The disadvantages of the only-child family will be revealed without waiting for the children to become adults. Netizens regret it too late

The shortcomings of only-child families will be revealed without waiting for the children to become adults. Netizens regret that they still have time.

Although the country has opened up the second-child policy for many years, many families are still single-child families. Many parents do not have the idea of ​​having a second child. They worry that after having a second child, they will not be able to balance their love for the two children. And raising two children will double the pressure and worry that the two children will get along with each other in harmony. 

nurtured with heart The only child, finally became a “giant baby”. The parents regret it.

Mi Mi is a mother born in the 70s. After marrying her husband, she gave birth to a son. After the opening of the second-child policy, Mi Mi originally wanted to have a second child, but she felt pressured to raise two children. If the two children don’t get along well, it will make the family restless. 

Besides, I am getting old and getting pregnant is also very difficult, so I dismissed the idea of ​​having a second child. Mi Mi’s husband also said that it is enough to have only one child, so there is no need to worry that our love for children will not be evenly distributed. 

Since there is only one child in the family, Mi Mi and her husband have devoted all their love and attention to their son, and Mi Mi’s son Chengcheng grew up in the love of his parents. 

Because Chengcheng failed in the college entrance examination, he did not enter the university, so he had to end his studies and go out to work. But after working for a whole day, Chengcheng felt too hard, so he didn’t want to go to work. 

Mimi and her husband feel that they can still raise their son at present, so it’s okay to leave his son at home. 

In this way, my son has been gnawing at home for many years. Now my son is at home and can’t do anything. Even his own clothes don’t know how to wash. The only child raised in this way eventually became a “giant baby”, and the parents regretted it. 

Many families now have only-child families, but only-child families are not as beautiful as people think. There are also many disadvantages in the one-child family, which will show up without waiting for the child to become an adult. After reading it, netizens expressed regret that it was too late. 

for a family with only one child Disadvantages will be shown without waiting for the children to become adults.

1. Selfishness

Because the only-child family has only one child, there is no opportunity to share. When the child is at home, his parents will give him everything he wants. As long as the child is happy, everything will follow him. Children are accustomed to exclusive enjoyment and do not know how to share. This will also make the child’s character selfish. He only knows how to consider everything from his own standpoint and does not know how to consider others. 

2. Poor independence.

Currently, many children from only-child families are taken “too well” by their parents. Since there is only one child, parents will be more careful when taking care of them. For example, if the child is at home, he does not need to do anything. As long as the child is in bed together, the parents will dress them; as soon as the child sits at the table, the parents will give him a bowl, leftovers, and so on. Children raised in this way will have poor independence. 

3. In case of trouble, it will only shrink.

For an only family with only one child, the parents will pin all their hopes on him. It also “protects” the child very well. From childhood to adulthood, the child has not faced any difficulties or setbacks. Because before the difficulties and setbacks come, parents will come forward to solve for the children, which will make the children develop a cowardly character that will only shrink back in times of trouble. 

There are many shortcomings in the one-child family, and these shortcomings will show up before the child is a minor. So, how can a son’s family raise children in order to raise an outstanding good child? 

How can an only-child family raise children so that they can raise good children? 

1. Don’t overdo it.

One of the biggest problems with only-child families is “parents over-loving their children”. Because there is only one child in the family, parents will love their children more. The so-called overfilling will overflow. Parents will love their children too. If they love their children too much, they will spoil their children. Parents of only-child families, when raising children, don’t over-spoil their children, and give them just the right amount of love to raise an excellent child. 

2. Be willing to let go

Many parents of only-child families are reluctant to let go of their children when raising their children. Because there is only one child in the family, the child is very expensive at home. Usually the child is at home, no matter how much housework at home, the parents are not willing to let the child help. The child raised in this way will have poor ability to work alone. Parents of only-child families must know how to be willing to let go of their children and encourage them to do some housework that they can do so that their children can be independent and have a sense of family responsibility. 

3. Set an example

The ancients often said that the upper beam is not the lower one. Parents of only-child families should set a good example for their children. For example, they usually have good morals, respect the elders in the family, are willing to help others, face life with an optimistic attitude, and so on. Only when parents are full of positive energy can they set an example for their children, influence them subtly, and make them outstanding. 

There are many disadvantages in the one-child family, but as long as the parents are diligent in raising their children, they should not overly pamper their children. I am willing to let my children learn to take care of themselves and set a good example for their children. I believe that parents can raise their children very well, whether it is a single-child family or a second-child family. 

Parents, what do you think are the disadvantages of only-child families? Please interact in the comment area. No matter how good a mother is, when encountering these three kinds of dad, the child is probably not worthy.

