The first time I saw this kind of pregnant belly, it protrudes directly from the belly, netizens are not twins, right?

The first time I saw this kind of pregnant belly, it protrudes directly from the belly. Netizens will not be twins.

During pregnancy, the fetus will gradually grow up with the continuous supplementation of nutrition. The belly will also become more and more obvious. At the fourth month of pregnancy, the pregnant belly of a pregnant woman will be somewhat pregnant, and then the shape of the pregnant belly will change significantly. 

For example, people often say that the pregnant belly gives birth to a boy, and the pregnant belly gives birth to a girl. However, although this is not reliable, the pregnant mother’s belly can indeed be seen by the doctor. The “problem” comes. 

A picture of a pregnant woman. The huge pregnant belly attracted the attention of netizens. It was the first time that a netizen saw a pregnant belly like this.

Previously, a netizen posted a picture of a pregnant woman on the Internet, but it happened in a very short time. Warm attention from netizens. 

It can be seen from the photo that the pregnant belly of this pregnant woman is very “large”, and from the side, the whole pregnant belly seems to be protruding into the air very abruptly. If you look from the back of the pregnant woman, you can’t tell that she is a pregnant woman. 

The whole pregnant belly seems to be directly protruding from the pregnant mother’s abdomen, which is completely different from the sharp and round pregnant belly that are common in life, and it looks very “strange”. The pregnant mother’s belly is also tight because of the bulge of the pregnant belly. 

The pregnant woman in the photo also expressed that she is also very cautious in her daily life, for fear that her unwittingly will affect her fetus. 

In addition, what bothered the pregnant mother was that when she went to bed at night, she didn’t dare to act rashly, because she had to use her strength to feed herself even when she turned over. 

Such a special pregnant belly really surprised netizens. “It seems to be floating in the air. I don’t know what support the little guy in my stomach depends on!”

“I feel hard for the pregnant mother when I look at it. All the weight of the pregnant belly is concentrated on the pregnant mother. The waist and abdomen.”

Some netizens also speculated, “With such a big pregnant belly, you won’t be pregnant with twins?” “If it is a single child, it is really hard to imagine how big the fetus is? ”

“It feels that such a big pregnant belly is bigger than the pregnant belly of twins!”

Actually, the floating belly is a kind of cephalopectal disequilibrium. When the pelvis size of the fetus and the pregnant woman is asymmetry, It is possible that this kind of pregnant belly is particularly prominent. 

Usually cephalopelvic asymmetry can be divided into two situations, one is that the fetus’s head is normal but the pregnant mother’s pelvis is narrow, and the other is that the pregnant mother’s head and pelvis is normal but the fetal head is too big. 

Obviously, in this case, it will not only make pregnant women feel more burdened during pregnancy, but also increase the possibility of dystocia and increase the difficulty of delivery for pregnant women. 

What is the reason What is the situation that causes the pregnancy belly to be too “protruding”? 

1. The fetus is too large

If during pregnancy, the pregnant woman takes in too much nutrition, the fetus may develop overgrowth, which will easily lead to the fetus being overweight, and this It also increases the possibility of floating belly. 

2, too much amniotic fluid

In the womb of a pregnant mother, in addition to the fetus, there will be a lot of amniotic fluid. It can be said that amniotic fluid is a very important part of the gestation environment. If there is too much amniotic fluid, it may also cause the appearance of this special belly shape. 

3. Abdominal muscles are too loose.

During pregnancy, if the abdominal muscles of pregnant women are too loose, then as the fetus grows, the pregnant women’s abdominal muscles will droop significantly. It makes the pregnant belly look more “conspicuous”. 

During pregnancy, how to take care of pregnant women scientifically to avoid the occurrence of floating belly? 

1. Reasonable control of weight gain during pregnancy

The weight of pregnant women will increase significantly with the deepening of pregnancy. Of course, this is also a very normal situation. After all, the fetus grows up with the development, pregnant women Weight will increase accordingly. 

However, during pregnancy, pregnant women should control the range of weight gain and try to keep it within a reasonable range, because excessive weight gain during pregnancy is not helpful to their own health and fetal development. . 

2. Scientific arrangement of dietary collocation

During pregnancy, pregnant women must be more attentive in their dietary intake. Scientific dietary collocation allows pregnant women to obtain more balanced nutrition, and at the same time It also helps to avoid obesity during pregnancy and pregnancy complications. 

3. Take every pregnancy check seriously

During pregnancy, pregnant women will undergo many pregnancy checks, and as the pregnancy progresses, the time for pregnancy check will be prolonged. 

However, pregnant women should pay attention to this and carefully follow the doctor’s requirements for each pregnancy check, because this can help doctors find abnormalities in pregnant women or fetuses as soon as possible, and more timely Give nursing advice for reference. 

