The child rewarded the anchor with one hundred thousand, and was recovered after calling the police. Netizens should not help with such a favor

The child rewarded the anchor with one hundred thousand rewards and was recovered after calling the police. Netizens should not help if they are so busy.

Live broadcasts on major platforms are very popular nowadays. The anchors are busy showing themselves in front of the camera, and the fans who like it Competing for rewards, and among these rewarding fans, there are also minors. 

Although the children have no source of income, they memorized the payment password with their parents’ mobile phones. 

It has to be said that at a time when electronic products are more popular and children’s thinking is more premature, parents must pay attention to the cultivation of children’s money concept and values. 

Boy rewards The anchor was 100,000 yuan, and his parents simply called the police to give a reward and were recovered, but the netizen said that the busy policeman should not help

Lele is a ten-year-old boy. He is currently in the fifth grade of elementary school. Because he is an only child, his parents are usually fond of Lele. 

Although they think that children always play with mobile phones are not good for their eyesight, as long as Lele is playing with it, parents will still give their children their mobile phones. 

One day when Lele’s mother went to the bank to withdraw money, she found that there was a loss of 100,000 yuan on the bank card. At first Lele’s mother thought it was Lele’s father who used the money, but the couple together found that the money was not very strange. 

Recalling that the child always held the cell phone and did not want to put it down, the couple felt that the child might be the problem. 

So the couple deliberately said in front of the children that if the money on the card is gone, they should call the police and let the police catch the thief! The child was frightened by what his parents said. 

So after hesitating for a long time, I finally got the courage to tell my parents that the money was used to reward the anchor. 

“The game anchor I follow is very powerful, and I like him very much, so I gave him a reward!” According to transaction records, Lele’s parents found that sometimes children can actually give rewards in a day To more than ten thousand yuan. 

The child’s behavior really surprised Lele’s parents. They didn’t expect the child to cause such a big trouble for themselves. 

So Lele’s parents hurried to call the police and contacted a lawyer, wanting to get back the child’s “reward money” from the platform. Finally, with the help of the police and the legal support of the lawyer, the platform agreed to return the rewarded money to Lele’s parents. 

Although the money was eventually recovered, netizens blamed Lele’s parents for not fulfilling their educational responsibilities. 

“According to me, you shouldn’t help if you’re busy! Being a parent is really too big. Not only to indulge your child’s addiction to mobile phones, but you also fail to establish the basic concept of money for your child. Such parents deserve to be pitted by their children!”

What are the negative effects on the growth of the child if parents neglect the cultivation of their children’s outlook on money? 

1. Cause children to spend money lavishly

When children’s concept of money is not properly cultivated, their understanding of the concept of money will be biased. 

Children do not know how to plan their consumption rationally, and are obsessed with meeting their own growing material needs. Under such psychological stimulation, children are prone to behave in a bad habit of spending money. 

2, cause children to love and admire vanity more and more

When parents neglect to cultivate their children’s view of money, the children will easily be trapped by material needs. When children are addicted to material comparisons, their feelings of vanity will become stronger. 

Especially when the social nature of the child begins to appear, the wrong view of money can easily push the child into the misunderstanding of the value of vain. 

3. Children are prone to impulsive consumption

The lack of money concept makes it easy for children to make irrational consumption behaviors, especially the convenience of mobile payment nowadays makes it easier for children to take advantage of adults’ precautions When they acted impulsively, they eventually cheated themselves and their parents. 

How do parents properly cultivate their children’s outlook on money? 

1. Guide children to make a good consumption plan

After their children go to elementary school, it is necessary for parents to give their children appropriate pocket money and guide them to make a corresponding consumption plan. 

The planned existence can make children more aware of the corresponding relationship between money and material satisfaction, and also make children more able to avoid the misunderstanding of impulsive consumption. 

2. Demonstration of behavior for children

If parents have problems with their outlook on money in daily life, then their guidance to children will inevitably be more one-sided. 

So when parents want to cultivate their children’s correct outlook on money, they should lead by example and be the first to demonstrate their children’s behavior. 

3. Let children understand that money is hard-won

Parents need to let their children understand that the ease of life is achieved by their parents’ perseverance, which means behind the money Paying for continuous labor. 

Although parents are not encouraged to cry poor in front of their children, parents must also let their children understand that money is hard-won. 

When children lack the correct concept of money, they will have misunderstandings about consumption and values. 

