The four types of foods tend to increase the burden on children’s stomach and intestines. One eating is equivalent to eating a few packs of spicy noodles. Parents must control the amount.

The four types of foods tend to increase the burden on children’s stomach and intestines. One eating is equivalent to eating a few packs of spicy noodles. Parents must control the amount

For children, the best nut is almonds, but it should be noted that babies who are 3 years old should not give him the whole one Almonds, otherwise it is likely to cause the baby to get stuck. 

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The so-called “illness comes from the mouth”, parents are taking care of In the process of the child, pay more attention to the diet. A little carelessness may cause damage to the baby’s body. 

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Lily started to work after her child went to kindergarten. The baby was taken care of by her grandmother, but during this time her son clamored about her discomfort. 

So grandma made some millet porridge for the baby to drink, but the baby vomited after taking a few sips. Lily looked at this and hurriedly took the baby to the hospital. 

After a series of examinations, the doctor asked “Did you eat something? It hurt the child’s spleen and stomach.” Lily replied, “No.”

Looking at her mother-in-law, she seemed to know something. After inquiring, she faltered and said: “I bought butter cake for my child these days. Seeing that the baby likes it very much, she often buys some for him. The damage to baby is so great.”

The doctor scolded: “The child’s stomach itself is not yet fully developed. Giving him cream cake will only increase the burden on the baby’s stomach, which is no less harmful than eating several packets of spicy noodles.”

Grandma regretted hearing what the doctor said. 

These four Food can’t be given to children frequently.

1. Butter cake

Since most of the butter cakes are made from vegetable oil, the main ingredient is trans fatty acid. 

And this substance will not only increase the content of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood in the human body, which is harmful to health; it is also too sweet and greasy, which increases the burden on the child’s stomach and even Cause the baby to become obese, or cause precocious puberty. 

2. Fried chicken burgers

Fried chicken burgers are not only loved by parents, but many children can’t resist the temptation of this kind of delicacy. Since they flowed to China, they have been loved by the public. 

But for this kind of food, because a lot of additives and seasonings are added in the manufacturing process, and a lot of oil is put in the frying process, and those oils are likely to be repeated Utilization, then it is likely to produce a substance harmful to the human body, endangering the health of the human body. 

In addition, during the frying process, some parts are likely to be scorched, so that a substance called benzopyrene is easily produced. Excessive use may induce cancer. 

Finally, since fried chicken burgers and other foods are high-calorie foods, eating too much can easily induce obesity and even precocious puberty. 

3. Chocolate

Many parents think that chocolate is a very nutritious food that can properly supplement energy. In fact, it will not only increase satiety, some children Long-term eating may also lead to a lack of trace elements in the baby. 

In addition, chocolate may be too sweet and affect the growth and development of children’s teeth. In addition, its high fat content can easily lead to obesity. It may also cause disorders of the baby’s gastrointestinal function due to the inability to metabolize excess fat. 

4. Sandwich biscuits

The styles of sandwich biscuits are endless, and they are the favorite of many young people and children. They have many flavors and good taste, but the main ingredients of biscuits are wheat flour, Butter, white sugar, food flavors, etc., which make it sweeter and high in calories. 

If children eat regularly, they can easily lead to obesity, tooth decay, and increased gastrointestinal burden. 

To sum up, as a parent, you can give your children a bit of these foods, but you must pay attention to a certain degree. Don’t think that your baby loves to eat, just keep giving it to them. This will lead to love. In the end it becomes a kind of injury. 

Suitable for children What are the foods? 

1. Whole wheat foods

Whole wheat foods are rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, iron, magnesium and other nutrients suitable for the growth and development of children. Parents can roast whole wheat at breakfast. Bread as a staple food, coated with some baby-specific cheese, can provide more comprehensive nutrition. 

2. Nuts

Nuts are rich in nutrients, such as almonds, which are rich in vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and a variety of trace elements, which can promote the growth and development of children. 

For children, the best nut is almonds, but it should be noted that babies who are 3 years old should not give him whole almonds, otherwise it may cause the baby to get stuck. You can mash them and put them in vegetables and cheese. Give them food. 

In addition, fresh fruits, vegetables and meat are also very suitable for children to eat. In order to avoid the partial eclipse of the baby, parents can change more tricks to satisfy their understanding of various nutrients and taste. The pursuit.  Before the baby is one year old, there are several kinds of food Try not to feed, it is not good for your health and there are potential safety hazards.

It is not easy to get pregnant, and it is even harder to bring a baby. 

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Since adding supplementary food to the baby, what to eat for the child every day has become the most worrying thing for parents. 

