The child is disobedient, the lowest way is to fight, the highest is rarely done by parents

Children are disobedient, the lowest way is to fight, and the highest is rarely done by parents.

How to educate children has always been a big problem in the minds of parents. Every parent is full of motivation when the child is born. Full, be a qualified parent to educate children to become talents. However, when raising a child, it is discovered that these and other problems will occur in the child, which makes the parents very headache. 

So when faced with children’s sabotage and mischief, many parents can’t help but beat their children. Although the parenting circle has been resisting child-raising methods such as beating children these years, some parents think When the child is naughty, he can’t help it, especially after the child makes a mistake. 

But in any case, parents must also know that the lowest way to educate their children is to beat their children, so what about the most advanced way? 

Mother is suspected Daughter, actually beat her to death

When it comes to beating children a lot, parents said that beating children is for the good of their children and is a means of educating children. Obviously these parents did not realize that beating children would cause harm to their children. It’s not uncommon to say how much it is, not to mention the psychological damage, but also the physical damage. 

Some time ago, a mother missed her daughter and killed her, which caused an uproar on the Internet. It turned out that the mother lost 28 yuan. She suspected that her daughter had stolen it, but seeing her daughter not admitting it, the mother was so angry that she directly picked up the plastic massage board and beat her daughter, causing her daughter to die in hemorrhagic shock. . 

I believe that this mother was very regretful after this happened. Maybe she was just anxious and didn’t take the sharp weapon in her hand for a while, so she killed her daughter. 

At that time, the daughter was only 12 years old, and many netizens did not forgive this mother. They thought that this mother was too cruel and treated her child so mercilessly. Could it be that she beat her child to death for 28 yuan? 

The mother’s beating of her daughter was wrong, but this indirectly led to the cases of domestic violence hidden in the corner. This mother is not the only one who beat her children. Many parents have done it. 

often beat and scold What kind of harm will the child cause to the child? 

1. The psychology of hurting the child

Children often suffer from parental beating and scolding education will make them lose their sense of inner security. From a psychological point of view, such children will have a high sense of fear , It will have a great shadow on parents, which is very unfavorable to the development of children’s mental health. Some children even spend their entire lives to heal the shadow of being beaten and scolded by their parents in childhood, and some children may even be psychologically distorted. 

2. Putting children under the influence of violence

There are kinds of children as there are parents. If parents often use violence against their children, the children will eventually be affected by violence. The problem will only be solved with violence. 

Generally speaking, such children have low emotional control ability, and have very few friends around them when they are grumpy. They will be affected by violence throughout their lives, have a very unhappy life, and have an eternal resentment towards their parents. 

3. Destroying the parent-child relationship

There is no parent in the world who does not love their children, but parents are obviously very cruel when educating children. Many people would never imagine that parents who love their children so much would accidentally kill their children. 

Even if some parents do not cause such consequences, beating their children frequently will destroy the parent-child relationship with their children. The children will doubt whether the parents truly love themselves, and will take the initiative to leave the home when the children grow up. Treating parents will also be extremely indifferent. 

teach children to play Scolding is the lowest-level education method, so what are the advanced education methods? 

1. Parents improve their own quality

We all know that parents are children’s first teachers. To teach children well, they must have extremely high personal qualities. In this process, they must constantly Learning, being a parent is not that simple. 

Sometimes parents always blame their children for not learning well, so why not see if you have a good influence on your children? Only when parents improve their own quality can they teach their children well by setting an example. 

2. Don’t force your children

Sometimes we will find that many parents like to force their children, and they also blame the children for being disobedient, so have you thought about why the children are disobedient? It’s not because some parents always impose their wishes on their children and force them to do things they don’t like, so that the children will resist. 

So if you want to make your children obedient, don’t always force your children to listen carefully and communicate with them. This is a good way. 

3. Appreciate the children

I don’t know why, the parents nowadays always have very high demands on their children. They hope that their children are sensible, obedient, have good grades, can accompany their parents to relieve boredom, and can help their parents with housework and be an almighty child, but have these parents thought about it? 

Are you so perfect? ​​Has your child ever asked you anything? In fact, sometimes blindly scolding the child, it is better to appreciate the child more, this can also enhance the child’s self-confidence, and is more conducive to the development of the parent-child relationship. 

