The different sleeping positions of babies imply different personalities? If it is the fourth type, parents need to pay attention to it

The different sleeping positions of babies imply different personalities? If it’s the fourth type, parents need to pay attention to it.

A family will become warm because a small member joins in, and when we change from a girl to a mother, our focus in life will not be Consciously shift to the children, instinctively want to give them more care and love. 

I believe that many parents have such feelings. Since the baby came to us, we not only talked about the topic when we chat with others, but also the original food and scenery photos in the mobile phone album. Mengwa replaced. 

Baby in the neonatal stage of the day I sleep most of the time, so nine out of ten photos on my parents’ mobile phones are of their various sleeping positions, which look very cute and cute. 

But you know what? Sometimes a child’s sleeping posture is not that simple, and there is a lot of information hidden in it. 

Can a child’s personality be judged from his sleeping posture? It’s like this.

Many people think that the different sleeping positions of babies imply different personalities are too far-fetched, but it is not true. Before the children have learned to express, many of their personality traits are through these subconscious little actions. Communicated. 

Some scholars believe that people spend 6 hours or more a day to sleep. During this process, people’s body is in a relaxed state, and the sleeping posture represents the child’s subconscious thinking and thoughts, so to a certain extent Can show one’s own character and state. 

There are 4 common sleeping positions for children.

1) A “big” sleeping position on all sides

The child lies on his back on the bed, with his limbs spread out, and puts them freely. From a distance, it looks like a “big” character was put out in a human form. This is the “big” shape sleeping position. 

Baby who often sleeps in this “uninhibited” sleeping position are generally more extroverted, sunny and cheerful, like to make friends, is a little sun full of positive energy, so if your baby is In the first sleeping position, moms will have fun! 

2) Lying on the left or right

When sleeping, babies who turn their bodies to one side and stretch their limbs freely are generally more easy-going, see people and things more transparently, and have high emotional intelligence. 

But it should be noted that too young children sleep on one side for a long time, which easily affects the head shape, so parents should ask them to sleep in a different direction from time to time. 

3) I like to sleep on my stomach with my face buried in the pillow

Some babies like to face the pillow and push up their buttocks to sleep on the bed. This posture is generally caused by two reasons, parents should pay attention to distinguish. 

The first one is that the child’s personality is relatively strong. He is also relatively stubborn in dealing with others. If the child is of this kind of personality, the parents should pay attention to the methods when they educate and guide him in the future, and try to use “roundabout tactics.” 

Another reason is that the baby feels uncomfortable after eating. Sleeping on his stomach can alleviate this discomfort. 

4) The sleeping position with the body curled up like a “shrimp”

This kind of sleeping position is more similar to the sleeping position on the side, but it is better than the sleeping position on the side. The “style” curled up tighter, and the limbs were squeezed together. 

Generally speaking, large Most children don’t like this sleeping position. This sleeping position represents the child’s inner insecurity and most of his personality is sensitive. Therefore, if it is the fourth sleeping position, parents need to pay attention to it. 

When encountering babies who often curl up to sleep, parents need to consider whether the indoor temperature is too low for these reasons.

The cold tolerance of babies is much lower than that of adults. If the heating is insufficient in winter, or the air-conditioning temperature is too low in summer. When the temperature is not suitable, the baby just curls up to resist the cold, and this sleeping position will appear at this time. 

Is the child unwell

Everyone knows, Bending the body and tightening the limbs can alleviate the discomfort, and the baby has not learned to express it. Once they feel uncomfortable, they will curl up and sleep like a “shrimp”, which can make the body feel better. 

Does the little guy feel insecure in his heart?

Of course, this sleeping position is not only caused by physical reasons, but psychological reasons can also cause this situation. Sometimes mom and dad’s love is not warm enough, and the heart is sensitive. The little guys are easy to feel insecure and curl up to sleep involuntarily. 

Sleeping posture not only hints at the character of the babies when they grow up, but also helps parents to judge their children’s physical condition. It is of great help to us in parenting. Parents and mothers should pay attention to observing it carefully. . Novice parents come to see: If you don’t pay attention to milk feeding, it is easy to affect your children’s health.

We all know that as parents of children, both novice mothers and second-born mothers understand how to feed their children. On this issue, breast milk is definitely the best choice. 

Because breast milk not only contains very rich nutrients, but also can meet the nutritional needs of children at different growth stages; at the same time, the molecular structure of breast milk will not cause any burden on the delicate intestines of the child. 

However, due to various reasons, it is difficult for many mothers to meet the conditions for breastfeeding, so they can only give their children milk to meet their normal growth needs. However, milk feeding also has There are many small details that need attention from parents, now let’s take a look! 

Do not drink milk before going to bed

I believe that many people In his potential impression, “drink milk before going to bed” is the correct way to open it, and use sleep aid as a propaganda to carry out false feeding propaganda; in fact, is milk really suitable for drinking at night, the answer is of course “no”! 

For most children, after drinking milk before going to bed, the milk will be fermented in the mouth, which may cause inflammation in the child’s mouth for a long time. In addition, it is very difficult to fall asleep directly after drinking milk at night. It is easy to cause children’s diarrhea and indigestion, which will increase the burden of the child’s stomach in the long term. It is also recommended that parents arrange for their children to play for a while before going to sleep after feeding their children with milk at night. 

Don’t give your children too thick milk

, I found that many parents are worried that their children will not have enough to eat, so they make the milk powder very thick, thinking that it can add more nutrition to the baby. 

In fact, this is also incorrect, because milk powder contains a lot of sodium ions. Parents increase the content of milk powder when brewing, which is equivalent to indirectly feeding more sodium ions to the baby; plus the baby’s intestines The absorption capacity is limited, and the sodium ions that cannot be absorbed will affect the child’s health, and in severe cases, it can also cause the child to cramp and coma. 

So, at this point, friends as parents must also understand, and remember to feed scientifically. 

Milk cannot be eaten with rice soup

Finally, it is A more common misunderstanding of milk feeding: milk and rice soup are eaten together. As children grow up and their body types change, many parents worry that their children will not be able to keep up with the nutrition of only milk powder, and they are even more worried that their children will not have enough food to affect their physical development; so they will find ways to supplement their children’s nutrition, rice soup is the most common choice one. 

However, because the starch in the rice soup destroys the vitamin A in milk, eating the two foods together will cause insufficient vitamin A intake in children, and in severe cases, it can cause children’s physical growth retardation, so parents must Pay attention, and don’t affect your baby’s health and development because of the wrong feeding method~

Drinking milk is meant to increase your baby’s nutritional intake. It must not be caused by parents’ carelessness. Parents must pay attention to it.

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