The birth weight of a baby indicates the level of IQ, this number will be a success in the future.

The birth weight of a baby indicates the level of IQ. This number will be a success in the future.

The birth weight of the baby is related to whether the baby’s brain is smart or smart. Pay attention to the gender of the child, pay attention to the health of the child, and pay attention to the weight of the child. A baby with a healthy and balanced weight will easily become a smart and outstanding baby in the future. 

In a hospital in Sichuan, a daughter just fell to the ground. The mother had just been pushed out of the delivery room, but it was not good news. 

It turned out that the child born by the mother was too light, less than three kilograms, and the weight was too low. For the child’s brain and other aspects of the child’s health, the doctor will also re-examine the child. 

The doctor comforted the puerpera not to worry too much, and at the same time reminded the puerpera to be psychologically prepared. When the examination results came out, the mother was told that the child did not have too many problems. 

But the body is too thin and needs careful nurturing. In fact, it is not a good thing for a child to be overweight or underweight. Parents have to worry about more or less weight than these. 

What weight It is the weight that a healthy newborn should have.

1, not less than three kilograms

The minimum weight is three kilograms. If the baby who has just given birth weighs less than three kilograms, then the mother may During the confinement period, it is necessary to take good care of the body and take good care of the children. 

While pregnant women eat too little, eat too much, and are malnourished, they will easily give birth to unhealthy, underweight babies. 

For newborns like this, in terms of the quality of milk, it is even more important to ensure that the child has enough milk or powdered milk of high quality and sufficient nutrition. 

When feeding, you should also do something to help him improve his immunity and resistance. If such a child develops a disease, parents should be more cautious and seek medical treatment in time, but don’t wait for the child to get well at home. , Such newborns are weak in physical strength and recovery ability. 

2. Not more than eight catties

The maximum weight of a newborn child is actually 8 catties. We often say that a big fat boy of 6 catties and 7 catties is actually the heavier weight in the child. Up. 

Some children are too heavy to weigh 9 pounds, so these children may be suffering from giant infant disease or other diseases. The fetus is too large, and it is actually easy to cause maternal dystocia. 

In ancient times, some parturients desperately tried to eat good food for nourishment when they were pregnant, and almost faced dystocia when they gave birth, because the fetus was too large to be born. 

The child is too heavy and too big. Basically, the child has to have a cesarean section during delivery. If the child is delivered successfully, the mother will be very painful and unable to give birth. It is not good if the fetus is too heavy or too light. If it is heavier, Bao Ma’s burden will be quite heavy during pregnancy. 

The weight of the new baby should not be more than 8 catties, more than 8 catties, the mother’s pregnancy process is too hard, the birth process is also too hard, too big babies, too heavy babies Prone to obesity. 

3. Four or five catties is better

The weight of most newborns is actually about 4 to 5 catties. This weight is actually more appropriate. Some mothers only slightly bulge their lower abdomen during the entire pregnancy. 

There is no sign of a pregnant belly, so the fetus may have an oversized belly. It is difficult to walk, and the toes are also very swollen. This is because the fetus is too heavy. 

About 4~5 kg is the weight of most fetuses, and it is also a suitable newborn weight. For babies of 4~5 kg, the frame is more suitable and the body is better. 

If the child’s weight is within this range when the child’s voice is heard, then Bao’s mother should be happy, so the child is more likely to be a smart baby. 

How to control new students Baby weight

1. Eat too much during pregnancy and not eat too much

During pregnancy, ensure that you eat a lot of varieties, but ensure that the amount of eaten is not large. This does not mean that you can eat before pregnancy. It’s normal for your appetite to become stronger or weaker than after pregnancy, and it’s normal for your appetite to suddenly become larger and smaller. 

Don’t try to eat foods that are too high in calories, too oily in fat, have no nutrition, and have low nutritional content, but are empty of calories. 

Fried chicken wings, cola, carbonated drinks, these can only fill the stomach, but do not have any nutrition for the human body, pregnant women should not eat anymore, and instant noodles too. 

2. Keep food healthy

In fact, when people eat healthy food, it is difficult for people to appear excessively obese or excessively thin. The same is true for pregnant mothers, and pregnant mothers eat them. Healthy, the fetus is actually very upset or too small. 

These are all nutritious. They are all low-carb water, high saturated fat, and multi-vitamin content. How can such high-quality foods fetus gain weight easily? Not only won’t get fat, but the fetus will also be very smart. 