Parents’ education problems must have been plagued for a long time. Although parents are the first teachers of their children, they are not so handy when educating their children, and sometimes they will destroy the parent-child relationship. 

What is the best way to educate children? What do you think? Please leave a message in the comment area. Sleeping babies have these two manifestations, indicating that the brain develops faster than other children and will have a higher IQ in the future.

Bao parents and mothers are most concerned about their children’s health and learning problems, and there are some problems in the former. In the case of guarantee, most of them hope that children can become smarter. 

Some families are anxious for growth. They are anxious to give their children prenatal education when they are still in their mother’s stomach, hoping to make the children’s brain development faster in this way. 

So how can we tell whether a child’s brain development is fast or not? Some parents will take their children to do intelligence tests. In fact, most intelligence test institutions on the market now have different results, and whether the data results are accurate remains to be investigated. In addition, there are too many tests during the test. Many uncontrollable factors make the results more suspicious. 

Some time ago, the Institute of Children’s Behavior at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom issued a report that pointed out that children’s brain development can be judged by observing the state of sleeping children. 

The research team conducted a follow-up survey of 782 children, and controlled various factors such as age and sleep duration, and finally found that there are two special cases, and they are found in 69% of children. Embodied. 

Most mothers do not deliberately observe the baby’s performance while sleeping. Even if they find that the child has some small movements while sleeping, the first reaction is “so cute” and will not associate it with the child’s brain development or IQ. together. 

Actually, according to the research team, children have two manifestations when they sleep. Normally, their brain development is faster than other children. 

1. Frequent rolling during sleep

Bao parents and mothers see their children rolling frequently when they sleep, and most of them think that the children are too naughty and sleep more restlessly. Sometimes they simply fix the children in By your side, don’t let your child roll frequently, thinking that this will affect your child’s future sleep habits. 

But in fact, most babies have the ability to turn over after 4 months. If they like to roll their bodies while sleeping, it means that their bones and muscles will develop further, which will affect their nerves. The system also has certain benefits. 

The research team explained this behavior as the child’s torso is “instructed” by the brain’s central nervous system, not some unconscious movement, so the child who often turns over during sleep, the speed of the brain during sleep Will be faster than other children, so the brain development will be faster. 

Therefore, when parents find that their baby often rolls while sleeping, they don’t have to deliberately disturb the baby or change the baby’s sleeping habits, just be careful not to let the baby catch a cold. 

At the same time, I would like to remind all parents and friends that if the baby still does not turn over after 5 months, if it is not affected by clothes or quilts, then be sure to take the child to the hospital for examination Something, because this situation may also be affected by the child’s brain development. 

2. Limb reactions may occur during sleep

Some children sometimes have “hands and feet movement” during sleep, so that parents and parents all think whether the child has nocturnal travel syndrome. Or it may be a problem such as muscle twitching. 

In fact, it is not the case, it is actually a reaction of the child’s brain development. Waving hands and feet, or punching and kicking during sleep, is also the child’s brain is developing, accidentally stimulating the trunk and muscles to exercise the child’s coordination ability of the limbs, which will further counteract the promotion of brain development. 

Also remind parents and mothers that such babies should pay special attention to their “quilt cover” problem, because they are prone to kicking, so parents can look at their children more at night. Quilts to prevent them from catching cold. 

If your baby has these during sleep, first congratulate you, but if your baby does not, don’t be too discouraged, because some children’s brain development process does not show up, but it does not mean Their brain development must be lower than the former. 

To assist brain development, we must also pay attention to these issues

1) Ensure nutrition. It is not enough to rely solely on children for brain development. Parents should provide more nutrition for their children and ensure a balanced nutritional structure to avoid nutritional deficiency or excessive nutritional intake. 

2) Appropriate exercise. Appropriate daily exercise for children can also stimulate brain development. Exercise at least three times a week, with a time of about one hour each time. Do not allow children to perform high-intensity exercises, otherwise they may also be harmed. 

3) Acquired education. The importance of acquired education is far greater than the influence of other factors. Parents also pay great attention to this point. It is recommended to cultivate children’s autonomous learning ability. Only in this way, the child’s brain development will be faster and the IQ development will be higher. . 

Take advantage of the “plasticity” of the child, especially when the child is under 15 years old, grasping the above key, the child will be more likely to stand out from the crowd!

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