The baby has these reactions, indicating that the mother’s breast milk is very healthy, and what I don’t know comes from the test

These reactions of the baby indicate that the mother’s breast milk is very healthy. What I don’t know comes from the test

After the baby is born, the mother’s breast milk can be said to be the baby’s main source of nutrition. For the baby, the impact is quite big. 

Some women are mothers for the first time, and they don’t know much about this aspect. Carelessness will delay the normal development of their children. 

Yueyue is a realistic case. After Yueyue gave birth to her baby, she still had enough milk, but she was always worried that her child would not have enough to eat, so she gave her baby a meal after a while. , Under the stimulation of Yueyue, the child’s appetite is getting bigger and bigger. 

When the child was 4 months old, Yueyue began to worry again. Yueyue always felt that her breast milk might not satisfy the child. For this reason, Yueyue also consulted several experienced mothers. 

Everyone’s reply to Yueyue is the same. Baoma’s milk is enough to meet the nutrition that the child needs for growth, so she shouldn’t worry about it. 

But after all, Yueyue still doesn’t quite believe it. She feels that her child is older than someone else’s, so she eats a lot, and her own milk is definitely not enough. 

So when the child was 4 months old, Yueyue started to add supplementary food to the child. When the child was first added, the child ate quite fragrant, but after taking it for a day or two, the child not only did not eat supplementary food, I don’t even eat milk too much. 

This time I was frightened by Yueyue. I hurriedly took the baby to the hospital. After the examination, the doctor told Yueyue, “The child has no major problems. It is just eating and some food accumulates. Pay attention after returning home. Don’t give your children anything to eat”. 

Yueyue took this opportunity to confirm with the doctor that she has a lot of milk. Can a child at this stage only eat breast milk to meet his growth needs? 

After listening, the doctor said to Yue Yue, “I can’t give you a specific answer to this question, but to judge whether your milk is sufficient for your baby, you can judge based on the child’s performance.” 

Judging the mother Whether breast milk is sufficient for the baby

1. Observe the baby’s weight growth

Whether breast milk is sufficient for the baby, Bao Ma can observe the baby’s weight. Generally speaking, as long as the baby’s nutrition is adequate, the baby’s weight will continue to grow, and parents can correspond to the baby’s standard weight for each menstrual period. 

If the baby’s weight is around the standard weight, it means that Baoma’s breast milk is sufficient for the baby. If the baby’s weight continues to be lower than the standard weight, parents can consider that their breast milk may not be Can satisfy children. 

2. Observe the growth of the baby’s height

Baoma wants to know whether her breast milk is sufficient for the baby. In addition to judging the weight, it is the baby’s height. In fact, the baby’s weight and height are directly proportional. 

As long as the baby’s weight can meet, basically the baby’s height will also grow. And the height of the baby has a standard value every month for parents to refer to. 

If the child’s height is around the standard value, it means that mother’s breast milk is fine. If the baby’s height deviates too much from the standard value every month, it means that the parent’s breast milk may not be enough. 

3. Observe the baby’s sleep condition

Parents can judge whether their breast milk is sufficient for the baby, and they can also observe the baby’s sleep condition and hungry tolerance. If the mother’s breast milk is not adequately nourished, the baby will eat more often and will be hungry easily, especially when the baby wakes up crying and is basically hungry. 

If Baoma has enough breast milk, the child can last a long time by taking it once, especially when she goes to bed at night, before going to bed at night, so she can sleep until dawn. 

4. Observe the baby’s urination and defecation times

Generally speaking, whether the mother’s breast milk is sufficient for the baby, parents can also judge according to the baby’s urination and defecation. As the saying goes, eat more and pull more. 

The same is true for the little baby. If the mother’s milk is sufficient for the baby, the baby will urinate more frequently after eating the mother’s breast milk, and the amount of urine at one time will be more. 

If Baoma doesn’t have enough milk, the baby can’t even satisfy her own nutrition, so there is no excess water to drain out. The same is true for the baby’s stool. Baoma does not have enough milk, and the baby has no excess leftovers from the body. 

Of course, for babies 6 months ago, Bao’s mother’s milk is enough to meet the needs of the baby’s growth. The main thing is that Bao’s mother usually pays more attention to her own diet and does not have other bad habits. Generally speaking, it is Can meet the child’s physical needs. 

Unless Bao’s mother’s milk is particularly small and very thin, in this case, Bao’s mother can consider giving her baby mixed feeding or adding complementary foods. However, at the beginning of adding complementary foods, many Bao’s mothers can’t handle it properly, and it’s easy. Give it to the child. 

But Baoma must pay attention to her diet during breastfeeding, because her diet is directly related to her milk. In addition, mothers have to be happy. How many mothers have returned milk due to poor mood during lactation. Therefore, in order to ensure the baby’s rations, mothers have to be happy and happy every day. My daughter-in-law invited a male prolactinist, and the neighbors bluntly said, “I really dare to ask.” The mother-in-law’s response was subtle.

