The child swallowed a button battery by mistake, and Dad wit treasure eased the crisis. Doctor: Have you encountered it before?

The child swallowed a button battery by mistake, and Dad wit treasure eased the crisis. Doctor: Have you encountered it before? 

Children are naturally curious and they have a strong desire to explore the world. This feature is conducive to their vision expansion and intellectual development, but at the same time, it is also easy to put children into danger In the situation. Children have limited cognition and lack of awareness of potential dangers in life. If parents are negligent, then children are likely to have accidents because of this curiosity. 

The child eats the button battery while his parents are not paying attention, Bao Dad The witty trick was praised by the doctor: This trick is very professional! 

Xiaofang found that the children’s watch she bought for her child was out of power, so she took the watch apart and took out the button battery inside. Just when she wanted to change, the phone happened to call. So Xiaofang walked to the side to answer the phone, and didn’t even notice his son playing on the side. 

When Xiaofang hung up the phone, she found that the button battery she had just taken out was missing, so she hurriedly searched it up and down, but the battery was nowhere to be seen. Because he was worried that the child might swallow the button battery by mistake, Xiaofang became more anxious. 

So she quickly called out her husband who was working in the study, and the two of them searched on the ground together. But this time the two people still found nothing. At this time, Xiaofang’s husband suspected that the button battery was swallowed by the child by mistake. 

So Xiaofang’s husband asked if the child was Eat the button battery? The child may be afraid of his parents criticizing him, so he shook his head and denied it, but Xiaofang’s husband still saw the clue in the child’s dodging eyes. 

So Xiaofang’s husband told Xiaofang to go to the kitchen to get honey. Although Xiaofang didn’t know it, she obediently did so. I saw Xiaofang’s husband pour several mouthfuls of honey on the child, and then called Xiaofang, and drove the child to the hospital with him. 

After some examination, the doctor determined that the child had swallowed the button battery by mistake. Knowing that the parents had given the child a few mouthfuls of honey in advance, the doctor nodded repeatedly, “This emergency measure is done very well! Have your parents encountered it before? Feeding honey is really professional!”

Then the coin battery swallowed was successfully taken out by the doctor , The doctor said, “Button batteries are alkaline. If they are swallowed by a child and are not handled in time, they are likely to corrode the child’s intestines and stomach, with disastrous consequences. Feeding honey to the child has the effect of protecting the child’s intestines and stomach. It is acidic, and it can also synthesize part of the alkaline of the button battery, so that the protective effect is more comprehensive.”

In daily life, what safety hazards are children likely to fall into? 

1. Burns

The probability of scalding children in daily life is very high. Children are completely unaware of the harmfulness of hot water out of curiosity. A cup of hot water or a kettle with hot water may be placed in the wrong position and cause scalding hazards to the child. 

2. Bump injury

< p>The probability of bumps will increase significantly after children learn to walk. If parents do not take protective measures, for example, if the edges and corners of the furniture are not properly wrapped, then this may happen when the children are running. bump. 

3. Ingestion

When children are in a sensitive oral cavity, they like to use their mouths to explore the world. Anything that can be touched, the little guys want to stuff them Come and taste it in your mouth, which makes them easy to eat by mistake. 

In daily life, how can parents reduce the risk factor for their children? 

1. Do a good job of storing “dangerous materials”

For example, small buttons, sharp paper clips, etc., which are commonly used in daily life, but may be dangerous to children , Parents must carefully store it, and try to place it out of the reach of children. 

2. Instill safety awareness in children


When children’s cognition is not yet fully developed, the cultivation of safety awareness is especially worthy of parents’ attention. In daily life, parents can tell their children about the potential risks in specific details, so that children can receive richer safety knowledge. 

3. Set up rules for children

When children make some dangerous actions in their lives, parents must give their children proper punishment and make them aware The “unintentional actions” they did were wrong. Establishing “safe” rules for children as early as possible can help them avoid accidents and risks in life. Appropriate punishment can make children more aware of the danger. 

For children in their early childhood, parents should pay special attention to their daily care. At this age, they have little life experience, but they have a strong curiosity about the surrounding environment. Parents pay more attention to prevent potentially dangerous situations. 

In addition, when something unexpected happens to the child Parents must not panic and calmly deal with it to help their children get out of danger. Do you have any knowledge to share about the accidental risks that easily happen to children in life? The “Daddy Brings Baby Ranking Table” is released. Most of the precious dads stay in bronze, and it is too rare to see more than silver.

Some time ago, there was a picture that was widely circulated. This picture is called “Daddy Brings a Baby Ranking Table”. The daddy’s ranks from “scum” to “king” are marked above. Most of the treasure dads are only in bronze, and those above silver are really rare. 

It can be seen from the picture:


Scum: The baby is too annoying, don’t disturb me, let me play games. 

Bronze: The baby’s milk powder and complementary food look very good, I will try it too;

Silver: I really want to grow three heads and six arms, how can I diaper while making milk powder? Can’t take care of it at all. 

Golden: I will coax the baby when he cries, I will feed the baby when he is hungry, I will change the baby’s diaper, and my wife can rest assured to follow the drama. 

Wang Zhe: As a mature child-bearer, he will definitely have his own parenting heart sutra. 

From the feedback of netizens, a lot of milk Dad usually does not take the initiative to take the burden of bringing a baby, and he is not good at bringing a baby, but this is not an excuse for father not to bring a baby. Don’t let the child live in a “widowed parenting” family environment. 

How desperate is “Widowed Parenting”? 

Some people have said that Chinese women have these four major misfortunes: widowhood parenting, mother-in-law selection, widowhood marriage, and nanny wife. Among them, “widowed parenting” can be said to be the most common and the most painful for Bao Ma thing. 

Dad has always been indifferent to the family, which has a great influence on the children. 

1. Influencing the formation of child sexual roles< /p>

When the child is young, the gender cognition is not very clear. At this time, if only the mother is around the child, the child will have more female characters, that is, more feminine, but the complete parent company It should be to let the child have the characteristics of “hardness and softness”, and the child’s sexual role is healthy, otherwise the incomplete gender role will not have a good impact on the child’s growth. 

2. Affect the formation of children’s personality quality< /p>

The personalities of fathers and mothers are very different. Many times mothers bring care, warmth and tenderness to their children, while fathers are more of a brave and persevering character, only the combination of the two Education is the real education. 

3. Affect children’s cognitive development

We often say that parents are the children’s first teachers, and one can’t do without one. What children learn from their mothers is right. The world is full of love and hope. It is perceptual knowledge and thinking. What I learned from my father is sports, a broad career, and objective and rational thinking. The father’s company has profound significance for the cognitive development of children. 

What role should the father play in the growth of the child? 

1. Teach children to be perseverance and bravery

Many times the role of father is relatively burly, father’s love is like a mountain, men and women have different thinking patterns, so mothers can give their children different thinking and personality There is no substitute for the mother. 

2. Explore the world with children

Take your children to play in your free time, even for a walk in the community downstairs. Take your children to explore the world when they are most curious, especially in sports, to exercise their physical fitness. 

3. Let children broaden their thinking pattern

We all know that the difference between men and women is also reflected in thinking. Men are more rational, while women are more perceptual, so the role of father can be Help children develop the ability to think objectively, solve problems independently, and develop thinking and divergent thinking. 

Widowed parenting, invisible father, this is Words that make people feel angry and sad when they talk about it. In a harmonious family, the father should spend the same time with the child as the mother. The growth period of the child is very short. If you miss it, you will regret it. I hope to see it here. Mom and Dad, can hold hands together and spend their youth with their children.

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