The birth of pregnant women is a major event. If you do not pay attention to these things, it is likely to cause infection

The birth of a pregnant woman is a major event. If you do not pay attention to these things, it is very likely to cause infection.

The birth of a pregnant woman is not only a thrilling process, but also the post-natal care must be very delicate, especially this. If one thing is not done well, then the pregnant woman’s body is likely to have repeated infections in the future, and the small problems that are not well cured will be repeated. 

Which things should be paid special attention to during the thrilling delivery time of pregnant women, in case something goes wrong in the future? Xiaoli, who just came out, is about to give birth in only one month. This month, Xiaoli’s mother can be said to be afraid of Xiaoli. 

As a pregnant woman, Xiaoli ate well and slept well, but Xiaoli’s mother couldn’t bear the thought of her daughter going through the pain of childbirth. Therefore, Xiaoli’s mother told Xiaoli in every possible way, all kinds of details that Xiaoli should pay attention to when giving birth. Especially these few things, Xiaoli’s mother and Xiaoli have said many times. 

1. Things to pay special attention to during production

1. Is the placenta completely taken out

After the production is over, it actually needs to be regenerated Once a child, in a popular sense, a pregnant woman is going through the process of giving birth to give birth to the placenta. Pregnant women should bring out the placenta that delivers nutrients to the fetus, and take it out of the body, otherwise the placenta will remain in the body, which may cause inflammation and serious damage to the uterus in the future. 

During delivery, doctors will also pay special attention to this problem, pay attention to check whether the placenta is completely taken out, pay attention to check whether the placenta is left, and pregnant women themselves should take special care, just in case. 

2. Is there any abnormality in the wound

After the pregnant woman gave birth, her lower body actually suffered a relatively serious tear, although the tear will slowly recover after the birth. However, during the recovery process, pregnant women should consciously check the recovery of the lower body, whether the wound is particularly large, and the recovery is particularly slow, which is different from other pregnant women. 

3. After giving birth, is there any faint pain in the body

After the mother gave birth, how did she feel in her body? Is there any faint pain in her abdomen? Symptoms, these are all to be paid special attention to. The whole process is not just to give birth to the baby, but also to take the placenta out of the body. 

After the delivery process is over, if the pregnant woman has obvious signs of lumps on the body, or has a dull pain that cannot be eliminated, it must be reported to the doctor in the delivery room in time. 

Two. What other things need to be paid attention to after delivery by the parturients?

1. The sex and characteristics of the child

In recent years, there have been hospitals holding the wrong child It’s not uncommon for both parents to raise children for decades. Although this is the responsibility of the hospital, the consequences of the mistakes are borne by both parents. Therefore, when the child is born, pregnant women must clearly see the child’s gender characteristics, whether the birthmarks on the body are large or small, in order to prevent problems. 

2. The time when the child was born

The accuracy of the child’s birth time is very important, so the mother must record the time of the child’s birth in detail. Some nurses will take the child out and record it after crying. This is actually not very accurate. As long as the child leaves the mother’s body, it will be the time of birth. 

3. How is the cry of the child?

The mother also needs to pay attention to the cry of the child, whether it is low or loud, if the cry is too small Children, then mothers should pay attention, the baby’s health may not be very good. 

Then if the child’s cry is loud, loud and loud, then it proves that the child’s body is very healthy and the birth process is relatively smooth. How is the cry of the child? It is closely related to the health of the child, which is why the doctor will find a way to make the child cry if the child does not cry. 

4. Is your mind awake?

After being born, the parturient should wake up her mind, observe that she is not in a circle, at least not dizzy, and can’t see clearly thing. If the mother’s own head is not clear, the doctor will not arbitrarily push the mother out of the delivery room, so the mother must make sure that her head is clear. 

In order to test whether the reproductive process of the parturient is restored, and whether it is normal, some doctors deliberately ask the parturient questions that are not easy to answer. Don’t be surprised about the increase. This is for doctors to check their own brains to see if they are functioning properly. Explain that this doctor is a responsible doctor, a good doctor, and a doctor who cares about the mother. 

Production is not a trivial matter. In the process of production, it is inevitable that some crises and accidents are prone to emergencies. The mother herself must first ensure her own safety and health, and keep an eye on her during childbirth to observe if she has any abnormal symptoms. And give feedback to the doctor in time and get the doctor’s reply, so that the parturient can feel at ease, reduce the ideological burden of childbirth, and give birth more smoothly. It’s okay to touch these parts of the child more, the more you touch, the smarter it is, and it is good for the health of the child.

