The baby’s mental development is slow, mostly during the growth period, and the parents are not in place.

Babies’ intellectual development is slow, most of the time they are growing up. Parents are not in place.

When children are in infants, their brains develop very quickly, and the brain’s neuronal network receives external environmental stimuli It becomes more complex and three-dimensional. 

It can be said that during this period, if parents can give their children proper guidance, this will obviously help the children’s intellectual development, but if parents ignore this, then the children’s intelligence Development will also be negatively affected by this. 

The baby is very “behaved”. Bao’s mother only discovered the abnormality when she was nine months old. After the doctor’s examination, she was diagnosed with stunted growth.

Liangliang rarely cried after birth. For this reason, Liangliang’s mother was proud Show off to friends that her baby is really an angel baby. Compared to those high-demand babies, Liangliang is really too worry-free. 

Slowly Liangliang grows up a little bit, even though Liangliang’s mother is sometimes busy with housework and does not play with him, Liangliang rarely feels crying, and many times the little guy just stays Looked at the ceiling blankly. 

In this way, Liangliang has grown to nine months. When Liangliang’s mother took the child for a physical examination, the community doctor found that Liangliang did not actively grasp the toy, so she asked Liangliang’s mother that the child was at home. Case. 

Hearing the doctor’s inquiry, Liangliang’s mother also began to have doubts, “Others’ children seem to like to grasp toys when they are four or five months old, but my baby is not so interested in toys!”

Then the community doctor suggested that Liangliang’s mother take the child to the hospital for a systematic examination. After hearing the doctor say this, Liangliang’s mother also became worried. So she hurriedly took the child to the big hospital. After a tedious examination, the doctor confirmed that the child did indeed have mental retardation. 

The doctor explained, “If the child usually cries less often, it’s not necessarily that the child is naturally well-behaved. It is very likely that they have some abnormal symptoms.”

“And nine Month-old children already have a certain degree of grasping ability. If they still show a difficult response to grasping my grip at this time, then it is likely to be a manifestation of slow intellectual development.”

With slow mental development, Liangliang’s mother felt that the sky was about to fall. She really regretted why she hadn’t discovered the situation earlier. 

If the child has intelligence Slow development, what are the obvious characteristics of them? 

1. There is still no active grasping response at nine months of age.

In most cases, the baby will already have grasping response at four or five months, and is The object will be tracked consciously. 

If the baby is still not aware of grasping when he is nine months old, parents should pay attention to the problem of the child’s intellectual development. 

2. The child’s crying response is not obvious

When the baby is only under relatively strong stimulation, will there be obvious mood swings, such as crying response, then this is not as the parents imagine , The child is not well-behaved, but may have developmental delay. 

When children are in their infancy, they are used to crying to attract the attention of adults. If the children seldom cry, it means that their intelligence has not yet developed to this stage. 

3. Unable to learn normal chewing movements

When parents find that their children chew for a long time, and their chewing movements are slower, even accompanied by symptoms such as vomiting and dysphagia, it is necessary for parents Take the child to check the level of intellectual development. 

Especially after adding supplementary food to the child for a period of time, if the child is still unable to adapt, then parents should pay more attention to it. 

In fact, when children are 0-3 years old, their intelligence is in a stage of rapid development. If there are obstacles in intellectual development, it is likely to be related to improper parental care. For example, the child is not given appropriate environmental stimulation. 

How do parents Is it possible to prevent children from being retarded in their intellectual development through proper care? 

1. Appropriate touch exercises during infancy

For infants, they like their parents to make skin contact with themselves, which not only allows them to obtain novel perception experiences, but also It will make them feel more secure. 

The correct touch practice can make children feel richer environmental stimulation, and then the brain development will be positively affected. 

2. Pay attention to the development of children’s big movements

In infancy, the development of children’s big movements is very rapid. For example, at this stage, they learn to sit alone, crawl, Standing and so on, so parents can take into account the child’s own growth and development stage, and appropriately guide the big movements, which not only makes the children feel interesting, but also helps their intellectual development. 

3. Give children enough sense of security

When children are in an unstable family environment, they can easily feel insecure in their hearts. Children affected by a negative family atmosphere will also have certain defects in their intellectual development. In addition, the indifferent attitude of the parents will also affect the child’s sense of security. 

Although children’s intelligence level is related to genetic genes, in the infant stage, the family environment stimuli they receive will also have an impact on intellectual development. 

