The common cold medicine has become a scourge that endangers the health of children? Doctors use less and are prone to poisoning

The common cold medicine has become a scourge that endangers the health of children? Doctors use less and are prone to poisoning

I believe that the children who come to this world are the treasures held by their parents in the palm of their hands; the health of the children is the most important thing in their lives. 

Correspondingly, when the children’s body goes wrong, they start to show signs of illness, and when they show uncomfortable symptoms, parents often turn into ants on the hot pot, and they want to get it as soon as possible.” “Miracle medicine” to get the child out of the disease in time. 

Parents’ original intentions are good, but for children, medicine is not a panacea. If you want your child to recover as soon as possible, effective medicine is only one of the methods. When the child is taking the medicine improperly, the so-called medical treatment by the parents is only Will push the children into the abyss. 

Every time when the season changes, parents are most worried about the health of their children. Because the children’s physical fitness is relatively weak, when facing a sudden flu, young children are often easily invaded by the virus, especially during the high epidemic period in winter, children are at high risk of colds, coughs, and fevers. 

For this reason, as the child’s mother, Li Su always counts the medicine box before the season and prepares some emergency medicines to prevent the child from experiencing various emergencies. 

However, once Li Su’s child really caught a cold, she immediately took out the cold medicine for the child. Unexpectedly, the child’s father took the medicine directly and prevented the child from taking the medicine. Susu, anxious, asked her husband immediately. The husband gave Susu a reason to deny the medication. 

Children have their own resistance. When the virus strikes, they should not take medicine casually. The side effects of drugs cannot be ignored. What the guardian can do is to relieve the child’s uncomfortable symptoms and take the child to the hospital depending on the situation. 

Susu, who did not take this into consideration, suddenly realized that, even though he paid attention to the child’s warmth and supervised the child’s daily diet, within a few days, the child’s condition stabilized and began to suffer. The trend of improvement. 

From the medical point of view, cold is a self-limiting disease. This disease does not cause obvious clinical symptoms. The disease does not last long. When the disease disappears, it will not cause damage to the patient’s body. Cause excessive damage. 

In other words, cold patients can be cured, and relying too much on drugs will only put pressure on the patient’s body and produce corresponding side effects. 

often let children The hazards of taking cold medicines

1. Damage to children’s health and cause poisoning risks

For a good part of parents, it can be a “magic medicine” to help children get rid of illnesses, and that should be Bavir Lin and Amantadine. Although bavirin is an antiviral drug approved on the market, how many people have conducted in-depth understanding and learned that the true scope of application of this drug is very narrow. Among them, ribavirin is very toxic. If children take it, it is likely to cause hemolytic anemia, and even cause cancer risk. In addition, there are some parents who use amantadine for drugs. The word-of-mouth of “anti-viral and cold” is unquestionable, but in fact, children taking these drugs can do more harm than good. Drugs like this with extremely high drug resistance, while suppressing the virus, are likely to have side effects such as carcinogenesis, malformations, and mutations. 

2. Improper medication can harm the health of the child

When some parents become anxious, they are likely to give the adult cold medicine to the child without reading the instructions. Young children have not fully developed organs in all aspects of their bodies. Taking adult cold medicines at will will have unimaginable consequences; for example, children may be in a more dangerous situation because of some of the medicines that are not suitable for children to take. 

What can parents do for the health of their children? 

1. Reasonably arrange children’s nutritious meals

If you want to enhance your children’s resistance and immunity, parents should start by supervising their children’s diet, focusing on their children’s usual diet, so that they can be comprehensive Absorb the necessary nutrients, and do a good match of meat and vegetables to prevent children from being picky and world-weary. 

2. Lead children to exercise outdoors

Exercise exercise is a good way to keep fit. In order to effectively improve the physical fitness of children, parents should supervise their children to exercise every day, so as to regard exercise as their own habit. 

3. Take good care of the sick child

When the child is sick, parents should not panic, keep calm and stay with the child, take care of the child and soothe the child’s mood. When the child has symptoms of nasal congestion and runny nose, proper ventilation, clothing, and massage can be used to relieve the child’s discomfort. When necessary, parents should lead their children to the hospital in time to consult correct and scientific cure plans. 

That’s all for today’s topic. How do you accompany your child through the sick period? If you want to quickly qualify as a “premature dad”, first see if there are 5 characteristics that are linked to fertility

For couples of the right age, successful pregnancy preparation is not a difficult task, but you can’t deny it. However, the infertility rate in our country has exceeded 10%. 

In other words, some families who are preparing for pregnancy have indeed encountered some resistance in preparing for pregnancy. 

Nowadays, young people are under greater pressure in life, which also makes their health unintentionally overdrawn. 

