The baby was just born and weighed more than ten kilograms. The doctor didn’t dare to feed it anymore.

The baby was just born and weighed more than ten kilograms. The doctors dared not feed it anymore.

In this age of thinness as beauty, obesity is hateful, but it is limited to adults. If it is a baby, being fat will make people feel cute, so many mothers will deliberately feed their children to be fat, and the folks also think that fat babies are healthier. 

But is this really the case? Of course not, too fat babies, even if they are cute, are problematic. If you don’t intervene early, problems will occur sooner or later. 

I know a post-90s mother who complained in the circle of friends some time ago, saying that her six-month-old son was too fat, and she was scolded by the doctor. 

This baby is eight and a half catties at birth, and the normal weight of the newborn is 5~8 catties. Therefore, this child can be said to be a little overweight at birth, but it is not too serious after all. 

Unexpectedly, in the past few months, the baby’s weight has soared to more than 20 kilograms. The accumulation of fat caused his arms and thighs to grow “lotus joints”, which looked like a Michelin. 

However, instead of paying attention to it, Bao Ma still thinks the baby thief is cute, and she frequently advertises in her circle of friends. It was not until one day when the baby caught a cold to see the doctor that he realized the seriousness of the problem under the reminder of the doctor. 

According to Bao’s mother, the doctor was surprised when she saw her child, and asked on the spot that they had become fleshy balls. How did you feed them? 

Then I started to talk to her about the dangers of infant obesity. After listening to the doctor’s science, Baoma intuitively felt a cold back and said on the spot that she would never dare to feed like this again. 

Five or six-month-old babies weigh more than 20 jins, which is obviously too much beyond the standard, because generally speaking, a one-year-old baby is only about 20 jins. 

There are many reasons for infant obesity. It may be congenital, or it may be improper feeding. If it is the latter, then the responsibility is all on Bao’s mother. 

Baby fat ball? It is nothing more than these two reasons.

1. Congenital diseases make babies easy to gain weight

Baby weighing more than 8 kg is the so-called overweight baby. The more the excess, the more serious the problem. . 

The baby in the above case, weighing eight and a half catties at birth, has fallen into the category of overweight babies. 

Overweight babies are not only fat at birth, but also get fat easily in later stages. It is not uncommon for babies to grow to more than 20 catties in six months. 

It’s just that if you pay more attention to feeding, it’s not difficult to control your weight. Unfortunately, most mothers don’t have this kind of awareness. 

2. The milk fat content is too high or you eat too much

The second reason is related to the breast milk your baby eats. Some mothers have too much fat in breast milk due to unhealthy diet. 

Baby taking this kind of breast milk for a long time makes it easy to gain weight. If you do not control your food intake, the consequences will be more serious. 

The above two factors may lead to excessive obesity in infants. In reality, the two factors coexist in many cases. 

Although there are congenital factors influencing, in fact, as long as Bao’s mother is properly “feeding” this level, regardless of whether an overweight baby is born or not, the baby’s weight can fall within the normal range in the later period. Inside. So in the final analysis, it is still necessary for Baoma to master the correct feeding method. 

Do this Two points can prevent babies from growing into “flesh balls”

1. Adhere to a scientific diet during lactation

Baby within 6 months of age can only feed on breast milk or powdered milk. The nutritional content of milk powder has been scientifically calculated. As long as it is fed according to the recommended amount, it is generally not possible to feed a “baby ball”. 

But the composition of breast milk is difficult to control, because it has a lot to do with Bao Ma’s daily diet. In order to ensure that the baby eats healthily, during the breastfeeding period, mothers should adhere to a scientific diet. 

Eat more high-protein foods, eat less high-calorie and high-fat foods, and not overeating. Only in this way can the fat content of breast milk be controlled within a healthy level, so as to fundamentally prevent the baby from getting fat. 

2. Add supplementary food in time after 6 months

With the development of the body, the baby’s food intake will also increase. By 6 months, if you still feed on breast milk completely, even if the fat content of breast milk is normal, your baby will consume too much fat. 

Because the fat content in breast milk is much higher than other foods. The solution is very simple, that is to add supplementary food, the time point is when the baby reaches 6 months of age. 

Adding supplementary food should follow the rule of increasing from less to more, from thin to dry, from fine to coarse, and from single to complex, otherwise it will be difficult for the baby’s stomach to adapt at once. 

As long as the above two points are achieved, it can be ensured that the baby’s weight within one year of age will not deviate too far from the normal value. Such a baby is truly healthy. 

