The child’s mouth full of “little black teeth” may be caused by these three reasons. Brushing teeth every day is useless.

The child’s mouth full of “little black teeth” may be caused by these three reasons, and brushing teeth every day is useless

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Many children have teeth There is a certain problem, but every time I hear that a child’s teeth are bad, many people’s first reaction is caused by eating too much sugar, but in fact, some ignorant behavior of the parents may also cause the child’s mouth to be full of “little black teeth”. 

Case: A 4-year-old baby brushes her teeth every day, and her mouth is still full of “little black teeth”

Xiao Zhou’s son is 4 years old this year. Xiao Zhou has always been extremely concerned about the child’s health and has relatively high dietary requirements. Don’t give your children sweets because they are worried that they will damage their teeth. 

However, what Xiao Zhou didn’t expect was that she had already exercised such strict control and her son was still full of “little black teeth”. This situation made Xiao Zhou puzzled. 

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In desperation, Xiao Zhou had to take the child to the dentist, but the doctor thought that the child’s mouth was full of “Little Black Teeth” “It is most likely caused by Xiao Zhou’s hand. 

It turned out that before going to bed every night, Xiao Zhou would let his son drink a glass of milk, which would not only help sleep, but also be good for physical development. But I never expected that it was this “little habit” that caused my son’s mouth to be full of “little black teeth”. 

The doctor told Xiao Zhou: After the child falls asleep, the secretion of saliva in the mouth will be reduced, and the milk remaining in the mouth will be broken down by bacteria to eat the teeth, causing the child to have “little black teeth”, that is, dental caries. 

Reasons why children have “little black teeth”

In addition to drinking milk before going to bed without brushing their teeth, children also have “little black teeth” because of the following three conditions. 

➤Frequent and unrestrained eating

The US Agency for Disease Control has analyzed the oral hygiene status of 4200 preschool children and found that: children are irregular and frequent Children who eat, the probability of tooth decay will increase at least 3 times or more. 

Therefore, if the child eats frequently and without restraint, the food residues will often accumulate between the teeth, and over time, they will have a bite of “little black teeth.” 

➤Having food habitually

Some children like to have food, such as eating a piece of candy, it will be in the mouth at time, and even when it is time to go to bed, they are reluctant to bite Swallow. 

In this case, if the food stays in the mouth for a long time, it will seriously corrode the child’s teeth. 

➤Incomplete and inconscientious brushing

Many parents rarely supervise their children’s brushing after teaching their children to brush their teeth. 

But because many children may not like to brush their teeth, they are used to perfunctory things, which often results in the consequences of incomplete brushing, and finally causes the teeth to turn black. 

How can parents help their children maintain a good oral condition? 

• Brush your teeth on time

In fact, breast-feeding babies can also develop tooth decay, which is mainly in the front teeth. 

So, when the child erupts the first tooth, parents should pay attention to nursing. Because every time a baby drinks milk, there is still part of the milk remaining in the mouth. If the teeth are soaked in the milk for a long time, corrosion will gradually occur. 

Bao Ma can use clean gauze dipped in water to gently wipe the baby’s teeth; before the baby changes teeth, she should also make sure to brush her teeth every day to prevent tooth decay from growing. 

In addition, many children are resistant to brushing their teeth. As a parent, they should help their children realize the importance of brushing their teeth and choose some better-tasting toothpastes to increase their interest in brushing their teeth. 

• Diet control

The reason why many children have “little black teeth” is actually related to their own diet. 

If the child loves to eat sweets, the remaining sugar will ferment with the bacteria in the mouth to produce acidic substances, and this acidic substance will dissolve the tooth enamel and further corrode the teeth. The food residues adhere to the tooth cavity and are decomposed by the bacteria to produce pigments. Deposition, and finally a black surface is formed. 

Therefore, if you want to stay away from “little black teeth”, parents must strictly control their children’s eating habits. 

• Regular checkups

The development of children’s teeth is different from that of adults. Their teeth are not fully developed and very immature. Therefore, if you want to have healthy, neat and white teeth, you can Parents must pay more attention to them when they are young. 

Although some parents take care of their children while paying attention to their children’s oral health, they are not professional dentists after all, and some potential problems cannot be observed in time. 

Therefore, it is necessary to take the child to check the teeth regularly. In this way, the parents can also grasp the development of the child’s teeth in time. If a problem is found, it can be treated in time to prevent the problem from becoming more serious.  Mengwa will be given two shots of vaccine at a time, The painful expression makes people feel distressed. Netizen: Who can do it?