Every parent hopes that his child is healthy and smart. Now, it is nothing more than a headache for parents. It is the question of whether the child is smart or not. 

Some parents are more anxious. When the child is still a fetus, they start to use prenatal education to try to make the child win at the starting line. Some parents wait until the child is born before trying other methods. 

In response to this, the methods that Bao parents and mothers have come up with can be described as various. Some have enrolled their children for brain development courses, and some have been listening to some educational music for their children, or they have been constantly giving It doesn’t matter whether the child can understand it or not. 

In fact, in the face of so many complicated methods, it is better to find some more scientific methods, and they are even simpler. 

Previously, the Child Health Association of the United Kingdom issued a report that pointed out that if parents often touch the body parts of infants and young children, it will promote the brain development of children. 

Regarding this conclusion, the association also used strong data to confirm that the team conducted a three-year follow-up survey of 1,040 children in the UK, and finally found that those children who were often touched grew up. Later, he tends to be more witty and flexible, and his personality is more lively. 

Of course, although it is said that touching a child can promote the development of a child’s brain, it is not just touching it casually, but there are also ways to find the right part. 

1. Children’s feet< /p>

Many people say that children have many acupuncture points on the soles of their feet, so they should not be touched at will. Although this is indeed the case, under normal circumstances, if you want to stimulate the acupuncture points, you usually have to press very hard to cause a certain stimulus, otherwise there is basically no effect. 

Therefore, parents and mothers can touch their children’s feet more often. First of all, they must be gentle and controlled. At the same time, they can also help the children rub 10 more toes and move the children’s little feet. Open, which is helpful for children to learn to walk later. 

Be aware that many people’s walking postures are wrong now, so that the leg shape changes more obviously, and the main reason behind this is that the toes lose “functionality” because they were learning to walk when they were young. Not all toes are exercised. 

In addition, often touching the child’s feet can also promote blood circulation in the child’s body. We all know that blood circulation in the soles of the feet is usually the worst, and frequent strokes can improve this. 

In this way, the child’s blood circulation will be smoother, and the blood will return to the brain more smoothly, which will help the puzzle to a certain extent. More importantly, often touching the child’s feet can exercise the child’s perception and consciousness, and also promote brain education. 

2. Children’s fingers

In addition to touching the child’s feet can stimulate the child’s perception ability, in fact, frequent touching the child’s fingers can also strengthen the child’s perception ability. 

Papas and moms can usually move their children’s knuckles more, but don’t use too much force, because the children’s knuckles are not mature enough. If you use too much force or break at will, it may cause inertia Fall off. 

Of course, while stroking, parents can also exercise their children’s finger coordination and grasping skills. These need to stimulate the children’s finger sensitivity first, and then let the children practice. 

Be aware that children with strong hands-on skills tend to be smarter when they grow up. Because the higher the flexibility and agility of the fingers, it also means that the degree of brain development is relatively higher. 

3. The child’s belly

Most parents think that they should touch their child’s belly only when the child has indigestion, mainly to promote the child’s gastrointestinal digestion. In fact, if you can touch your child’s belly more often, it will also have certain benefits for the child’s brain development. It sounds incredible, but it is the case. 

Like the report released by the Children’s Association of the United Kingdom, when a child’s gastrointestinal system is in a sluggish or poor state for a long time, then the child’s brain function will be partially affected, especially the speed will slow down. 

Therefore, by stroking the child’s stomach and promoting the improvement of the child’s gastrointestinal system, the brain function can be further stimulated, and the child’s IQ will gradually increase. 

Of course, stroking the child’s stomach is also very helpful to the child’s health. It not only promotes the child’s digestion, but also relieves the child’s symptoms of constipation and food accumulation. 

But it should also be noted that parents should follow the same direction and pay attention when stroking their children’s stomachs. In addition, it is not possible to touch and massage too frequently, otherwise it may cause dependence, about 5 minutes a day. 

In the end, I hope parents can understand that if you want to promote your children’s brain development, of course, you can’t just rely on touching these parts, but you also need to ensure your children’s nutritional intake and acquired knowledge. Otherwise, the child will still have mediocre aptitude.

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