The first child is delivered smoothly, but the second child must be cesarean? Mainly look at four situations, do a few points to avoid suffering

The first child is delivered smoothly, but the second child must be cesarean? Mainly look at four situations, do a few points to avoid suffering

Cesarean section is an important operation in the field of obstetrics. 

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I often hear people say “a caesarean section, a lifetime caesarean section”, is this really the case? Under what circumstances is it recommended for a second-born mother to have a caesarean section? 

In what kinds of situations is a second-born mother recommended to have a cesarean section? 

Many people may think that second-born mothers have experience, and many situations can be mastered by themselves. Most of them decide whether to have a normal delivery or a cesarean section, but this is not the case. If you encounter the following Circumstances, doctors often recommend a cesarean section. 

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1. Fetal distress

Fetal distress means that the fetus has signs of hypoxia in the uterus , Endangering the health and life of the fetus. This disease is mainly manifested by placental insufficiency, which is divided into two types: acute and chronic. It often occurs during labor and can also occur in late pregnancy. Therefore, most doctors often recommend a cesarean section. 

2. The fetus is too large.

When the fetus is too large, it will be too fat and the shoulders will be too wide during delivery, so it cannot be delivered through the mother’s pelvis, and it is easy to endanger the fetus. With the mother’s health and life, a cesarean section is required at this time. 

3. Improper fetal position

There are many reasons for incorrect fetal position, and abnormal fetal position is likely to cause different degrees of danger and difficulty in delivery. If the fetal position is incorrect at the time of delivery, the doctor will probably recommend a choice Caesarean section. 

4. Mild pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome

If the expectant mother suffers from hypertension, proteinuria, and edema syndrome, the fetus cannot get enough nutrition and oxygen from the placenta, It is also unable to withstand the pressure during the delivery process. In such cases, a cesarean section is also recommended. 

Few truths about caesarean section

1. Is it necessary for the second child to have a caesarean section? 

The answer is, not necessarily. 

Actually, the second child’s caesarean section is not mandatory, and there is no mandatory relationship with the first child. If the first child’s cesarean section is due to the mother’s own reasons, the second child will still have to be cesarean; but if the first child’s cesarean section is due to the fetal position Or fetal heart rate and other problems, as long as these problems do not occur in the second child, then under the comprehensive evaluation of the doctor, it is still possible to choose a normal delivery. 

2. Why is the second cut more painful than the first time? 

When performing a caesarean section, the second operation is more difficult than the first operation. The second operation is to make an incision at the original incision, then remove the scar tissue, and re-sutural after delivery of the fetus During this process, not only the length of the incision is longer than the first operation, but there are also slight adhesions, which causes the pain of the parturient to deepen. 

3. Why is the second cut more expensive than the first time? 

Secondary section surgery is more cumbersome, doctors spend longer time, and the cost of midwifery equipment will naturally increase. In the process of delivery, different hospitals are chosen and different drugs are used. , Which is also the main reason for the increased overhead. 

Self-reported by the second-born mother: Two caesarean section experiences, do these to avoid suffering

Ohara is 34 years old this year and is already the mother of two children. After two caesarean sections gave birth to a baby, she summed up a lot of experience and successfully avoided many “minefields”. Today we will share it with you. 

1. Use sandbags after surgery

After Ohara’s first caesarean section, the pain in the wound was unbearable and he didn’t dare to use sandbags at all. However, when he gave birth for the second time, I heard that it was helpful for wound healing and uterine recovery. It helped, so I reluctantly tried it once and found that I did suffer less. 

Although using a sandbag to compress the wound after a caesarean section does make the body extremely uncomfortable, the bleeding of the wound can be suppressed and the healing speed can be accelerated. Not only that, it can also promote uterine contraction and help the uterus. Restored to pre-pregnancy size. 

2. Drink plenty of water after exhausting.

After the first operation, although the doctor pulled out the urinary catheter to let Xiaoyuan urinate as soon as possible, the wound was really painful , Didn’t dare to get up at all, but in the end found a urinary tract infection, so when he gave birth for the second time, Xiaoyuan discovered how important the doctor’s instructions are. 

The urinary tube must be pulled out within one day of a caesarean section. After it is pulled out, there must be more water to promote urination. Otherwise, the longer the time, the more difficult it will be to urinate, and there may even be a risk of postoperative infection. 

3. Don’t make a lot of supplements after the operation

Under the advice of the elderly “please make more supplements after the operation”, after the first caesarean section, Xiaoyuan eats a variety of nutritious foods every day In the end, she suffered a lot of crimes and waited for the second child to be born. She obeyed the doctor’s instructions and had a light diet after the operation, which was a lot easier. 

