The first batch of “chewing old people” is over 70 years old, how are you doing now? The ending is mostly emotional

The first batch of “chewing old people” is over 70 years old, how are you doing now? Most of the endings are emotional

The first batch of “chewing old people” is over 70 years old, how are you doing now? The ending is mostly emotional

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The term “Old Clan” has been active in all major sections of the newspaper network. Now everyone There are fewer mentions. It is not that the phenomenon of gnawing the old is slowly disappearing, but is getting more and more serious, and even becoming a common phenomenon. 

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Data shows that more than 65% of families in our country now have the phenomenon of gnawing on the old. 

Although the term gnawing the old has only appeared for decades, the phenomenon of gnawing the old has always existed. It is impossible for parents to accompany their children all the time. Now the first batch of parents who gnaw at the old people are slowly passing away, and they are gradually entering old age. You can imagine what kind of life they are now living. 

Master failed to start his own business. Thirty years old, now he lives by picking up rubbish

The former Uncle Li is also a member of the gnawing old family. When he was young, he had a better family background and good grades. He has always been proud and arrogant, so he graduated Later, I didn’t want to work and wanted to do business, but I lost money again and again, relying on my parents to fill the loopholes. 

His parents’ assets were also damaged as a result. Later, Uncle Li’s father unfortunately fell ill and spent a lot of money, and his family situation gradually became ordinary. 

Uncle Li was also unwilling to fight because of repeated failures. In the name of taking care of his parents, he comfortably chewed up his old age at home. 

This flash has passed 30 For many years, because of Uncle Li’s reputation in the neighborhood, he had no chance to get married and was single. Now his parents have passed away and the money left behind has been spent. Uncle Li guards the old house and earns a living by picking up rubbish. 

Uncle Li’s life is a portrayal of many gnawing old people in their old age: poverty and no one to rely on. 

Besides These problems will still be encountered by the gnawing old people in their old age.

▶ The burden of being a parent

Many parents rely on their own retirement when they should be in their old age. Jinhe’s support of the children made it easy and happy. But if their children are gnawing old people, then life in old age will become more and more impoverished. 

Most of the parents after retirement, pension is the only source of living, and there is no other source of work skills and income. 

If you still have a gnaw Older children, the burden on the family will become heavier and heavier, coupled with the health of the elderly. The son cannot take the responsibility of caring for his parents, he will only become a burden to his parents. 

▶ Without the ability to earn a living, I can only wander at the bottom

I will become a person who gnaws at the old people, and basically has no ability to earn a living. I have been living by my parents, and I have an understanding of the outside world. It is also relatively narrow and may be abandoned by the times. 

Even if you have learned a lot of professional knowledge, you cannot use it when you are old. Without the care of your parents, you can only do some low-level jobs to make a living. 

▶ No friends, alone Lonely life

Because the old people are not recognized by the society, they have less contact with the outside world. They will basically have no friends in their lives. After their parents leave in their later years, they will be lonely and may be gradually forgotten by the whole society. . 

Become a gnawing person , What is it like? 

▶ Those with good eyes and low hands

Many people think that children without academic qualifications and living abilities are more likely to become gnawing elders. In fact, students who graduated from prestigious schools may also gnaw old. 

They all have the same characteristics, that is, they have high self-esteem, low eyes and low hands, but their abilities are not worthy of independent entrepreneurship or larger companies and salary, so they want to work hard at home, but slowly Lost contact with society, and got used to chewing old. 

▶ Can’t adapt to outside life

Some children have been favored by their parents since they were young. All things are done by their parents. They gradually lose the ability to live independently. Because of their personality problems, they cannot communicate with people in society after graduation. So I stayed at home and chewed on the old. 

▶ They don’t have the skills to earn a living but they are lazy.

Others are lazy by nature and don’t want to do anything, and they don’t have the skills to earn a living, so they cheat at home and cheat at home. 

So how do parents educate their children when they are young , So that they will not eat old when they grow up? 

✔ Cultivating children’s independence

If children want independence, parents cannot take care of everything in their lives. Some children are allowed to do whatever they can. Do it yourself, slowly exercise your life skills, and be aware of your sense of responsibility to your family. 

✔ Cultivate children’s frustration Ability

When children are young, parents can take them to try new things. In the process of learning, he will encounter many blows and setbacks. At this time, parents should not easily carry over for them. Let the children adapt to such setbacks and learn to face the difficulties. 

