The baby’s development is lagging behind. If parents don’t pay attention to them, they will be far behind their peers.

The baby’s development is lagging behind. If the parents don’t pay attention to it, it will be far from the same age.

During the baby’s growth and development, there are corresponding development indicators for each age group. Although the growth rhythm of each child will be different. 

But on a large scale, the growth and development of children should be within the range of normal development indicators. If the development is relatively slow, then it is very likely that the development is backward. 

Therefore, parents need to pay attention to the growth and development of their children at every stage, especially during infancy. 

Bao Ma teased The child loves to be “lazy”, other babies will crawl. The baby is still motionless. The doctor is underdeveloped. Xiao Duo is a novice mother. In order to be able to take the child better, she willingly quit her job. From then on The content of everyday life is centered on children. 

Watching the little guy in her arms grow up little by little, Xiaoduo feels that she has a special sense of accomplishment. 

When the baby was six months old, Xiaoduo discovered a very special thing, that is, the babies of the same age around him can already turn over on both sides proficiently, but his own baby still Did not learn. 

While chatting with other mothers, You Bao mother said, “My baby will turn over when he is four months old, and one will fall off the bed without paying attention!”

I heard these Xiaoduo teasing that his children are particularly lazy, “They have grown up to six months, and I don’t even want to turn over. At first glance, they will follow his father. They are quite lazy when they are young. !”

< p>Originally, the baby had to go to the community hospital for physical examination every month, but because he has not been busy, the little guy has not had a physical examination for two months. 

So not long ago, Xiao Duo took his six-month-old baby to the community hospital for a physical examination. After all the physical examination items were completed, the doctor advised Xiaoduo to take the baby for further examination, because he suspected that the baby might be developing backward. 

The doctor’s words made Xiaoduo feel very puzzled, “My baby is just a little lazy, and it is impossible for her to develop backward.”

After hearing Xiaoduo’s words, the doctor said, “When a baby is in the infancy stage, the development of big movements is one of the indicators to measure its developmental backwardness. Now the baby will not turn over when he is six months old, which makes people have to be suspicious.”

After hearing the doctor say this, Xiaoduo hurriedly took the child to the larger hospital. After the inspection, the baby does have a developmental delay. 

Fortunately, it was discovered in a timely manner. If appropriate intervention, the baby’s development may return to a normal state. 

The baby is underdeveloped What are the performances? From these four aspects, it is the most reliable.

1. Development of big movements

When the baby is in the infant stage, the development and change of the big movements is very fast. For example, the little guys will turn over at four months, and they will be able to turn over on both sides at six months. 

If the baby’s big movements develop slowly, then the baby may have developmental lag. 

2. Fine motor development

The difficulty of fine motor movements is more difficult than that of large movements, and it is also one of the indicators to measure whether the baby has developmental lag. 

For example, at the age of eight months, the baby will clap and pass the toy with both hands, and at the age of nine months, he can grab and eat with his hands. 

If babies are poorly mastered in fine motor skills, they may also be underdeveloped. 

3. Language ability development

Infant and toddler stage is the rapid stage of baby’s language ability development. Usually, when the baby reaches one year of age, he can call out the names of common objects in life, but he cannot say clearly. Words. 

But some vague words are also spoken, so if the baby is slow to speak, it may also be a sign of developmental lag. 

4. Cognitive ability development

For example, when a baby is one year old, he will point to things and cooperate with some other simple instructions. Cognitive ability is also very important for baby’s growth and development. 

If the baby’s cognitive abilities are poorly developed, then the developmental backwardness on them will be relatively more obvious. 

How do parents How to avoid developmental lag in children? 

1. Pay attention to the baby’s nutritional intake

For babies in the growth and development period, sufficient nutritional intake can ensure their normal physical development. If the nutritional intake is insufficient, it is very The baby’s development may be abnormal due to malnutrition. 

Usually, when the baby is six months old, Bao’s mother can feed the little one with supplementary food, so as to ensure the baby’s adequate intake of nutrients. 

2. Communicate more with your baby

Parents should not refuse to communicate with their baby because they can’t understand their own words. In fact, the communication between adults is important for the baby’s growth and development. It is a very good environmental stimulus. 

This not only helps parents find some abnormalities in their children, but also promotes the development of their children’s language and cognitive abilities. 

3. Properly exercise with your baby

The interaction between parents and children can help the baby’s big and fine movements to be exercised, which not only helps the baby to exercise, but also promotes the baby’s intellectual development. 

The parent-child interaction is also a very important part of early education. 

In short, during the rapid growth and development of the baby, parents should pay attention to every move of the little guy, and if there is a developmental lag, they must give a timely response. 

