The child slapped and rolled, but was conquered by a word from his grandmother. Sure enough, ginger was still hot.

The child’s slap-and-roll shame, and was conquered by the grandmother’s words, it turns out that ginger is still hot

Sapph-rolling seems to be a natural skill for every child. No teaching or demonstration is required to be able to be without a teacher. Self-passing. In the face of children’s killer tricks, many parents are really helpless. 

Even if it takes a while, it’s more of a compromise in the end. However, there are also some parents who are immune to this and can even cure their children with just one sentence. 

My friend Xiaoqian has a 5-year-old son who is like a father and is very naughty. As a mother, Xiaoqian can’t control it at all. 

This Spring Festival, Xiaoqian brought her son back to his hometown in the countryside to pay a New Year’s greetings. He was afraid that his son would cause trouble in his hometown, and she would not be able to get off the stage as a mother. 

Unfortunately, what I am worried about comes from what I am worried about. On the third day of the Lunar New Year, the son played with a friend of the same age in Murakami at his grandmother’s house. During this period, the two competed for the same toy. The little money’s son was too weak to snatch it, so he sat on the ground and cried. 

It is very common for children to fight and make trouble, and the other party is not much older than his son. Xiao Qian is too embarrassed to snatch the toy from him and give it to his son, so he just goes to get his son up. 

Seeing that his mother didn’t help him, Xiaoqian’s son cried more fiercely, and cried and cried and rolled on the ground. Xiao Qian was a little angry, so he said to him that I don’t care about you, go find grandma. 

When the son heard this, he walked up to his grandmother, then sat down and continued to cry. Unexpectedly, grandma was unmoved, but coldly said something to him. You should cry first, and then come to me when you finish crying. 

Somehow, after grandma said this sentence, Xiaoqian’s son stopped making trouble immediately. It seems that he really complied with that sentence. Jiang is still hot! 

The child who made the young treasure mother helpless, but was conquered by the grandmother’s words, this is not a magical magic, but the mystery that grandma has mastered-Sapo and rolling are all used to it! 

One time for parents The second compromise allows the child to practice the killer trick of “smashing and rolling”

Children will subconsciously find the best solution

Children who are accustomed to smashing and rolling are not like this at the beginning, even if they accidentally use this trick , The will is definitely weaker, as long as the parents don’t compromise, he will give up on his own initiative. 

However, many parents can’t wait for their children to give up and unconditionally meet their requirements. As a result, the children taste the sweetness. Once the number of times increases, the children will subconsciously regard it as the best solution from their parents. , Which is the so-called “conditional reflex”. 

Clever children will look at people’s dishes

When children use this assassin trick, they also look at people. For those parents who are never used to him, he will avoid using it, or the will is not strong enough. 

For example, the son of a colleague, Xiaoqian, was conquered by his grandma with a single sentence, indicating that his grandma must have not been used to him before, and he also knew that he would not get what he wanted if he continued to make trouble. This is the saying “Watching people eat dishes”. 

The smarter the child, the better at doing this. So if you think your child is smarter, you shouldn’t be accustomed to him, because smart kids are more likely to learn badly. 

Sapo rolling is always a naive behavior, and it’s okay to use it as a child. If it’s like this when you grow up, it’s a laugh. 

However, if the parents do not discipline in time, it is very difficult for the children to correct themselves unless they suffer a big loss or hit a hard wall. 

The child is splashing and rolling How to do? These methods can all be tried.

1. Early intervention

Emotions will not burst out all at once, but will gradually accumulate. The same is true for children who are rolling around. At first, they may just be a little awkward. When they see their parents don’t interfere, they will become more and more troublesome. By this time, his emotions have also been overwhelming. 

If parents are predictable and intervene before the child’s emotional outbreak, it can effectively suppress the negative emotions that have already occurred in the child, because at this time, his negative emotions are far from accumulating to the extreme. 

2. Deliberately neglect

It is also a good way to deal with children who are sloppy. In the above case, the grandmother’s words are actually expressing her neglect. 

As long as the child understands that this can’t meet his requirements, it will naturally reduce the child’s enthusiasm for procrastinating and rolling. 

3. Divert attention

There is another way to effectively solve the problem of children’s sloppy rollover, which is to divert his attention. 

Children’s concentration is relatively poor. With a little guidance, they can quickly shift their attention to other things. 

So when the child rolls around, try to mention something he is interested in, which can be food or play. This can quickly interrupt the child’s current thinking and make him forget that he has not yet If the needs are met, the problem will naturally be solved. 

Of course, after the child recovers, it is still possible to continue to splatter and roll, so this method only treats the symptoms and not the root cause. 

