The child is fascinated by TV, and can’t calm down when he reads a book? There are different methods for different age groups

The child is fascinated by TV, and can’t calm down when he reads a book? Different age groups have different methods.

Some children can watch TV for a long time, but if they don’t read books for long, this behavior makes many parents a headache. When I went to my cousin’s house some time ago, my cousin told me about her son’s situation. I hope I can take a look. 

When I asked my cousin about her child’s attention At the same time, the cousin said that her son should be able to pay attention for several hours after watching TV. From this expression of the cousin, we can see that she may have some misunderstandings about attention. 

So I will go to my nephew’s room tomorrow morning and tell him that if they can finish their homework within the specified time, I will take him to eat delicious food. 

My nephew went to do his homework soon. When I was doing homework, I observed that my nephew’s attention did have some problems. Often I started to play with my stationery when I wrote a question. 

Watching TV attentively does not mean paying attention

In psychology, attention is interpreted as a kind of ability that people subjectively pay attention to a specific object. Attention is also divided into active attention and passive attention. 

Some parents think that their children can watch TV for a long time, which shows that their attention is not a problem. This view is incorrect. 

If the child can watch TV for a long time, this description Passive attention of children is okay, but active attention is not necessarily. Active attention means that people have to pay a certain amount of willpower to put their eyes on specific things. 

It’s like a child can be serious when studying, and will not be affected by external things when doing homework. 

And passive attention means that you can focus on something for a long time without your own willpower, just like children are attracted by the colors and colors on TV and can enter them. 

Comparing the two, everyone can understand Passive attention is because there are some perceptual stimuli, while homework and learning on the other side are not stimulating things for children, and even very boring things for them. 

So this also shows that if you want to study for a long time, children need to put in a strong focus, which may be a more difficult thing for children. 

The first scholar in the United States found that if a child’s passive attention is developed too much before the age of six, it will directly cause the child’s later active attention to become more difficult. 

This is why many children can spend a lot of time watching TV and playing on the computer, but they can’t do it for a long time once they study. 

Therefore, parents are hereby urged to avoid watching TV and mobile phones for a long time when their children are young, so as to create a suitable environment for their children. 

Children at different stages have different attention spans, so parents should differentiate Looking at children around one year old

Children around one year old are usually with their mothers, so the attention is basically focused on the mother. 

It’s like watching the mother here when she is breastfeeding. At this time, the mother should also focus her attention on the child, so that the child can feel the mother’s gaze and the mother Love for him. 

This can give the child enough sense of security. 

Children between the ages of two and six

At this time, the children have started to have their own ideas, and they will have their own possessive desires for things. At this time, the parents can cultivate their children’s independence. 

Let children learn to understand the world by themselves, instead of managing everything, so that children can grow up quickly, and this will also allow children to develop their own thinking faster. 

Children after six years of age

enhance children’s attention At this time, children do take a long time to passively pay attention. Then we can guide children to turn active attention into passive attention, so that children can understand the joy of learning, so that children can switch between passive attention and active attention. . Bao Ma used her personal experience to persuade parents that if you want to get a good-looking head shape by sleeping, don’t do this.

Many netizens know that many parents want their children to have a good-looking appearance, but can The shape of the head is nothing more than the shape of the head. 

Therefore, many parents hope to change the head shape of their children by changing the sleeping posture of their children. I believe that many netizens have been discussed by parents about their head shape, so what kind of head shape? Is it good? 

Some time ago, a mom said about it In my own experience, because the mother really wanted her child’s head to be fuller, she decided to buy a qualitative pillow for her child. 

It is true that a round head makes the baby look more cute, but this shaped pillow may also be a potential danger for the baby. The mother said that when she bought this pillow, she regretted it, because it seemed that this pillow was no different from ordinary ones. 

One day she slept on this pillow for her child, and when she came back, she found that her child’s complexion had turned blue, and even his body was a little cold. 

After seeing this scene, she immediately sent the child to the hospital. After the doctor understood what had happened, she realized that the pillow had jammed the child, and the child could not breathe. 

Children of this age are being shaped pillow cards After living, the airway was blocked. In this case, the baby was unable to adjust his position by himself, so such a serious incident occurred. 

If you want your child to have a good-looking head shape, this is something that many people can understand, but parents should stop using more stereotyped pillows like this. 

How do parents let babies have a good-looking head shape to understand the development of their children

First of all, we need to know that this pillow is not suitable for babies when they are about two months old. In addition, the baby’s skull is actually It is softer at about three months. At this time, it is easy to set the shape of the child’s head. 

Another thing to note is that the baby’s spine is actually straight before half a year old. In this case, the baby is actually not suitable for some stereotypes. 

Usually you can use it after your first birthday. Therefore, parents need to be careful not to use these fixed things for their children prematurely, so as not to have a bad impact on the child’s development, or even endanger the baby’s health. 

Don’t buy baby’s supplies randomly.

Many parents listen to the opinions of others when they are parents for the first time, see what others are buying or see some things that are good for their babies on the Internet. Will be bought soon. 

But in reality, the items bought by many parents may not be suitable for their babies, or not suitable for their babies at this stage. 

And sometimes I don’t know my baby’s Purchasing these items under specific circumstances may have a certain impact on the baby’s development, and some items may also put the baby in danger. 

Therefore, parents can not buy these items randomly, which is both a way of saving money and a kind of protection for the baby. 