In short, pregnant women and their families need to be cautious about nursing care during pregnancy. Knowing more about scientific nursing methods can help pregnant women pass the difficult pregnancy smoothly. 

In addition, during pregnancy, pregnant women should not blindly believe in some experience or remedies. It is the most reliable to make physical adjustments according to the doctor’s advice and guidance. 

Do you have any experience to share about the changes in the pregnant belly? A child’s self-control is the key to success or failure. For children to be successful, this aspect must be cultivated.

Nowadays, parents always reflect that their children do not learn well, so they enroll their children in various tuition classes. Taking the children on the way of learning all day makes the adults and children exhausted physically and mentally. 

In fact, have parents considered that poor learning does not necessarily mean that the child is stupid, nor is it that the child does not learn. It is just that the child’s control ability is poor and the child cannot control himself. 

The son of Xiao Zhao’s family is 6 years old and he is in the big kindergarten. Seeing that the child is about to enter the first grade, he has been worried about Xiao Zhao recently. Because the kindergarten teacher always reacts like Xiao Zhao, his son doesn’t like to learn in class, and he always disturbs others. 

Because Xiao Zhao did not work hard on his son, Xiao Zhao was also afraid that if his son went to elementary school, he would react like a teacher In that way, elementary school grades are also quite worrying. 

In order to make his son like learning, Xiao Zhao tried all kinds of methods, which can be described as “coercion and lure” all the time. If you say that your son doesn’t like to learn, but when someone supervises him, he learns more seriously than anyone else, and he can do all the questions correctly. But once no one is supervising, the son can do it quietly for five minutes, and start “finding faults” after more than five minutes. 

For this Xiao Zhao, I went to listen to various expert lectures specifically for her son. Don’t say that Xiao Zhao really summed up the experience through continuous learning. She felt that the child was not a problem of learning, but of self-control. The problem, if the son’s self-control ability can be improved, the son’s learning will be solved. 

It is estimated that many parents in life face the same problem. Children do things with beginnings and ends, and there is no longevity in doing things. Basically, it only takes three minutes. This is the reason for children’s self-control. If parents can improve their children’s self-control, these situations will be solved one by one. 

As for children’s self-control, how can parents help their children improve? 

1. Protect the child’s self-control

In fact, the child’s self-control has existed since birth, especially after the child is 6 months old, the child starts to do some things independently, this Parents always think that their children are small, so they always want to control the children. 

In fact, this is not the case. It is from this time that parents must begin to protect their children’s self-control. Don’t interfere with your children with your own thoughts. Parents just need to stay with their children quietly. 

Some children are playing. Parents keep talking to their children and feeding their children. These are all interfering with the children’s self-control. Once the children’s self-control is destroyed, the parents will need to spend a lot of time to develop them in the later stage. Therefore, protect the children’s self-control from an early age and grow up. After that, parents and children are relieved. 

2 Stay with your children more.

Parents want to improve their children’s self-control, they must make more practical actions, and parents must spend more time with their children. However, the parent company with the child does not interfere with the child. When the parent accompanies the child, it is only a supporting role for the child. Parents must not be upside down and turn themselves into the protagonist to control the child. 

When parents accompany their children, they make the children feel safe. When the children need them, the parents can appear in time to help the children solve problems. This will help the children continue to “work” so as not to When children encounter difficulties, they will give up. 

3. Reduce difficulty for children

Sometimes the reason why children don’t want to insist on doing certain things is because these things are beyond the scope of the children’s ability, but the parents still force Children do it. If it is you, do you think you will sit down seriously? People like to do things with a sense of accomplishment, and they don’t want to be beaten. The same is true for children. Therefore, when parents arrange “jobs” for their children, they should start with simplicity, let the children find achievements and interests, and then gradually increase the difficulty. 

To be honest, children nowadays are not stupid, and they have abilities. The only thing they lack is the ability of self-control. What are the advantages of children with good self-control in the future?

1. Easier to achieve achievements

Children with good self-control have a characteristic that they will not give up easily when encountering difficulties, and they will try again and again to find ways to overcome difficulties. And there is a sense of tenacity in children with good self-control. Such children will be more likely to achieve achievements and succeed in future studies or work. 

2. It’s easier to seize opportunities

Children with good self-control are more likely to seize opportunities, no matter what difficulties they encounter, they are willing to try, as long as they try may. And children with poor self-control, let alone encounter difficulties, some things have lost their strengths before they encounter difficulties, and they want to try other things, always jumping around like this, and all good opportunities are missed. 

In addition to their own learning ability, children’s competitiveness in the future will also have the ability to control themselves. A person who cannot even control himself, no matter how good his studies are, it will be difficult to succeed in doing things in the future. And a child with good self-control, even if his learning ability is almost impossible, as long as he doesn’t give up, he will eventually be able to see the moonlight.

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