The profession of prolactin has been very popular in recent years, but the controversy is also partial. Great, especially male prolactinists. It can be said that the profession of male prolactinist is the same as that of male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology. Many people think that men should not be engaged in this type of profession. 

In addition, it is relatively difficult for male prolactinists to be “photographed”. Due to the opinions of others, some mothers dare not invite male prolactinists because they think they will be discussed. The facts are indeed true. in this way. 


In the second week after Xiao Zhou gave birth to the baby, the more breast milk, the less. At that time, a friend recommended her a prolactinist, saying that she was in the same situation at the time, but the prolactinist helped her out once, and then the entire lactation period There is no trouble in this regard. 

Xiao Zhou was really moved by it, but he was worried that his family would disagree. However, thinking about the breastfeeding problem of the child, I still raised this issue with her mother-in-law and husband. Unexpectedly, they all supported her decision. This time, Xiao Zhou assuredly hired a lactator. 

I made an appointment the next afternoon. At that time, a few neighbors were chatting at home. When I saw a strange man came, I thought it was a relative, but I didn’t expect it to be a lactation. 

Several neighbors have never seen a prolactin, and they all said they wanted to see it. Although Xiao Zhou was embarrassed, he did not refuse. Later, when the treatment started to the end, although the neighbors were talking very powerfully, the gestures between their eyebrows and eyes made Xiao Zhou very uncomfortable. 

Later, when the treatment was over and everyone dispersed, the neighbors said to Xiao Zhou’s mother-in-law, “You dare to ask your daughter-in-law, and my husband will not feel sour when he sees it.”

” If it is placed in the past, it may be criticized.” Another neighbor said. 

The mother-in-law is naturally uncomfortable when she hears these words. She herself is a short-term caregiver. “I asked her. Compared with those who don’t have milk to feed the child and don’t lactate, my daughter-in-law is Be brave.”

This sentence obviously stunned two of the neighbors, because the daughter-in-law of the two neighbors was also poor in breast milk before, and they basically gave their children formula milk. 

After the mother-in-law finished speaking, the other party left without interest. Since then, Xiao Zhou’s breast milk has indeed increased a lot, and he has solved the child’s ration problem at one time, which can be said to be very worthwhile. 

Why are some women Dare to hire a male prolactinist? 

In the industry of prolactinists, most male prolactinists are more professional, and the massage techniques are more advanced. Most people prefer male prolactinists, but there are still many people who reject them because of the following< /p>

1. I feel embarrassed

After all, it’s the more private part of women that I have to touch, this part has not been touched by anyone except her husband and herself, and suddenly let a stranger Many mothers would feel embarrassed when they come in contact with the opposite sex. 

Moreover, during the entire lactation process, the male prolactinist may pinch, knead, or touch, not to mention feeling, just thinking about it makes me feel extremely embarrassed. 

2. I’m afraid of meeting people who don’t think so.

Not all male prolactinists are professional. Some males fake male prolactinists and put out some over-exaggerated publicity. In fact, they are hidden in nature. With nasty thoughts, most mothers can’t judge whether the other party is professional, and if they are “invaded” by the other party, they may not know if they suffer. 

Don’t think it’s impossible for moms like this to happen. You know, CCTV News exposed a similar situation two years ago. 

3. I am afraid of encountering unprofessional prolactinists

There are also some prolactinists. Although they are prolactinists in name, they are very unprofessional in every aspect. I have a deep understanding of this. At that time, my sister was in poor lactation after childbirth. Later, I found a prolactinist who was introduced by a friend. 

At that time, the lactation process lasted for more than 3 hours. As a result, my sister developed acute mastitis the next day and was directly admitted to the hospital. 

At that time, the doctor’s first reaction was external stimuli. After learning that we had found a prolactinist, he directly criticized us for being so big-hearted. Those unprofessional prolactinists outside would dare to believe it. 

Therefore, it is recommended that if mothers have similar needs, it is best to go to the hospital. Compared with other institutions or private individuals, the biggest guarantee for the prolactinists in the hospital is professionalism! 

In addition to promoting lactation, mothers should pay more attention to themselves and eat more foods that can help milk production, including crucian carp soup, pig’s foot soup, and other foods. 

At the same time, mothers can also apply warm compresses. Use a hot water bottle or towel at a suitable temperature for 5 to 10 minutes each time. It is best to apply heat about half an hour before breastfeeding. The effect will be better. 

Mothers usually exercise more. Proper exercise can also stimulate the secretion of prolactin and help increase milk production. Of course, if the milk-poor situation is not serious, you can choose the above-mentioned auxiliary methods. 

But if the breast-poor condition is severe, it is best to go to the hospital for help from a prolactinist. If it is a male doctor, don’t mind. After all, these are nothing compared to the baby’s ration problem. You know, some people are delivered by male doctors during childbirth!

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