The baby only asks for his grandmother and not for his mother. Should the baby kiss whoever he sleeps with? Parents don’t ignore

The baby only asks for his grandmother and not for his mother. Should the baby kiss whoever he sleeps with? Parents, don’t ignore

0-3 years old is an important stage in the establishment and cultivation of children’s personality and sense of security. 

As parents, they all hope that their children will develop well in the future and become more outstanding. For those outstanding people, their parents will pay more attention to their children’s childhood education. 

So when a child is young, there is a very critical question, which is the question of who the child sleeps with. Which of the following three types is the situation in your family? 

The child’s personality habit is formed. “Who sleeps with” is very important. Whom does your baby sleep with? 

◆ Sleeping with parents

When the fetus is in the mother’s body, it is the stage where the fetus is most closely connected with the mother. The fetus has a full sense of security in the mother’s body. 

After the baby is born, this sense of security is If there is a certain lack, then you need to have more contact with the mother to be able to regain the sense of security that the child needs. 

So when children are young, sleeping with their parents can enhance the activities and communication between parents and children, and the children will also reduce the negative feelings of loneliness and anxiety. 

Know that the sense of security at an early age will not only affect the child’s present moment, but will also have a profound impact on the child’s future personality characteristics. 

◆ Sleeping with grandparents

Many children sleep with grandparents, but one thing you need to know is that because of the aging of the elderly’s physical functions, they will breathe more than ordinary people. The rush, so more exhaust gas will be discharged. 

So children often sleep with the elderly, The development of the body will be affected to a certain extent, which is also a point that many parents tend to overlook. 

◆ Sleep on your own

There are still many children who start to sleep on their own when they are very young. Their parents think that by letting the children sleep in separate rooms earlier, the children can be more independent. 

Actually, in the matter of sleeping in separate rooms, a smooth transition between children 3-10 years old is possible, and there is no need to deliberately advance early. After all, children are still young, and parents need more attention at night. 

On the one hand, let children have enough sense of security On the other hand, it will also prevent some dangerous situations from happening, and parents can be by their children for the first time. 

There are many parents who think that their children’s sleeping alone is a manifestation of independence. In fact, there is no substantial relationship between the two. Children’s sleeping on their own is just a state. Independence is more of a spiritual level. 

In addition, there is a certain basis for the fact that the child gets closer to whomever he sleeps with. 

When the baby sleeps, he only finds his grandmother and not his mother. Should he kiss whoever he sleeps with? Parents should not ignore

Professor Li Meijin, an expert in psychology, believes that in the first few years after the child is born, whoever raises the child will kiss who the child will be, which means that the person who takes care of him will be more dependency. 

Especially the first year of the child’s birth , The baby will have a strong feeling of dependence on the person who takes care of him. When the child’s emotional dependence is stable, it will not form until about 3 years old. 

In this way, the child can be more accepting of the long-term separation from the parent, otherwise the child will have separation anxiety, which will aggravate the child’s anxiety. 

This is also one of the reasons why those babies only look for their grandmothers and not their mothers when sleeping. In this case, when the sleeping children are young, their grandmother takes more care of them and often sleeps with their grandmother instead of their mother. 

So, those who have not been with their parents since childhood Close children often lack the most important companionship in their early childhood. Even the parents will become unfamiliar because they have not established close emotional dependence. 

The child’s childhood is only once.

Actually, parents might as well do the calculations for themselves. We can really spend only 2-3 years with our children. The children will go to kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school, and university. 

We don’t spend so much time with our children. Maybe some parents think that in order to give their children a better life, they are working so hard now that they don’t have time to accompany their children. 

But you can never make money, And the growth of a child may be a momentary matter. At that time, maybe you want to accompany the child as much as possible, and the child no longer needs it. 

After all, there is only one chance for children to grow up, so what parents need to do is to balance your work and family, and reasonably allocate the time you spend with your children. 

And this process will require you to do Make a choice, after all, if there is no accumulation of time, the relationship with the child will not be so deep. “Helping the neighbor pick up and drop off the child, the accident caused the injury, should I compensate?” The lawyer gave a professional answer

Not long ago, it happened in Jinan, Shandong In a civil dispute case, both parties have been neighbors for many years. They went to court for the child’s injury. The plot of the case was too bizarre, which aroused public attention. 

