The baby whose face was scratched by his mother because of too much milk feeding, now has an enviable appearance.

The baby whose face was scratched by her mother because of too much milk feeding has now counterattacked her appearance, which is enviable

In recent years, the topic of postpartum depression in women has become more common. In fact, postpartum depression It has always existed, but it is ignored by women and even the whole society. 

Postpartum depression is a very scary thing for women themselves, and at the same time, it may also affect innocent children. 

In addition, it is worth mentioning that it is difficult to cope with postpartum depression by the mother alone, and family members must not stand idly by at this moment. 

The baby who was scratched by his mother because of too much milk feeding has now successfully counterattacked! It’s not easy for netizens

Xiao Lan (pseudonym) and her husband have a very happy life. Soon after, Xiao Lan became pregnant. The arrival of her daughter made Xiao Lan and her husband feel very happy. 

Although Xiaolan and her husband are very satisfied with the current life, but Xiaolan’s mother-in-law disliked her daughter-in-law and did not give birth to a grandson. 

So the mother-in-law started the birth-promoting mode of three reminders and four requests, and even said that as long as the daughter-in-law is willing to give birth, she would take care of the child in the future. 

Unable to bear the urging of her mother-in-law, Xiaolan finally agreed to have a second child. And fortunately, this child is a boy, and Xiao Lan can finally be freed from her mother-in-law’s patriarchal ridicule. 

But what Ling Xiaolan didn’t expect was that shortly after the child was born, Xiaolan’s mother-in-law said that she was in poor health and was really unable to help Xiaolan take care of her grandson. 

So Xiaolan, who was thin and weak, had to take Dabao while coaxing Xiaobao, and she was very tired. 

One day Dabao had a fever, Xiaolan was busy taking care of Dabao, but Xiaobao was crying loudly on the side. 

In order to appease Xiaobao, Xiaolan hurried over to feed Xiaobao. Maybe the little guy was hungry, so she took a bite while feeding. 

It was this mouthful that caused Xiaolan’s emotions to burst to the climax. She picked up the scissors and slashed at Xiaobao’s face a few times. 

Xiaobao’s heart-piercing cry provokes his neighbors, who rushed to call 120 when he saw it, and then sent Xiaobao to the hospital. 

What happened to Xiaobao, who was classified as “Little Cat” after many years? A careful netizen found that Xiaobao’s face recovered well, and he looked very white and lovely. 

He even became a small internet celebrity because of his excellent performance in the live broadcast. Netizens have said that “the child’s appearance is counterattack, and the cute look is really enviable!”

And Xiaobao’s mother also got rid of the postpartum depression, out of guilt for her previous behavior, She loves her two children even more. 

If postpartum depression If it is not paid attention to in time, what negative effects might it cause? 

1. Putting mothers at risk

Women who suffer from postpartum depression will be troubled by extremely negative emotions. If they cannot get effective help, they may be negative Excessive behavior under emotional stimulation, such as committing suicide. 

Even if it does not cause such serious consequences, postpartum depression will greatly consume the good mood and health of the mother. 

2. It hinders the care of the child

Women who are troubled by postpartum depression will show a situation where they have more than enough energy to look after their children. Even being troubled by postpartum depression, women will do some behaviors that hurt their children. 

Obviously, this is really cruel to innocent children. 

3. Influencing the creation of family atmosphere

When parturients are troubled by postpartum depression, their emotions will become moody, and this will naturally affect the family atmosphere of the whole family. 

Under the influence of postpartum depression, all family members can only live carefully, which will obviously affect the quality of life of the whole family. 

Facing the occurrence of postpartum depression, how can mothers and family members get out of the haze? 

1 Learn to confide to others appropriately

When the parturient is troubled by postpartum depression, the parturient must know how to confide to others. 

Speaking of the inner distress and anxiety will help the mother to get out of the predicament of postpartum depression. Appropriate confession to others is more able to help the puerpera to eliminate negative emotions. 

2. Family members should give maternal care

After giving birth, women’s emotions will become more sensitive. At this time, they need more consideration and care from family members. 

Therefore, it is necessary for the family members to give more respect and understanding to the puerpera, so that the puerpera can feel the warmth and care of the family. 

3. Helping mothers to share the burden of parenting

Although the baby was born by Bao’s mother, it is not necessary for Bao’s mother to complete the task of bringing the children alone. 

Therefore, as a family member, we should take the initiative to help the mother to share the pressure of childcare and achieve a tacit cooperation with the mother. After getting rid of the troubles of parenting, women can be more free from negative emotions. 