And this will inevitably make children make mistakes in consumer behavior. Parents should better educate and guide the concept of money in advance. 

Do you have any good experiences to share about the cultivation of children’s outlook on money? Compared with sick injections, most people prefer to take medicine. In fact, these good medicines cannot be replaced by injections.

For children, feeling uncomfortable when sick is not the most terrifying, but to treat It is both fear and resistance for them to take injections when the disease is cured. 

In order to avoid injections. Many children will carefully ask the doctor to take more medicine and not to take injections, is that okay? Of course, taking medicine is also a good way to cure the disease. But compared to taking medicine, injections have an advantage over taking medicine. Next, let us take a look at this article together! 

As long as we pass the injection area of ​​the hospital in normal times, we will always hear screams of crying after another. These cries came from the little children who were spanking their butts. We often find some interesting phenomena. That is, children always choose to hit the ass when they have an injection, but adults choose to hit the arms on both sides. Why are these differences? 

In general, injections are divided into two methods: intramuscular injection and subcutaneous injection. Usually we usually get an injection through the arm and butt, which is an intramuscular injection. When our body wants to inject insulin, it is done by subcutaneous injection. Why do people choose arms and buttocks for injections in so many places on their bodies? 

Actually, the arms and buttocks are the more muscular parts of people, which contain many veins. Under the protection of the muscles, the drugs injected through the muscle are more easily absorbed by the body, and the effect of the drugs is better. 

Of course, it’s worth noting that if an adult hits the arm because of personal dignity, the child has to hit the butt? the answer is negative. In childhood, if parents choose to punish their children, but at the same time do not let the children suffer too much, they will usually choose to slap their children on the buttocks. This will not only allow the children to taste the punishment, but also avoid the children from being physically as much as possible. Trauma. 

Similarly, the child’s arms are not yet fully developed, and it is also reasonable to hit the child with a needle. Of course, when the dose of the medicine is large, the adult’s needle will naturally be hit on the buttocks. 

What are the advantages of injections over medicine when a child is sick? 

1. The course of treatment is short and effective;

The time taken for injection is faster than the time taken for medicine. In general prescriptions prescribed by hospitals, the taste of the medicine is unacceptable to many people, let alone children. 

I believe that many parents are very distressed when feeding their children to take medicine. Once the child gets angry, it is absolutely possible to refuse to take the medicine. If the disease is not imported, how can medicine be used to cure the disease? The situation of injections is different. At least the parents’ company is short-term, and the child only needs to endure a short-term pain to get through this crisis. 

2. Fast recovery time;

Ordinary life experience tells us that when we are sick, injections tend to recover faster than medicine. Although injections do have some side effects, for us who are undergoing metabolic operations every day, such side effects can be described as trivial. 

In order to improve the child’s own resistance and immunity, many parents hope that their children will get rid of the troubles of the disease and get better as soon as possible. For this reason, injections are a good way. 

3. Help children exercise their psychological stress;

Facing the syringe with a slender needle tip, it undoubtedly imposes a very powerful sense of threat on children. In the process of the injection, the child will go from fear to endurance and finally release. Once the whole process is completed, the child will gradually overcome this fear. 

At this time, the parents suggest that their children take good exercises. Maintaining health and vitality can almost achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. 

Many children resist injections, which makes parents feel distressed. So, as parents, how should we help our children ease their mood? 

1. Accompanied by the child;

Parents are always the strongest dependence of the child. No matter what setbacks and obstacles they encounter, if the children want to ask for help, the target will inevitably be Point to your parents. In other words, in the face of fear, parents’ sense of security can give their children encouragement and courage. 

For this reason, before the child prepares for the injection, parents can tell the child as gently as possible that they are always by their side. 

2. Divert the child’s attention;

Actually, the spanking needle is not as painful as imagined, and the nervousness and fear will directly aggravate the pain felt by the child. Parents can use toys, food, or books that their children usually like, and chat with their children all the time, which can effectively help children divert attention and relieve pain. 

3. Understand the root cause of children’s fear of injections;

Many parents believe that children resist injections because they are afraid of the shape of the needle. But the author believes that this statement is not entirely correct. When children are growing up, if any events related to injections also cause psychological shadows, if the children are forced to face the trauma directly, the psychological shadows of the children will be the most important. Therefore, it is important to understand the source of the child’s fear. 

That’s all for today’s topic. Are the children at home brave when getting the injection?

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