The defendant Zhang Li (pseudonym) is a free-working mother who is responsible for transporting the children to and from school on a daily basis, while the plaintiff Du Bing (pseudonym) is busy at work and often Without taking into account the child’s pick-up and drop-off, teachers have to wait for a long time from time to time. During a chat, the two found that the children were going to a kindergarten. Zhang Li thought that distant relatives were not as good as neighbors, so she agreed to help Du Bing pick up and drop off the children. This connection lasted two and a half years. 

So, why do good neighbors confront the court? It will start with the car accident six months ago. 

It is said that Zhang Li’s means of transportation was an electric car when he was picking up the bus on the same day. Thinking that the two children could not take up too much space, they were “overloaded”. As a result, Du Bing’s child accidentally fell and was injured during the driving. The injury was not serious, but it could not stop the high medical expenses. It took seven or eight thousand in six days. During this period, Zhang Li felt guilty and brought two thousand yuan as compensation. However, Du Bing felt less, and then she went to court. 

Du Bing believes that Zhang Li is taking the child If the child is injured, he should bear all medical expenses and mental compensation. Zhang Li was very aggrieved, saying, “I helped the neighbor pick up and drop off the child, and the accident caused the injury. Should I compensate?”

After this case was exposed on the Internet, it caused great dissatisfaction among netizens. Zhang Li is too miserable. In modern society, it is true that well-wishers can’t take it. The free shuttle service is two and a half years, and you will be compensated for one injury. You really have to pay for it. I am afraid that no one will dare to help others to bring children? The law obviously also had humane considerations. In the final judgment, Du Bing should not vent the anger of the child’s injury to Zhang Li. After all, the other party was helping without compensation. 

▲The lawyer’s interpretation is very good Professional

From a legal point of view, Du Bing entrusted Zhang Li to pick up the children for two and a half years, but during this period, the two did not form an employment relationship. Zhang Li was a free gift of love and did not receive any money from Du Bing. Remuneration and gift remuneration, therefore, Du Bing has no right to demand compensation for losses from Zhang Li. 

More importantly, Du Bing delivered it in the morning When the child gave Zhang Li to the party, he had already seen the other’s electric car. Knowing that the electric car can only carry one person, the child is still sent to the back seat of Zhang Li’s electric car. This is the guardian’s dereliction of duty. In other words, this means that Du Bingming knew that the child would be in danger and still sent the child to Zhang Li’s electric car. Du Bing himself was responsible, not Zhang Li, who helped freely. 

To be held accountable, Du Bing is the first responsible person. 

After the case was over, many people accused Du Bing of being too chilling. The couple were still teachers of the people, but they acted like this. Whose neighbor would dare to help in the future? As bystanders, we can only understand that the other’s beloved son is eager. 

In addition to this, Zhang Li does have personal problems. First of all, she should not easily accept the entrustment of others. After all, the child is of great importance. If there is a problem, the best neighbor will become an enemy. Secondly, after Zhang Li accepts the entrustment, she must pay attention to the safety of the other party’s child. You should take risks, after all, unlike your own children, parents will be desperate if something goes wrong. Zhang Li underestimated the pressure of this matter, and this led to the following problem. 

▲Entrust children, how parents choose objects ? 

①Careful and responsible

Take me as an example. Every time I go out, I will give Lele to my cousin instead of my mother-in-law or natal family. The reason is very simple. My cousin is a freelancer and works at home every day. I especially like children not to talk about it, but also meticulous and very responsible, which makes people very reassuring. 

Of course, as a consignee, I bring gifts to my cousin every time I travel, and I also invite dinner. After all, bringing children is not a trivial matter. Everyone understands the hard work. It takes more than three hundred to find a caregiver a day, not to mention the fact that it is your own relatives, and the child can save the fear of strangers. It is worth trying. 

②People with parenting experience

People with meticulous personalities are always in the minority. Under the premise that no one else meets them, we can also find people with parenting experience to help, such as natal or in-laws. Of course, it is better to find the younger generation. Smaller, the younger the entrusted object should be. After all, many elderly people cannot keep up with the speed of children running around, and young people with parenting experience are more worthy of entrusting. 


Perhaps because I am a woman, in most cases, I will give priority to women. 

On the one hand, because most women have meticulous personalities and have a halo in the care of their children, they are self-explanatory. Women are also more patient when children are making trouble. On the other hand, it is because women are more popular with children. Compared to what everyone has discovered, children tend to be close to women when faced with unfamiliar men and women. This is due to their natural softness and easier access to trust. Babies don’t get fat by eating too much. Compared with children of the same age, they may be missing these 4 points. Each item must be remedied quickly.