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Vaccinating children from an early age is an effective measure to prevent their physical problems and improve their immunity, but this process may be more tortuous. 

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The video of cute baby injections became popular

Two days ago, a mother posted a video of her own baby injections on the Internet——

Pictures The middle school parent clamped the child with his legs, and then held his arm tightly to prevent him from moving randomly. At this time, the two nurses each took out a needle and pointed it at the baby’s arm. The baby’s head was swaying from the pain, but they didn’t know where to put it. 

After watching the video, netizens said they felt distressed, and some netizens questioned: Why should the baby get two injections at once? This kind of pain is unbearable for adults and is not more pain for children? Who can do it? 

Some netizens also responded below: The mother may want to make the baby hurt once, which is more cost-effective than the pain twice. 

Below this video There have been many posts from netizens, saying that the situation of their children during the injection is distressing and funny——

@威廉妈妈: At the moment when the needle was pierced by the nurse sister, the child’s heart os: Let go of that hand and let me come! 

@小胖最萌: Such a cute baby like me, you can actually do it too! 

@沐沐: I just Don’t want to get an injection, you guys are actually trying to force me to jump out of bed? 

@小伟的妈妈: As long as I am strong enough, the pain can’t catch up with me! 

@lemon: I just hit A needle, there is no need to make it like killing a pig! 

Of course entertainment belongs to entertainment. We must all know that prevention is very important for babies, and to some extent it is to protect the health of babies. 

Why vaccinations are necessary

1. Prevent certain specific physical problems

In the past, some common physical problems appeared in the vast majority of people in our country my country has seriously endangered the health of our people. 

Later, the level of medical treatment was improved, and after research, it was discovered that these problems can be prevented and controlled, so a new method of vaccination emerged. 

Vaccination after the newborn is born can greatly reduce this problem and provide a strong guarantee for the baby’s health. 

2. Immunity supplement

After the newborn is born, the development of all aspects of the body is not perfect, and the immune system will also be weak, which means that its resistance is relatively low, facing some external pollutants, bacteria and other harmful substances Without enough ability to resist, it is easy to get sick. 

Then the vaccinations can effectively control the invasion of these external harmful substances into the baby’s body, which is equivalent to an extra layer of protection in addition to immunity, which is conducive to the healthy development of the body. 

Be careful before getting vaccinations

① Is your body healthy?

Try to keep your body healthy when you are vaccinated, but it is usually not suitable for you when you are sick. This is because the ingredients in it can make the body suffer Stimulates to produce immunity. 

But in the case of illness, the child’s body’s immunity has already been activated. If vaccinated again, the discomfort in the child’s body will be more obvious and aggravated, such as fever Problem, then the temperature will rise again. 

② Wear loose clothing


Usually the vaccinations are in the arm part, and the clothes are too tight and need to be undressed, which can easily make the baby catch cold. At the same time, after the fight, you need to wear clothes, too tight will cause pain. 

③ Skin problems can’t be treated

Before getting a vaccination, you should confirm that the part of the skin that needs to be injected is healthy and complete. If there are some skin problems, it is usually not recommended, such as some Eczema, skin rash, etc., which may cause bacteria to enter, cause physical discomfort and other problems, but affect health, so it is recommended to proceed after the cure. 

④ Apply for documents in advance


Usually, if you want to vaccinate your child on time, you must go to the vaccination clinic in your place of residence to obtain a vaccination certificate within 1 month of birth, so that it can proceed smoothly. 

At the same time, most of these vaccinations do not exist independently and need to be carried out multiple times in succession. Therefore, they must be carried out on time according to the required procedures and time. 

Pay attention after the fight

1) Observe the baby’s state

Mainly refer to whether there is redness, swelling, fever, etc. after the fight, if these If the situation disappears quickly, then it is a normal uncomfortable reaction. 

However, once these reactions occur and persist for a long time, you need to pay attention. It is best to go to the hospital for examination. 

2) Are there any allergies

Not all babies can fully accept these ingredients. Some babies, especially those with sensitive physique, will have allergic reactions to some ingredients, such as long rashes or even shock. If you are allergic to these ingredients, you should try to avoid contact when you are inoculated in the future. 

3) Pay attention to rest


The baby needs to rest more after the fight, and don’t do too much exercise or go out for too long. At the same time, try not to take a bath within 24 hours, so as not to cause cold and other problems. 

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