For children, parents should be equally important, but in reality, many fathers do not treat their children. I don’t even ask, I think it’s enough to earn money to support the family. Almost all the responsibilities of parenting are borne by my mother alone. Such a family, although both parents are present, is like a single parent, so some people ironically call it “widowed parenting”. If such a father is unfortunate enough, no matter how good the mother is, it will be difficult to teach the child well, because he is the source of “negative energy” in the family and will bring endless negative effects to the child’s growth. 

My mother graduated from TOP10, but my son didn’t even pass the exam.

There is an aunt in my hometown with the surname Sun, who has the highest degree of education in the surrounding area for decades. He graduated from a TOP10 college in China. . To this day, there are still many adults who will teach their children to look up to Aunt Sun and get into a good university in the future. The irony is that Aunt Sun’s only son did not even pass the second book last year, which is far worse than she was in the past. 

It’s all about low IQ, but in the eyes of acquaintances, this kid is not stupid at all, on the contrary, he is very clever and has many tricks. But I didn’t study hard, I was naughty in school, and I often went on business trips in class. It’s weird that I got good grades. Those who are not very familiar with this family thought it was their parents who hadn’t taught them well, but those who were really familiar with their family sighed that their children were all ruined by their fathers. 

It turns out that Aunt Sun’s husband is a person who has no sense of family responsibility. Although he earns a lot of money, he does not go home all the time. The son never sees his father several times throughout the year. Aunt Sun is also very busy with her work, but she still takes time out of her busy schedule to take care of the children, but her personal energy is really limited, so the children still live with their grandparents more from childhood. The two elderly people are both rural people, and they don’t know how to write. The consequences of children following them can be imagined. After only taking the second exam this time, some people said, “Fortunately, the mother is still taking care of the children. If not, I’m afraid I won’t even be able to pass the second exam.”

Although I can’t say that if my father does everything Responsibilities, children must be admitted to any good school, but at least it is far better than being educated by grandparents with low levels of education. You must know that today’s times are changing with each passing day, and the insights and ideas of the older generation have long been left behind by society. Therefore, it is better for the children to be educated by their parents themselves. However, it is a pity that mothers can usually fulfill their responsibilities as mothers. Many fathers really just care about giving birth and not raising them. 

No matter how good a mother is, it won’t help. With these three kinds of “unworthy” fathers, most of the children are destroyed.

1. “Father’s love is like a mountain”

Some fathers’ mouths It says how much he loves children, but once the child needs him to accompany him, he stays motionless, like a big mountain, there is really so-called “father’s love like a mountain”. Such a father is probably not as good as some relatives, but he just puts on his father’s name in vain, and it can even be said that “there is worse than nothing.” If you are hit by a child unfortunately, you can only ask for more blessings. No matter how good the mother is, the child will probably be destroyed. 

2. Daily complaint type

It’s really not easy to make money now. Fathers shoulder the main responsibility of making money and supporting their families. Sometimes it does make them miserable. But no matter how hard it is, the negative energy should not be released at home. But some fathers just say to their wives and children all day, “Money, money, money, you know money!” It seems that all the sins they suffer are because of them. As everyone knows, mothers are also working hard for their families, but they are often ignored because it is difficult to get direct monetary rewards for their contributions. A father who only complains at home is also very difficult to teach his children well. 

3. Male chauvinist type

There is also a type of father that is also detrimental to the growth of a child, and that is particularly “male chauvinism”. Now it is a society where men and women are equal. If you still uphold the old male chauvinism, it will only make children more and more derailed from the social trend, and they will all be affected when they start a family and start a business in the future. 

Parenting is the common responsibility of parents. For the above three types of fathers, they do not have the best performance. Once misfortune comes to life, they can only pray that the children are lucky enough, but the reality is still likely to be bad. The result evolved. 

To educate children, dads must take action.

Be a role model for sons and be a benchmark for daughters to find objects.

What should a qualified father look like? Quite simply, if you can serve as a good role model for your son and a benchmark for your daughter to look for, then you are qualified enough. For many fathers today, this standard is quite high, and they can only be achieved if they are strict with themselves. 

Provide high-quality parent-child companionship

Children need to be accompanied, and parental companionship is especially important. Dads can’t just focus on making money, you know, money can’t be earned, but children’s childhood is gone forever. Therefore, when the child is young, it is more important to give him some high-quality company, so that he can fully appreciate the feelings of father’s love, which is more important than the investment of more funds. 

Every child is the best gift God gives to his parents. I hope that parents, especially fathers, can treat this gift kindly and take care of him with their love, so that he will grow strong And grow healthily.

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