The children brought out by this kind of mother are good children in front of others, but they are humble and timid at home.

The children brought out by this kind of mother are good children in front of others, but they are humble and timid at home.

Parents hope that their children can be a little more obedient, not bluffing all day, making mistakes and causing troubles everywhere, but there are some problems. Shaobao’s mother felt that her child was too introverted and cowardly. In fact, this is inseparable from the education of parents, especially Bao Ma’s education. 

The girl is cute and thoughtful , But she was humble and timid. After seeing her mother, the teacher was no longer surprised

A female student in Xiaowen’s class performed very well, and she was basically in the top three in every exam, but she was different from other students with good academic performance. Similarly, this female classmate always speaks very quietly and habitually lowers her head. “You are already very good. If you are more confident and bold, you will be better, and you will also find that life becomes more interesting.” Xiao Wen said to the child more than once, but the child is always red Head down. 

After a parent meeting, Xiao Wen talked to the girl’s mother about this, hoping that she would encourage her children more. After all, the role of parents in children’s hearts is irreplaceable. 

“Have you heard? Don’t be like a dull gourd one day. Be generous in front of outsiders. Don’t be so petty. No one likes it. Don’t think that your grades are good and you don’t like to care about people. You are better than you. There are many.” The girl’s mother listened to Xiao Wen’s words, but she taught the child severely, and the girl also appeared more humble and timid in front of her mother. Now Xiao Wen is not surprised why children are always so timid. 

Have you ever noticed that children actually look at the faces of adults? The attitude of adults towards children will directly affect children’s performance. Parents’ influence on children’s character is the most basic, and educators point out that children are the first to be affected by their mothers, and they are more affected by their fathers during adolescence. If the child’s personality is too introverted and timid, then the mother must pay attention to her own way of education. 

mother to child The first influence is that children are humble and timid. Most of them are mothers like this.

Mothers who like to suppress their children

Children’s understanding of the world and themselves is relatively simple, and they are easily satisfied. These things may not be worth mentioning in the eyes of adults, but mothers should not easily suppress their children. For example, when a child puts forward his own whimsical idea, the mother directly tells the child “impossible”; when the child makes progress, the mother tells the child that it is nothing; when the child wants to share interesting things, the mother will only dislike the child bother. In such an atmosphere, it is naturally difficult for a child’s character to develop freely. 

Mothers who are too strict with their children

In the hearts of mothers, their children are the smartest and lovable. Therefore, they always hope that their children can be better than other children. . But even if we want our children to do everything better than others, this is really too difficult for the children, otherwise we would have done it ourselves. 

If Bao’s mother’s requirements for her children are too unrealistic and too strict, then the child will never do enough. In the mother’s place, there will always be more nervous feedback than positive feedback. Response. 

Mothers who like to lose their temper

When parents quarrel and lose their temper, the child’s heart is very afraid of fear, and now in most cases it is the mother who is taking care of the child, so it is inevitable that more And the child is anxious. But whether it’s the child doing the wrong thing, or Bao’s mother is in a bad mood, be careful not to always get angry with the child. Otherwise, the child will be in a long-term fear of insecurity, walking on thin ice every day for fear of doing something wrong. 

Many children are usually very sensible, but if we observe carefully, we will find that many of them are always thoughtful. In fact, they may not want to be so sensible, but they dare not act boldly. Such a child is certainly worrying, but the child may be very painful, and there will be many problems and frustrations waiting for the child in the future. 

timid personality What are the disadvantages of cowardice? These two points are the most obvious. Parents rarely understand

Inner sensitivity and easy injury

The character is more introverted and timid. Children who are usually sensible are generally delicate and sensitive in heart, and their empathy ability is very good. Strong, so I often wrong myself to please others. However, such a sensible person often fails to get corresponding feedback, and this kind of inequality is more likely to bring harm to their feelings and more likely to suffer from mental illness. 

I often feel that interpersonal communication is difficult

The sensible children should have developed more smoothly, but they are introverted. On the one hand, they dare not actively make friends. On the other hand, they encounter problems in interpersonal communication. The contradiction does not know how to resolve it. Therefore, people who are timid and cowardly often have troubles in interpersonal communication, and are more likely to fall in love with “scum men” and “scum women” in love. They always put themselves very low, and finally suffer. hurt. 