Sleep on the side in moderation

Many parents will think that the baby is lying down and sleeping is the healthiest, but this is not true. 

If you want your baby to have a good-looking head shape, parents can try to sleep on their side sometimes. 

Because lying down will give the baby the back of the head A certain amount of pressure, if you accept such pressure for a long time, the back of your baby’s head will slowly sink. 

Therefore, sleeping on the side in an appropriate amount can reduce the pressure on the back of the baby’s head, and sometimes it can also make the baby sleep more comfortably. 

You can sleep on your stomach

Many parents are very worried about giving their children to sleep on their stomachs. In fact, giving their children a proper amount of sleep on their stomachs has certain benefits for their children. 

On the one hand, a small amount of tummy sleep can increase the strength of the child’s neck, and it is also a good thing for the shape of the baby’s overall body. 

Plus this can also exercise your baby The spine improves the development of the child to a certain extent. 


Parents can create a good-looking head shape for their baby in many ways, but they must also pay attention to the actual situation of their baby and don’t use some stereotypes products indiscriminately. Do netizens have any other opinions on shaping the shape of a baby’s head? These 4 behaviors of picking up children from school will make teachers disgusted, but many parents have not noticed it.

Nowadays, moms and dads attach great importance to their children’s health while also attaching great importance to their children’s learning problems, especially Parents and friends can be said to be more nervous than their children during the period when the child just went to kindergarten or elementary school. 

School is the first step for children to leave the family and move towards society, so every parent hopes that their baby can have a good start and get along well with teachers and classmates in school life. Can be taken care of by the teacher. 

But having said that, parents also have their own jobs. Sometimes they will forget about picking up their children from school when they are busy. It is common to be late, and it also happens that they simply forget to pick up their children. Over. 

Bao’s mother often picks up children late and makes the teacher upset

My friend Li Li is a new kindergarten teacher. During this time, she encountered a problem that made her feel headache. It turned out that there was a child named Jiajia in Li Li’s class. Before, the grandmother was responsible for picking up and dropping off the child. However, when the grandmother of the child returned to his hometown during this period, she handed over the responsibility of picking up the child to Jiajia’s mother. 

This was originally a small thing that couldn’t be smaller, but it’s worse. Jiajia’s mother is very busy at work. When the child is out of school, she always can’t get out of her body and picks it up on time. The number of children is rare. 

At this time, Li Li will meet The child Jiajia waited in the classroom for a long time, but the behavior of this parent affected Li Li to leave work normally. The child watched the children being picked up by the parent one by one, but his parents were delayed in coming, and felt very uncomfortable. Li Li had to coax for a long time each time, so gradually she became dissatisfied with Jiajia’s mother’s behavior. 

What are the disadvantages of picking up children late? 

●Let children feel a sense of loss in their hearts

Because of their young age, children’s hearts are fragile and often pick up children late. When children wait for their parents in an empty classroom, they will feel a sense of loss. This kind of bad mood is very bad for the child’s psychological development. 

●Easily laughed at by classmates

If you often go to pick up your child late, the children’s classmates will also take this situation in their eyes, and the child’s heart is relatively simple and speaks Doing things do not consider as much as we adults do, and usually do not consider the other person’s feelings. 

So a parent often “sees the dragon Friends who don’t see the end will inevitably be ridiculed by their classmates and say “no one wants”. Over time, this label will be beaten on the child’s head and become synonymous with the child. This situation will bring incalculable harm to the baby. 

●Reduced trust in parents

Parents often let their children wait and disappoint them. This will widen the distance between parents and children and create a gap between parents and children. It is possible for children to take the initiative to alienate their parents and reduce their trust in their parents. 

●Add extra burden to the teacher


For the safety of children. It is impossible for a school to allow children to stay in the classroom alone. Teachers must accompany them. This will extend the teacher’s working hours and add extra burden to the teacher. A long time will inevitably lead to teacher dissatisfaction. 

These 4 behaviors of picking up children after school will make teachers feel very disgusted.

Actually, it is not just picking up children late. Many unruly behaviors of parents picking up children after school will add trouble to teachers and make teachers feel uncomfortable. Disgusted. 

The first type: I don’t follow the rules and I always want to pick up my child early.

Many parents’ off-duty time does not match the kindergarten’s end of school time. They will always want to leave the child with the child for their own convenience. Picking up the children in advance during class will affect other children’s class status and burden the teacher. 

The second type: there is no time concept, always pick up late or forget to pick up the child

Some parents have a big heart and don’t pay attention to their children’s school time. They often pick up their children late or simply forget to pick them up. This makes the teacher wait with the children in the classroom, even asking Waiting for the teacher to call to urge you to remember to pick up the child, this behavior will also cause dissatisfaction with the teacher. 

The third type: the child is stuck in Chat at the door

When the kindergarten is out of school, because parents and children have a lot of people in and out, the kindergarten will also appear to be crowded. Parents and friends should be reminded not to block in front of the kindergarten after receiving their children. Small talk prevents other parents from speaking, and disturbs the normal order of the kindergarten, but many parents are not aware of it. 

Fourth: When picking up a child, he likes to lie down at the window

Originally, when the child is in the last class, his heart is more relaxed. The teacher wants to attract the child’s attention more than It is usually difficult. If parents pick up their children early and lie down in the window to look in, the children will be even more indifferent to class, and the teacher’s teaching plan will be completely disrupted, so parents should try to avoid it. 

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