The “Fairy Tale King” insists on raising children by himself and does not send them to school.

The “Fairy Tale King” insists on raising children by himself and does not send children to school. Now the children are face-faced.


Every parent wants to make their children outstanding, so Many parents keep sending their children to early education classes, tutoring classes, and so on. 

But it is worth noting that it is not only these courses that make children excellent, but more importantly, they must fit the children’s personal acceptance ability. 

Today, the editor would like to lead parents to observe a unique way of education, and discuss and analyze the way of education for children. 


Most children prefer to watch colorful cartoons when they are young. Those who have watched Shuke and Beta cartoons may lament that the animation content is well-made, but the creators behind them are more worthy of us Everyone pays attention and learns. 

This person is our well-known “fairy tale king” Zheng Yuanjie. He does not only live in the fairy tale world as the title says, but truly integrates the various experiences of life into the fairy tale, giving each fairy tale rich connotation. 

Zheng Yuanjie’s growth path is different from that of ordinary children. When he was in the fourth grade of elementary school, he was expelled from the class teacher for an essay. 

The beaten Zheng Yuanjie left the school, and the person who took over the education task became his father. Fortunately, with the help of his father, he has achieved good self-study results, and he has become a superior “fairy tale king” after he has penetrated many truths in the world. 

Later, his son was unable to adapt to the current exam-oriented education in the year of graduation, so Zheng Yuanjie resolutely became the child’s teacher and agreed with the child to teach him what he knew. You must also give back to yourself when you grow up. 

Smoothly, under Zheng Yuanjie’s teachings, his son learned a lot of knowledge and gradually developed the ability to be independent. When he grew up, he ran a company and took over his father’s work to further build larger cultural products and strengthen Its influence. 

Many people believe that children cannot become talents unless they are sent to a standardized school. But this fact tells us that to make children good is actually to grasp the way of education. 

Actually, the author is not criticizing the school’s poor unified education. Instead, the focus is on the way parents educate their children. 

Parents can do The following points can indeed make children outstanding.

1. Cultivate children’s independence

Nowadays, many families regard children as their jewels in their hands. With the improvement of living standards , The quality of life that parents can provide for their children is getting higher and higher, and the children’s dependence on their parents’ lives is also getting higher and higher. 

This is not a good signal of a close parent-child relationship, but a warning to ruin the future and future of the child. 

Living in the protection circle of parents, children’s inverse commerce will be relatively low, so it will be more difficult for them to resist difficulties and setbacks. 

It is difficult for children who have lost independence to gain a foothold in society. In life, parents should learn to let go, let children try and take risks alone, increase their knowledge and experience, and let children become independent Living, capable people. 

2. The image of parents who set an example of action

In life, many parents always habitually carry out various worries and nagging about all aspects of their children. 

For children, this kind of verbal nagging and teaching is too abstract and cumbersome. The true meaning of education should be implemented in practice. 

The truth is that children are particularly fond of imitating, especially those who are closest to them. 

No matter what kind of life state, personality, and way of doing things the parents show, children will easily pass on these advantages to their parents under the whispers of daily life. Disadvantages, therefore, the effect of setting an example is the most practical way that parents can give their children. 

3. Learn to respect and analyze children’s feedback

If you want to get a good education effect, this kind of education should be two-way. It is possible that parents can give their children better educational content, but children may not be able to fully accept or absorb this one-way knowledge transmission. 

When children give certain feedback to their parents, as parents, we should not ignore these insights of the children, but should first analyze this feedback. 

On the basis of respect and consideration for children, and then to study more effective education methods, can we teach students in accordance with their aptitude in a true sense, and finally achieve the effect of education. 

Parenting is not a simple matter. There is no clear distinction between right and wrong in any way of educating children. Parents are educating children for taking pictures of their children’s future and future. On the road, we must insist on continuous self-reflection, and constantly seek and update our own educational methods. 

That’s all for today’s topic. What kind of educational principles do you adhere to? The 65-year-old woman insisted on giving birth to a second child. Now her eldest son’s attitude has changed drastically. The reason is that she is completely chilled.

Nowadays, people’s living standards have improved, and medical technology has become more and more developed. Under the influence of various factors, many elderly women have begun their own second-children road. 

