The baby kicks the quilt while sleeping in winter, not because of heat, it may be due to these reasons

The baby kicks the quilt in winter sleep, not because of heat, it may be due to these reasons

The baby kicks the quilt in winter sleep, not because of heat, it may be caused by these reasons

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Now that the weather is getting colder and colder, parents are worried about how to keep their children warm. Some parents want to be simple and rude, and directly At night, I covered the children with thick quilts, but found that they always kicked the quilts. 

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So, the parents think that the baby may be covered with too much heat, reducing the amount of quilt, and accidentally causing them to catch a cold. 

Actually, children like to kick the quilt not necessarily because of heat. When parents touch their backs at night, whether they are hot or sweaty, it means that the temperature inside the quilt is just right. 

For babies who like to kick quilts, Parents should pay more attention to the following reasons. 

▼ The baby’s brain is in a state of excitement and doesn’t want to sleep

The various organs of the baby’s body are still in a state of development, as is the brain, and their brain’s nervous system is not yet fully developed. When approaching bedtime, maybe because of having too much fun or being disturbed by other disturbances, the brain may become abnormally excited, and then kick the quilt. 

▼ The baby is wearing too much , The quilt is too heavy and it’s uncomfortable to sleep

Some parents like to let their babies sleep in several clothes in winter, which can easily make them feel that their bodies are bound and uncomfortable. In order to get rid of this feeling, the child kicked the quilt at night. 

▼ The baby’s sensory integration disorder

Baby’s sensory integration disorder is also one of the reasons why they like to kick the quilt. The main manifestation is that their brains can’t control all kinds of body well. Behavior, like all kinds of pushing, pulling, kicking and other actions, so I like to kick the quilt at night when I go to bed. 

Such children also exhibit abnormalities in their daily lives. For example, some fine movements of tying shoelaces and buttoning buttons are slower than children of the same age, and it is also difficult to concentrate their attention. 

▼ How long does the baby sleep every day Different, the biological clock has not been set.

Some parents do not pay attention to cultivating the habit of sleeping at night. The sleeping time is different almost every day. This may also lead to the behavior of the baby not wanting to sleep at night and kicking the quilt. 

▼ The baby is uncomfortable

Some babies may kick the quilt at night because they are uncomfortable. Itchy body, excessive eating at night, etc. will affect them at night. Sleep. 

How to prevent the baby from kicking the quilt ?

✔ Cultivate sleep habits

① Before going to bed:

Before your child goes to bed, don’t play too exciting games, watch exciting TV shows, cartoons with him, So as not to keep his spirit and emotions in a high state. 

Don’t wear them too To avoid uncomfortable clothes, baby’s close-fitting clothes, quilts, sheets, etc. are best to absorb sweat and be close to the body and comfortable. 

② Sleep time:

It’s best to keep your child’s time to go to bed and wake up once a day to help them develop a good routine and regular sleep, so that the baby will have a good sleep every day. You may feel sleepy, and you may not kick the quilt because you sleep soundly at night. 

✔ Fix the quilt

For those babies who habitually kick the quilt, parents can clamp the corner of the quilt for them and fix the quilt on the bed, so that no matter how the child kicks the quilt, I won’t expose my body anymore. 

✔ Choose sleeping bag

The sleeping bag can wrap the child’s entire body so that he won’t catch a cold because of kicking the quilt, and the sleeping bag has a suitable space so that the baby will not feel restrained, but also has the sense of security of being wrapped. 

But sometimes parents want to No matter how thoughtful it is, it will not stop the child’s body that loves to move. At this time, you can try the following methods to reduce their colds. 

★ Maintain a suitable temperature in the room

Parents can turn on the air-conditioning and heating in winter to keep the temperature in the room as the most suitable for young children, which is about 25℃, and at the same time To prevent them from drying out, you can also turn on a humidifier to keep the room humidity. 

Sleeping in a warm and comfortable environment, children rarely catch a cold even if they kick the quilt. 

★Improve immunity

Sometimes for babies with high immunity, kicking the quilt once or twice will not immediately cause them to catch a cold, and babies with high immunity also Can resist many other physical problems. 

Parents can let their children eat every day Sufficient milk and meat, adequate intake of protein, improve immunity, and at the same time taking children to exercise regularly, adequate sleep at night, and low mental stress can also improve the body’s immunity. 

★ Parents take care of their children in time

Parents who are really worried about their children can set a few hours in the evening and take turns to take care of their babies. If they find that their children are kicking the quilt, help them cover it. Enough. 

For young children, such as those under two years old, their cots can be placed next to the adults’ bed to take care of them at night. 


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There are several kinds of second-hand items for babies, parents should not give them away easily, and be careful to cheat other people’s babies inadvertently

Moms prepare for babies After the clothes cannot be worn, they must be selectively given away, otherwise it will cause some trouble. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

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After becoming a parent, I always want to give the child better, so I will prepare a variety of baby products early, including food, drink, toys, etc., but I finally found that many of them are used No, in the spirit of not wasting, I had to give it away. 