In life, we can see the phenomenon of newborns being overweight or underweight. Therefore, a reasonable diet during pregnancy can make the baby’s weight reach the best index. Arrange the diet during pregnancy reasonably, and don’t let the baby be overweight or underweight. After 2 years of pregnancy preparation, the doctor found the reason from the table. Don’t eat these foods during pregnancy preparation period.

Many young couples do not plan to prepare for pregnancy as soon as they get married. Most of them hope to wait. With a certain amount of savings, I felt that I could afford to raise a child before I decided to start pregnancy, especially for young people in big cities. 

But now more and more young people find that when they are about to start preparing for pregnancy when they are at the planned age, the pregnancy preparation is not smooth, not as fast as they thought. At the beginning, they might have planned for 3 months. I was pregnant with a child, but now there may be no results for a year or two. Why is this? 

Many people may consider physical reasons, but few people go into the details of what causes “infertility”. 


28-year-old Ms. Liu had three check-ups in Fujian Maternity and Child Health Hospital. It has been half a year since the first check-up. Ms. Liu was told by the doctor that her condition has improved. This is probably the most happy Ms. Liu has heard in the past six months. One sentence. 

More than 2 years ago, Ms. Liu and her husband decided to get pregnant, but after two years passed, Ms. Liu’s stomach did not move at all. This made Ms. Liu feel flustered and hurried to go with her husband. I did an inspection, and the results came out like a bolt from the blue. 

Whether it is Ms. Liu’s eggs or her husband’s sperm, the quality is not good, and pregnancy failure is normal. Both husband and wife didn’t understand why this happened. When the doctor fully understood all aspects of the life habits of the husband and wife, he found the crux of the matter. 

Ms. Liu and her husband were married 5 years ago, because at that time they started from nothing. In order to save money and make money, both of them worked hard. They often stayed up late, and they seldom eat some nutrients. “Food”, according to Ms. Liu, for three meals a day, there must be pickles in the morning and evening. Previously, it was mainly for saving money. 

Especially Ms. Liu’s husband, due to the long-term lack of sleep time, so he often drinks coffee, and these trivial bad eating habits also lead to poor quality of sperm and egg cells of the husband and wife. . 

I believe that most people have not thought that diet will also affect the quality of reproductive cells. This is also a wake-up call for young men and women. 

These foods are in Don’t eat it during pregnancy.

1. Pickled food

Just like Ms. Liu and her husband, what they eat for a long time is pickled food, and they make it by themselves. It sounds more Healthy. In fact, the pickled foods made by ourselves are not able to reach the standard of sterilization, so the bacteria breed more. 

In addition, it should be noted that most of the pickled foods are added with various seasonings, and the salt content exceeds the standard, which will become nitrite under long-term action. This ingredient has a greater impact on both female eggs and male sperm, reducing its activity, thereby affecting their quality. 

Of course, not only this kind of pickled food needs attention, but also some canned pickled products on the market are actually the same in nature. If you can eat as little as possible, you should even do it. Try not to eat. 

2. Coffee

Coffee can be said to be a powerful tool for office workers. Drinking a cup every morning can at least ensure the work efficiency in the morning, and will prevent you from dozing off and getting confused. 

But it should be noted that if you consume more coffee, the activity of germ cells will be lower, usually at least about 27%. This is the data intercepted from the British Medical Journal . 

Therefore, it is recommended to change the habit of drinking coffee. If you feel sleepy during the day, you can try to change other ways to ensure your work efficiency during the day, especially when you go to bed early at night. After all, stay up late. It will affect the quality of germ cells and is far greater than expected. 

Or you can drink tea instead. In comparison, tea also has a good refreshing effect, and there are few side effects, so it can be one of the options. 

3. Milk tea

Some young people have a cup of milk tea every day. Milk tea can be said to be a must-have for young people now, but in fact, I don’t recommend drinking more. If you can change to the habit of drinking milk tea , Then try to change it. 

Because most of the milk teas on the market are made of creamer and other additives, long-term intake of the human body will have a greater impact on the reproductive cells, even if it is prone to pregnancy, it may be tossed Become infertile physique. 

4. Withdraw heavy-tasting foods from the table as much as possible.

Nowadays, young couples also like to eat heavy-tasting foods, heavy spicy, heavy oil, heavy salt, and long-term maintenance of this bad eating habit will also lead to sperm cells And egg cells are greatly affected, mainly due to low activity, and may also show as aberrations. In this way, even if the child is conceived, the quality of the child is not high. 

Changing one’s own eating habits is not only for the sake of preparing for pregnancy, but also for the sake of your own health. You should not take it as a task, but accept this healthy habit.

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