But what many people don’t think about is that some women still want to take the risk to have children when they reach their 50s or 60s. Of course, there are various reasons behind this, and some are indeed out of helplessness. 

Case 65 years old The old woman insisted on giving birth to a second child. Now the eldest son’s attitude has changed dramatically.

An elderly woman in Shandong made a decision with her wife at the age of 64 to have a second child. In the early stage, neither of them told anyone else, including the eldest son. 

But in the third trimester, her belly was getting bigger and bigger, and it was hard not to be found out. Later, she confessed to her eldest son. 

The reason why the two decided to have a second child was that the eldest son was “unreliable”. Now working in a second-tier city, he basically doesn’t go home, and he doesn’t even want to have a new year. When I came back, I would say something else, or I would take the two to the city for a festival, and then send them back. 

This situation is not uncommon in the past, but once the husband and wife agreed on a whim, but when they went to the city that time, the eldest son and daughter-in-law both had a cold attitude and made it clear that they were unwilling. 

Now she is pregnant, and her son feels ashamed and wants the mother to remove the baby, but the doctor said that she is 9 months pregnant, and the pregnant woman and the fetus are both at risk, so she can only give up, but During the period when his mother was pregnant, he became more and more angry, let alone caring, it would be good not to give his mother a face. 

One month later, the child was born as a baby boy. The husband and wife were very happy, but the eldest son was not happy, especially thinking that he had another son, and he was already married, so wouldn’t the parents’ savings be left to the younger son? 

Because of this matter, although the son didn’t say it clearly, the husband and wife understood what he meant, and they also showed that they would indeed be left to the younger son. As soon as the idea was revealed, the elder son slammed the door. gone. 

Half a year later, the eldest son suddenly came back to visit his mother. He was also very enthusiastic about his younger brother, who was only about six months old. He brought toys and hugged the child, which was very different from his previous attitude. 

While the mother was wondering, she heard her son say, “Why don’t you get the child under the name of my friend? It will be convenient for the child to study at that time, and I will take the child to the city when he arrives. Just pay the living expenses by the month…”

As the son said, the husband and wife finally got the son’s careful thoughts, in order to prevent the brother from sharing the property in the future. It was completely chilling. 

It is said that there are many “right and wrong” in giving birth to children at an advanced age, which is true, and the pressure not only comes from the outside world, but also from the relatives around them. 

Senior second What are the pressures that need to be borne by the tire? 

1. Financial pressure

Now how high the cost of raising a child is, everyone knows that it is necessary to invest from the stage of pregnancy, and then during pregnancy, until the confinement after the end of childbirth. Period, as well as the child upbringing, training and other issues thereafter, these aspects are not small expenses. 

And if the child is a boy, although the reality is a bit vulgar, many people have to consider the child’s future marriage. If the other party sees that the parents are already in their eighties, they do not buy a house. Relatively speaking, the ability to buy a car suffers from such conditions in the blind date market. 

2. Educational issues

Educational issues refer not only to funding issues, but also to parents’ energy and educational methods. It is said that there is a generation gap at the age of three. Young parents may not be competent in educating their children, let alone senior parents who are dozens of generation gaps behind? 

Different ideas about things and different ideas in various aspects can easily lead to conflicts between children and their parents. How can we better guide children in the future? This is also a problem that cannot be ignored. 

3. Energy problems

Although parents in their 50s and 60s are tending to be younger, their physical energy is always limited. In the process of raising children, especially when the children arrive During the naughty stage, parents also have to worry about it. Do you have enough patience and energy to raise your children? This is far more difficult than imagined. 

4. Family conflicts

Like the husband and wife in the case, the eldest son does not agree with her to have a second child, but she herself has a strong willingness. Under the contradiction, she still decides to have a child. The contradiction is getting more and more fierce and there is no peace at home. 

For such a result, can you accept and bear it? Therefore, I personally recommend that you communicate well with your family before giving birth to the second child. Only if everyone is on the united front and convinces the child, then after the child is born, they may also help take care of the child. Isn’t this the result? it is good? 

Of course, in addition to these external factors, female friends should also consider their physical conditions. If they are not physically supported, then it is useless to think about it. I also hope to put the body first, otherwise you may regret more things in the future.

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