The embarrassment of women having children is hard to tell, the fifth thing netizens haven’t told their husbands yet

The embarrassment of women having children is hard to tell. The fifth thing netizens have not told their husbands so far

The birth of a small life makes people feel hope and joy, but it must be said that for women, the birth of a life is It is a very labor intensive task. 

Even at the time when the medical level is relatively advanced, it can be said that women giving birth to a child can still be said to have gone through a ghostly gate. However, compared with the risk of childbirth, the experience of the childbirth process makes women feel very embarrassed, so for many pregnant women or mothers, childbirth is still a deep-seated experience. 

Bao Ma posted late at night to record the embarrassment of childbirth, counted the five events of childbirth, and said frankly that the last one has not been told to her husband so far.

The previous post of a Baoma netizen attracted everyone’s attention. Xiaowen said that compared with the pain of having a child, the embarrassment of childbirth made her feel more uncomfortable. 

1. Internal examination

After Xiaowen was sent to the hospital, she was arranged for internal examination by the doctor. Before being pushed into the delivery room, the pregnant woman’s uterine mouth needs to be fully open before she can proceed to the next stage of labor. 

During this period, the doctor will check the opening of the maternal uterine orifice at regular intervals. When the doctor asked Xiaowen to lie on the bed and take off her pants, Xiaowen was really a little embarrassed, and she was even more embarrassed during the internal inspection. 

2. Delivery bed

After more than ten hours, Xiaowen finally reached the standard of delivery bed, and her uterus was fully opened. But what she didn’t expect was that it was more embarrassing after going to the delivery bed than the internal examination. 

In order to facilitate the operation of the doctor, Xiaowen on the delivery bed cannot wear clothes, and the doctor also disinfects the vulva. This embarrassing experience really embarrassed Xiaowen. 

3. Skin preparation

When the doctor told Xiaowen to prepare the skin, she was a little embarrassed, so she wanted to ask her husband to help prepare the skin, but the doctor refused. 

The doctor said that if the operation is improper, it will injure the mother, so the operation should be done by a professional nurse. Before giving birth, mothers need to undergo skin preparation. The purpose of this is to facilitate doctors to better observe the condition of the fetus and reduce the probability of infection caused by bacterial growth. 

4. Excretion on the delivery bed

After getting on the delivery bed, the doctor told Xiaowen to use force, so the obedient Xiaowen accidentally excreted it on the delivery bed. When Xiaowen was embarrassed to get up, the doctor quickly told Xiaowen not to move. Although the doctor handled it professionally, Xiaowen was extremely embarrassed. 

During childbirth, the parturient will use all of her energy to give birth, and the fetus will gradually descend with the force of the parturient, which will cause the rectum and bladder to be compressed to a certain degree, so it will be excreted on the delivery bed. The probability is very high. 

5. Peel the placenta by hand

When she heard the baby’s cry, Xiaowen breathed a sigh of relief. She thought the labor process was over, but what she didn’t expect was that the placenta did not fall off. 

So, the doctor had to perform the operation of peeling the placenta by hand. When the doctor reached into Xiaowen’s uterus, the huge pain surrounded her, and the shame that followed overwhelmed her. 

I was not accompanied by her husband during childbirth, which always made Xiaowen somewhat dissatisfied with her husband. But to be honest, Xiaowen was fortunate not to let her husband see these embarrassing experiences during childbirth. 

Although Xiaowen would tell her husband about the experience of childbirth from time to time, she never mentioned the matter of hand-stripping the placenta. 

At the bottom of the post, many netizens left messages expressing the same feeling, “Women are weak, but mothers are strong.” I have to say that women have suffered too much for childbirth. 

during delivery What can be done to reduce the shame during childbirth? 

1. Know the relevant knowledge of childbirth in advance

When the parturient has an understanding of the process of childbirth in advance, when facing the doctor’s arrangement, the parturient can be more calm and calm. 

Do a good job in advance to understand that women will not be too nervous and anxious about the process of childbirth. In addition, understanding relevant knowledge will also help women to better cooperate with the doctor’s guidance, which will be very important for the smooth progress of the labor process. helpful. 

2. A correct view of privacy issues

Although childbirth is considered a very private matter for women, for doctors, this is their daily work. 

So when giving birth, it is necessary for the parturient to be more magnanimous and not to be too embarrassed about privacy. After all, for the parturient and the doctor, only the smooth birth of the baby is the ultimate goal. 

3. Families do a good job of diversion.

Mothers have to bear tremendous pressure during childbirth. At this time, if a family member can accompany her to relieve the anxiety of the mother, then I believe that the mother will be more able to naturally Face the progress of childbirth. 

I believe that the warmth and strength given to pregnant women by family members will help them relax and reduce their inner shame. 