In short, postpartum depression is far more terrifying than people think. Women who suffer from postpartum depression also need more understanding and consideration from their families. 

What do you think about the topic of postpartum depression? After 00, there is no lower limit to show affection. Faced with gossip about “single dog”, I really want to see what his parents look like

Nowadays, many children have premature love, especially when watching some short videos. This feeling is particularly strong. It is relatively rare in real life. At most, I can see some young couples going home together after school. Otherwise, I can see these young couples sitting side by side in milk tea shops and burger restaurants, and they will get tired of it from time to time. 

A few days ago, some of my colleagues and I made an appointment at a small restaurant for dinner after work. At that time, we chose to sit down in a corner position. Then there came a couple of young couples who looked like junior high school. At the age of, they sat down directly in the corner. 

Because it was time for dinner, the more people in the restaurant came later, and the young couple who sat down at first kept “showing their affection” during the period. Qingqing, I, and I were not even right. 

At the diagonally in front of their table sat a few relatively older young people, probably college students. One of the boys held up their mobile phone and took a photo with the young couple. The young couple noticed When I asked him to delete it, he frankly admitted that he was not photographing them, he was only photographing the restaurant scene. 

Later, the young couple simply stopped paying attention, returned to their positions and continued to express themselves. They also said, “Don’t worry, they are a bunch of single dogs, they just envy us.” Then there was a hug, one It would be kisses and cuddling. I really couldn’t stand it. 

At that time, my colleagues said that they really wanted to see how the parents of these children looked like and how they educate the children. Indeed, the children’s usual self-cultivation behavior outside has a great relationship with their parents. 

What should parents do Correctly treat the child’s puppy love problem? 

Presumably, parents have a “one size fits all” attitude towards early love, and they have given their children a death order, “Can’t fall in love.” For parents, children’s ignorant and careful thinking about which opposite sex is moved will be regarded as a disaster. 

But in fact, it is normal for children to have throbbing thoughts during adolescence, and it is even more normal for children to have likes. 

The difference with parents is that children’s ignorance now comes earlier. This is mainly because children now mature earlier. After all, their growth environment is very different from the past. 

Children nowadays use electronic products, new media, etc. to acquire knowledge beyond the age, so that they become more precocious, and psychological adolescence will come earlier. 

So, from this point of view, parents should try to understand the child’s youthful ignorance and accept that it is normal for the child to like it. 

Of course, accepting this fact does not mean that parents can let it go. They really have to manage, but they must guide their children correctly, rather than order them rigidly. 

1. It is a very normal thing to tell children that they like adolescence.

I did one-on-one tutoring for my children before. One of the things that impressed me the most was a child who was in the first grade of junior high school. After arriving at my house, the first thing was crying and asking her what was going on. She said that she liked a boy who was discovered by her mother. Her mother was very angry and said that she would definitely be beaten when she went back to school. 

The child even made up the picture of the parents having been sitting at home with a whip waiting for her. It can be seen that the child is afraid of being discovered when he likes this thing. 

Many actions of parents tell their children that it is wrong to like someone at your age. Knowing that you will be criticized or even punished. Such unconscious behavior makes children expect to like someone. And fear, ignorant guidance to the child’s adolescence is not good. 

Therefore, the first thing parents need to do is to tell their children that it is normal to like someone and don’t feel uneasy or escape from this feeling. 

2. Internalize the feeling of liking into their own motivation for progress

If there is no guidance on the child’s liking, many children will involuntarily focus their attention on this emotion, leading to the child’s learning The performance drops and then enters a negative cycle. 

For a more interesting example, the relationship between my friend and her daughter is like a friend. She accidentally learned that her daughter likes a boy in the next class, and that boy is her friend’s Son, she didn’t criticize the children as severely as other mothers, but subtly transformed the children’s love into the motivation to spur the children. 

Every time a child is unwilling to do anything, she will say, “Oh, I have to tell XX’s mother, if XX knows this, your image will be gone.”


Every time this sentence works, the children will become very active, and the two children will study together, both of them are getting better and better. This is the real positive that I like. significance. 

Therefore, parents should also try to guide their children to internalize their liking as the driving force for their own progress. Only in this way, the children will not delay their learning because of their liking, but will make themselves work harder and change Get better. 

After 00, there is no lower limit for showing affection. Facing the gossip about “single dog”, I really want to see the appearance of his parents

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