✔ Cultivating children’s sense of responsibility

It is also very important to cultivate children’s sense of responsibility. Children with a strong sense of responsibility will basically not become a burden to their parents and gnaw on the old when they grow up. For children to have a strong sense of responsibility, parents must first have family responsibilities, and they must also cultivate their independent ability in a timely manner. . 


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The eight most common naming methods for family WeChat groups across the country, the seventh one makes single young people afraid

Family nationwide The eight most common naming methods for WeChat groups, the seventh one makes single young people afraid

Wen | Mom’s Tao (senior maternal and child care therapist, original is not easy, please do not copy)

In this era when almost everyone has a mobile phone, the way of contact between families has also changed a lot, from calling and texting and chatting in the past to establishing a “family group” now. 

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If you want to entertain guests, just let them know in the family group. It is very convenient. If you have any happy things, you can share it with family members in time, and it can also enhance mutual feelings. . 

I have a family contact group , The indispensable thing is to give it a name. Sometimes when you see screenshots of family chats posted by other people on the Internet, many people will feel a kind of intimacy. Isn’t this the name of my family? 

1. Love each other in a family

This group name can be said to be the most common. Almost half of the netizens’ families have this name, and they are basically taken by their elders. 

Nowadays, the well-meaning and commonly used names allow netizens who need the same family name to show a cordial smile when they see it on the Internet. 

There are also similar names: Home and Wanshixing, Happy Family, Happy Family and so on. 

2, I love my home< /p>

This group name was almost taken by the elders in the 70s or 80s. Many of them should have seen the sitcoms of the same name and were deeply influenced by it. 

Moreover, this name is very warm and harmonious, with a kind of good wishes, which meets the expectations of the elders for the family. 

The same as the name of the show, as well as Happy Camp and so on. 

3. We are tired of woodcutting

The once-sounding variety show has become popular, and the phrase “We are tired of woodcutting” even if there is no one who has watched the show, I will also hear it on various occasions. 

So it also became The WeChat names of many families have changed. 

4. Royal relatives and relatives

The name of this family is basically taken by young people. It can be regarded as their blessing and ridicule to the family, which is very humorous. 

There are also similar things: royal family members, Balenciaga family, legends of rivers and lakes, famous families. 

5. X Family Courtyard

This is a template for many family groups: surname + courtyard, such as Qiao Family Courtyard and Liu Family Courtyard. In addition, there is the X family. 

6. Homophonic naming

This naming method that combines the characteristics of one’s own surname is very interesting and impressive. For example, when everyone in the family has a surname Named “One Pot Congee”, similar to this are Gaolaozhuang, Xujiahui, Daming Palace and so on. 

All family members are dogs , Will also be named “Paparazzi.” 

7. Family of X people

If there are four people in the family, it may be named “Family of Four”. When the children are married, it will be changed to “Five “Family of mouth” or “family of six” is also a good tool for urging marriage, which makes young people afraid. 

Families named according to the number of people will also use homophonic sounds: auspicious three treasures, four happy balls, perfect. 

8. Named by role

There are also families who like to name the group according to the characteristics and role of the group. The common ones are: send red envelopes to the group, enter the science, notify the event group, and confirm the meal at home Groups, etc., these names are mostly intuitive and interesting. 

Except for family groups across the country In addition to the great commonality in names, they are always very similar in function. 

The content of the chat in the family group , There are often these-

Red envelopes

The favorite entertainment and celebration method in the family group should be red envelopes. 

It will be posted on holidays, family members’ birthdays, or when something big happens. 

Although the amount of red envelopes each time is not much, it is indeed full of blessings and happiness. 


People who used to be the older generation liked to post the popular science news in the group: “Shock! XXX can’t eat”. Later, the younger generation also participated, if If you encounter interesting science, you will share it. 

If the relationship is closer, the elders After the popularization of science, the junior may also send a rumor to refute. 

Notice of National Major Events

If something major happens, especially when it is related to health and people’s livelihood, there are also family members who like to send notifications in groups or internal news that they know. 

Children’s cute photos

One thing that parents with children like to do is to share interesting photos of their baby’s life and growing up in the group. Then there was a voice of praise and praise below. 

However, which of the above chat content is mostly posted by the elders. What are the young people doing:

Sometimes they “see the screen” and “dive”, but more are “Block group news”, I don’t know how the elders feel after they know this. 


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