The bigger these parts of the child are, the more blessed the representative is. If you occupy one of them, you have to have fun

The bigger these places in the child are, the more blessed the representative is. Everyone has to have fun.

One of the favorite topics of the elderly to talk about is whose grandson is blessed, and whose grandson looks at each other. Good. How does the elderly judge whether a child is blessed? 

What is the relationship between the child’s facial features and the child’s future blessing? As the saying goes, ginger is still hot, old people say so, there must be some basis. 

In fact, if these parts of the child are different from other children, if they are larger than ordinary children, then the child will be a blessed person in the future. 

Ms. Zhang Jia from Sichuan found that her child is a windy ear, and her child’s ears are much larger than ordinary children, especially after her son has gone to elementary school. 

Standing with other children, the big ears are more obvious. My son’s classmates also discovered this, so my son’s usual nickname at school is Big Ear Tutu. 

As time goes by, Ms. Zhang’s children hate their big ears more and more. Ms. Zhang’s children told their mother about their troubles, which made Ms. Zhang amused and said that his son should be happy. 

Why are children so happy with such big ears? In fact, not only the big ears, but these faces are all worthy of the joy of parents and children. 

Fortunately What are the facial features?

1. Big ears

As the old saying goes, people with longevity look at their ears, Buddha’s ears are very big. If a person’s ears are obviously different from others, then this person must have peculiar talents. 

Big ears mean that a person has extraordinary talents, and it also means that a person’s life is long. In life, it is not difficult to find that many long-lived elderly people have longer earlobes than ordinary people. 

The overall ears are also bigger than the average person. Big ears are a blessing of extraordinary talent and a blessing of longevity. 

2. Large palms and soles

If a person’s palms and soles are relatively developed, thicker, and larger, then it can be concluded that the person’s limbs, that is, the person’s arms and the person’s double The legs are relatively thick. 

The skeleton of the whole person will be larger, so the height of the whole person will be easier to grow taller, a person with a small skeleton is more likely to appear shorter, and a person with a large skeleton is more likely to be tall and straight, which is why Northerners generally have larger skeletons and are taller. 

Men with large palms and soles are more likely to get a better height in the day after tomorrow, and become a person with a better height. 

3. Big buttocks

Big buttocks, good health is a reason. Compared with a girl with a small butt, a girl with a big butt is more likely to give birth when giving birth, and it is easier to give birth safely. 

The body is also more suitable for health. So a big ass is not a bad thing. Women with big ass are good for health and good physique. Childbirth is a devil for women, but children with big butts have a great advantage. 

4. Big eyes

The old saying goes. If you look at the fire with insight, this sentence means that a person’s observation ability is particularly strong. In fact, big eyes are also a symbol of blessing. Large eyes and watery spirits were regarded as a symbol of beauty in ancient times, as well as in modern times. 

Compared with people with small eyes, people with big eyes are more likely to express their eyes, express what they think, and make others feel their emotions more easily. 

Big eyes can not only add points to a person’s appearance, but also add points to a person’s temperament, a pair of big watery eyes. It will appear that the whole face is very clear, giving people a feeling of spring breeze, and the temperament will be better. 

Especially for girls, a pair of nice eyes is very important, and it feels very good. 

Not only that, big eyes also make it easier to look small, because a person’s face has certain blank parts. Except for these blank parts, the other parts are the parts of the facial features. With large eyes, the facial features occupy the face. The proportion of the face is large, then the face is easier to appear small and the bones of the face look good. 

Which places are big It is a symbol of inauspiciousness.

1. Mouth

 People with large mouths generally have a stronger appetite, and are more likely to be obese and more likely to suffer from it. 

It makes sense for other diseases. People with big mouths generally follow people with big mouths to eat. 

Besides, the biggest provocation is that if a person has a big mouth, then this person is likely to include not being able to hide secrets, and will talk about his own secrets, and also talk about other people’s secrets. . 

So in life, if you want to communicate secrets with someone, you can check whether her mouth is big or not. Compared with people with small mouths, people with big mouths are even more unreliable. 

It is easier to reveal your privacy and put yourself at a disadvantage. Don’t talk about your privacy to such people. 

2. Nostrils

Large nostrils are not a good thing. Large nostrils are a sign of wealth leakage. Even if you have the ability to make money, you can easily be squandered by yourself or other unexpected things, which can lead to wealth leakage. Spread wealth. 

A big nose is a good thing, but big nostrils, especially when viewed from the front, the nose leaks and the nostrils face up. Such people are not only irritable, but also easy to lose money. 