Since we all love our children deeply and think they are smart and cute, why don’t we encourage them more? Compared with serious reminders and suppression, encouragement and companionship can actually help children form a self-confident and courageous character and climb higher peaks. What do you think parents can do to help their children form a good character? awkward! The birth process is beginning to show “physical needs”, the doctor said a word, let the pregnant woman “let go”

To talk about the embarrassing things during the whole pregnancy, pregnant mothers can say so few things, like It is the leakage of urine, fart, frequent urination, etc. in the third trimester. Presumably most pregnant mothers have experienced it. 

I thought that the embarrassment was almost over by the time of childbirth. After all, the baby is about to be born, so there will be no more “moths”, right? 

But often the more this time, the more “Murphy’s Law” will happen to you. Just two days ago, a mother sent me a private message

During my pregnancy, except for frequent urination, I can say I was very lucky. I didn’t see anything embarrassing, but I really wanted to erase my childbirth experience last week. 

When I was giving birth, I had forgotten that I still had constipation. The doctor kept trying hard, and I also cooperated with the doctor. The doctor later observed my “physical needs”, but my attention was all on the pain at the time, and I was still exerting force when I noticed it. 

In this way, the two states of “strengthening-relaxing” kept switching until the doctor said to me, “It’s okay, don’t be afraid, just let it out.” It was the words of the doctor that I knew I originally solved my physical needs by the way. 

I can imagine how embarrassed I was at that time. Later, I didn’t dare to use any more force. I was afraid that there was extra intestines that was not cleaned. The doctor also noticed my “uncomfortable”, so he smiled and said, “This What’s the matter, there are so many cases of being a doctor. Have you never heard your friends say it before? That’s because they dare not say it. Besides, if you can’t let go anymore, wait for the child to stay in your stomach too. It’s very dangerous for a long time.”

It was the words of the doctor that made me dare to let go, and the second half of the delivery went smoothly. But then I learned that few friends around me really solve this kind of physiological needs in a normal childbirth, and I still feel a little embarrassed to think about it. 

It can be seen that the doctor’s EQ is still very high, but it is true that for the doctor, these are small scenes. Just like the doctor said, “I have not seen anything before, this is normal.” . 

So, if this kind of situation occurs during the delivery process, you also hope not to be too nervous, otherwise your breathing and exertion may be disrupted due to your tension, which will affect the labor rhythm at that time and make the fetus Increased risk with oneself. 

Except in production What awkward things are there to solve physiological needs in bed? 

1. Skin preparation

Maybe during pregnancy, pregnant mothers don’t know that, it turns out that skin preparation is required before delivery, and whether it is a caesarean section or a normal delivery, skin preparation is required of. 

The main parts of skin preparation are under the armpits, abdomen and genital area. Most domestic women do not have the habit of trimming the genital area hair by themselves. However, in foreign countries, girls will start trimming their hair after they enter puberty. , And more frequently. 

So pregnant mothers may feel extremely shy, especially letting others trim them. But this process has to be done, because skin preparation is mainly to prevent postpartum infections, hair will breed a lot of bacteria, postpartum women’s body is weaker, it is the time when it is easy to be infected, so this step of skin preparation is also It seems particularly critical. 

2. Leakage of urine

During the delivery process, there may also be “leakage of urine” because the uterus will contract violently when the parturient exerts force, and the bladder will be stimulated during this process, so it will leak unconsciously. Pee. 

But most women don’t find it. This is because amniotic fluid will come out during the normal delivery process, so most of the mothers mistakenly think it is amniotic fluid.

Of course, if the mother can think so , It couldn’t be better. After all, this kind of thinking can reduce a lot of psychological burden, and it won’t be embarrassing. 

3. “Hand stripping the placenta”

Usually, if the placenta fails to be delivered with the fetus after delivery, the doctor will reach into the reproductive part of the parturient with his hands, and then The placenta is peeled off and removed from the uterus. 

At first, the mother will feel embarrassed, but after a while, this feeling will disappear and be replaced by severe pain. Some pregnant mothers think this feeling is even more painful than childbirth, because the pain during childbirth is relatively numb, but now that the childbirth is over, the new mothers are full of exhaustion, and the pain at this time will be particularly obvious. 

And in some cases, the doctor may peel it more than once, which also means experiencing multiple pains. At this time, where there is still a sense of embarrassment, I think that it will not hurt so much if it ends early. 

Finally, I want to remind new pregnant mothers that for everyone, it must be the most embarrassing to solve the physiological needs in the delivery bed. Therefore, we must pay attention to the diet in the third trimester of pregnancy. Intake dietary fiber to avoid constipation. 

Of course, you can also communicate with the doctor before giving birth. The doctor usually gives pregnant mothers some drugs to help defecation, which will not affect the pregnant mother’s body, so there is no need to worry.

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