The child was accidentally scalded? Parents must not mess around, these 4 misunderstandings should be avoided

The child was accidentally scalded? Parents must not mess around. These 4 misunderstandings should be circumvented.

Children are lively by nature and are interested in everything. They want to see and touch them, but in the process, There may be many dangers, such as being burned. 

When a child is scalded, many parents are instantly confused and don’t know how to deal with it. Some parents will use methods that have not been scientifically certified to “treat”, but they will often bring him Here comes a second injury. 

There have been many unreliable rumors on the Internet about being burned. Maybe many parents have also been tricked. Today we will take stock of those misunderstandings and clear mines for your parents. 

Wiping toothpaste

What you’ve heard most about burns What is the treatment method? The most I hear is to apply toothpaste! Are you serious about applying toothpaste after burns? Can it be effective? The answer is of course no. 

Many people think that toothpaste can treat scalds, mainly because toothpaste generally contains mint and other ingredients. It feels a bit cool to apply it to the burned area, so psychologically feel that it can treat scalds. 

But in fact, toothpaste contains many additives and foaming agents, these ingredients not only can not treat scalds, but also increase the infection surface of the wounds, making the burns more serious. 

Apply soy sauce

Apply some soy sauce after burns. Many people should have heard this statement, but will soy sauce work? Of course not. Soy sauce is just a flavoring agent and does not have any medicinal effects. Moreover, the color of soy sauce is very dark. If it is applied to the burned surface, it can easily cover the wound, which adds a lot to the doctor’s later treatment. Difficulty. 

So, applying soy sauce or lard after a scald is a wrong behavior. Apart from increasing the difficulty of treatment, it will not have any beneficial effect. 

acid-base neutralization

acid-base neutralization method It sounds like a very high-end treatment method. Acid-base neutralization is also very scientific, but it is not suitable for burns. 

Because when the acid and alkali are neutralized, a lot of heat will be released, and this heat is likely to stimulate the original wound and aggravate the burn. So, those highly educated parents should never “short-circuit” their brains after their children are scalded! 

Can’t take cold water

Can’t take cold water after burns? ? Many parents believe that if a child is scalded and showered with water, it may cause blisters. In fact, this is also a misunderstanding. 

When a child is scalded, the most correct and effective first aid method is to shower with cold water, because cold water can quickly cool the wound surface, prevent heat from continuing to work, and effectively reduce the child’s pain. 

The doctor suggested that when dealing with burns, it is best to use 15-20 degrees of cold water for more than 30 minutes, until the pain gradually disappears, if the burn is not serious, you can apply some scald cream, if the burn is more If it is severe, it must be sent to the hospital in time. 

The above are the 4 common treatments for burns Rumors, I hope that after reading this article, parents can get rid of these rumors from their minds and master the correct first aid methods for burns! The primary school’s homework “1.2+6.8=8” was crossed, and Dad Bao asked the teacher: What’s wrong

“If you don’t do your homework, be kind and filial, do your homework as soon as you do your homework.” What a difficult thing, I believe many parents are deeply moved. 

But this is not the most annoying for parents. The most difficult thing is that primary school students will always set up various “routines” in their homework. Many parents say that since they started tutoring their children to do homework, they feel that they are The study is in vain. 

Primary school students’ homework question “1.2+6.8=8” was by the teacher Draw a cross

When Xiao Xu was having dinner with his colleagues, he couldn’t help but complain that the homework problems of primary school students are too difficult, and there are routines everywhere. 

It turned out that when Xiao Xu was tutoring his children to do homework, his son suddenly asked his father “how much is 1.2+6.8?”, he answered without thinking that it was equal to 8. But when he heard the old father’s answer, Xiao The guy was puzzled and took out the exercise book and said: “Why did the teacher draw a cross for me?”

Bao’s dad looked at the wrong question and was puzzled. Later, he boldly guessed that the teacher might have made the wrong judgment for a while, so Xiao Xu At the request of the child, he sent a message to the teacher. 

However, the teacher’s reply was: “This question is not wrong, the answer is 8.0, and the child wrote 8”. 

Dad Bao was not convinced when he saw this explanation, so he asked the teacher: “Aren’t 8 and 8.0 the same? What is wrong with my child?”

The teacher patiently explained: “Although the values ​​of 8 and 8.0 are the same, they represent different accuracy. This type of question tests the child’s rigor and logical thinking.” 

Speaking of which, Xiao Xu Bao’s father has already I understood what the teacher meant. Although I told my son to be more rigorous, think more, and pay more attention to details, I secretly complained: “I feel like I have read a fake lesson.”

Listen At this point, Xiao Xu’s colleague started a discussion on this. Some people think that this is a math problem, it should be a brain teaser. Some people think that what the teacher said is correct should let the children improve their memory and become more careful in the future. Not only did his colleagues have different opinions, but many netizens also expressed their opinions. 

Regarding the teacher’s explanation, netizens have different opinions.

Some netizens agree that learning should not be ambiguous, which is not conducive to the children’s future study and life, so it’s okay to be strict. 

Another part of the netizens are opposed to it, believing that the teacher is too strict with the child, and there is no specific requirement for the calculation problem to the tenth place. The teacher’s approach is a bit too much. 

Although everyone has different opinions, think carefully Regarding this matter, the teacher’s approach is actually beneficial to the children’s growth and learning. 

Learning is a combination of carefulness and perseverance.

Nowadays, many children are unable to sit on the bench, jump off their minds, and play while writing. This makes them easy to sloppy and do not examine the questions seriously. It’s easy to make mistakes. 

In a child’s academic career, both care and perseverance are indispensable. As parents, we all hope that our child can become a schoolmaster, so the smartness of the child alone is not enough, we need Bao Dad. Bao Ma teaches children to be careful in doing things and rigorous in learning. 

There are tricks to help children correct the bad habits of inattentive learning

If parents find that their children have bad habits that are not careful, do not rush to criticize the children to avoid the children’s learning-weariness, but find out the reasons for the children’s mistakes and help them correct them. 

Try to create a good learning atmosphere for their children.

Many parents will put a fruit plate next to them when their children are doing homework, and the children will eat while writing, which will interrupt their problem-solving ideas. 

Some parents are more strict when tutoring their children to do homework, and if they find mistakes, they just slam them. However, in such an environment, children will be afraid of doing homework in their hearts, leading to distraction. 

It is recommended that parents still let their children complete it quietly and independently You can set the time for homework, don’t let the child be dependent, stay away from the noisy environment, and create a good learning atmosphere for the child, so that after the concentration is concentrated, the probability of the child’s sloppy problems will also be reduced. 

Help children develop the habit of inspection

Cultivate children’s good self-inspection habits, and at the same time improve their carefulness. However, it should be noted that in this process, parents should not overly criticize the child. If it is not checked, encourage the child to take a good check next time, so that the child can experience the joy of learning and cultivate the child’s sense of responsibility. 

teach children to circle the important conditions in the question

Parents often say that they can’t examine questions, but in fact, their children have weak discriminating ability and cannot find the key points. 

This is because the child’s comprehension ability is biased, so he can usually read more to the child, and also ask the child to circle the key points when doing the homework, and patiently teach the child to understand the meaning in the question, and the child’s The idea is clear.

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