The baby’s 4 manifestations are to reveal to you that I am afraid of insecurity

These four manifestations of the baby’s appearance are to reveal to you that I am afraid of insecurity

In the world of children, the sense of security is extremely important for them, and for the baby, the sense of security means If you can eat and sleep well, you will cry when you are insecure. 

Many parents say that when they take care of their babies, they don’t understand why they cry for no reason. Because for infants and young children, they have no language skills, so they can only express their fears by crying. 

As parents, one can only understand from their behavior. Generally speaking, if the baby does not have a physical illness, all his crying is to convey a message to the parents that he is afraid . 

Babies often midnight Crying, staring blankly into the corner

Xiao Chen is a novice mother with little experience in parenting. Recently, she told me of such distress. During this time, Xiao Chen’s baby always woke up in the middle of the night for no reason. After looking at the corner of the room, I would cry, and the whole family couldn’t sleep because of the noise. 

Sometimes Xiao Chen saw the baby staring into the corner blankly, as if there was something in the corner, and even frightened Xiao Chen. So sometimes you have to hold your baby in your arms and prevent him from looking at the corner, so that the baby can fall asleep. Xiao Chen always doesn’t understand why the baby is like this? 

Later, Xiao Chen realized that there was a poster in Xiao Chen’s room with a star with an exaggerated expression. When the baby woke up in the middle of the night, he would be scared when he saw a star with an exaggerated face, so he would cry. 

In addition, Xiao Chen puts the baby’s crib next to their big bed, which makes the baby very insecure, and always wants to sleep with Xiao Chen during the process of falling asleep, but In order to cultivate the child’s independence, Xiao Chen asked the child to sleep in a small bed. Although he was in the same room, he still had no sense of security for such a small child. 

Nowadays, many young parents are not considerate in caring for their children. Like Xiao Chen, putting their children in the crib too early because they want to improve their children’s independence will not only not improve their children’s independence, but also It will reduce the child’s inner security, which is very detrimental to the development of the child’s mental health. 

The baby is not safe Sense, what are the four manifestations? 

1. Very sticky mom and dad

Every baby likes to be close to his parents, but if parents find that their children are too sticky to their parents, it means that the children’s inner security is very low. 

If parents follow their children wherever they go, or if they don’t let their parents leave him for half a step, it means that the children are very fragile in their hearts and afraid of being abandoned by their parents. 

2. Fear of giving birth

We know that some children are very cognizant of birth, and they will be shy when they meet people they don’t know, and even cry and make loud noises. Such children have a natural sense of security. low. If parents find that their children always behave unsteadily when they go to unfamiliar environments or meet strangers, it means that the children’s sense of security needs to be improved. 

3. Two-year-old still sucking fingers

Sucking fingers is a manifestation of the inner tension of the baby. When he is upset, he will suck his fingers to relieve him. But if the child sucks his finger from time to time after the age of two, it symbolizes the child’s lack of security in his heart, and his heart will always be anxious. At this time, parents need to accompany their children more to ease their inner anxiety. 

3. Sleep with a toy.

Whether a child can sleep independently can reflect the child’s independence and also see the child’s inner security. Child psychologists say that children who have to sleep with dolls at night lack a certain sense of security. If the parent finds that the baby also has such a situation, it means that he lacks the company of his parents and is very upset when he sleeps alone. 

How to create children Your sense of security? 

1. Keep in close contact with children

For infants and young children, close contact between parents and him can soothe their inner anxiety, and make him feel love, and the child will also feel The environment is safe. For babies, they do not have fluent language skills, so they can only feel information through the behavior of their parents. 

2. Actively convey emotions to the baby

When taking care of the baby, mom and dad should maintain a positive attitude, so that the baby can feel peaceful and calm when the baby is sent emotions Atmosphere, this makes babies feel that their environment is full of love, and their hearts will not be panicked. 

3. Respond quickly to the baby

The baby needs to interact with the parents frequently during the growth process. If the parents do not respond in time when the baby interacts with the parents, the baby will have negative emotions of fear and tension. Only with a positive response, the baby can quickly eliminate this bad mood. 

Baby’s heart is extremely fragile, so they need to rely on their parents to build up their inner security. When taking care of the baby, parents must give the child enough sense of security, so as to benefit the child’s physical and mental health development of. 

Finally, do you have any other suggestions on how to build a baby’s inner security? Please leave a message in the comment area. In Baoma’s restaurant for breastfeeding, the young woman bluntly said “please go out”, and the brother at the table next to the table was very happy.

