The blood type is more important than the horoscope. If the blood type of husband and wife is incompatible, the health and intelligence of the baby will be affected.

The blood type is more important than the horoscope. If the blood type of the husband and wife is incompatible, the health and intelligence of the baby will be affected.

The blood type is more important than the horoscope. The blood type of the husband and wife is incompatible, and the baby’s health and intelligence will be affected

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Whether it is ancient or modern, marriage is a lifetime event for anyone, many people are afraid of marriage , Two people can’t go on halfway, or two people will only have a negative impact after being together. 

Therefore, many ways of predicting marriage have been extended, such as the zodiac and the eight characters. 

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But from a scientific point of view, the suitability of two people can be predicted by the personalities, economic conditions, and family environment of both parties. 

For the sake of future generations, there is also a comparison of blood types. The blood types of both spouses do have a great influence on the children. 

The blood type is not compatible, the baby may have Health risk

The blood types commonly used today are abo blood type and rh blood type. The abo blood type is classified according to whether the red blood cell membrane contains a antigen or b antigen; the rh blood type is based on whether the red blood cell membrane contains D antigen. Classification etc. 

For example, blood type O has neither a antigen nor b antigen; blood type ab has both a antigen and b antigen. Those with D antigen are rh-positive, and those without D antigen are rh-negative. 

We are all Knowing that the blood type must be matched when transfusion, and the unmatched blood type will cause the offensive reaction of the antibody, which is the phenomenon of hemolysis, which is often referred to as hemolysis. 

When the fetus is in the mother’s belly, it is connected through the umbilical cord. Part of the blood in the fetus’s body will enter the mother’s body. If the blood types conflict at this time, hemolysis is likely to occur. 

Abo blood type incompatibility

In the abo blood type system, when the mother has blood type o and the father has blood type a, b or ab, hemolysis is prone to occur. 

For example, when the mother has blood type o and the father has blood type a, if the fetus is pregnant with blood type a, then the child has an antigen a in the blood, when this antigen enters the mother When in the blood, the maternal blood will produce the corresponding antibodies. 

If this This kind of antibody enters the child’s body through the umbilical cord, and will have a hemolytic reaction with their body, which has a certain impact on the life, intelligence, and physical development of the fetus. 

Rh blood type incompatibility

Rh negative is also called panda blood. If the mother has this blood type and the fetus has positive blood, the hemolysis reaction will be more intense . 

Therefore, when the blood types of husband and wife do not match, they must be checked regularly. 

The parent’s blood type is relative to the child’s Intelligence also has a certain impact

Dr. Pete %uB7 Dadamore said that human blood types evolved according to climate, living environment, etc. Therefore, different blood types have their own characteristics. What is shown on the body is that there are different directions in which they are good at. 

Type O Blood

As the longest-lived blood type, blood type O has spent the hunting period with primitive people. Therefore, people with this blood type may have the ability to survive in the wild and are more rational and calm. 

Type A blood

Type A blood appeared a little later than type O blood. It accompanies humans through the farming period. Has the characteristics of conscientiousness and strong focus. 

Type B blood

Research shows that type b blood appears later than type a blood, and its birth is due to the fact that some people go from extremely hot places to very cold places , Human beings in order to adapt to the strong climate contrast. 

People of this blood type are more outgoing, good at socializing, and have a certain artistic talent. 

AB blood

The blood type ab has the shortest existence time, less than 1,000 years, because it has both a and b antigens, so the physical fitness is good, and this blood type only accounts for about 7%, but their intelligence ranks first. 

The smartest baby with type ab blood

From the characteristics of blood type, we can also know that when the couple has type ab blood; or one of them has type ab blood, the other is type a or With blood type b, it is possible to give birth to a smart baby with blood type ab, but this probability is only 1/3. 

Cleverer O-type blood baby

When both parents have O-type blood, the baby born must be O-type. 

If one party has type O blood If the other is type a or b, there is a 1/2 probability of giving birth to a baby with type O blood. 

Of course, if the husband and wife are both a type or both type b, there is a 1/2 chance of giving birth to a type o blood baby. 

When one of the spouses is a type and the other is type b, there is only a 1/4 chance of giving birth to an o-type blood baby. 

Although the blood type is human The body has a great influence, but the external influence still cannot be ignored. 

Physical health

If couples want a healthy baby, they can’t just predict it based on blood type or horoscope, but they still need to do more pre-pregnancy and pre-natal check-ups. 

Children’s intelligence

Although most of a person’s IQ is inherited from their parents, success still depends on the influence of emotional intelligence and environment. Parents’ education from an early age is the most important. 


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There are several signals on the child. Most of them are accumulating food to find the door. The last one is often ignored

TCM believes that “the kidney is the natural foundation, and the spleen and stomach are The source of acquired biochemistry”. 