So young couples in a sub-healthy state will naturally encounter a wall in preparing for pregnancy. At the same time, the failure to prepare for pregnancy is not always a problem for women. If the sperm activity of men is low, it will also affect the success rate of pregnancy. 

The couple have not been pregnant for many years after their marriage. For this reason, the wife did not suffer from the difficulties of her mother-in-law. After the examination, it turned out to be the husband’s problem. Soon after the marriage, Xiaoling’s in-laws gave the young couple the task of giving birth, and Xiaoling and her husband did not reject this. They also hope to push their lives on a new journey. 

But after three years, Xiao Ling’s stomach still doesn’t move. At first, Xiaoling’s in-laws were able to patiently encourage Xiaoling not to be discouraged, but after a long time, the old couple couldn’t sit still. 

Looking at other people’s elders, they have already made fun of their grandchildren, and Xiaoling’s in-laws even spread their grievances on their daughter-in-law. 

“You got married very early, but it’s a pity that your stomach is really useless! I don’t know if I can expect you to continue the incense for our family!”

Faced with the cynicism of her in-laws, Xiaoling Very wronged, but she didn’t understand why she couldn’t get pregnant at a young age! 

In order to be able to give birth to a child, Xiaoling tried a lot of remedies and went to the hospital for a lot of examinations, but she still failed to prepare for pregnancy. In desperation, Xiaoling had no choice but to “inspire” her husband to also go for an examination. 

But Xiaoling’s husband is very disgusted with this, “Will you have a baby? It depends on your women. What is the use of me to check?”

Finally, Xiaoling Unable to bear the disgust of in-laws, he asked her husband, “If you don’t go to the inspection, I will get a divorce!” So the husband, who has never let go, finally pulled his face down and agreed to go to the inspection. 

Finally, the doctor diagnosed that Xiaoling and his wife were infertile for many years because Xiaoling’s husband’s sperm activity was too low, and it was necessary to take good care of the body to hear the good news. 

To be successful in pregnancy, the couple must be physically prepared. It is not a matter of a woman to conceive life alone. The prospective fathers should also take care of their bodies and provide higher quality sperm. 

If you want to be promoted quickly to be a father-to-be, first see if there are these five characteristics in men? 

A healthy diet with a regular schedule

It is necessary to adhere to a regular schedule and a healthy diet in daily life. If dads-to-be can pay attention to this aspect, they The secreted sperm will be more active, which also makes the success rate of pregnancy more secure. 

If men are in a state of life with black and white reversed and overeating for a long time, this will not only consume their health but also reduce sperm activity. 

Exuberant body hair

According to surveys and studies, men have exuberant body hair, the stronger their reproductive ability will be. 

This is mainly because males with strong body hair secrete higher levels of male hormones, and strong androgen secretion makes the success rate of pregnancy more secure. 

Comfortable mood

If men are in a state of anxiety and tension, their sexual desire will decrease accordingly, and their reproductive ability will also be greatly reduced. 

In comparison, those prospective fathers with a more relaxed mentality are more likely to hear good news during pregnancy. 

So if men want to be promoted to dads faster, they need to better adjust their mood and keep their emotions stable and peaceful. 

Quit smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking will cause a certain degree of harm to the male body, and it will also affect the quality of sperm. 

Excessive intake of tobacco and alcohol may induce sperm deformities and reduce sperm motility, which is not only detrimental to pregnancy, but may also affect embryo quality even after pregnancy is successful. 

So fathers-to-be must quit smoking and drinking during pregnancy and improve their physical condition. 

At the age suitable for childbearing

Generally speaking, the best age for men to bear children is 30 to 35 years old, so for fathers-to-be of this age, pregnancy is successful The probability is higher. 

Although the optimal childbearing age for men is not as strict as the optimal childbearing age for women, it has to be said that if the male childbearing age is too old, the testosterone secreted in his body will decrease. The probability of successful pregnancy preparation will be greatly reduced. 

during pregnancy , What issues should men pay attention to? 

Avoid too frequent sex

Some couples mistakenly believe that frequent couples’ life can increase the probability of pregnancy success when preparing for pregnancy, but in fact, if sex is too frequent, this will actually reduce the semen The concentration and maturity of sperm is not conducive to the guarantee of sperm quality. 

Usually, a couple’s life is most suitable once every 3 to 7 days, so that the speed of sperm production and consumption can reach a balance. 

Appropriate selenium supplementation

Selenium can promote sperm production, but the intake of this element in daily food is very limited, so fathers-to-be can appropriately Take some selenium. 

This has certain benefits for the improvement of sperm motility and the guarantee of sperm secretion. 

In short, the success of pregnancy preparation requires the joint efforts of the couple. If you want to be promoted as prospective fathers, men should also take the initiative to do a good job of physical conditioning, adjust their daily routines, and ensure a balanced nutritional intake. 

Do you share any opinions about what men should do to prepare for pregnancy?

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