The child ate fruit twice in a semester. Is it a routine to have fruit at the meal? The trustee’s response is even more annoying

The child ate fruit twice in a semester. Is it a routine to have fruit at the meal? The response from the custody is even more exasperating

After the child is in the custody, parents are quite worried at all. Although parents can relax with the care of their teachers, they have to say that the quality of care nowadays varies from good to bad, and whether the children’s life is going well or not, this is something that many parents worry about. Although the custody is at the preschool stage, if the learning is not good enough, then it is likely to affect the child’s future school life. 

One semester of child I only ate the fruit twice, and it was all for the teacher. The response of the nursery was annoying

Ms. Chen from Fujian sent the child to the nursery. Although the child had just turned three years old and did not go to the nursery, There are also people taking care of her at home, but Ms. Chen feels that other people’s children have gone, and of course her own children can’t be left behind. So after weighing it for a long time, she found a nearby nursery for her child, and the reason she finally chose it was also because the price of this nursery was a little more expensive, 2000 includes lunch and evening care a month. She thinks that the expensive ones must be good, and can’t let the child be wronged! 

On the day when the child was sent to the nursery, the teacher prepared a very rich fruit, such as watermelon, dragon fruit, pomegranate, kiwi, banana, etc., a variety of fruits table. The teacher said very enthusiastically, “These fruits are prepared for the children!” Seeing the trustee’s care so hard, Ms. Chen felt relieved, “It seems that spending more money is good.”

But it’s in Chen When the lady was complacent about her choice, she met other parents waiting downstairs when picking up her child, and she chatted about it. The parent said, “The child only ate fruits twice in a semester, each time for It’s for the teacher! It was very angry at first, but after thinking about it, I should enroll the child for a cram school.” It turned out that the parent found that the child didn’t eat fruit at all after lunch. In detail After asking the child, I learned that the child had eaten fruit twice in a semester, so the parents who were out of anger complained to Ms. Chen. 

Ms. Chen was also very angry when she heard that she said, “We spent more money, but in the end we let our children not eat fruit. This kind of trusteeship is too dark-hearted!” Later she also asked the trustee to be responsible. Someone reflected the problem, but the response from the person in charge of the trusteeship was “We can’t supply fruits every day, the cost is high, how much money it costs to hire a teacher outside for a month, we can be satisfied with our current meal standards.” “This kind of response made Ms. Chen even more angry, and she could only hold her breath and let the child send it for a month. 

Obviously, it is not an exception for the trustee teachers to deceive the parents by taking pictures of fruits, and this also means that parents must pay more attention when choosing trusteeship for their children. 

What are the negative effects of “bad” custody on children’s growth? 

When the children were in the care, their minds were not fully developed and they needed the care of adults. If the custody does not take on the responsibility of caregiving, then this is likely to affect the child’s future growth, and the child’s character formation and ability development may be harmed. Recently, news of child abuse of custody has been frequently reported, and bad custody has also made it impossible to guarantee the quality of life of the child. Children are the apex of their parents. If they are abused by the teacher just because of crying, then I believe this is something that no parent would like to see. 

Children have an instinctive respect and trust in their teachers. If the teacher can’t be a good example of others, and can’t treat every child fairly, then this will be very cruel to the children. This not only affects the teacher’s position in the children’s hearts, but also may leave a shadow on the children’s collective life. 

How do parents avoid “bad” custody when choosing custody for their children? 

When it comes to the choice of hosting, parents must inquire and understand more, and don’t blindly believe in one side. And when choosing a custody, you should also let the children experience it and observe the children’s emotional state in the custody. If the children are not happy, then this is likely to indicate that there is a problem with the nursing care. 

Parents shouldn’t blindly believe that “expensive is good”. In fact, many of the current trustees have insufficient qualifications. Although they work hard on publicity, the quality of education is indeed very poor. Instead of choosing the expensive ones, parents should learn more about the trusteeship’s educational qualifications and the level of teachers. 

Parents also don’t forget to communicate with the teacher more about the educational philosophy. If there is a big deviation in the educational philosophy of both parties, then I believe that the two parties will not be able to reach an agreement on the care of their children. And this kind of unacceptable cooperation is likely to affect the child’s custody life. 

Parents send their children to custody in the hope that their children can be well taken care of and their abilities can be cultivated and developed at the same time. But if the custody cannot achieve even the most basic and thoughtful care, then there is no way to talk about the cultivation of the children’s abilities. Parents should believe in custody, but at the same time, custody should also take on its own responsibilities. Obviously, parents can’t trust the trust of the parents. “Be careful when I give you a few punches.” A 10-year-old kid says cruelly. It’s hard to imagine that a child will say this.