Some places are great blessings, and some places are misfortunes. Parents can judge where the child is, where he is blessed, and where he needs training based on the position of the child in his face. Some places are bad luck, and some places are good fortune. Parents have to judge carefully. I am worried that my father’s genes are too strong, pregnant mothers eat grapes wildly, genetics VS the day after tomorrow, who is more dominant this time

They all say “the dragon begets the dragon, the phoenix begets the phoenix, and the children of mice will make holes.” See the power of inheritance. Observing the children and their parents in comparison, you will find that many children are almost carved out of the parent’s model, especially the comparison between the photos of the children when they were young and the photos of their parents when they were young. The similarity is extremely high, which once again proves the power of genes. 

But in recent years, many people have discovered that no matter how powerful the gene is, sometimes the effect of change can be achieved through some means. 

I believe that over the years, everyone has heard that many pregnant women drink milk violently during pregnancy, and their skin is not white, but their children have become particularly white, and so on. 

At this time, some people will start to wonder, can some of the intervention methods acquired can really “counterattack” genes? 


My friend Xiao Zhang’s husband has small eyes, and she can be said to be the “same style” with the star Li Ronghao, and her own eyes are not too big. My friend is worried that her husband’s genes will be inherited after the child is born, so she will do everything in her pregnancy. There are ways to change this situation. 

When she accidentally saw someone saying that she had eaten a lot of grapes during her pregnancy, and her eyes were big, round and black after the baby was born, and she was really good-looking, which made Xiao Zhang very excited. 

So I started to eat grapes from about 2 months of pregnancy. The magic is that she was not affected when she was pregnant. It is precisely because of this that sometimes she eats grapes as a meal. 

In this way, when she ate about 6 months of pregnancy, the doctor found that her blood sugar level was too high during an obstetric examination, and learned that she usually consumes a large amount of grapes, and advised her to stop, otherwise the high blood sugar may cause damage to the body. The greater impact will also increase the risk of childbirth. 

Considering this, Xiao Zhang was also afraid, so he reduced his intake, but he still ate grapes every day, which was the amount he took with the consent of his doctor. 

Soon, when Xiao Zhang was giving birth, the husband and wife were looking forward to what the child would be like after birth. I also went to accompany the childbirth and wanted to see what would happen. 

As a result, after the child was taken out of the delivery room, there was no “counter-attack” in the legend. The child really inherited the “Li Ronghao eyes of the same style” from Bao Dad. 

My friend and husband are really happy, how comfortable my children look at them, no matter how small their eyes are, they are also my favorite baby. But my friend was different. Later when he was pushed out of the delivery room, the whole person was obviously very depressed, and he mumbled, “Who said that eating grapes is useful! I almost vomited, this little boy still couldn’t escape her. Dad’s genes are still a girl, so what can I do…”

My friend said that he was happy too. After all, because he is his own child, no matter what he looks like, Can accept. 

Heredity VS acquired

I believe everyone has heard of a lot of similar things, because I have been eating a certain kind of food during pregnancy, and then successfully counterattacked after the child was born. 

This kind of story sounds very “inspiring” and very exciting, but it can be accurately said that the probability of occurrence is very low. 

Because of what the child looks like, the genes have already been determined. Unless the genes are changed, the effect of changing the child can be achieved. 

There are some special situations, such as the parents’ skin is not white, or the eyes are small, or other characteristics, but the children of this generation show the opposite characteristics, the main reason is The role of dominant and recessive genes. 

Take a simple example to illustrate that the parents have smaller eyes. This kind of smallness is manifested as the dominant gene of the parents. Not all of the two genes of some parents are small, but they may be hidden. There is a possibility of carrying a “big” recessive gene at the same time, but it is not shown in the parents, but when the child inherits this gene, it is born with big eyes. 

On the contrary, if the small eyes of parents are purely small and do not carry the “big” recessive gene, then the child’s eyes have only one possibility, that is, small. 

Therefore, the appearance and characteristics of a child are basically determined by the parents’ genes. It may also be caused by some factors during the acquired pregnancy, but they are basically negatively affected. Food that should be ingested, or doing something that has a greater impact, causing the child to become deformed. 

This can also be regarded as a change in appearance and acquired factors. It can be seen that the impact on the fetus makes it easy to “bad”, but it is difficult to make it genetically better. Therefore, it is very difficult for pregnant mothers to ensure the normal growth and development of their children during pregnancy without negative influence. 

At the same time, it is also necessary to make it clear that although the diet during pregnancy cannot change the appearance and characteristics of the child, it can have a significant impact on the physique of the child after birth. If the nutrition during pregnancy is adequate, the child’s physique will also be affected. Relatively good, but not vice versa. 

Therefore, it is better to honestly consider how to ensure the healthy development of the child, instead of trying hard on some useless aspects.

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