However, it should be noted that not all second-hand items are suitable for delivery. Don’t do bad things well. 

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As a novice mother, Tingting bought a lot of clothes to welcome the baby during her pregnancy. But the child is the same every day. Many of the clothes are small before they are worn. It is a pity to look at many of the clothes that are still brand new or have not been worn a few times. 

So I kindly gave it to my cousin, who just happened to have a baby, so she can use it. At first, the cousin accepted the clothes with special gratitude, but within a week she called to complain. 

It turned out that the baby from my cousin’s family got a rash after wearing some clothes. After asking about it, Tingting found out that she had worn her own baby once or twice in the underwear. At that time, she felt relatively new. I just packed it in, but I didn’t expect to do something bad with kindness. 

It can be seen from this case that not all baby clothes are given away, and some of them are likely to bring the baby and cause harm. 

Baby clothes can Give it away, but there are 4 kinds of items that are new and don’t give it away.

1. Underwear

Because each baby’s skin is different, and the child’s skin is more delicate, it may be right Different fabrics adapt to different materials. 

Especially some babies with more sensitive skin may get rashes or allergies all over their body if they wear clothes of a little harder material. Therefore, you need to be careful when sending personal clothing to others. 

In addition, it seems that there will be bacteria on the top of the close-fitting clothing, because the bacteria are not easy to be cleaned, then these bacteria are likely to pose a threat to the baby’s health. 

2, plush toys

It’s like underwear. Everyone’s body contains different bacteria, and the types and proportions of bacteria that are exhaled are also different. Plush toys are usually easy to hide bacteria, so Even though it looks clean, it still contains a lot of bacteria. 

Therefore, when it is given to other babies, it is very likely that they will be cross-infected because of the different bacteria contained in the two bodies, which will affect the health of the body. 

3. Tableware

The tableware here refers to the bottles, spoons, rice bowls, etc. used by the baby. Because these tableware are often in contact with the oral cavity, even if they are sterilized, they There is no guarantee that all the bacteria contained in it will be killed. 

Therefore, if these bacteria-bearing utensils are sent out and used by other babies, they may cause bacterial infections and cause health hazards. 

4. Shoes

Because the baby grows faster, the shoes may not be worn soon. Although they look new, they are different due to the different feet of the baby. , The way of stepping on is different, it will cause other children to put on the shoes and not fit the feet, which will cause damage to the development of the feet. 

In addition, because the microorganisms carried by the baby’s feet are different, even if it is cleaned very cleanly, it cannot be completely removed, so this will also affect the health of other babies. 

In general, the mothers should not think that the clothes and supplies worn by the baby are still new, and choose to send them to relatives and friends. It should be noted that not all of them are suitable. If they are sent wrong, they will not only embarrass themselves, but also cause others to cause harm. 

Novice parents are in What should I pay attention to when preparing clothes for my child? 

1. Pure cotton clothing

Because the baby’s skin is more delicate, so when buying clothes, Mommy chooses pure cotton breathable clothing as soon as possible, which can not only prevent the child from rubbing and damaging the skin during activities. It can also prevent sweat from stuffing on the surface of the skin, causing physical discomfort or allergies. 

In addition, babies are more mobile, so Baoma can choose loose and appropriate clothes in style, which can facilitate their activities. 

How to choose clothes:

a. Size. Since the baby grows faster in the first few months of life, it is best to buy clothes one size larger in the first 6 months. You need to buy normal underwear sizes for the spring, autumn and winter seasons, so that you can keep warm. The American Pediatric Association recommends: It is best to buy clothes for newborns by one size. 

b. Style. It is best for Baoma to choose light-colored clothes and no accessories when buying clothes for children. Avoid buying too bright colors, many accessories, ropes, jumpsuits, etc., so as not to affect the growth and development of the baby. 

2. Shoes of the right size

Shoes are used to protect the feet from injury while walking, but if they are worn too large, they may cause strange walking postures and affect In normal growth and development, you may even get on your feet while walking, and some may even induce O-shaped legs or affect the development of the legs. 

Therefore, when buying shoes for children, Baoma should try to buy the right size, so as to get the best protection for the feet and ensure normal walking. 

How to choose shoes:

a. Measuring size. Let the baby stand barefoot on the paper, then mark the positions of the two ends of the feet, and then take a ruler to measure the accurate data. 

In addition, after the baby puts on the shoes, parents can use their hands to check whether there is a little space in the front, and the heel can be inserted into a finger. This size is the best. 

b. Choose the texture. When choosing shoes for your baby, it is best to choose a sole with a thickness of 3-5cm, which can have a shock absorption effect. Don’t choose a shoe that is too soft, as this will have no support and affect the development of the footsteps. Return to Sohu to see more

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