In the past few years, the news of Baoma’s “breastfeeding in public” has been frequently searched, and everyone’s comments are also mixed reviews. Two days ago, I saw another video on the Internet, which is still the content, but after watching it, I have more emotion. 

The Bao Ma in the video is not too old, she looks like she is in her twenties, breastfeeding in the restaurant, and she tries to choose a corner position as much as possible. The young woman sitting at the two tables in front of her couldn’t stand it anymore, thinking that the act of breastfeeding in public was offensive. 

“It’s not good for you to be in public like this, you go out to feed other places.” The young woman asked Baoma to go out as soon as she came up. 

“I found a lot of places nearby. There is no special place, so I can only feed here.” Bao Ma also felt sad, and looked at the child in her arms. At this time, she was covered with clothes, but she would not be covered by clothes. see. 

“But you still affected me, please go out.” The young woman emphasized again. 

Bao’s mother doesn’t know how to answer the conversation, and the child is drinking milk again, and is in a dilemma. At this time, the little brother sitting at the table next to her spoke, “When someone breastfeeds the baby, it doesn’t affect you. If you think it affects you, why don’t you go out?”

“Why should I go out? She affected me when she was opposite me, and breastfeeding in public would have its own problems. “The young woman is still reluctant. 

“I didn’t feel any influence when I was sitting next to her. What right do you have to speak so far away? You have to watch it eagerly, and you are still here, without seeing it, get up and go straight and turn left and go out. Who is used to the problem? , I thought I was in my own home!” After the little brother said these words in a series, a few diners applauded him. 

Now the young woman can’t stand a stalemate anymore, picking up her bag and leaving, she still looks perplexed and cursing before she leaves. 

But then again, that strange little brother was really happy, and he relieved Momma, and then Momma thanked him again and again. 

There is breastfeeding in public It’s really helpless at the time.

There are always some people who don’t understand the cause, and criticize Bao Ma for breastfeeding in public. As everyone knows, sometimes breastfeeding in public is really helpless. 

Nowadays, most young couples do not live with their parents. In addition, the mother of breastfeeding has not yet gone out to work. Basically, she is raising children at home, but sometimes her mother also goes out to do things. No one can help take care of the child at home, and can only take the child out of the house. 

If you go out for a long time, your child will definitely feel hungry. The emotion of a child is very simple. When you are hungry, you cry. In order to keep the child from being hungry, the mothers have to breastfeed. 

More importantly, most cities nowadays actually do not have many special breastfeeding areas, so that mothers can only breastfeed in some public places, but they are criticized by others for this. 

Some people may say, in that case, why not prepare milk powder before going out? If the baby is hungry, why not give the baby milk powder? 

It’s definitely not parents who raised these questions. You should know that many babies reject formula milk and only drink breast milk. If you give your baby formula milk outside, for those who don’t like formula milk. As far as babies are concerned, they will only cry harder. 

Therefore, I also hope that everyone can understand more about the mothers, and also consider the mood of the mothers. As a mother, seeing the children hungry and crying, they are more only anxious And worry, this is the mother’s instinct. 

Should you go out to breastfeed What are the issues to pay attention to? 

Although breastfeeding in public is worthy of understanding, I also hope that mothers can minimize the impact and consider the following aspects.

1. Prepare breastfeeding towels

Now Nursing towels are sold in many shops, which are specially used for breastfeeding mothers to go out to breastfeed. It is also very convenient to carry around. If the mothers are taking them outside, they can also be covered with clothes. 

But one thing to note is that if you use these to cover, you must make the baby’s nose not covered by it, otherwise it may affect the baby’s breathing. 

Although it is less likely to cause the baby to suffocate, it may affect the sucking due to the obstruction of breathing, and then there may be risks such as choking. 

2. Try to choose the corner as much as possible

When breastfeeding, mothers can choose to be in the corner as much as possible to reduce others’ gaze exploration. Although it is not all intentional, many unintentional “exploration” can be avoided in the corner. see”. 

3. Formula milk can be prepared

Baby moms can prepare a formula milk in the bag. The baby may not be interested, but some babies can be hungry. Accept formula milk. If the baby is still very resistant, it is not too late to breastfeed. 

Public breastfeeding should not be a topic of criticism. For the group of mothers and infants, I hope everyone can understand more. When they are accused, some people may stand up and cover up for them. , Some people use words to attack. The two completely different ways will bring two different feelings to Bao Ma.

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