Do you have any relevant knowledge to share about the growth and development of babies? “Birthmark babies” develop the three types of habit of remembering pregnant mothers, which can easily lead to the baby being “marked”

The issue of birthmarks was discussed with friends in the first two days, because my friends’ daughters had long birthmarks when they were born. , And it was quite big. At that time, the doctor said that there was no need to worry, and it would be eliminated when the child grew up. 

No, my friend recently reported to me that the child’s birthmark is getting faint, saying that it’s a fake to be unhappy. After all, if the big cyan birthmark always exists on the child’s back, it’s still Girls, in the future, they will definitely undermine their children’s self-confidence. 

Later, I shared this incident in the Baoma group, and wanted to collect some short stories, and received a lot of feedback. 

Bao Ma, my husband has a birthmark on his left face. After pregnancy, both of us are worried that there will be birthmarks in the future. After all, birthmarks are inherited, but fortunately, there is no birthmark when the child is born. Birthmarks, I really worry about the whole pregnancy. 

Baoma 2 My daughter has a red birthmark on her hand, but the color is relatively light. We all thought it could be eliminated at the time, but now the child is 7 years old, and it still hasn’t been eliminated. Fortunately, it is on the hand, and the color is relatively light, so I didn’t care much. 

Baomasan, my relative’s daughter had a vascular birthmark. I forgot what the specific name was, but it was not good at all. Later, it caused malignant changes, so I went for surgery. 


I don’t know if I ask, I’m really surprised when I ask. Sure enough, birthmarks seem to happen rarely. After all, there are still relatively few children around, but fewer children around don’t mean there are none. It still needs attention. 

Common birthmarks Type

1. Coffee milk spots

Some children will develop these kinds of spots after they are born. They are called coffee milk spots because they are similar in color to coffee mixed with milk. 

This kind of birthmark is also a kind of pigment spots, usually it will not become larger with the age of the child, but the color may become darker, especially when the child’s skin becomes darker. under. 

2. Mongolian spots

The Mongolian spots are mostly longer than the children’s back, thighs, buttocks, arms and other body parts. Many newborns will have similar birthmarks, which are also a type of pigmented moles. 

But parents and moms don’t have to worry. Although some Mongolian spots are larger in size and may be darker in color, they appear as cyan or blue-purple similar to bruises, but when the children grow up, this These birthmarks will gradually disappear, usually before the age of 4, and a small number of children may be later. 

3. Ota mole

This kind of birthmark is caused by the increase of melanin in the true layer of the child’s skin. Generally, it will not be inherited, but it should be noted that this kind of birthmark may increase with the child’s age. It grows and becomes bigger, and it is difficult to eliminate it by itself. 

Parents can eliminate it by taking their children to surgery, while paying attention to the risk of disease. 

4. Vascular birthmarks

Many vascular birthmarks may have lesions, so parents should pay special attention to this type. But then again, in fact, no matter what kind of birthmark, if there are abnormalities such as darkening, enlargement, or roughness, they must be checked in the hospital, and if necessary, they will be removed in time to avoid greater harm. 

Pregnant mother here The three types of habits can easily cause the baby to be “marked”.

1. Eating too much irritating food

If pregnant mothers eat too much irritating food during pregnancy, then the child will be in the womb The irritation is also relatively large, not only that, irritating food may also cause deformities in children. 

Therefore, no matter which aspect is considered, pregnant mothers should minimize the intake of irritating foods. The first consideration in diet should be the problem of nutritional matching, and should not be too indulgent in their diet. Preferences. 

2. Stay up late for a long time

Some pregnant mothers may not have the habit of staying up before pregnancy, but since pregnancy, they can’t sleep well or fall asleep. They simply play at night and sleep during the day. Actually This kind of work and rest is very unhealthy. 

If pregnant mothers stay up late for a long time, not only will their complexion become very bad, but the health of the fetus will also be affected. Because pregnant mothers will produce more cortisol after staying up late, and this hormone may cause aberrations in the child or stimulate birthmarks. 

3. Bumping

Some pregnant mothers pay less attention during pregnancy. They either knock here or there. The most feared thing is knocking on their stomachs. It may just cause birthmarks in the child, or in serious cases, it may lead to miscarriage, which is more dangerous. 

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers must get rid of the frizzy habit, and be careful in everything, especially in the case of a pregnant belly. Carelessness may lead to danger. In the second trimester of pregnancy, try not to go out alone, let alone do some heavy work. Protecting your belly is the most important thing. 

In the final analysis, if you want to prevent the baby’s long birthmark, pregnant mothers must be more concerned. But if the baby does have a birthmark, it is actually not terrible. I am most afraid that this kind of birthmark will be affected. Therefore, parents need to be carefully observed and treated in time. Repeated delay is the fatal injury.

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