No matter which method is adopted, it is better than the parents to give in and compromise, because the latter will only encourage the child’s arrogance and make him develop unreasonable bad habits. 

Once this habit is solidified, it will bring great harm to the child’s study, social interaction and even the career after growing up. I hope every parent can think deeply. The preschool education dress was “cool and cool”. After being accused by the parents, the parents were silent after the client responded.

Previously, I have seen some stories about the situation where the female teacher was opposed by the parents because of the cool dress, but this kind of thing It happened to my side. 

Our kindergarten also started on September 1, but it was not a week before my friend took me to the kindergarten together, saying that he wanted to ask for an explanation. 

I asked her what’s going on. She said that after her son came back recently, he always said that they had a new teacher in the class, he was a big sister, and everyone liked the teacher very much. 

At first, she felt very good, until the child suddenly said yesterday, “The vest worn by our teacher is very similar to that worn by Dad.” And the vest worn by my friend and husband is a regular white vest. If this is the case, there is indeed a lot of exposure. . 

The next day, when she sent her children to kindergarten, she deliberately observed several teachers and found that one of them was really “cool” wearing a black vest with short shorts, and the neckline of the vest was a bit big. She couldn’t accept it, but she didn’t dare to go alone, so she had to come back and take me with me. 

I didn’t really want to get involved with this kind of thing, but my friends kept asking, but I followed in desperation. At that time, my friend directly approached the teacher and raised the matter. 

The teacher was a little embarrassed after hearing that, and then explained, “Sorry, I am just teaching, and I came from another place. Although it is September, the weather is still very hot these days, the classroom is not air-conditioned, and the children are lively and active. I have to run with me all day. It’s too hot, so I wear less, and I will pay attention to it in the future.”

It is true that the weather has been quite hot recently. After the teacher finished, my friend suddenly Silent, I don’t know what to say, and the other party is also very cooperative, indicating that he will pay attention in the future. 

I have also seen many teachers with more aggressive personality. If there are parents who “problem” this aspect, some teachers will directly choke back, “This is my freedom of dressing. Obstructing you? Will you be too lenient?” If this is the case, then there will be a quarrel. 

But then again, if the teacher’s dress is too cool, it will have a certain impact on the children, and some schools have their own dress code. That being the case, it becomes even more critical for parents to learn to communicate with teachers. 

Parents are with What issues should teachers pay attention to when communicating? 

1. Avoid being too tough in your tone.

Some parents are particularly irritable in this type of matter, and they may find some problems, and they may directly seek the teacher’s theory before clarifying the situation. In the course of the theory, the sentences were compelling, the tone was extremely strong, and the scene was once very embarrassing. 

Parents are not recommended to do this. After all, if you discover that it is a misunderstanding later, then the teacher will leave a bump in his heart, and the attitude towards the child will definitely change. A certain degree of influence, but often ignored by parents. 

2. Communicate privately as much as possible.

On this matter of my friend, she originally wanted to find a few parents to go to the kindergarten to make trouble, but she also thought about going directly to the kindergarten principal, but later thought that it was not easy to do so. Okay, so I was alone, and I also talked to the teacher alone after class, and didn’t disturb the others. 

For this, it is still advisable. On the contrary, if parents directly accuse the teacher of dressing cool in the public, it is not only as simple as sweeping the teacher’s face, but also has a great impact on the child. 

In the future, if teachers want to re-educate students, there will be greater obstacles. After all, children’s psychology will also have other views on the teacher, and indirectly determine the teacher’s negligence. 

3. The way of expression should be tactful.

Some parents have a more straightforward personality and a more direct speech. After finding a teacher, they go straight to the topic, and even tell their own thoughts directly without any modification. 

“As a teacher, you wear such a revealing dress that is too eye-catching. How should students look at it.”

“Wearing such a sexy one looks very special and too inappropriate.

“You are too casual, you can tell from the exposure of your clothes, which is really unappetizing.”

The words like this don’t come out of parents’ mouths. Appropriate, parents can change the way of expression, and I believe that teachers can take care of it. 

Furthermore, when parents use more euphemistic expressions, teachers can better accept it, otherwise the consequences of head-on head-on will intensify conflicts in a high probability. 

4. If the accusation is wrong, you have to apologize

This is also a very critical point. After all, some teachers did make a mistake in dressing for some reasons. If the parents did not figure out the cause and process of the incident In the case of the situation, it is not good to criticize the teacher directly. 

In response to this, parents should express their apologies to the teacher instead of giving up. This will also arouse the teacher’s resentment. 

At the same time, there is another situation worth noting, that is, if it is indeed the teacher’s problem, and the teacher also said that it will make further corrections, then parents must also affirm it, which is also a tactful means one.

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