The daughter’s new coat was stamped by a classmate, and the other parent refused to compensate: Are they all classmates?

The daughter’s new coat was stamped by a classmate, and the other parent refused to compensate: Are they all classmates? 

Nowadays, parents are more fashionable, so they will pay more attention to the issue of dressing up their children. Especially after children enter kindergarten or elementary school, parents will work hard in this aspect. After all, children are more likely to be loved by teachers and classmates if they dress clean and tidy. 

However, some parents, in order to make their children look different, or to highlight their own advantages, often choose some brand clothing for their children, and even choose some international brands. 

In fact, young children simply They don’t understand the so-called brand, but if they themselves or their peers find that they will be treated differently because of their clothes, then they will naturally value these more and more, and even become vain. 

My daughter’s new coat was stamped on by her classmates, and Bao’s mother asked for compensation but was rejected by the other’s parents.

Seeing that the New Year is about to come, Tian Tian’s mother also asked someone to bring back a beautiful piece for her daughter from abroad. And warm down jacket. 

After the clothes arrived, the children happily wore this new down jacket to the kindergarten. But when the new coat was only worn for one day, the children in the class drew a long color pen print. 

Later, the teacher found out after asking that it was because Tian Tian’s classmates were jealous that he had such beautiful new clothes, so he painted them while the children were not paying attention. 

Tian Tian’s mother originally thought that children at this age I haven’t formed a complete concept of right and wrong, I don’t care about a piece of clothing, but after thinking about it, I feel that I should let the other parent know about it, so as to avoid similar problems in the future, so I hope the teacher will tell the other parent about this matter. Just let her child apologize to her daughter. 

However, the other parent not only did not apologize after knowing that his child made a mistake, but also had a particularly bad attitude, saying that the Tian Tian family deliberately showed off. After hearing this, Tian Tian’s mother’s heart burst into flames. Bao’s mother changed her previous gentle attitude and showed the payment record for purchasing this down jacket and asked the other parent to pay compensation. 

The other parent took a look at this down and more than 2,000 He directly refused the compensation and said: “Are the children all classmates? Besides, the children are young and ignorant, how can you care about your children as an adult!”

Facing such unreasonable parents , Tian Tian’s mother was very angry. Later, under the mediation of the teacher, she asked the other party to pay for the laundry. 

“Young and ignorant” cannot be a “shield” after a child makes a mistake.

When a child is young, there is indeed a situation of naughty or carelessness, so the problems encountered by Tian Tian’s mother are not accidental. 

But young children cannot be an excuse for ignorance, let alone a “shield” for their mistakes, and parents should not shield their children. 

Children will inevitably make mistakes, but if every time Mistakes are protected by their parents. On the one hand, children cannot recognize their own mistakes, let alone understand the trouble or even harm their mistakes cause to others. 

On the other hand, children cannot learn to take responsibility, and even evade responsibility. At this time, the phrase “young and ignorant” will become a “stumbling block” in growth. 

Making mistakes is another way for children to grow up.

People are not sages, who can do nothing. It is normal for children to make mistakes. People continue to learn from one mistake after another, and grow and progress slowly. 

However, parents should distinguish the types of children’s mistakes and correct them in a targeted manner to help them grow. 

Sometimes, the child is kind but unhelpful. Parents should not blame the child but encourage more. For example, if the child accidentally breaks a plate during housework, the parent should tell the child how to do it right operating. 

For another example, because the child cannot or When you don’t understand but want to try and make mistakes, parents can not only blame, but encourage their children to explore bravely. 

So, what kind of situation should parents correct in time and help their children completely correct? 

That is when the child may do dangerous things, the parents must tell it in time, and when the child makes a mistake or hit the bottom line, the parent must correct it in time. It is common for babies within 6 months of age to cry, but crying for more than a minute, be careful to hurt the brain

Taking care of a baby is a hard task, not only eating and drinking, but also constant comfort Crying. For many novice parents, as soon as they hear crying at the beginning, they immediately go to coax. After a long time, they will be exhausted physically and mentally, and they will become very relaxed. Some parents even fall into the misunderstanding that the baby is crying for a while. If you are tired, you will stop actively. You must know that this statement is wrong. Studies have shown that babies younger than 6 months crying for more than 20 minutes can easily damage the vocal cords and affect brain development in severe cases. 

The blue color of the nearest neighbor’s house looks very It was haggard, and I only found out after inquiring carefully. Because she is a novice mother and her baby is still young, she has to cry many times a day. Faced with such endless crying, Lan Lan often does not rest well. The handling attitude also changed gradually. From the beginning, the baby was crying, and then let the baby cry alone for a while, and it would stop automatically when he was tired. Later, the baby’s crying sound became less and a little hoarse. This time Lan Lan’s mood is extremely depressed. I was worried about the baby’s body abnormality. After seeking a doctor, I learned that there are many kinds of baby crying, which can convey different information. Parents should not let the crying for more than 20 minutes, otherwise it will cause vocal cord damage, and in severe cases, it will affect the brain development. , Parents need to pay special attention to it. 

Baby can’t speak, communication is troublesome, but when he is hungry, cold, and sleepy, he will cry differently. As a parent, you need to make a fine distinction to avoid crying for a long time, which affects your physical development. The general crying sound includes the following 4 forms, especially for novice parents. 

Physiological crying

Sometimes the baby will have loud, rhythmic, and intermittent crying, which is often a manifestation of being hungry and sleepy. Of course, it cannot be generalized, and it needs to be combined with breastfeeding Time, work and rest time, and action response jointly determine which situation belongs to. 

At this time, parents don’t need to panic, they can stretch their fingers Give the baby suck, see what the baby reports, or see if the diaper is wet, causing discomfort, just need to breastfeed or change the diaper to solve it, plus a few gentle pats, smile to signal, and naturally stop crying. 

Pathological crying

Sometimes babies will experience pathological crying when they are unwell. Once it occurs, it cannot be stopped for a long time and cannot be comforted. Parents need to pay special attention. It may be that the baby is suffering from a certain disease and needs to be sent to the hospital for treatment in time. 

The common ones are night crying and abdominal cramps Illnesses such as pain, restless sleep, crying, sweating and other symptoms may be caused by a lack of vitamin D or pathological abnormalities, and prompt treatment is required. 

Frightening crying

For babies who are very young, they often like to be hugged by someone close to them. Once they change the hug of a stranger, they will cry and cry. This is a fright. Type crying. In addition, there is crying after falling down. Once you are frightened, you will cry. In this case, parents should not be overly anxious, give plenty of time to adapt, and gentle comfort, it will gradually rain and the sky will clear up. 

Seeking crying

Sometimes crying is to get something, so I cry. It is common to see novel toys and want to obtain them. At this time, the parents coax the baby and talk to the baby, and then they will stop crying when they meet their needs. 

As the saying goes, babies cry and make trouble, three points Hunger and cold, in the face of constant crying, parents should not worry, understand that crying is a way of communicating with each other, and correctly distinguish the types of crying. Once encountered long-term, pathological crying that cannot be calmed, more Seek help from a doctor in time. With the understanding of the baby’s living habits, once you hear the crying, it will be reduced a lot, avoiding long-term crying and causing damage to the brain.

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