In the process of raising children, the most important point for parents to care about their children is whether they eat too much. Whether the body is strong or not tall, whether the child is learning well or not, must be ranked last. Of course, at the young age of the child, parents are most concerned about the child’s health. Only when the child is healthy can there be a child’s health. Capital to discuss the things behind. 

Xiaoqing’s son is 3 years old, about eating Xiaoqing is not worried about this, because her son eats a lot of meals at each meal, and Xiaoqing is always proud of his children’s meals! Compared with children of the same age, Xiaoqing’s son’s appetite is really not that small, and the average child really can’t match the child’s appetite. 

Children of the same age eat a bowl of rice, but his own son can eat two bowls, plus a bowl of soup. But Xiaoqing’s only worry is that she watched her son eat only every day without gaining weight. Children around 3 years old are basically about 30 kilograms, but the weight of her son is only about 25 kilograms, which is between children of the same age. The weight is relatively light. 

Xiaoqing didn’t bother too much because of the weight of the child. She worked hard all day to make food for the child. The child also loves to eat, but if you only eat if you don’t gain weight, you don’t worry about it. 

Later, Xiaoqing heard a friend say there was an old man The Chinese doctor saw that the child was very sick, so Xiaoqing hurriedly took her son to see it. The doctor diagnosed Xiaoqing’s son only eating but not getting fat. Actually, it was not a part of the reason. In fact, many children have this condition. 

The reason why children don’t get fat after eating so much is related to the four aspects of children

1. Poor absorption of the spleen and stomach

In fact, many children usually eat a lot, but they just don’t know what to do. Meat, this is very much related to the child’s spleen and stomach, some children have weak spleen and stomach, and the food that is eaten can not absorb nutrients at all, so even if the child eats more, he will not gain weight. Therefore, if parents want their children to gain weight, they should first regulate the children’s spleen and stomach. Once the children’s spleen and stomach functions improve, their weight will also increase. 

Regulating children’s spleen and stomach can start with diet therapy, which is safe and easy for children to accept. Give children more foods that invigorate the spleen and stomach, such as: red dates, pumpkins, yams, beef and so on. Making something your child loves to eat can not only ensure the child’s food intake, but also regulate the child’s spleen and stomach. 

2. Poor digestibility

Children won’t get fat no matter how much they eat. In fact, it is related to the child’s digestive ability. Some children have very poor digestive ability. No matter how good the food is, the child will be excreted out of the body before digestion, so this kind of child eats More excretion is also more, but the weight does not increase. In this case, parents should give their children some digestible foods, at least to ensure that the nutrition of the foods ingested can be digested and absorbed by the body. For example, making hawthorn cakes for children is delicious and can help digestion. 

3. Irregular meals

The reason why some children eat too much, but not gain weight, is related to the irregular eating habits of the children. Although some children eat too much, they eat irregularly at each meal. Some children always eat It’s eating some messy food, or drinking some drinks or something. 

So it seems that the child eats a lot but does not eat much at the dinner, so the child’s weight will naturally not increase. In this case, parents should supervise their children’s meals, try to guide their children to eat more regular meals when eating, and eat less snacks and drinks. And usually let children eat as few snacks as possible, too much snacks will also affect the child’s gastrointestinal health. 

4. Single diet structure

Although some children usually eat a lot, the diet structure provided by parents to their children is relatively simple, and there is no way to meet some of the children’s needs for growth. Nutrition, even if the child eats more, he won’t get fat. Moreover, a single dietary structure will lead to an imbalance of trace elements in the child’s body. It is strange that the child is not thin! 

So parents want to let their children eat Parents usually give their children more balanced nutrition, and try to ensure that every meal has fish, eggs, and milk. If they eat this way, they don’t believe that their children will not gain weight. 

Sometimes, if the child only eats but does not grow meat, parents should also consider the problem of parasites in the child. If the child’s belly has worms, it will also affect the child’s intestines and the food the child eats How can children gain weight after being eaten by parasites! 

In addition, parents should also pay attention to the reasons for their children’s physical illness. If the child often has diarrhea or has diarrhea at every turn, it will definitely affect the child’s gain. 

So the child only eats, not fat or one For the reasons, parents should comprehensively judge the child’s situation and find the root cause as quickly as possible to help the child solve it. If the child only eats without getting fat, it will not only affect the weight of the child, but also the height of the child.

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