The child’s conversation is not only a manifestation of its inner self-cultivation, but also a proof of the parent’s family education. In public, children’s words and deeds should be more disciplined, and try not to cause interference to others. If you trouble others for your own convenience, these are obviously a very uncultivated performance. If you speak slander and insult to others, then this kind of bad words and deeds will make people feel that they are very short of tutoring. 

Boy in the bookstore Li read aloud, but the clerk stepped forward to discourage him, but was threatened with harsh words “I’ll give you a few punches”

Previously, there was a boy about ten years old in a bookstore. When everyone was quietly reading, no one else was there. Read aloud aside. There was a clear sign that loud noises were not allowed in the bookstore, but the boy turned a deaf ear to it. So for the sake of other customers, the clerk stepped forward to stop it. 

But I didn’t want to face the soft voice of the clerk, but the boy’s attitude was very unfriendly. “Every time I come, I read aloud, why do you care about me?” The clerk quickly explained, mainly because he was worried about affecting other readers. But the boy was very dissatisfied with this explanation, so he reluctantly argued, “Be careful of how many punches I will give you later? Why do you care about me? Can you bear the responsibility for delaying my reading?”

Boy’s After some operation, the customers next to him couldn’t stand it, so some customers stepped forward to help the clerk, but now the mother of the boy said, “Don’t worry about him, he is still a child, so please do what you do!” But even though he was a child, what he said made people really hurt. The boy is unreasonable first, and the clerk is also considering everyone’s feelings. Not only do the boy mothers do not educate their own children, but the boys are too young to shirk their responsibilities. Such tutoring is really worrying. 

I don’t know what to do, but I want to threaten the other person through violence. This is really hateful. When all this happened to a ten-year-old child, it really made people help him. The education is sad. Netizens commented on this, “It is estimated that no matter how many books this child reads, it will be useless, because he can’t learn to know well at all.”

When a child makes a mistake and verbally speaks to others, what kind of educational defect does this reflect? 

It is inevitable for children to make mistakes in life, but when facing criticisms and corrections from others, children should accept with an humility. However, if he speaks harshly to others as a result, then this obviously shows that deep in the child’s heart, he does not have the cognition and awareness that he wants to admit his mistakes. Always think of yourself as being right, this is obviously a psychological manifestation of excessive conceit, which also means that parents usually have an inflated evaluation of their children. 

When a child makes a mistake, he cannot listen to others’ criticisms and corrections. This is obviously also the lack of parental education. Parental indulgence will only make the children more and more wrong, and the more wrong they are, the less they dare to admit it. “The child is still young” should not be used as a reason not to take responsibility for making mistakes. The pampering of parents will only make the child more lawless and malicious. 

At the same time, it also shows that children themselves lack the necessary respect for others. Regardless of whether it is a service staff or other individuals, as a child, you should treat each other with an equal and respectful attitude. After all, there is no distinction between high and low in a profession. If you don’t know how to respect others when you are young, then you believe in such a child and grow up. There will be no big prospects in the future. The practice of parents watching people serve dishes is likely to cause their children to worship high and stom on low, and arrogantly arrogant. 

The appearance of uncultivated children is really ugly. How can parents discipline their children? 

After a child makes a mistake, parents must not be reluctant to educate, because a momentary indulgence is likely to cause the child to make greater mistakes later, and the perfunctory attitude of the parents is likely to give the child more opportunities to make mistakes. . Parents did not educate their children and the society would substitute for their parents, and at that time, the price the children had to pay would be even greater. 

In daily life, parents should also restrain their own words and deeds, and correct their own three views. If parents don’t know how to respect others and behave poorly in life, then it’s hard to believe that in such a family education environment, children can grow up to be qualified and polite people. Educated parents who want to discipline their children should first restrain themselves and lead by example as much as possible. 

When a child makes a mistake, it is necessary for parents to punish appropriately, because this can strengthen the child’s awareness of the error. When children realize that they have to pay for the mistakes they have made, they will be restrained in their words and deeds, and will not do whatever they want. This kind of awe is very necessary when the child’s view of right and wrong has not been fully established. 

All in all, only well-educated children will have great prospects. With the support of their parents, children who do whatever they want will not have great development at all. Education is not pretended, nor can it be achieved by reading a few books. Children who lack discipline will only show arrogance and lack of self-cultivation, and this is also the failure of parental education.

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