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In Chinese medicine, accumulation of food is generally called “stasis”, which refers to insufficient spleen capacity and overloaded operation. If there is no way to digest and absorb food, it will form a product. 

Spleen deficiency due to food accumulation is a common syndrome in traditional Chinese medicine. 

In TCM differentiation of viscera and viscera, “injury food” is often said. Especially for children, hurting food is even more common. 

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If a child suffers from food and spleen deficiency, some parts of the body will also be abnormal. As a parent, always observe the child Physical condition and take timely measures. 

Case: The child’s mouth is stinking, and Bao’s mother is difficult to understand.

In autumn and winter, it is often easy to get sick. Especially children, whose resistance is weak, may be tricked if they are not careful. 

Some time ago, the neighbor’s child was ill. Originally this season, he was prone to catch a cold and fever, but the child did not have a cough or fever, but he often couldn’t eat, and his mouth was still stinking. Yes, I originally thought that the parents thought it was just a bad appetite, and didn’t think there was any major problem. It might be fine in a few days. 

But a few days later, the child is still like this, and his complexion is getting worse, but the parents are anxious, so he hurriedly sent the child to the hospital for examination, the results showed that due to improper diet, the child had a deficiency of food and spleen. 

Actually, if a child has a deficiency of food and spleen, the body will also have an abnormal state, and the mouth will smell bad, which is one of them. Therefore, in daily life, parents must carefully observe the child’s physical condition. 

If the child has food and spleen deficiency, which parts can be found? 


If the child’s body is bulky and the spleen is weak, the complexion will also become dull and bloodless. 

Due to the long-term accumulation of food, the food is difficult to digest and absorb, and the body lacks nutrition. The child’s face will naturally appear yellow and lack of luster. 

But in fact, healthy children have fair and translucent skin. If they are sick, they can tell from their facial expressions. 

▷Tongue coating◁

The size of the child’s body size and spleen deficiency, the obvious abnormal changes can also be seen from the tongue coating. 

If there is mild food accumulation, the middle part of the child’s tongue will have thick tongue coating, which is unevenly distributed; but if it is severe food accumulation, the tongue coating will not only thicken, but also yellowish. 


If the child has a body size and spleen deficiency, the stomach will become bulging. 

If the parent can’t tell from the naked eye, you can place one hand on the child’s belly, tap the finger of that hand with the other hand, and listen to the sound. If the baby accumulates food , The sound that comes out is often louder. 


Children’s body size and spleen deficiency, sleep quality will also be affected to a certain extent. 

If the body is uncomfortable due to food accumulation, the child will surely churn over the bed when sleeping. Not only that, some children will sleep on their stomachs. Parents should not care about this cute posture, but in fact This is most likely a manifestation of the child’s food accumulation. 

How to care for the child’s spleen and stomach? 

Li Dongyuan wrote in his “On the Spleen and Stomach”: “Internal injury to the spleen and stomach, all diseases are born.” 

Therefore, if you want your child to be healthy, you must take good care of your child’s spleen and stomach. Then, what should parents do? 

➀. In terms of diet

The reason why children have food accumulation is mostly caused by improper diet during the season. Therefore, more attention should be paid to diet. 

• Avoid raw foods

Don’t give children unripe or raw foods. Some adults will feel sick to the stomach when they eat them. What’s more, children can’t bear this kind of food in their stomachs. 

• Avoid cold

Don’t give your child cold food. Cold food is not good for digestion. Even in summer, you should eat less food that comes out of the refrigerator. Cold drinks, ice cream, etc., in a normal diet, it is best to focus on temperature, which is conducive to the operation of the child’s digestive system. 

• Avoid support

Don’t let children eat too much. Because they are relatively young, it seems normal to be ignorant. Some children just stuff their stomachs when they see the food they like. I don’t know what the consequences will be. 

Therefore, as a parent, you should control your child’s appetite. If you eat too much at one time, you will not only feel greasy in this kind of food, but will also cause accumulation of food, which makes it difficult for your stomach to digest. 

➁, other aspects

• Exercise

For children who are in the growth and development stage, exercise is very important. Every time they are active for at least half an hour, they can promote gastrointestinal Peristalsis consumes excess energy and strengthens immunity, allowing children to avoid virus invasion. 

• Massage

When the child accumulates food, massage is actually a very good method. 

Massaging the abdomen is beneficial to the function of the spleen, liver, and kidneys, and can also promote gastrointestinal digestion. Therefore, parents can properly massage the lower abdomen of the child, which can often improve the child’s food accumulation and spleen deficiency. 

• Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of warm water, which can reduce your child’s gastrointestinal burden, help your child speed up metabolism, help food digestion, nutrient transportation and waste excretion. Return to Sohu to see more

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