The comparison chart of “Banhua” is on fire. From elementary school to university, which period is the most exciting for you?

The comparison chart of “Banhua” is on fire. From elementary school to university, which period is the most exciting for you? 

Speaking of Banhua, I believe that many people will have lovely and beautiful images of girls in their minds. Indeed, if it can be called a class flower, it must have certain advantages in appearance, and some will even make people feel amazing. So what does it feel like to be a class flower? 

After everyone raised such questions on the Internet, the class flowers at all levels began to tell themselves about their experience as a class flower, which is really sour. 

There are already class flowers in elementary schools, but the children in elementary school are still relatively young, so the term class flowers may not be used. 

But the class looks the best Girls always get everyone’s attention. Girls like to ask her where to buy her beautiful headwear and clothes, while boys all want to be at the same table with her and take the initiative to help her clean. This should be what Banhua enjoys. Treatment. 

When the children enter adolescence in junior high school, Banhua always receives a lot of love letters. At first, Banhua felt very novel, so she would open the love letters one by one. 

I lost it if I received too much The freshness, in order not to let parents find out, simply lost it on the way from school to home. 

High school class flowers often receive a variety of delicious snacks such as chocolates from boys, and some boys even send flowers directly to express their confession in front of their classmates. 

Some of these confessors are not themselves Every time I receive these gifts in the class, I feel very scared and worried about being discovered by the head teacher and telling my parents. 

After entering university, Banhua will have many suitors. At this time, Banhua will also talk about love. Of course, compared with the emotional gain, the title of Banhua gives children more confidence. . 

There is a university class flower because everyone Known as Banhua, she has confidence in many aspects, and at the same time she has learned self-discipline, and has relatively high requirements for her body and skin management. 

Beautiful girls should pay more attention to protecting themselves

A beautiful girl will have advantages in many aspects, after all, everyone has beauty heart of. 

But beauty alone is not enough to support people’s foothold in society, and sometimes it will become a burden to people. 

As a parent, you must let your children know that beauty is not everything, especially these aspects should be paid attention to. 

Learn to protect yourself

Although we have always emphasized the equality of men and women, women are always in the weak position in some aspects, so as a girl, we must learn to protect ourselves. 

We must be self-respect and self-love, do not be tempted by the external environment, and do not lose principles and self easily. Only a girl who understands self-respect and self-love can be respected by others. 

Having independence

Objectively speaking, beauty is indeed a kind of capital, but parents must let their children know that they must not give up hard work and struggle just because of this natural capital. , Because it is easy for children to become accessories to others and lose themselves in life. 

As a girl, one must be independent , Not only economic independence, but also personality independence. 

Improve one’s own quality

The high value of the child’s appearance is only the external beauty, but the external beauty obviously only makes people feel beautiful at first sight, because this This kind of beauty will pass by with the years. Only inner beauty can make people more attractive, and inner beauty can be cultivated by the day after tomorrow. 

Parents should make their children a person of quality and accomplishment, give them correct education and guidance, and help them establish correct values. Only in this way can children exude charm and age from the inside out The growth is directly proportional. 

Maintain a positive attitude towards life

Our life cannot always be smooth sailing. Beautiful people have more advantages and more troubles. No matter what problems you encounter, don’t let yourself fall into long-term negative emotions, because this kind of pressure may ruin a person. 

Let children maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, full of confidence and pursuit of life, and bravely take every step of their own to truly have happiness. Behind the “new low” of the fertility rate: Seeing this table, I understand why young people are unwilling to have a second child.

When a child falls to the ground, the whole family will happily welcome the arrival of a new life. However, children not only bring joy, but also a series of troubles, and fewer and fewer people are willing to have children. 

In the last century, my country implemented the basic national policy of family planning. A family has only one child, and the population growth rate has stabilized. However, now that the demographic dividend has gradually disappeared, the aging trend is very obvious, so the opening of the second child came into being. 

However, young people nowadays are not They are willing to have children, they enjoy the two-person world, and they don’t want children to break the stable state of life. 

The concept of “multiple children, more blessings” has less and less influence on young people. Some couples and couples do not even want to have a child. In 2017, my country’s birth rate began to show a clear downward trend, and until 2019, it had dropped from 10.94% in 2018 to 10.48%. 2020 is about to pass, and the “baby boom” estimated by experts has not appeared. 

Young people do not respond strongly to the second-child policy , Even more people do not want children. What is the reason behind this? 

Behind the “new low” fertility rate

Everyone who does not want to have a second child has his own reasons, but in the final analysis, it is because the burden of raising children is too heavy. Someone listed a “childcare account statement” on the Internet, and all the expenses were terribly high. Seeing this table, I understand why young people do not want to have a second child. 

Many people are burdened as soon as they enter society Housing loans and housing problems are finally solved, and money is spent on education, pensions, and public examinations, and other trivial expenses add up to spend a lot of money. This is the true portrayal of young people. Maybe they post beautiful pictures in the circle of friends every day. In fact, work and life are very tiring, and the pressure of raising children is very high. 

Families have greater reproductive autonomy, and young people’s childcare and life concepts have also become different. What’s more, the three mountains of housing, retirement, and parenting are all weighing down on a couple. How dare you still want a second child? 

What are the considerations for having a second child? 

The pace of life has become faster and the pressure of parenting has increased. While young people are busy in the workplace, they have to consider having a second child. For young people who are more confused about giving birth to a second child, they must first consider their own conditions and think clearly about the following three points before making plans. 

1. Can the income support the second child?

Before, someone calculated an account. From the birth of the child to the graduation of the child, it would cost at least 600,000 yuan to give the child better This expenditure has to be increased for the study and living conditions. The cost of raising a child is too high now, which discourages many people who want a second child. If your income can’t support having a second child, don’t make a decision on your mind. The family will not be able to bear it in the future. Not only will you suffer yourself, but your children will also suffer. 

2. Dabao’s opinions are also very important< /p>

The joining of new family members is a big event, and the couple is not ready enough to get Dabao’s opinion. If Dabao is unwilling to have a younger sibling, then the parents should do more ideological work with him. Dabao’s psychological preparation is related to whether the family is harmonious or not. No one wants to watch the two children fight and quarrel every day, so he must accept Dabao’s opinion before making a decision. 

3. Can parenting and work be balanced?< /p>

Some families have low incomes and can provide good living conditions for the second child, but the problem is that neither couple have time to take care of children. After the baby was born, the couple ran around in order to earn money for milk powder, leaving the baby with grandparents or hiring a nanny to take care of them, and spending very little time with the baby. Such low-quality parenting is not conducive to the growth of children, parents must consider it carefully.

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