The child’s schoolbag resembles a stone, and the parents opened it for inspection and exclaimed what these things are?

The child’s schoolbag resembles a stone, and the parents opened it for inspection and exclaimed what these things are? 

I believe many people used to think that it is a kind of spoiling for parents to help carry schoolbags when picking up their children to and from school, but after they become parents, they can understand the intentions of those parents, because the children’s schoolbags , For their small stature, it is indeed too heavy. 

If this is a long time, the child’s spine will not bend. But not all children’s schoolbags are heavy because they contain too many books. For some children, the schoolbags may contain things that their parents did not expect. 

The evening before yesterday, my friend Xiao Li and her husband went to pick up their son from school. Xiao Li’s son is 8 years old this year and he is in the second grade of elementary school. Grandma was always responsible for picking up and dropping him. But that day, grandma returned to his hometown when something happened, and his parents came to the school to pick him up when they were free. 

When they saw their son at the gate of the school, Xiao Li suddenly realized something was wrong, and saw that his son’s back was very bent by the schoolbag. Seeing this scene, Xiao Li, who was a mother, immediately felt distressed. Then, he hurriedly greeted him and tore off his son’s schoolbag and held it in his hand. 

After the schoolbag was torn off, Xiao Li was even more surprised. She didn’t expect the child’s schoolbag to be as heavy as a stone. The husband on the side saw his wife’s abnormal reaction, and he came over and carried a schoolbag, repeatedly saying that it was serious. The parents who couldn’t bear it opened the child’s schoolbag on the spot, and immediately exclaimed what they were all about! 

The original son’s schoolbag contained not only books and essential stationery. Half of it was actually Toys, and most of the weight of the entire schoolbag are contributed by toys, no wonder they are as heavy as rocks. Seeing these things in the child’s schoolbag, Xiao Li was very angry at the time, and he said something to his son to go back and feel good for you! 

Under normal circumstances, children in the second grade of elementary school don’t have schoolbags as heavy as rocks. After all, the teacher is not stupid. You don’t know that the children can’t carry such a heavy schoolbag, let alone the teacher. And schools must be afraid of complaints from parents. So Xiao Li’s son’s schoolbag is heavy, so I can’t really blame it on the school or the teacher. To blame, I can only blame his son for not studying seriously, and for bringing a bunch of toys to school. 

To put toys in your schoolbag? Faced with children who are not serious about their studies, parents should educate them like this.

Ask the teacher to teach

Under normal circumstances, the school should prohibit children from bringing toys there. Therefore, the child can only do this secretly, and he must be fearful in his heart. 

In this case, once parents discover that their children have such behaviors, the best way is to calmly communicate with them. Contact the teacher and ask the teacher to criticize and educate them, so that the children can have a deeper understanding of their own mistakes. 

Be more concerned about your child’s study, and check his schoolbag often

There are toys in your child’s schoolbag. In fact, the biggest responsibility lies not with him but with the parents. As a parent, you have an obligation to care about your children’s learning. If you don’t even understand the things like toys in your children’s schoolbags every day, how can you be qualified to say that you have done your best to your children’s learning? 

So if you want to avoid this kind of thing from happening, parents should put more snacks on their children’s learning, and help check the schoolbag every day. If you find that the weight of your child’s schoolbag is abnormal, you should also take care of the contents. Take them out and check them carefully one by one. As long as you check it tightly, you naturally don’t have to worry about strange things in your child’s schoolbag. 

Many parents are worried that too heavy schoolbags will be detrimental to their children’s growth. Regarding this point, in fact, everyone still has to believe in science more than others. 

The schoolbag is too heavy to overwhelm the child? There are scientific standards for whether to be overweight.

Weight does not exceed 15% of body weight, and it’s okay to carry it for no more than 20 minutes.

Many times, it’s not that children’s schoolbags are really heavy. But it’s just that mom or dad feels heavy. According to research by some experts, the weight of a schoolbag that a child can bear can actually reach 15% of his body weight. 

Children in the first grade are usually fifty or sixty catties, so as long as the schoolbag does not exceed seven or eight catties, there is no problem. Parents can weigh it. 

In addition, even if it slightly exceeds the maximum weight of the child, as long as the carrying time is not longer than 20 minutes, it will not have a permanent negative impact on the child. Therefore, the problem of overweight schoolbags is far less serious than parents imagined. 

In order to avoid overweight schoolbags, some things can be carried in your hands

In fact, there is a good way to reduce the weight of schoolbags, and that is to share some weight. For example, the “organ clip” specially used to hold test papers is an excellent example. Putting the test papers inside and holding them in your hands can reduce the weight of the schoolbag by one to two catties. 

The stuff in the schoolbag should be something that is only related to study or necessary for school, such as a kettle, umbrella, etc. In addition, things like toys are not suitable for putting them in. Otherwise, it will not only affect the child’s learning, but also make the schoolbag overweight and bring him physical harm. This is exactly what every parent should pay attention to. The four major “physiological needs” during pregnancy are the most unbearable, and the third reaction is the strongest, requiring the cooperation of the husband

To most women, having a child is both an exclusive right and a huge test. 

