The father’s name depends on his preference? A big boy became popular because of his “name”, netizens: what is the child’s surname in the future

The father’s name depends on his preference? A big boy became popular because of his “name”. Netizens: What is the child’s last name in the future?

Before the baby is born, parents-to-be will make various preparations, such as preparing for the child to use in the future Things, clothes to wear, milk powder to eat, etc. 

These are all good things to say, after all, parents can go to the mall to choose carefully, and the more difficult things are often behind. 

Many parents are having trouble naming their children. They started to look through the dictionary when they were not born, and wanted to give the little guy a sound and good meaning. Good name, but it is always tangled for one reason or another. 

Of course, there are also some parents who like to be unconventional and think of names for the little ones early, but they are often random enough to make people laugh or cry when they get names for their children. 

How free can dad name his child? A big boy became popular because of his “name”

No, a young man became popular on the Internet, which aroused crowds and discussions among netizens. However, the reason why this freshman boy became popular was not because of his superb appearance, let alone Outstanding talent, only because his name is “Spring and Autumn and Warring States”. 

Later, everyone learned that neither his father nor his mother named “Chunqiu and Warring States” had the surname Chun, and he was called this name because his father particularly liked this period of history. 

Netizens have published their own Views: “If you don’t have your father’s surname or your mother’s surname, what should the boy’s surname be?”, “Does the father’s name depend on his preference? This is too casual!”, “Although it is a bit weird, But it’s hard to repeat the name of the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period.”

In this regard, the boy also smiled helplessly, saying that this name has given him a lot of trouble since he was a child. 

A name that is too “unique” may cause problems for children

①Misunderstood by others

Maverick names such as “Spring and Autumn and Warring States” and “Glory of the King”, It doesn’t sound like a person’s name, it’s more like a joke or someone else gets a nickname. It’s easy to cause misunderstanding when called by name outside. Let those who hear it feel that this must not be his real name at the first time. 

②It is easy to be nicknamed by others


This kind of special name is easy to cause a lot of strange associations, and it is easy to be nicknamed by others, especially when the child is young, the classmates are more naughty, it is inevitable that they will use this special name Come to tease, after a long time, it may leave a shadow on the child’s psychology. 

③Leave a strange impression on people

A name is a code name for a person. Many times in the eyes of others, your name represents your person. If the name is peculiar, It will inevitably affect other people’s impression of yourself, and the first reaction is that this person is also very strange. 

In fact, naming is a technical job, and parents should not be too arrogant Because of your own temperament

Since there are so many drawbacks, parents should not be too willful when naming their children, let alone such “special” names. We can use some methods to give children a name. It means a beautiful, catchy name. 

1) You can refer to the family tree.

In some areas, the names of the children must be arranged according to the family tree. Although there are fewer and fewer young people following this rule, the general family tree The prescribed words have very good meanings, and we can be a reference when naming the children. 

2) You can refer to Tang Poems and Song Ci

The names taken from Tang poems and Song ci are generally very good, and the rhyming characteristics of the poems will make the name more catchy, with some bookish air, and give people a very good first impression. 

3) You can refer to the opinions of people who come here.

There are thousands of ways to name children. There are so many ways to name a child from a dictionary, and parents of children will inevitably face these. No way to start. 

At this time, we can ask the name around us Parents of your children, see how these impressive names come from. We can be a reference when naming the children, which is also very useful. Mengwa gave her father a bath and was kicked out. After she cried and showed her bathing tool, netizens: It is definitely her own child.

Raising a child is not an easy task, but I have to say that the child is coming. Will bring endless joy to a family. Especially when children are young, they often do something ridiculous. While giving parents “stimulation, they will also make parents feel very warm.

A while ago, a netizen shared an interesting event in his family with everyone on the Internet.

She and her husband had a 4-and-a-half-year-old child after they got married. From the time the child was two years old, they would consciously let the child do something within their power, so although the child is still young today, In terms of life, he is very independent, and sometimes asks his parents to share housework.

Netizens said that that day when her husband was very tired after work, he prepared to take a hot bath without having to eat. Hearing that his father wanted to take a bath, the child immediately volunteered to help, thinking that the child could give himself Of course, this old man was very happy to take a bath, and he naturally agreed.

But when he was about to close his eyes to enjoy the bathing service provided by the child, he suddenly screamed. Netizens said that they heard the cry of the child. After a few seconds, the child walked out of the bathroom. When he saw her crying, he was even more sad and aggrieved, and could not stop.

Finally, the child’s mood stabilized a little bit, and he showed the tool to give his father a bath, telling his mother that he was Dad hurried out. When he saw the child holding the scrubbing tool held up in his hand, netizens finally felt the collapse of the father’s heart, and they all said that it was absolutely biological.

Mom can’t laugh or cry when she sees it. She said that the child usually has a bath ball, maybe she saw the kitchen The steel ball in the room looks similar to the scrubbing ball, so I took it directly to my dad to take a bath. Although this made my dad say a little bit of flesh and blood, but the child was just kind of doing bad things, and his spirit is worthy of praise.

In daily life, what abilities should parents pay attention to the cultivation of their children? 1. Self-care ability

Nowadays, many adults have become giant babies. In fact, this is related to the parental education they received when they were young. If parents are unwilling to let go, they will naturally deprive their children of their hands-on ability. With the opportunity to try, children gradually become accustomed to relying on their parents, which leads to increasingly poor self-care ability, or even complete loss. 

2, social skills

< p>When children grow up, they cannot do without social interaction. Whether it is a kindergarten school or entering society in the future, children cannot be lonely individuals, and there will always be friends or colleagues around them. At this time, the child’s social skills are particularly important. Good social skills can allow children to have more friends, and they are also full of optimism and enthusiasm for life. 

How should parents cultivate their children? 

1. Give the children more time

Because of their young age, their ability to accept may sometimes be slightly slower than their parents imagined. At this time, parents should respect their children’s growth laws and don’t rush Seeking success, otherwise it will put a lot of pressure on the child, and even make the child feel disgusted with his own way of education. 

Give the child more time and treat the child more Some tolerance, so as to give children the opportunity to have a balanced development of all aspects of abilities. In a more relaxed atmosphere, children’s learning ability will naturally improve, because they all want to work hard to prove themselves and do not want to disappoint their parents. 

2. The role of leading by example

The best way for parents to educate their children is to lead by example and teach by example. Relatively speaking, parents’ example is often decisive for their children’s behavior. As a child’s favorite object of imitation, every word and deed of a parent will deeply affect the child. 

So parents should become A hardworking person, a kind person, and an optimistic person. 

When children see the independence of their parents, the love of their parents, and the bravery and strength of their parents, they will inevitably want to be the same people as their parents, and they will work hard for it. China will be better.

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