peak stage of growth hormone secretion. 

If the child does not fall asleep at this stage, it will seriously affect the height development, and the growth hormone will not be fully secreted. 

And lack of sleep time, intelligence and immune function will decline to varying degrees, which becomes an obstacle to the growth of height. 

3) Wear high heels frequently< /p>

Adolescent girls have more requirements for their appearance. In order to be beautiful, they will not only learn to make-up, but also wear high heels. 

However, this is a big killer that affects the height development of children, because in the process of walking in high heels, the muscles of the lower limbs are weakened, and the activities of each joint are reduced. For children with developing bones and joints , It is easy to cause injury, thereby affecting height. 

Knowledge Science: How to grow high? 

According to the height development standards for Chinese children, the height development standards for Chinese girls are as follows:

Besides, the child’s height development is traceable. If the child’s height is 84 cm at 2 years old, after 2 years old The height increases by about 7 cm each year, so the standard estimate for the height of children aged 2 to 12 is: height (cm) after 2 years of age = age × 7+84 (cm). 

Of course, if you want your child to grow taller, parents must know these things:

A. Nutritional balance

Bone development is inseparable Calcium, but this one element cannot be supplemented only, because a child’s height development requires a variety of nutritional elements, and children’s picky and partial eclipse behaviors can easily lead to unbalanced nutritional intake, which affects the child’s height development. 

In addition to supplementing children with enough calcium, parents must also have enough protein, and trace elements such as zinc and iron should also be sufficient. If they miss the growth time, it will be difficult to grow taller when the height is a foregone conclusion. 

B, adequate sleep< /p>

10:00 to 2:00 in the evening is the most vigorous time for growth hormone. When in sleep, growth hormone secretes more adequately. Under the continuous secretion of growth hormone, height will develop better and more fast. 

So in terms of sleep time, it is best for children not to exceed ten o’clock, to ensure eight hours of sleep a day, early to bed and early to wake up. 

C, moderate exercise


Life lies in exercise. During exercise, the child’s bones are stretched and stimulated, and they will naturally develop more complete. But be careful not to exercise too much, otherwise it may increase the burden on the joints, but inhibit the growth and development of the child.  The child has the following characteristics, in the future They are often big and tall, even if they catch one, they are stable

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In real life In the middle, often those who are superior in stature and taller are easy to be seen at a glance, so parents hope that their children can grow up to be bigger and taller. 

Actually, can you see these characteristics as you want?

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Linlin often hears that, “Daddy is short and a mother is short and a nest”, so he is always worried that he is not tall and will affect his son. 

Since her son is going to school, Linlin has focused on a variety of cuisines and wanted to strengthen the nutrition of her children through food. For this reason, she also bought a lot of supplements. 

But after school, the child’s activity has decreased, and he eats a lot every day. In the end, the child not only does not grow tall, but becomes a short and fat little chubby. 

Linlin was a little worried, so she took her baby to the hospital. After a series of examinations, she found that her son’s height had not changed, but the growth rate was declining. 

The doctor asked Linlin about the child’s situation, and then said: “Don’t give your child this way. The baby’s gastrointestinal function is still relatively weak. Eating these high-protein and high-fat foods will easily increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, leading to no The absorbed fat accumulates in the body, which is not conducive to healthy growth and development.”

After listening to the doctor’s words, Linlin didn’t think that she was kind enough to do a bad thing and wanted to help the child lose the flesh, otherwise later It should be a short man. 

The doctor said at this time: “You don’t need to be like this. Look at the child’s legs, and the height will not be short in the future.”

Why can the future height of a child be seen from the legs? 

1. The length of the legs accounts for a large proportion of the height.

I believe that many people have watched Korean dramas. The “Long Legs Oppa” in it can always attract people’s attention because of a person’s height. The mid-leg length accounts for a large proportion. 

In Da Vinci’s famous book “The Vitruvian Man”, the proportion of the human body is fully revealed, and the length of the legs accounts for a larger proportion of the height. 

According to the golden ratio of the most beautiful height, the ratio of the upper body to the lower body is 5:8, and the part below the navel is equal to 0.618 of the height, and the length of a person’s leg is approximately equal to 0.55 of the height. 

Because the femoral head is always inside the acetabulum, it is not easy to be measured, so the full leg length is not easy to be accurately measured. However, experts have concluded through statistical research and investigation: leg length = (perineal height/height)×100. 

Therefore, if the child has long legs, the height will not be short. 

2. Thigh length

According to statistical investigations, it is found that the ideal size of the thigh = height (㎝) × 0.341, and the ideal size of the calf = height (㎝) × 0.21. 

Scientific research has shown that there is a certain proportion of human bone growth and development. Children with long thighs will be taller. 

According to experts, after measuring the adult’s femur and height, it is concluded that the femur bone accounts for about 12.28% of the body’s bones. For example, when the height is 160 cm, the femur is about 19.648 cm long. 

Therefore, if the child has longer thighs, he will be taller in the future. 

3. Foot length

Since ancient times, we have had the saying of “stand seven and sit on five sets of three”, that is, the height of a person when standing upright is about 7 times the length of the foot. This sentence illustrates the connection between foot length and human height. 

Now through professional data investigation and research, it is found that the height of a person is 7 to 7.5 times the length of the foot. The specific calculation formula for the height is: adult height (cm) = foot length at the age of 13 ( cm) x7±3 (cm). 

Therefore, if the child’s feet are very long, the height will not be short. 

To sum up, parents can see the baby’s future height from the child’s legs, but this is not decisive, because according to research, 70% of the baby’s height comes from genetic inheritance, and 30% comes from the day after tomorrow. The influence of factors. 

How parents do Can help the child’s height increase? 

1. Ensuring the quality of sleep

According to scientific research, 80% of the growth hormone in the human body is secreted at night, especially at 10 to 2 at night, and it can reach the most vigorous period when in deep sleep. . 

And only after the human body has enough sleep, can the body’s metabolism, hormone regulation, detoxification, etc. be better completed, and face the next day’s life and study in a good state. 

Therefore, parents let their babies go to bed at around 9 o’clock in the evening every day, so that they can enter deep sleep at 10 o’clock and help their height grow rapidly. 

2. Ensuring adequate nutrition

The growth and development of children cannot be separated from the supplement of nutrients, and the increase in height is no exception. Therefore, if parents want their children to grow up to be taller in the future, It is necessary to ensure balanced nutrition and full intake. 

The Nutrition Association recommends that children aged 4-12 years old have daily calories 1830-2470 kcal, 30-75 grams of protein, 500-1000 mg of calcium, 6-15 grams of zinc, and attention to vitamins and Dietary fiber supplement. 

3. Adhere to appropriate exercise

According to research, it is found that children’s daily exercise will help the blood circulation in the body and promote the growth of height. 

And some experts show through statistical surveys that children who love sports are on average 4 to 8 centimeters taller than children who do not love sports. 

Therefore, parents can take their children for outdoor activities in peacetime, so that they can fall in love with sports, and play a role in promoting height growth and improving immunity. 

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