At this stage, because babies lack safety awareness and precautionary awareness, they do not have a good understanding of what can be eaten and what cannot be eaten, so as a parent, you need to pay special attention to the dangers. It happened in an instant. 

Case: Parents fed ribs porridge, and 9-month-old baby’s trachea was stuck

Many parents think that since the baby has started to eat supplementary food, it means that he can eat adult rice, so he has no scruples in his diet, adults Give your baby what you eat, and the result will be very serious. 

Some time ago, there was a 9-month-old baby whose trachea was stuck with bones. It turned out that because the baby started to eat supplementary food, and parents wanted to supplement calcium for their children, they often stewed some ribs soup and rib porridge for the baby to eat. 

The pictures in this article are all sourced from the network, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant

Under normal circumstances, even if you drink ribs soup for your child, you should clean up the bones in the soup. After all The baby has no teeth to bite the bones, and a little carelessness will cause suffocation. 

However, this baby’s parent directly steamed the ribs and chopped them, then mixed them in porridge for the child to eat. As a result, a small piece of ribs got stuck in the trachea by accident. After the operation, the doctor took the ribs out of the baby’s trachea, and this turned the crisis into peace. 

I have to say that this parent is really big-hearted. Although it is normal to give a 9-month-old child some porridge, the baby not only can’t digest the hard thing like ribs, but may even have problems swallowing it. 

Try not to eat the following foods for children

➀, nuts

Nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can promote brain development and are a good supplement for babies Source of nutrition. However, even if it is conducive to growth and development, it is not suitable for feeding babies that are too young. 

Although nut foods are relatively small, their hardness is not acceptable for infants and young children. Babies under the age of three, whose molars have not yet erupted, cannot chew foods with such hardness, and they tend to get stuck. throat. 

If you want to supplement the nutrition of this type of food for your child, you can grind it and feed it to your baby, or simply put a few drops of walnut oil in your baby’s complementary food, which is safe and delicious. 

➁, jelly, fairy grass

Before 2 years old, it is the baby’s oral desire period. Almost everything is delivered directly to the mouth without safety awareness. 

And like jelly, fairy grass, etc., the color is often very beautiful, easy to arouse the curiosity of the baby, even if the parents are around, it is best not to give the baby to eat, this kind of food is slippery, the baby It is easy to get stuck in the trachea after eating. 

Not only that, the jelly on the market is actually very low in nutrient density, most of which contain artificial flavors, pigments, preservatives, etc., which are not conducive to the growth and development of babies. 

➂, hard candy

As the saying goes: wicked candy is the head. 

Eating sweets to your baby too early is not good for your health. Sugars are often easy to cause tooth decay, leading to partial eclipse and picky eaters. 

For younger infants, hard candy is a kind of food with a high risk factor. Because of lack of cognition, some babies are likely to try to swallow the candy directly. Go down, this way, naturally it is easy to get stuck in the trachea. 

➃ Fruits with pits

Although fruits are beneficial to the human body, but because of their young age, babies cannot chew them completely and often choke when swallowing. 

In addition to fruits with pits, fruits with seeds like grapes should not be eaten by your baby, because even if the baby swallows it, it will be difficult to digest. On the contrary, it will cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. 

➄, biscuits for adults

As a snack for all ages, almost everyone has biscuits at home. However, some parents feed this kind of snacks eaten by adults to their babies. 

Although the biscuits can be softened in the mouth for a long time, and the baby can swallow, but the young baby does not understand the truth at all, and may try to swallow it in the mouth. If you are not careful, your throat will get stuck. . 

How should parents give first aid to infants with foreign body stuck in their throat? 

According to statistics, about 50,000 children die in accidents every year in my country, and nearly 3,000 of them are caused by blockages of foreign bodies in the trachea. 40% of accidental deaths under 1 year old are caused by foreign bodies in the respiratory tract, and 80%-90% of those under 5 years old. 

Professor Heimlik, a doctor who has been engaged in surgery for many years in the United States, invented the famous Heimlik emergency method. 

When an infant under one year old is stuck in the throat by a foreign body, the baby should be placed face down on the arm, the arm is close to the chest, and the thumb and the other four fingers are stuck in the mandible position. . Tap the middle of the shoulder blades on the baby’s back with the other hand 5 times, and then observe whether the foreign body is spit out. 

If it does not spit out, immediately turn the baby over, head down and feet up, and place them face to face on the thighs. Fix the baby’s head and neck with one hand, extend the index finger and middle finger with the other hand, quickly press the middle of the baby’s chest, repeat five times, turn the baby over and repeat step 1 until the foreign body is discharged. 

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