With a good foundation laid in the early stage, the baby’s later development will be better. Otherwise, if you eat to become a fat man before you reach one year of age, you will be prone to heart disease and a variety of vascular diseases in the later stages, some of which are even fatal. 

Not only that, the immune system of obese babies is also weaker than normal babies, and they are more susceptible to bacteria and viruses. 

So to manage your baby’s weight is to be responsible for his health, and I hope every mother can take it seriously. Huo Qigang exposes his baby in a high-profile manner, and the child becomes a little chef. Netizens are really rich in education.

Speaking of rich family, the first impression of many people is that there is more money. In fact, many rich family not only pay attention to money, but also pay special attention to future generations. Cultivation. 

For example, the reason why the gambling king family is enviable is not only because they have a lot of property, but also because their family’s education is generally very high, and many members of the family have excellent business capabilities. . 

Huo Qigang’s photos of her baby cooking, the real rich family is so simple, after reading it, many parents said that they would not educate their children

Speaking of Huo Qigang, many people may not know This person, but when it comes to Guo Jingjing, everyone must know that she is a diving queen who wins glory for the country. 

The two people are husband and wife, and Huo Qigang is still a member of the wealthy family. It is said that his family’s wealth is as much as tens of billions. Although Guo Jingjing is married to a wealthy family, there is always news that she goes to the wholesale market and some of the accessories on her body are also very cheap. 

Furthermore, Huo Qigang is also very low-key, rarely shows off his wealth, and he is a highly educated talent graduated from Oxford University. He and Guo Jingjing have a son and a daughter, which can be said to be very blessed. Many people are curious about how wealthy families educate their children, and Huo Qigang’s education methods may not be imagined by many people. 

Some time ago, he posted a high-profile photo of cooking with his child. It can be seen from the picture that although the child is not very old, he cooks well. 

Some netizens commented that “It turns out that rich people have to cook for themselves.” In addition to letting children learn to cook, Huo Qigang and his wife also pay more attention to starting from daily life and teach their children a lot. Life skills allow them to get their own life insights. 

After seeing Huo Qigang’s “down-to-earth” education method, many parents said that they would not teach their children. Many people think that the way for wealthy families to educate their children is to send them to learn various high-end skills, and send them abroad when they grow up, but they never expect to teach their children to cook. 

Ordinary people who want to nurture their children do not need to be busy earning money to provide their children with an economic foundation. The key is to spend more time with their children and teach them some life skills. 

Teaching your child in this way will not only bring your child closer to you, but also improve your child’s intellectual development and emotional quotient. Parents, let’s learn. 

(1) Bring more children to see nature

There are many benefits of bringing children more exposure to nature. The first point is that there is sunshine and fresh air in nature. This is very beneficial to the development of children’s bones and body organs. 

The second point is that sounds and light in nature can be used as factors in scientific experiments, so that children’s intelligence can be well developed. 

The most important thing is that children can learn more about things and learn more about the knowledge in the process of being in contact with nature, and they can also relax. 

Therefore, parents should not be busy with work all day, take their children out in their free time, and see the outside world, which can improve their children’s intellectual level, and at the same time, they will also have a better relationship with their children in the process. If you spend more time together, the parent-child relationship will be much more harmonious. 

(2) Get along with your children more and teach them some life skills

Some parents educate their children in a very old fashioned way and always judge heroes based on achievements. In fact, whether a child is excellent is not entirely determined by grades. Some children may have good grades, but do not have any necessary skills for life, so they will be called “nerds” by others. 

In fact, many daily lives also contain great knowledge. For example, teaching children to cook can not only teach them this skill, but also cultivate their independent spirit. 

So if parents want their children to develop in an all-round way, they must spend more time with their children and teach them how to cook, wash dishes, fold quilts, and so on. 

Such children must be very independent when they grow up, and they will be especially grateful to their parents for teaching them these life skills. 

(3) Respect the children’s decision

Maybe Chinese parents rarely achieve an equal relationship with their children, because parents take it for granted that their children are their own accessories , Should be controlled by oneself. But in fact, children are also independent individuals. If you treat them with equality and respect, they will also love and respect you. 

In fact, children are very smart, and their potential is not comparable to that of many adults. Many people’s brains are only 95% developed at most. This is because they are forcibly interrupted by their parents during the brain development stage. 

Parents should respect their children’s hobbies, and if they want them to be able to achieve something when they grow up, they should cultivate them when they have potential when they are young, instead of interrupting their children when they are young Hobbies. 

Every parent definitely hopes that their children are the best. Parents should pay attention to the way when educating their children, otherwise it is likely to be counterproductive. Learning these ways to educate children will surely benefit both the children and their parents at the same time.

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