After the caesarean section, the mother’s gastrointestinal function has not been fully recovered, and greasy food cannot be digested, but it will also increase the burden of the gastrointestinal tract, making it difficult for the body to recover in a short time. Therefore, choose a light and easy-to-digest diet As well. 

In fact, for women, giving birth is considered a feat, and the methods of delivery have become diversified. Although both normal delivery and caesarean section have their own advantages and disadvantages, in some cases, for the safety of the fetus and the mother, the caesarean section is necessary. of.  The nurse did not cut the umbilical cord, and the newborn hungry Go: Take stock of the several magical abilities that babies have when they are born

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In the public’s impression, newborns are fragile and pure, like white paper, waiting for the care of their parents to write his future. 

However, this is not the case. Since the baby is born, he has his own consciousness and some inherent abilities. 

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The “naturally gifted” newborn

Some time ago, such an interesting video was circulated on the Internet. Because it broke people’s daily cognition, it quickly became popular— —

In the video, a baby who was just born in the belly of his mother was about to struggle and “go away”. From the picture, he is well developed and his body seems to be powerful. The doctors and nurses almost couldn’t grasp it. In order to prevent other things from happening, the doctors quickly cut off the umbilical cord. 

Unexpectedly, when the nurse was washing his body, he actually supported the nurse’s arm, which seemed to stand up and walk. This behavior made the entire delivery room amused. After the video was uploaded to the Internet, it immediately aroused discussion——

“This is amazing too. Shouldn’t the newborn child be in peace?”

“Young man, it seems that your bones are amazing. You are a good seed for exercise.”

“Previously, the babies who were just born were soft and soft, but you are good, with a big brother’s aura.”

Several abilities that newborns possess after birth

Many people are very surprised by this behavior of newborns, but their abilities are actually far beyond our imagination. From their instinctual reflex, mainly including these kinds of——

1, grasping reflex

This behavior occurs after the child is born, for example, you put your finger on it He would reflexively grasp on his hand, and he would bend when touching the sole of his foot. 

This instinctive reaction will be stronger in the first few days of birth, and sometimes you can even support your body by grasping, but this behavior should not be tried to avoid harm to the body. 

Usually this behavior will disappear in about 4-6 months, and then be replaced by random grasping. If it does not disappear after this time, the nerves may be affected, and you need to consult a doctor in time. 

2, automatic reflection


This kind of reflex is also a common reaction of newborns. When their heads turn to one side, the arm on this side will automatically straighten out, while the arm on the other side will bend. status. 

Of course, sometimes this kind of reaction may not occur, and parents do not need to worry too much. First of all, this kind of reaction itself is very detailed, and it is also easy to be interfered with, crying or other behaviors. Will be disrupted when 

It was carried after birth, and it disappeared after 5 to 6 months. If it does not disappear after this time, there will be difficulties in turning over and other aspects, and it should be checked in time. 

3, foraging reflex< /p>

After the baby is born, there will be a foraging response. The main manifestation is sucking. Put any object on their mouth and he will make this action. The most common one is sucking his little hand. 

The existence of this reflex is the basis for their eating and the reason why they learn to suck breast milk quickly after birth, so this is very important for them. 

It will disappear in about 3~4 months, and then become conscious sucking. If you can’t switch in time, you should seek the help of a doctor, otherwise it will affect your ability to eat later. 

4, Morrow reflection< /p>

The main manifestation of this reflex is: when they are stimulated, they can react quickly. They usually open their hands and feet, straighten their necks, and cross their arms together. And accompanied by the behavior of crying loudly, this is also the most important way to express your feelings. 

This reflex usually disappears in 3 to 5 months. Failure to disappear on time may affect the nervous system and symmetry of the upper extremities. It needs attention. 

What are the precautions for taking care of newborns? 

▲Pay attention to wrapping the baby in a bag in time

Just come to this world, it is unfamiliar to the baby, so we need to give them a similar environment. In the womb, they are tightly wrapped, and wrapping them with a coating after birth can give them a greater sense of security. 

▲Try to take a side hug< /p>

Experts believe that the side hug is the best way, because the Moro reflex will appear after the child is born, that is, crying constantly, and the side hug can play an important role in closing this reflex. Role, let them stop crying. 

When in the mother’s womb, as long as the mother moves or other actions, the baby will feel the comfort of shaking, so after the child is born, you can also take this way to make them comfortable, but the action It must be light. 

▲Let the child suck


This is also the performance of the foraging reflex. When they cry and cry, they are likely to be hungry. At this time, they can breastfeed their children. 

When sucking, not only the hunger will gradually decrease, but also the calm nerves inside the brain can be awakened, so that the baby can stop crying and keep relaxed and quiet. 

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