Parents should pay particular attention to their daily care. What kind of knowledge do you share about children’s intellectual development? Tian Liang’s daughter is really “excessive”, her long legs and muscle lines are brighter, and her peers are under pressure

Now the children are well nourished, and they are generally not short, even some children in their early ten years of age. But he is about the same size as his parents. When you take them out, others think they are younger brothers and sisters of the same generation. 

Tian Liang’s daughter Sen Die (Tian Yucheng), I believe everyone is familiar with it. She participated in the variety show “Where Are You Going Dad” with her father in her early years and was once popular. 

She was born in 2008 and has just turned 12 years old, but her height has actually exceeded 165, which is close to the 170 mark. 

A 12-year-old girl has such a height, which is definitely comparable to many boys of the same age. In fact, even if the forest disc is not longer than one centimeter, this height is for girls. It’s definitely not short anymore. Of course, Morita will definitely continue to grow. After all, she is only 12 years old, and she probably hasn’t even started her puberty. 

Not only is Sendie tall, if you look closely, you can also see that her muscle lines are also very obvious. It can be seen that her father, who is a diver, usually trains her. 

With a childish baby face, but with a head close to 1.7 meters, plus a pair of long legs, netizens screamed “Overgrown”, and some even complained. She said that her peers must be particularly stressed. 

A height like Mori’s disc is obviously a more extreme situation. Normally, the height of a 12-year-old girl is far from this value. So Sendie’s peers don’t actually need to be stressed, as long as their height is within the normal range. 

Children of different stages have different growth speeds.

Generally, they are 50 cm in length at birth.

Newborn babies are generally about 50 cm in height. However, for newborns, weight is a more critical value, so many parents do not remember how tall their baby was born, but they can remember how much their baby was born. 

One year old is the time when the baby’s height changes the fastest

From birth to full year old, the baby’s height can increase by an average of 20~25 cm, which can be said to be the height increase during the entire developmental period. The fastest stage. Fortunately, at this stage, the baby’s food is very simple, and there is no exercise, so as long as it is properly cared for, basically every baby can meet the standard. 

From one to three years old, increase by 8~10 cm each year

The baby is past one year old , The growth rate suddenly slowed down, the average annual growth is only 8~10 cm, this stage lasts until the age of three. So normally, by the age of three, the baby’s height should be 90-100 cm. 

The average height of puberty is 8 centimeters per year

Girls start puberty when they are 13 years old, and boys start puberty when they are 14 years old. This is the last height increase in the entire developmental period. period. 

During this period, the child’s height can increase by about 8 cm per year on average. By the end of puberty, the height is basically set, and even if there is an increase in the later period, it is very limited. 

The average height of adult men in my country is 167.1 cm, while that of women is 155.8 cm, but this is the average for all ages. If you only look at young people, especially those born in 1995, men should be above 172, and women should be around 160. So if your child does not meet this standard, it means that the height is too short. 

Don’t let height become a lifelong pain for children, parents should do it

1. Pay attention to diet

Growth requires adequate nutritional intake, such as bone growth Calcium needed and protein needed for muscle growth. To make a child grow taller, parents should prepare foods rich in calcium and protein for him, such as milk, soy products, fish, animal liver, etc. Only a proper diet can ensure adequate nutritional intake, so that children can grow taller and have a good nutritional foundation. 

2. Keep adequate sleep

Adolescence is the most important time for a child to grow taller, but this time is precisely when the child’s academic work is the heaviest. So during this period of time, many children’s sleep has become a problem, and this is exactly what parents need to solve. Because the child is sleeping, the body will secrete more growth hormone, thereby promoting bone growth. 

So maintaining adequate sleep is essential for children to grow taller. During this period of time, parents must urge their children to sleep well. If they find that their children have insomnia, they must deal with them as soon as possible. 

3. Do more outdoor sports

Exercise is also a great helper for children to grow taller. I believe many parents have heard that playing basketball or touching high regularly can help children Grow taller. 

This is because exercise can stimulate the growth of long bones, and the height of a person mainly depends on its length. But exercise shouldn’t be too much, otherwise the pressure on the joints will be too great, but the development of bones will be resisted. 

Although height has a great relationship with heredity, acquired efforts can also make up for the lack of genes to a large extent. Take Sen Die as an example. Her father Tian Liang is only 171 in height. I am afraid that she is not even there. However, at the age of 12, she is already close to 170. It should be inevitable that she will be taller than her father in the future. 

So, don’t worry if your parents are not tall, as long as you do well in the three aspects mentioned above, your child will certainly not be short.

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