The baby’s behavior is weird? Mom, don’t panic, all babies are the same

The baby’s behavior is weird? Mom, don’t panic, all babies are the same.

Many parents will find that their babies have some “little quirks” before they are one or two years old, such as eating hands, throwing toys, etc., but Bao Mom is the most We feel that the distress should be “tear the paper”. 

In the baby’s sight, the most invisible item is paper. No matter it is a paper towel or a book, it is impossible to escape from birth. As long as it is paper, the baby has to “provoke” it, even if it is not torn, it must be buckled out. 

“Cab! What the hell did the paper do wrong, do you want to treat it like this?” Bao Ma stay steady and don’t panic! Baby tearing paper, small problem, we might as well go to the baby’s inner world to understand, why does he have such a big obsession with tearing paper? 

Reasons why babies tear paper

1. Satisfy curiosity Heart

Actually, babies tear paper out of people’s curiosity in general, which can’t be suppressed at all! Babies should feel happy when this happens, because only when babies have curiosity, can they be motivated to learn. 

If you have passed the items in your baby’s hands, it must have been fiddling with them. Don’t even think about things like “End Bi”! 

2. Get satisfaction

The baby’s hands will become more and more flexible after 6 months. When babies find that the paper changes from one sheet to two sheets, or even more, in their own hands, they will sincerely feel that they are amazing. 

Therefore, the baby has already affirmed in his heart for the “tearing of paper”. Of course, the baby is more affirming his own ability. So this “game” is almost a baby’s favorite. 

3. The baby responds normally

At the age of babies, their senses are in a sensitive period. They are very sensitive to the things they see, touch and smell. 

As one of the most common items that a baby sees daily, paper will naturally have the deepest impression in the baby’s mind, so it is normal to touch and touch with one’s hands. After all, In the baby’s consciousness, “I see it = what I want to do”. 

What parents do

1. Don’t stop


If you find your baby is tearing the paper, moms don’t scold the baby, just let it go. Moms can use paper as a baby’s toy, anyway, the behavior of tearing the paper will gradually disappear after the baby has played for this period of time. 

2. Prepare paper of different materials

Since the baby likes the feeling of tearing paper, mothers can prepare a lot of paper of different materials and colors for the baby to tear. Exercise the baby’s tactile development. Secondly, different papers are also great for the baby’s visual stimulation. 

3. Choose tear-resistant books

If you show your baby a picture book, pay attention to choosing some tear-resistant books. There are a lot of books on the market that are made of “not torn apart” materials, and moms can buy them at their discretion. In this way, it will not happen that the baby looks at the picture book and is driven by the inner curiosity to tear the book. 

In the process of growth and development, babies often There are stages of this or that, these stages are the only way for the baby to grow up, and only through these stages can the baby develop better. 

So when the mothers find out that the baby has any weird “hobbies”, don’t rush to stop them. You might as well learn more about the baby’s heart and growth and development rules, so as to help him better growing up. With a learning mother, the baby will not get worse! The school flower “puppy love” has been kept in a black house by his parents for 5 years, and he can’t walk when he comes out. Father: I regret it very much.

They all say that their daughters are the little cotton-padded jackets of their parents, but families with daughters will worry more than others. Some, especially when the child is in puberty, the topic of “puppy love” is even more sensitive. Each parent may have different views and handling attitudes towards this situation. Some people are calm and accepting, while others are very extreme. 

The school flower “puppy love” was shut down by his parents for 5 years, I can’t walk anymore. Father: I regret having such a pair of extreme parents in Hubei. Their daughter looked good when she was in school. It can be described as white and beautiful, and she was awarded the title of “school flower”. 

The good-looking daughter was originally something to be proud of, but she went to high school After that, the child love Dou Chukai actually talked about love, not only that, but also became pregnant. The traditional but staid parents were furious when they heard about it. First they used rough methods to force their daughter home, and then they took her to the hospital for abortion. 

It’s fine if things only develop here, but this The practice towards the parents was very extreme, because they were worried that the child would contact the man afterwards, so they locked their daughter at home and prevented him from stepping out of the house. 

This kind of imprisonment lasts for five years, this The original beautiful school flower has changed in mind and body after being kept in a black house by his parents for 5 years. 

According to a neighbor’s description, she occasionally sang and read English when she was locked up at home, but was gradually replaced by screams and crying. 

The girl’s classmates and surrounding neighbors made a report after discovering that the situation was not optimistic, and the girl was finally rescued. But because of the dark life all the year round, the girl’s appearance has changed drastically. The whole person is very thin and can’t walk due to lack of exercise. 

The father who advocated all of this also expressed Regret, but everything has become a foregone conclusion. The girl’s life is ruined in this way, and the parents’ regrets may not come from the heart, and they are likely to be oppressed by the outside world. 

So, in the parent-child relationship, if the parents are too stubborn, it is not love but harm to the child. 

What should parents do with their children’s early love

1, correct Look at it.

Everyone has thoughts and feelings, especially after entering puberty. It is normal for children to have objects of love in their hearts, and parents should look at this matter rationally. Don’t get too excited after discovering your child’s early love, or even use words to insult and attack your child. This will damage their self-esteem. 

2, put the facts and make sense

When children in middle and high schools fall in love, they will affect their studies to some extent, but what parents have to do is not to force their children to separate. Even if the relationship is disrupted, there may be sequelae in the follow-up. The best way is to really open up the children’s knots, so it is very important to present facts and reason. 

3. Give children goals

Strongly interfering with the children’s feelings will only arouse their disgust, affirm the children’s charm, tell them that they believe they can handle the relationship correctly, and guide them to set goals for the future, this is the right thing to do. practice. Of course, agreeing does not mean letting go, and the bottom line should be kept. 

How to deal with children’s premature love? It is simply a job of fighting wits and courage, and it is also very difficult for parents. Here I hope that all parents in the world can find the right way, instead of using tough methods to hurt their children’s feelings and life! I don’t know what everyone thinks about teenage puppies?

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