Not to mention the pain test of grade 10 or more that needs to be experienced during childbirth. During the long days of pregnancy in October, there are too many tests and risks to face in order to raise a fetus. 

Of course, in addition to tolerating the complicated experience of pregnancy and childbirth, there are also some unique physiological needs and phenomena during pregnancy that make pregnant mothers unable to cope. 

The netizens who follow the entertainment circle should be familiar with Chen Xiaochun and Ying Caier, right? The two have been married for many years and have been recognized as loving couples in the entertainment industry. Caier Ying took the risk to give birth to two children for Chen Xiaochun. 

Speaking of what happened when she was pregnant with her eldest son, Ying Cai’er is still sighing now. She said that although she had suspended work at that time, she concentrated on raising a baby at home. 

However, many pregnancy reactions are still painful for her. In addition to frequent vomiting, the time to go out has also been shortened, because during pregnancy, the trouble of frequent urination continues until the child is born. 

“I dare not go to a place without a toilet at all, otherwise I will collapse because of holding back urine.” This is Caier Ying’s complaint during pregnancy in a variety show. 

In addition to frequent urination during pregnancy, Taiwan’s well-known actress Xie Yilin even complained on variety shows that she had severe constipation during pregnancy. 

“I never thought that I would still use Kaysaluru one day in my life. After all, I have never had such troubles before.” 

When Xie Yilin talked about the troubles of severe constipation during pregnancy, he even said that because of severe constipation, hemorrhoids aggravated, and for some time he could not sleep on his back at all. 

The famous host Li Ai also frankly said that he was also troubled by constipation during pregnancy, and for a long time he could only rely on Kaisailu. 

According to relevant data, at least more than 80% of pregnant mothers suffer from constipation during pregnancy, and more than 90% of pregnant mothers suffer from frequent urination. 

Even female celebrities who have always paid attention to maintenance have the common problems of pregnant mothers during pregnancy. 

It can be seen that no matter how carefully the fetus is raised, the “four major” needs during pregnancy are inevitable. So, next, let us take a look at what are the “four major” needs! 

Four major pregnancy “Physiological needs” are the most unbearable, the third reaction is the strongest, and the husband has to cooperate! 

Frequent urination

As the fetus continues to grow and develop, it occupies more and more space. It will soon compress the pregnant mother’s bladder, leading to frequent urination. 

Pregnant mothers should not be forced to endure frequent urination, after all, the harm caused by holding back urine is still not small, such as causing infection and causing cystitis, it will also lead to postpartum enuresis. 

Pregnant mothers should know that frequent urination is a very common phenomenon during pregnancy. When traveling, choose a place equipped with a bathroom as much as possible, and do not deliberately hold it back. 


Many pregnant mothers may find that they rarely experience constipation before, but they not only start to experience constipation after pregnancy, but also get worse with the increase in pregnancy. 

Actually, this is mainly because the fetus grows bigger and bigger, squeezes into the stomach of pregnant mother, affects the normal gastrointestinal motility, and constipation occurs. 

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should use as little medicine as possible to solve the problem of constipation. Eating more fruits, walking more, or participating in professional aerobic exercise for pregnant women can be solved through these healthy and natural ways. 

There is a need for intercourse.

Usually doctors do not recommend couples have intercourse during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy. This is not conducive to the stability of the fetus. In the middle few months, intercourse can be carried out appropriately. During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have a lot of progesterone secretion, and there is a need to be close to their husbands. 

If you are a pregnant mother who does not usually have a big need for sex, you will find that you become more eager than ever during pregnancy. 

At this time, the husband can try his best to satisfy his wife, but the frequency should not be too much. The doctor’s recommendation is generally not to exceed 2 times a week. And the movements should be gentle, so as not to hurt the fetus in the abdomen. 

Emotional fluctuations are relatively large

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have relatively large changes in hormones and imbalances. This leads to relatively large emotional fluctuations, irritability, irritability, etc., which are all very normal. phenomenon. 

Besides the pregnant mother herself should pay attention to adjusting her emotions, as a husband, she should also understand, tolerate, and promptly relieve and comfort the wife during pregnancy. For example, often give some small gifts to comfort, patiently persuade, and solve. 

At the same time, we must also pay attention to the safety of the wife. After all, in the case of emotional out-of-control, coupled with inconvenience during pregnancy, it is possible to fall or bump, which requires the husband to give me careful protection. 

The above-mentioned four “physiological needs”, which are known as the most unbearable during pregnancy, must have been experienced by pregnant mothers more or less. 

After all, according to relevant survey data, the probability of these four major physiological needs basically exceeds 80% or more. 

This can show that these physiological needs are very normal phenomena, pregnant mothers should not be forced, otherwise it will not only be detrimental to their own health, but also affect the normal development of the fetus. 

Besides pregnant mothers must learn to face it calmly and use scientific methods to solve them, as the husband of pregnant mothers, the father of the child must naturally cooperate with his wife, and be patient, careful, tolerant, and understanding of his wife. , I am grateful to my wife for her dedication, and we will spend the long pregnancy in October together and welcome the arrival of the baby! 

Did you have any special physical needs when you were pregnant? Welcome to leave a message to share!

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