Childbirth is a huge test for women. They not only have to endure physical pain, but also endure tremendous psychological pressure. 

Childbirth is not a matter for a woman alone. As a family member of the lying-in woman, we must do a good job in the psychological work of the lying-in woman and give the woman the most considerate care. What do you share about the embarrassing situation of mothers during childbirth? When criticizing a child, whether he “talks back” or “shuts up” indicates the future development

Is a good child who has always been obedient and obedient, and never talks back? Is it a good kid who only listens to his parents and doesn’t talk back to express his ideas? 

When being criticized by parents, children who only nod their heads and don’t talk back and explain for themselves, what will happen in the future? In fact, when the child reacts, you can see the future trajectory of the child. 

Xiao Jia found out that her daughter, who had been docile since she was a child, had changed her temperament a lot in the past few days. As soon as he went home and said something to his daughter, he immediately lost his temper at Xiao Jia, and even verbally attacked Xiao Jia. No one was convinced. Xiao Jia was very confused. She was thinking that her daughter would soon be in junior high school, and she would study harder and better, so she would not let the children go dancing. 

Who knows that Xiaojia informed her daughter’s dance teacher. After handling the matter, her daughter learned of the matter, her personality changed drastically, and she never listened to Xiaojia again. 

Even Xiaojia criticized the child as before, and the child immediately responded violently, making Xiaojia helpless now and crying out sad. 

Is it bad for children to talk back? Is it really good to have a child who can’t talk back, just keeps silent? 

The development path of the child who talks back and the child who shuts up

1. The child who talks back

What makes people very unexpected is that they will be with their parents Children who talk back are actually more likely to fight for their own interests in social or campus environments. 

Some children who will talk back, when they have conflicts and disputes with others, can firmly optimistic about their own interests, and will not yield or waver because of others’ threats or oppression. 

But for a kid who talks back, there are good things, and they will definitely correspond to bad things. Often the personality is more stubborn, and may be biased from a personal perspective when looking at things without considering the opinions of others. Not only that, but it is harder for children who talk back to accept stimuli from others and tend to make rebellious responses. 

2. Shut-up children

Children who don’t like to talk or express themselves are always more susceptible to submission and obedience. Parents of this type of child may not think about the child since childhood, and follow the child’s development path according to their own plan. If the child shuts up for a long time, it is likely that in the future, either will have no opinion, indecisive and undecided, or will rebel even more fiercely. . 

Some children who were meek as a child will become more rebellious and rebellious after accepting new things in adolescence. This is because under the long-term depression, the child finally couldn’t accumulate the cause of personal dissatisfaction. And some children who are numb and accustomed to submissiveness may easily become good old people who please others and wrong themselves in the future. 

How do parents treat children who talk back or shut up?

Children who talk back and shut up have different personality characteristics, and parents need to take different measures to help their children. 

The need to treat back-talking children

1. Learn more about the reasons why children back-talking

It may be that the parents’ opinions are always different from the children’s, or the children Dissatisfied with the parents, deliberately talk back. Or the relationship between the parent and the child is not close, and the child does not want to listen to the parent. Parents are personally grumpy, which can also affect their children. 

2. Help children to unclog and take care of children’s emotions

Children who always talk back are more or less dissatisfied with their parents. Parents can patiently ask the reason and consider whether it is It’s not that the child has been wronged in this regard for a long time. 

3. Stable emotional communication

Many times, children who love to talk back are not the initiative to provoke things. They are often the parents who talk at will, with some irritable emotions. Aroused the dissatisfaction of the child. A trivial matter is actually unnecessary. Parents are more patient and gentle, and children will be much gentler. 

The need to treat children who shut their mouths

1. Parents ask more about their children’s opinions and feelings

If children keep their mouths shut, parents need to take the initiative at this time Asked a question. Take the initiative to ask the child what he wants and what he doesn’t want, help the child express himself, and the parent should respect the child’s opinions and tell the child that he can do his own thing. 

2. Avoid any verbal stimulation or harm to the child

There are actually reasons why the child talks back too much, or shuts up too much. Children with closed mouths are probably not willing to communicate with their parents anymore, because the past communication did not get good results, and they no longer want to open their mouths. At this time, parents must no longer use words to stimulate or attack their children. 

3. Don’t accuse the child of not being talkative

The child doesn’t like to talk and doesn’t want to talk for a reason. At this time, parents should stop making irresponsible remarks to their children, saying that their children are introverted and do not like to talk. 

Children love to talk back too much, conflict with their family members, too much silence, and do not want to pay attention to their family members. In fact, it is inappropriate. For these two characteristics of children, parents should treat them according to the situation, take different measures, and work hard to build a close family.

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